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By Mr. Mungen— - -
Calling for information in reference to an expenditure for supplying
arms and munitions of war to loyal citizens in revolted States.—
[December 9, 1867.]
Objected to, 98. - - -
Calling for certain information in reference to meters for distill-
eries.—[December 18, 1867.]
Referred, 264.
For reprimanding the member from Illinois [Mr. Farnsworth]
for the use of words as reported by the Clerk.-[January 15,
Tabled, 551.
Calling for a "report of the number and names of the persons
employed in the several Departments of the Government at
Washington city, the State and congressional district from
which they come and to which they are accredited.—[January
30, 1868.
Objected to, 865.
Calling for the papers in the case of Samuel H. Moore, late a
private in company G, fifty-seventh regiment Ohio veteran
volunteer infantry.—[February 7, 1868.]
Agreed to, 1053.
In relation to the admission of Alabama.-[February 26, 1867.]
Objected to, 1448. -
Extending the duties of the Committee on the Treatment of
Union Soldiers and Prisoners.-[May 11, 1868.]
Tabled, 2408.
By Mr. Myers—
In relation to the exemption of hand-loom products from tax.-
[December 5, 1867.
Agreed to, 51.
In relation to the drawing for seats.-[February 10, 1868.]
Objected to, 1085.
By Mr. Newcomb—
On the death of Hon. Thomas E. Noell, late Representative from
the third district in Missouri.-[January 22, 1868.]
Adopted, 697.
Calling for the names of all special agents of the Post Office
Department appointed since January 1, 1867; the salaries
paid, the place where employed, and also the names of all
persons to whom complimentary commissions have been
issued, and the reasons therefor.—[March 5, 1868.] .
Objected to, 1681.
In reference to such an amendment to the Constitution as shall
settle the qualifications of electors uniformly in all the States.—
[March 9, 1868.]
Referred, 1760.
For the meeting of the House at eleven a.m.—[June 22, 1868.]
Tabled, 3364.
By Mr. Niblack—
In relation to marine torts.-[December 9, 1867.]
Adopted, 97.
Instructing Committee on Military Affairs to inquire into the
expediency of extending the provisions of the bounty act of
July 28, 1866, to soldiers who were discharged by reason of
ow incurred in the line of their duties.—[January 20,
I Aoi. 638.
n relation to the practicability and expediency of connecti
clocks of the Hall of the House ...'. Co.; of . .
by telegraph with the regulating clock in the astronomical
Observatory.—[June 1, 1868.]
Agreed to, 2752.
In o to the protection of American citizens.—[June 30,
Agreed to, 3616.
By Mr. Nicholson—
Instructing the Committee of Ways and Means to inquire into the
.. o: be deducted from the income of any
erson the cost of pur - - -
w }. 1868.] purchasing and planting fruit trees.—[May
Agreed to, 2682.
By Mr. O'Neill–
Inquiring the reasons for the discontinuance of the midnight mail

o city of New York to Philadelphia.-[January 10,

Agreed to, 443.
Calling for the report of the commission for
o: apparatus in New York city in
C Ao , 551.
alling for information in regard to the content -
- - s of 1:
o . %. o i. Treasury, sealed *ś
a ten ce, and marked “J ”— -
Reported and agreed to, 1703. ewels.”—[March 6, 1868.]
Calling for information in regard to vessels and property captured

or destroyed by the N f ... 1 + - - iso’” April 15, isdi, to April 20, Adopted, 2333.

examining into hife.
1887.-[January 15,

By Mr. Orth— - - - - -
Making certain inquiries respecting money received from the

Chinese Government, under the treaty of 1858, for the payment of losses sustained by American citizens.—[December 17, 1868.] Agreed to, 230. Calling for information in reference to the harbor at Michigan city, Indiana.-[March 10, 1868.] Adopted, 1797.] Instructing Committee on Roads and Canals to inquire whether Congress has the power to provide for the regulation of rail. roads extending through several States.—[April 27, 1868.] Agreed to, 2331, By Mr. Paine— - Instructing Committee of Ways and Means to inquire whether it is expedient to permit any of the bonds in which the national debt may be funded to be entailed for charitable or educational purposes under suitable regulations as to interest, registration, and escheat.—[December 19, 1867.] Agreed to, 286. Calling for all papers, relating to the claim of the late B. W. Perkins against the Government of Russia, growing out of contracts for ordnance, &c., and the correspondence concerning the same.—[January 7, 1868.] Agreed to, 371. Continuing the committee appointed at the last session on the treatment of prisoners of war.—[January 13, 1868.] Read, 475; agreed to, 476. Calling for an official copy of the instructions issued by Abraham Lincoln, President, to the tax commissioners of South * on the 16th day of September, 1863.−[January 28, 1868. Adopted, 801. That the seat of government of the United States ought to be o to the valley of the Mississippi.-[February 10, 1868. Rejected, 1084. Directing payment to be made to G. G. Symes, Samuel E. Smith, John Young Brown, and Thomas H. Birch for time spent and expenses incurred in prosecuting their claims to a seat in this House.—[February 17, 1868.] Proposed, 1217 rejected, 1218. For printing five thousand extra copies of the report of the Committee on Freedmen's Affairs.-[April 21, 1868.] Referred, 2320; reported and agreed to, 2312. Calling for a statement of the number of votes cast for and against o constitution at the election in Arkansas.-[May 2, 1 58. Adopted, 2349. Calliug for a statement of the number of additional bounties paid under the act of July 28, 1866, by the Paymaster General during each month since January i, 1868.-[June 15, 1808.] Agreed to, 3.174. Modifying resolution adopted on the 15th instant, calling upon the Secretary of War for information res ecting the payment of additional bounties.—[June 22, so Agreed to, 3376. Referring the credentials of the Representatives-elect from Arkansas to the Committee of Elections.—[June 23, 1868.] Agreed to, 3396. In reference to purchases of machinery at the Philadelphia navy. yard;—[July 6, 1808.] Agreed to, 3758. Postponing the Niagara ship-canal bill until the 10th of December[July 20, 1868.] Read and withdrawn, 4253. By Mr. Perham— Directing Committee on Military Affairs to inquire into, the expediency of providing by law that soldiers entitled to artificial limbs under the act of July 16, 1866, may in certain cases receive the value of such limbs in money in lieu of the order on the manufacturer.—[December 19, 1867.] Agreed to, 286. Relating to the tax for licenses to attorneys and claim agents.T [January 28, 1868.] Agreed to, 806. Pire;ing that there be paid out of the contingent fund of this House to the widow of Horatio G. Russ a sum equal to his salary to the end of December, 1867, and also his proper funeral expenses.—[February 26, 1868.] Adopted, 1451. By Mr. Peters— Instructing Committee of Elections to inquire which of the two claimants to a seat as Delegate from New Mexico holds the prima facie evidence of right to the same, without prejudice to the contest upon the merits.-[December 19, 1807.] Agreed to, 282.

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By Mr. Phelps- - - - Instructing Committee of Ways and Means. to inquire into the expediency of authorizing a drawback for exportation upon copper smelted by the infusion of foreign ores.—[January 14, 1868.] Agreed to, 506. For the appointment of a committee to inquire concerning certain o appearing in the Baltimore American.-[April 21, 1868. Consideration refused, 2320. In o to the adoption of Alexander's saw bayonet.—s.July 8, 1868. Objected to, 3525; agreed to, 3722. In reference to a sinking fund.—[July 11, 1808.] Read, 3967. By Mr. Pike— Authorizing the Secretary of the Navy to relinquish certain irono their builders on certain conditions.—[December 12, 1867. Agreed to, 154; reconsidered, 156; explanation, 209. Instructing Committee on Commerce to inquire into the expediency of repealing so much of the act to regulate the disposition of fines, as provides for the search and seizure of merchants' books and papers.-[January 22, 1868.] Agreed to, 693. Calling for copy of the order directing a trial of the United States steamer Wampanoag, together with the reports of the trial of said vessel.—[July 8, 1868.] Agreed to, 3853. By Mr. Pile— Inquiring whether since the 1st day of July last past any national banks have changed their securities #. in the Treasury to secure their circulation and Government deposits, and, if so, what banks, &c.—[December 16, : Laid over, 210; called up, 936; rejected, 1859; reconsidered, modified, and adopted, 1860. Calling for the report of Captain James B. Eades on the iron-clads of Europe and this country.—[July 2, 1868.] Agreed to, 3692. For o drawings of Captain James B. Eades on the n-clads of Europe and thi .- Referred, 3764. I this country.—[July 6, 1868.] By Mr. Poland–

For the appointment of a committee to which shall be referred the
report of the commissioners heretofore appointed to revise the
Aio, the United States.—[December 9, 1867.]
el, WI.
** T. Van Horn is entitled to a seat in this House as a

olive from the sixth district of Missouri.-[December

*. §7; discussed, 389, 309 ". H. Birch is not entitled to a seat in this House as a olive from the sixth district of Missouri.-[December 1 ivu i. o . o 300; adopted, 403. f a new drawing of seats.--s February 7, 1868. p. 1043; adopted, †. [February 7, J ‘. three thousand additional copies of the articles of oi ; adopted by the House.—[March 5, 1868.] *::::: W. Anderson is not entitled to a seat as a Representa: lon." * ninth district of Missouri...—[March 23, 1868.] #131. . 2011; notice, 8616, 8884; discussed, 4084, 4124, That will ..". with instructions, 4138, 4172. from o Switzler is entitled to a seat as a Representative Reported o district of Missouri.—[March 23, isg8.] recommi T}; notice, 3616, 3884; discussed, 4084,4124,4131; Directin so with instructions, 4133,4172. o be paid to William McGrorty for expenses of Fortieth %. * seat of William H. Hooper, Delegate in the 1888.) ongress from the Territory of Utah.-[July 25,

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Instruct - ---
o: on Military Affairs to inquire whether the
musteringo o War Department cannot be reduced by
inspector o o o; supernumerary adjutant generals and
Agreed * s:-[January 28, 1868.]

; adopted, 403.

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By Mr. Price—Continued. In o American citizens in prison abroad.—[December 20, 67. Referred, 309. That the clerks to committees in the House shall be entitled to the same additional compensation as the other employés of the House.—[March 3, 1808.] Adopted, 1632. Instructing Committee ou Retrenchment to investigate the charges made in reference to the false certificate of the destruction of $18,640,000 of United States bonds.-[March 9, 1808.] Adopted, 1769. In reference to the expediency of appropriating $50,000,000, to take up the matured and maturing indebtment of the United States, which is payable in currency.—[June 22, 1868.] Laid over, 3365. Calling for a copy of the report of General G. M. Dodge, chief engineer of the Union Pacific railroad, concerning the surveys of." of the company for the year 1867.-[July 9, 1868. Adopted, 3887.

By Mr. Pruyn—
Directing Committee on Appropriations to inquire into the
expediency of erecting a building at Albany, New York, for
the accommodation of the United States courts, the post
office, and custom-house at that place.—[December 12, 1867.]
Agreed to, 153.

By Mr. Randall—
Authorizing Sergeant-at-Arms to pay to the widow of Charles
Denison, late a member of this House, the amount of
compensation due to July 4, 1867, and the funeral expenses
of the deceased.—[December 12, 1867.]
Agreed to, 155.
In regard to the discharge of employés in the navy-yards.-
December 18, 1867.]
Objected to, 260; referred, 317; motion to reconsider, 333.
Inquiring the number of vessels built, purchased, or chartered.
for the War Department since April 1, 1861, their namos and
tonnage, cost, o, 27, 1868.]
Agreed to, 784
Calling for certain information in relation to the national banking
associations since their organization under the present national
banking act.—[May 25, 1868.]
Agreed to, 2569; motion to reconsider, 2590; motion to cell
up, 2592.
By Mr. Raum—
In reference to the complaints made of extortionate charges by
the Washington Gas Light Company.—[March 5, 1808.]
Agreed to, 1681.
By Mr. Robinson—
Instructing Committee on Foreign Affairs to inquire into the con-
duct of William B. West, American consul at Dublin, regarding
American prisoners in that city.—[December 2, j"
Read, 3; discussed, 3, 7; referred, 8.
Requesting the President to take immediate action on the eases of
William J. Nagle and John Warren, now in British prisons,—
[December 20, 1867.]
Objected to, 317.
In relation to the rights of adopted citizens.—[February 3, 1868.]
Read and discussed, 945; referred, 949.
Rescinding the resolution of impeachment against Andrew
Johnson, President of the United States, passed February 24,
1868.-[April 8, 1868.]
Proposed, 2387, 2319; consideration refused, 2829.
For expunging the impeachment resolution adopted by the House
February 24, 1868.-[May 7, 1808.]
Proposed, 2379.
In relation to General Orders Nos. 15 and 17.-[May 18, 1868.]
Proposed, 2582.
In reference to imprisonment of Messrs. Warren and Costello,
convicted and sentenced in Great Britain.-[June 15, 1868.]
Agreed to, 3175.

By Mr. Ross— -
Instructing Conmittee on Military Affairs to inquire into the
expediency of reducing the Army to a peace establishment.-
[December 12, 1867.]
Agreed to, 155; reconsidered and tabled, 155. -
Inquiring what number of commissioned officers are employed in
the various governmental Departments, with their names,
rank, and pay.—[December 19, 1867.]
Referred, 286.
Calling for a statement of expenses incurred by the Government
in printing and furnishing currency to the national banks for
their circulation.—[January 14, 1868.] -
Agreed to, 506. -
Instructing Secretary of the Treasury to suspend any further jo
of ten-forty United States bonds until further congressional
action shall be had thereon.—[January 22, 1868.]

Objected to, 694.

By Mr. Ross–Continued.

By Mr. Sawyer– - - - - That there be paid to Samuel E. Smith $2,500, in full for time *** * spent and expenses incurred in prosecuting his claim to a seat to in this House.—[February 25, 1868.] Agreed to, 1419. ... In reference to the law requiring the use of lock-up safety valves.— "o [July 6, 1868.] t Agreed to, 3758. Directing that the expenses incurred by the committee in taking * . issimony in the investigation ordered by resoluo of July 6, 1868, into the purchase of machinery at the Philadelphia * * * * navy-yard be paid out of the contingent fund.—[July 20, 1868.] o Agreed to, 4253. By Mr. Schenck

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* * *

- * * in relation to governmental policy.—[March 16, 1868.] Referred, 1901. ---- Directing compensation to be paid to William Henry Hall, jr., in sistant in the east cloak-room.-L.July 29, 1868.] Agreed to, 4494.

Permitting James Perry to resume his contract to keep the House * * restaurant.—[December 4, 1867.] , , Referred, 27. Instructing Committee on Military Affairs to inquire into the expediency of requiring the Secretary of War to concentrate the offices of several bureaus in the city of New York at some convenient place within the harbor of said city.—[December 12, 1867.] Agreed to, 153. - ; For printing the report of the Special Commissioner of the * Revenue.—[January 8, 1868.] Referred, 388; reported and agreed to, 664: In relation to making provision at the Central Asylum for Disabled - Soldiers for furnishing artificial limbs free of cost to disabled ... soldiers, the work to be done by inmates of the asylum.– - * | 8, 1867.] - Adopted, 388. Instructing Committee on Military Affairs to inquire into the expediency of providing for the transfer of the Soldiers' Home at Washington to the National Asylum for Disabled Volunteers; and changing the name of the institution to “The National Soldiers' Home.”—s January 8, 1808.] Adopted, 388. - Calling for the record of the proceedings of the court-martial convened on the 2d day of October, 1867, at the navy-yard at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in the case of George F. Sawyer, second assistant engineer of the United States Navy.[January 27, 1868.] Objected to, 665; agreed to, 783. For printing extra copies of the annual report of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue.—[January 30, 1868. - . . Referred, 865; reported and agreed to, 1661. Calling for certain information respecting the contingent fund of the Department of State.—[February 18, 1808.] Agreed to, 1236. Rescinding the resolution passed authorizing the payment to John Young Brown of $2,500, for expenses incurred in prosecuting his claim to seat.—[February 25, 1868.] Proposed, 1426. - For the removal of the iron fence now in the old Hall of the House , , , of Representatives.—[March 4, 1868.) . . • Adopted, 1638. Inquiring whether Edmund Cooper, is now performing the duties of Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, or has been since the ... rejection of his nomination by the Senate, and, if so, by what authority of law.—[March 9, 1808.] Adopted, 1771. ... For o: thousand copies of the opening address of Hon. enjamin F. Butler, on the trial of Andrew Johnson, with . . . . the accompanying brief of law authorities, and forty thousand R ‘. vio the o brief.-[March 30, 1868.) eferred, 2226 ; reporte 228 : l 2:29:2. 2:20: . recommitted, ão." * ; called up, 2292, 2305;

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documents the library of the National " Asyl - it, ---§§" Disabled Volunteer Soldiers at Dayton.—[May Adopted, 2610. , ... • Directing that after the report of a tax bill no other business shall * * be in order but the consideration of the bill so reported except - o from the Committee on Enrolled Bills.-[June 15, ‘F *: to, 3171. - ‘For taking a vote on Senate bill No. 534 after twenty minutes' debate on each side without any di - y minutes [June 15, 1868.] iny ilatory motions whatever.— Adopted, 3171.

For the publication of a list of the absent -
House.—[June 23, 1868.] absentees at a call of the

[blocks in formation]

By Mr. ScofieldInstructing Committee on of locating a navy-yard and mayo! depot at Pennsylvania.-[December 12, 1867.] Agreed to, 153. - - Inquiring how many, and what State Legislatures have ratified the roposed amendment to the Constitution of the United States . as the fourteenth article.—[January 6, 1898.] Agreed to, 340. Directing the Committee on the Judiciary to inquire into the truth of an alleged declaration of one of the justios of the Supreme Court in regard to the constitutionality of the reconstruction acts, and report whether the facts as ascertained constitute such a misdemeanor in office as to require this Ilouse to present to the Senate articles of impeachment against said justice.—[January 30, 1868.) Read and discussed, 862; adopted. 865. In regard to the propriety of giving to the Erie Extension Canal Company a portion of the public lands to enable said company to enlarge their canal.-I February 4, 1868.) Agreed to. 979. In reference to a donation of lands to aid in improving the harbor of Erie.— March 17, 1808.] -- Objected to, 1927. - o In relation to claims of British citizens for the proceeds of captured and abandoned property.—LApril 20, 1808.] Agreed to, 2807. - For printing the report of James W. Taylor upon gold and silver mines and mining east of the Rocky mountains.-L.May 9, 1868. Rol. 2362; reported and agreed to, 2372. That George W. Morgan is not entitled to a seat in the Fortieth Congress from the thirteenth congressional distries of Ohio.-[May 25, 1808.] Reported, 257 l; notice, 2676; 2804; adopted, 2800. That columbus Delano is entitled to a seat in the Fortieth Congress • * * * * o o thirteenth congressional district of Ohio.—[May 25, stors. o Reported, 2571; notice, .2676 : discussed, 2773, 2776, 2804; adopted, 2809: Mr. Delano sworn in, 2:10: On the subject of mineral oil.-[June 13, 1808.] Objected to, 3.174. - Directing the Clerk to present to the Secretary of State the act to admit the States of North Carolina, South Carolina: Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida to representation in Congress.[June 26, 1868.) Agreed to, 3523. - - That Charles M. Hamilton is entitled to a seat as a Represent” from Florida.-L.July 1, 1858.] Reported and agreed to, 3653. By Mr. Selye- . instructing Committee of Ways and Means to provide for the total abolition of taxes on all such articles of manusa." " enter into general home consutuption, and to confine the taxation of manufactures hereafter to articles of lux" [January 20, 1868. J - Referred, (541. - - Calling for a statement of the number of vessels owned by the o Ünited States on the 1st of January, 1801, of their armo"; - the number of officers and men employed, their annual pay, and the annual expenses of the entire Naval I)epartinent for five years preceding that day.—[January 27, 1868. I Agreed to, 784. - Calling for a report of the number of persons paying an income tax in each State, the aggregate amount so paid by States, the number of manufacturos in each State paying rove" ". o aggregate amount paid in each state.--LJanuary 99; 6S. Objected to, 834; agreed to, 861. - By Mr. Shanks— - - Calling for copies of all orders and communications issued by the Navy Department in reference to the employment of discharge of soldiers and sailors at the Washington navy yard and other - |...} |January 28, 1808.] Adopted, 801. Calling for a copy of all the evidence and of the repo" of the commissioners appointed under the fiftieth article of the

Naval Affairs to inquire into the propriety the city of Erie,

discussed, 2773, 2770,

Offered and withdrawn, 3416.

treaty with the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians of 186% B, Mr. Shanks–Continued. ' --- - *** together with the award of the Secretary of the Interior upon said report.—[February 26, 1868.] Reported and agreed to, 1448. Calling for the reasons assigned by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue in his request for the removal of James B. Steadman, collector of internal revenue for the first district of Louisiana.[March 23, 1868.] Objected to, 1939; adopted, 2070. Inquiring the number of judgments in the Court of Claims in the cotton cases, the amount, &c.—[April 17, 1868.] Adopted, 2306. Instructing Committee of Claims to examine the claim of James L. Kiernan for services and expenses due him as consul at Chin-Kiang, in China.-[May 2, 1868.] * Adopted, 2349. In relation to the employment of watchmen for public buildings and grounds.- May 11, 1868.] . . . Objected to, 2380; referred, 2407. , 9. -Instructing the Committee of Ways and Means to report without delay a separate bill for the revision of the taxes on the o and sale of distilled spirits and tobacco.—[June 5, 1868. Read and discussed, 3165; adopted, 3171. + 1 In reference to alleged inequalities of the law touching bounties.— [July 6, 1868.] "... ... -- * * * Referred, 3765. In reference to the holding of office in violation of the provisions of the fourteenth article of the Constitution of the United States.—[July 21, 1868.j ! - to Read, 4306. . . . - - - - -Directing Committee on the Treatment of Prisoners of War to ontinue their investigations during the recess of Congress.[July 25, 1858.] - - Reported, 4488; adopted, 4489. B. Mr. Sheilabarger— . . Ordering Charles W. Woolley to the bar of the House, for the Purpose of making such statement as will purge him of his contempt of such authority.—[June 8, 1868.] Read and adopted, 242, Requiring Chow. Woolley to state whether he is now willing ''g'' before the committee of managers and make answer to the i. &c.—[June 8, 1868.] Agreed too.” By ; . - , - . . . . **tion to military trials, &c.—s May 25, 1868. laid over, 2569; o, $." 3/ 29, J By Mr. Spalding— ** to the execution of treaties with foreign nations,— |December 12, 1867.j A. Referred, 153. . . -

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d. 1400. 1421, i"dopted, 1402; commit. appointed, 1402; report,

By Mr. Stevens, of Pennsylvania—Continued. * *

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For the appointment of a committee of seven to prepare and report - articles of impeachment against Andrew o: President - of the United States.—[February 24, 1868.] Read, 1401; adopted, 1402; committee appointed, 1402. For printing five hundred copies each of the constitutions of South Carolina and Arkansas.-[April 30, 1868.] - - Referred, 2333; reported and agreed to, 2372. Requesting the Senate to direct that a certified copy of the proceedings of the last two days in the trial of the impeachment of the President be sent to the House of Representatives.— [May 18, 1868.] Read, 2529, 2530; adopted, 2532. ' Instructing the Committee of Ways and Means to inquire into the expediency of bringing in a bill to collect the revenue on distilled spirits on the principle of taxing the capacity of the still.—[June 17, 1868.] Referred, 3223. Directing the Clerk to present to the Secretary of State the act to *** o the State of Arkansas to representation.-L.June 23, 1868. o - - - - . a Agreed to, 3397.

o Proposing additional articles of impeachment against the President

By Mr. Thomas—

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of the United States.—[July 7, 1808.] Read and discussed, 3786. to * - ---

By Mr. Stewart— - --

In relation to the purchase of ground on the battery in the city of New York for the erection of warehouses.—[March 4, 1868.] Agreed to, 1668. -

By Mr. Sypher—

in reference to the levees of the Mississippi.-[July 22, 1808.] Adopted, 4835. - -

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By Mr. Taber—

Inquiring what service the United States steamship Vanderbilt is employed in, where stationed, and the present condition of the hull and machinery of said vessel.—[January 22, 1868.] Agreed to, 687. - - Authorizing Committee on the Judiciary to continue the inquiries heretofore ordered by the House concerning public affairs in Maryland.—[December 17, 1867.] Reported, 230; adopted, 231. In reference to the amounts severally due to loyal claimants by the United States for which payment is not now authorized by law, and of providing for the payment thereof by grants of public land.—[March 27, 1...} - - - -Agreed to, 2164. , - Authorizing the select committee on the charges against Messrs. Donnelly, Washburne, and Butler to employ a clerk.-[May 11, 1868. * - - - - Reported, 2408; adopted, 2409. , .

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instructing Committee on Commerce to inquire into the expediency of improving Saugatuck harbor, at the mouth of the Kalamazoo : river, in the State of Michigan.—[December 9, 1867.] . Agreed to, 97. - In relation to the appointment of civil officers in the States lately in o; 6, 1868.] Amended and adopted, 831. . . - !. That G. G. Sims is not entitled to a seat as a Representative from ... the first district in Kentucky.—[January 7, 1868.] . . ; Reported, 862; discussed, 447; adopted, 452, a or That the oath of office be administered to Lawrence S. Trimble, and that he be admitted to a seat as a Representative from the first district in Kentucky-IVanuar 7, 1868.l... . . Reported,362; discussed, 447; adopted, 452; Mr. Trimble sworn in. 452. - ** - To pay James H. Birch $2,500 for expenses in prosecuting his o, claim to a seat as a Representative from Missouri.-[July 20, 1868.

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Instructing Committee on Invalid Pensions to inquire whether the Pension Bureau cannot be reorganized so as to }: the efficiency and economy of its administration-LPoruary 12, - 1868. --~ * - **** * o o Adopted, 1127. - -

By Mr. Van Horn, of New York— Calling for information relative to the harbor at Wilson, Niagara county, New York, and the propriety of making an appropri. too the improvement of said harbor.—[February 26, Agreed to, 1449. In relation to the Niagara ship-canal.—[July 7, 1868.] Objected to, 3786. By Mr. Van TrumpIn relation to the printing of a book known as “Tributes of the Nations to Abraham Lincoln.”—[May 25, 1868.] Tabled, 2570. For the purchase of the Bastile key.—[June 1, 1868.] Objected to, 2751. By Mr. Van Wyck– Calliug for information in reference to the Indian lands in Kansas.[December 11, 1867.] Agreed to, 134. Inquiring the reasons for the exemption of the scheme known as “The Gettysburg Asylum for Invalid Soldiers” from the payment of the special tax.-[December 12, 1867.] Agreed to, 162. Requesting the Commissioner of Internal Revenue to revoke the permit heretofore given exempting the Gettysburg Asylum for for Disabled Soldiers from the payment of special tax and || license.—[January 22, 1868.] Reported and agreed to, 691. In reference to the cost of the arrest and trial of John H. Surratt, &c.—[January 27, 1868.] Agreed to, 784. Inquiring why the railroads between Baltimore and New York city receive for the transportation of the mails $100 per mile more than first-class roads, like the New York and Erie.— [February 26, 1868.] Agreed to, 1449. Inquiring the number of general and special agents in Treasury Department, their compensation, &c.—[February 26, 1868.] Objected to, 1451. Directing the Secretary of the Treasury to suspend work on the new clock and weather-vane on the custom-house at New York city until he reports to this House the estimated expense of the same.—[February 27, 1868.] Objected to, 1435. In reference to estimates of the cost of the and court-house building in the city of 6, 1808.] Agreed to, 1707. For printing extra copies of the report of the Committee on Retrenchment on whisky frauds.-[March 13, 1808.] Referred, 1869. Inquiring why the members of the eighty-fourth regiment of New York volunteers, who served three years, are allowed only fifty dollars additional bounty.—[March 26, 1868.] Adopted, 2137. In relation to the sale of the iron clads Oneota and 8, 1868.] Agreed to, 2400. Directing the Committee for the District of Columbia to inquire into the expediency of requiring the Georgetown and Washington Railroad Company to run their cars at greater speed.—[May 14, 1868.] Agreed to, 2437. In reference to the imprisonment of American citizons abroad.— [June 25, 1868.] Laid over, 3223, 3760; agreed to, 3477. In relation to the absence of the United States consul at Panama.[July 24, 1868.] Agreed to, 4427. By Mr. Ward— Instructing Committee on the Rules to report a rule that will confine members to the legitimate objects a of personal explanation.—[December 11, 1867.] Objected to, 134. Requesting Committee on Foreign Affairs to investigate the matter of the arrest and imprisonment of Daniel Fitzgerald by the British authorities.—[January 6, 1868.] Adopted, 834. Instructing the Committee on Military Affairs to inquire what further legislation is needed for the protection of soldiers and sailors from the frauds of claim agents.—[March 4, 1868.] Adopted, 1668. - - - Inquiring what extra compensation, has been allowed to civil and military officers who were authorized by the act of July 20, 1867, to act as a commission to establish peace with certain hostile Indian tribes.—[May 21, 1868.] Agreed to, 2544. - Calling for copies of all vouchers on file with the accounting officers for expenditures made by authority of the Indian Peace Commission under the act of July 20, 1867.-[June 22, 1868.] Agreed to, 3377.

roposed post office ew York.-[March

By Mr. Washburne, of Illinois– o
To wait on the President.—[December 2, 1867.]
Agreed to, 2.

Calling for the items of expenditure for salaries of supervising and local steamboat inspectors under the act of the 80th of August, 1862; and also the fees collected and prosecutious instituted, &c.—[December 5, 1867.] Agreed to, 53. - Condemning the President for his action in removing Major General Sheridan from the command of the fifth military, district, and thanking General Grant for his letter in relation thereto.— [January 6, 1808.] Read, 832. Calling for certain information in regard, to the names, number, tonnage, &c., of vessels belonging to the Navy Department.-January 6, 1868.] Adopted, 333; motion to renew the call, 1860. Authorizing the doorkeeper to transfer laborers from the folding to the i. room.—[January 21, 1808.] Agreed to, 664. Proposing an amendment of the rules with regard to dilatory motions.—[February 25, 1868.] Adopted, 1424. Proposing a rule for the government of the proceedings of the House when the articles of impeachment of the President of the o States are reported to the House.-[February 23, 1868. Read, 1424; adopted, 1425. Calling for a copy of the contract made under the act of June 16, 1860, relating to the Pacific telegraph, and for certain information in connection there with.-[March 12, 1868.] Agreed to, 1858. Inquiring by what authoritylands have been certified and confirmed to #. State of Iowa for the purpose of building a railroad from the city of Dubuque to a point on the Missouri river near Sioux City.—[March 16, 1868.] Adopted, 1901. - - Assigning a room for the use of the Committee on Appropriations.o 23, 1868.] Adopted, 2970. Directing that the resolution of the Legislature of New Jersey, purporting to withdraw the assent of that State to the costitutional amendment, be returned by the Speaker to the gentleman who presented it, and that its title only shall to referred to in the Journal of the House and in the Congressional Globe.—[March 30, 1808.] Adopted, 2226. Calling for the facts connected with the mortgage held on the steamship Atlantic, and the reasons why the sale has been so long postponed.—[April 8, 1808.] Adopted, 2287. - Instructing the Committee on Foreign Affairs to inquire in relation to the reported efforts that are being made by a poo company to procure the transfer of the island of St. aul's, in the territory lately ceded by Russia.-[April 18, 1808.] Agreed to, 2291. Calling for the report of Hon. Freeman H. Morse, United States consul at London, on the mercantile marine and coumercial policy of Great Britain.-[April 14, 1868.] Reported and agreed to, 2207. - - - - * Instructing the joint Committee on Retrenchment to inquire jo the alleged fraudulent sale by the Navy Department of the iron-clads Oneota and Catawba.-[April 29, 1808.] Agreed to, 2332. - . Inquiring in relation to judgments of the Court of Claims paid by the Treasury Department.—[May 4, 1808.] Agreed to, 2354. Directing inquiry into all the facts connected with alleged fraudule" hay contracts entered into in 1864 at Fort Smith, Arka”, by W. J. Chanler.—[June 8, 1868.] Agreed to, 2937. Informing Senate of error in announcement of legislative aPP” priation bill.—[July 8, 1808.] Agreed to, 3841. By Mr. Washburn, of Indiana— -- * Continuing the special Committee on Soldiers' and Sailors Bounties.—[December 2, 1867.] Adopted, 3. d In reference to an increase of pensions to the widows of decease soldiers.-[December 9, 1867.] Objected to, 97. - Instructing Committee on Military Affairs to inquire into the expediency of extending the bounty act of 1866 to the wido" of those soldiers who have died since the passage of said act." [December 12, 1867.] Agreed to, 154. In reference to the propriety of requiring ex-members of Congo.” seeking admission to the floor of the House to take the *

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