Naval depot, resolution instrueting Committee Naval storekeeper, resolution inquiring apon Nagle, William J., a prisoner in Ireland, peti. on Naval Affairs to inquire into the expe what authority an officer of the grade of tion of......

309, 317 diency of establishing a, and naval dry. paymaster in the United States Navy is resolution requesting the President to take dock on Sandusky bay, at or near San employed as a resident, at Rio Janeiro and

immediate action on the cases of, and dusky city--[By Mr. Buckland, February elsewhere, at a greater salary than that John Warren, now in British prisons 28, 1868. ]

provided by the law of June 17, 1844– [By Mr. Robinson, December 20, 1867.] agreed to, 1501.

(By Mr. Arnell, March 26, 1868.] objected to, 317.

Naval Judge Advocate General, bill (H. R. agreed to, 2137. Nail factory, bill (H. R. No. 1352) to aid the No. 841) concerning the Solicitor and— || Navy, bill (H. R. No. 304) supplemental to

building of a rolling mill and, in the city [By Mr. Eliot.) of Washington, to be named the Wash

and explanatory of certain acts of Conington Iron Works—[By Mr. Lawrence, referred, 1030.

gress relating to officers of the-[By Mr. of Pennsylvania.]

bill (H. R. No. 1480) to abolish the office Schenck.] referred, 3722.

of Solicitor and--[By Mr. Schenck.] referred, 209. Names, bill (S. No.143) to provide for changing || Naval oficers, joint resolution (II. R. No. 3)

referred, 4007.

resolution instructing Committee on Naval of, of persons in the District of Columbia.

Affairs to inquire what reduction may reported and passed with amendment, 107;

authorizing, on leave to visit Washing. be effected in the number of officers and agreed to by Senate with amendment, 134; ton-[By Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio.]

men employed in the, by reducing our with new title, 134; agreed to by House, reported adversely, 2321.

foreign squadrons to the number of ships 162; enrolled, 195.

Naval pensions, bill (II. R. No. 462) providing and guns that were in service before the National Asylum for Disabled Soldiers---see for the payment of certain, out of the

-[By Mr. Blaine, December 16, Asylum. naval pension fund-[By Mr. Perhatn.)

1867.] National banks-see Banks. referred, 635.

agreed to, 213. National debt-see Bonds.

Naval service, bill (H. R. No. 515) making bill (H. R. No. 607) to amend the act of National forces-see Army.

appropriations for the, for the year ending July 25, 1866, relating to promotions in National Hotel Company, bill (H. R. No. 366) 30th June, 1869–[By Mr. Washburne, of the--[By Mr. Blaine.] to incorporate the, of Washington city Illinois.

referred, 934. [By Mr. Stone.] reported and recommitted, 733.

bill (H. R: No. 805) to anend an act enti. Teferred, 340 ; reported, 3060; passed, 3061; remarks by

tled "An act to establish and equalize passed Senate, 3793 ; enrolled, 3809 ; ap Mr. Butler, of Massachusetts.........733 the grades of line officers of the United proved, 4004.

Mr. Spalding.. In Senate : received from House, 3053; re

States,'' approved July 16, 1862-[By

Mr. Washburne, of Ilinois...... ...... 733 Mr. Hubbard, of West Virginia.] ferred. 8058; reported and passed, 3716 ; bill (H. R. No. 601) making appropriations enrolled, 3770.

referred, 1418.

for the, for the year ending June 30, National School of Mines-see Mines.

bill (H. R. No. 874) to reduce the expenses

1869–[By Mr. Washburne, of Illinois. ] Naturalization, bill (H. R. No. 615) to establish

of the, of the United States--[By Mr. a uniform rule of-[By Mr. Robinson.]

reported, 899; discussed, 1319, 1327, 1329, Peters. ]

1420, 1421 ; passed, 1424 ; passed Senreferred, 934.

referred, 1759.

ate with amendments, 2286; referred, bill (H. R. No. 616) extending the provis

bill (H. R. No. 978) to equalize the grade

2287; reported, 2335; discussed, 2335;
ions of the act of July 17, 1862, relating
conference, 2337, 2355 ; conference re-

of the staff corps of the-[By Mr. Pike.] to the, of soldiers, to those who enlisted

referred, 2193.
port, 3034 ; agreed to by Senate, 3034;
in the naval and marine service of the

agreed to by House, 8034; enrolled, 3073. bill (H. R. No. 1018) to amend certain acts United States-[By Mr. Miller.]

In Senate : received from House, 1431; relating to the appointment of fleet offireferred, 984; reported, 1297; passed,

referred, 1442; reported, 2088; dis. cers of them [By Mr. Washburne, of 1298.]

Illinois.] cussed, 2149, 2241, 2267; passed with In Senate : received from House, 1292;

amendments, 2274; conference, 2348, referred, 2307. referred, 1308.

2736; conference report, 2998; conremarks by

bill (H. R. No. 196) concerning the promoMr. Eliot .............. curred in by Senate, 2998; concurred

tion of officers who have been restored 1297 in by House, 3053 ; enrolled, 3077.

to the active list in the United Statesame Mr. Miller..

1297, 1298
Mr. Paine
remarks by-

[By Mr. Niblack.]
Mr. Pike......

Mr. Archer

1325 .1297, 1298

reported adversely, 2321. Mr. Pile ...........................

Mr. Banks....

.1322, bill (H. R. No. 1426) for the better protecMr. Randall

1323, 1324, 1325, 1326, 1327, 2336

tion of life in the--[By Mr. Kitchen.] Mr. Upson ........

Mr. Blaine....

.1422, 1423
Mr. Boutwell


referred, 4001. bill (H, R. No. 1274) concerning the, of

Mr. Boyer


Navy Department, calls for information upon, aliens-[By Mr. Churchill.] Mr. Builer, of Massachusetts, 1825, 1328

96, 134, 155, 333, 359, 361, 687, 783, 784, referred, 3164,

Mr. Chanler......

...2335, 2337

801, 2137, 2287, 2318, 2333, 3692, 3758 bill (H. R. No. 1429) to amend an act en

Mr. Covode.......


communications from .......37, 167, 668, 692, titled "An act to establish a uniform

Mr. Eggleston.


899, 944, 1085, 1107, 1934, 2199, 2306, rule of," passed April 14, 1802–[By Mr. Stevens, of Pennsylvania.]

Mr. Eldridge

1422, 2336 2331, 2383, 2543, 3781, 3764, 3974, 4264 Mr. Farnsworth.


communication in relation to the naval apreferred, 4003.

Mr. Kelley......... 1319, 1320, 1420, 1421 Naturalized citizens—see Citizens.

propriation bill..............................1320 joint resolution (H. R. No. 111) in relation

Mr. Logan.........1321, 1322, 1324, 1325 bill (H. R. No. 300) to amend the various to the rights of-[By Mr. Cook.]

Mr. Mungen...

.1421, 1422 Mr. Myers........

acts establishing the, of the United referred, 89.

.......... 1324, 1325, 1328 States, and to create a board of survey

Mr. Paine....... joint resolution (H. R. No. 159) in regard

..... 1320, 1322

[By Mr. Pike.]
Mr. Pike......
to rights of-[By Mr. Van Horn, of

........1320, 1321,

referred, 209. Missouri.]

1322, 1324, 1325, 1326, 1327,

bill (H. R. No. 728) relating to the Bureau

1328, 1329, 1421, 1422, 1423 referred, 636.

of Steam Engineering in the-[By Mr.

Mr. Randall... resolution calling for copies of all correspond


Van Horn, of Missouri.) ence, negotiations, and treaties with any

1325, 1326, 1323, 1422, 2335

Mr. Ross...... of the German States since the 1st day

referred, 1177. 1423, 2335, 2337

Mr. Schenck. of January last relating to the rights of

.1422, 1423

bill (H. R. No. 977) to amend an act enti: [By Mr. Judd, Mareb 9, 1868.]

Mr. Spalding..


tled "An act to reorganize the," apadopted, 1761.

1323, 1324, 1327, 1328 proved July 5, 1862-[By Mr. Van Naval Academy, bill (H. R. No. 981) relating

Mr. Van Wyck.....


Horn, of Missouri.] to third assistant engineers in the--- [By

Mr. Washburne, of Illinois...899, 1319,

referred, 2193. Mr. Eliot.]

1320, 1322, 1324, 1325, 1826, 1327, Navy-yard, resolation instructing Committee referred, 2224,

1328, 1329, 1420, 1421, 1422, 1423, on Naval Affairs to inquire into the pro: joint resolution (S. R. No. 154) to admit

1424, 2287, 2335, 2336, 2337, 3034

priety of locating a, and naval depot at certain persons to the.

Mr. Wood

...1319, The city of Erie, Pennsylvania--[By Mr. received from Senate, 3705; passed, 4479;

1322, 1324, 1325, 1328, 1422

Scofield, December 12, 1867.) enrolled, 4492.

yeas and nays on the......... .... 1329 agreed to, 153. Naval Affairs, the Committee on. bill (H. R. No. 976) amendatory of an act

resolution instructing Committee on Naval instructions to......... .153, entitled "An act making appropriations

Affairs to inquire into the expediency 156, 213, 687, 1501, 3758, 4003 for the, for the year 1863," approved

of establishing a, and naval depot at ...... 359, 1813, 2022, July 14, 1862-[By Mr. Van Horn, of Grand Haven, Michigan -[By Mr. 2321, 2323, 2324, 2372, 2872, 2873, 4081 Missouri. ]

Ferry, January 22, 1868.] adverse reports from .......................2321 referred, 2193.

agreed to, 687.

....... 1298

reports from .......


[ocr errors]

a. m.

the x

......... 2027

[ocr errors]

Newcomb, Carman A., a Representative from


Newcomb, Carman A., a Representative from New Mexico--Continued. resolution calling for copies of all orders and Missouri-Continued.

bill (H. R. No. 403) to extend the right of det communications issued by the Navy resolutions submitted by

citizenship to certain Mexican citizens alene

Department in reference to the employ. on the death of Hon. Thomas E. Noell, residing in-[By Mr. Clever.]
mentor discharge of soldiers and sailors late Representative from the third dis referred, 474.
at the Washington, and other places trict in Missouri-[January 22, 1868], bill (H. R. No. 404) to facilitate and cheapen
[By Mr. Shanks, January 28, 1868.]
adopted, 801.
calling for the names of all special agents

the transportation of military supplies joint resolution (H. R. No. 332) authorizing of the Post Office Department appointed

in Kansas, Colorado, and-[By Mr.

Clever.) the appointment of examiners to exam since January 1, 1867, the salaries paid, referred, 474; reported adversely, 8943. ine and report upon the expediency of the place where employed, and also the

bill (H. R. No. 405) to increase and imdiscontinuing the, at Charlestown, Mas names of all persons to whom compli. sachusetts, and uniting the same with mentary commissions have been issued,

prove the territorial library of-[By

Mr. Clever.)
the yard at Kittery, Maine-[By Mr. and the reasons therefor-[March 5,

referred, 474.

1681 referred, 3999; (no record in Globe or in reference to such an amendment to the

bill (H. R. No. 406) to facilitate the transHouse Journal of its having passed Constitution as shali settle the qualifica

portation of United States supplies and House.) tions of electors uniformly in all the

prevent the loss of United States propberofer In Senate; received from House, 3984; States—[March 9, 1868).............. 1760

erty in-[By Mr. Clever.]
referred, 4024; reported, 4093.
for the meeting of the House at eleven

referred, 474; reported adversely, 3948. Navy-yards, resolution in regard to the dis

-(June 22, 1868]...

bill (H. R. No. 407) for the repair, preser.

.3364 charge of employés in the-[By Mr. Ran.

motions made by ....... ...98, 1632, 3364 vation, and improvement of the old dall, December 18, 1867.] incidental remarks by.

palace building" in Santa Fé-[By Mr,

........, 1632
objected to, 260; referred, 317; motion to
remarks on the President's message...73, 2045

reconsider, 333.
(See Appendix.)

referred, 474.
bill (H. R. No. 575) to establish certain

on the resolution relating to the employés bill (H. R. No. 647) to provide for the offices at the, of the United States--[By

in the Departments....


unorganized settlements in-[By Mr. Mr. Ela.] on the death of Hon. Thomas E. Noell, a

Clever.) referred, 780.

Representative from Missouri ......... 697 referred, 935. bill (H. R. No. 936) for the regulation of

on the resolution reported for the impeach bill (H. R. No. 648) to provide for the conlabor in the, of the United States, and ment of the President.......... ., 1367

firmation of private land claims in-[By
compensation thereof-[By Mr. Banks.]
(See Appendix.)

Mr. Clever.)
referred, 1993.
on the civil appropriation bill.

referred, 935.
, Benjamin B., bill (H. R. No. 516)

on the order of business.......


bill (H. R. No. 649) to provide for the settlegranting å pension to the widow and

on the resolution concerning a letter to ment of the war debt of New Mexico minor children of, late a pilot on the gun.

Senator Henderson ...

..... 2471

incurred in aid of the United States in boat Patapsco—[By Mr. Benjamin.) during call of the House......... 2645, 2646

suppressing the rebellion and Indian reported and passed, 733; passed Senate, on the bill in regard to land claims in

hostilities in-[By Mr. Clever. ] 3336; enrolled, 3375; approved, 3731.

Missouri ......


referred, 935; reported and referred anew, In Senate: received from House, 731 ; releave of absence granted to, 2207, 3456, 3658

ferred, 764; reported, 1404 ; passed, 3318,
New Jersey, joint resolution of the Legislature

bill (H. R. No. 708) to construct a wagon-
3319; enrolled, 3359.
of, withdrawing the assent of that State

road from Cinnamon to Virginia City Naylor, John & Co., bill (H. R. No. 696) for from the proposed amendment of the

in-[By Mr. Clever.)
the relief of Hull & Cozzens and-[By

referred, 1083; reported adversely, 3943. Mr. Van Horn, of Missouri.]

remarks by~ referred, 1083.

Mr. Boutwell..........

bill (H. R. No. 710) to amend an act enti

tled “An act to confirm certain private Naylor, Samuel, bill (H. R. No. 416) for the

Mr. Eldridge......

2225, 2226
relief of—[By Mr. Morrell.]
Mr. Haight.....

land claims in'-[By Mr. Chilcott.] »

..2225, 2226 Mr. Pile.....


referred, 1083. Negley, David D., bill (H. R. No. 955) for the

Mr. Washburne, of Illinois... 2225, 2226

bill (H. R. No. 729) to forever prohibit the relief of, late captain of company C, one resolution directing that the resolution of

system of peonage and Indian slavery hundred and twenty-fourth regiment Inthe Legislature of, purporting to with

in, and other parts of the United Statesdiana volunteer infantry—[By Mr. Codraw the assent of that State to the con

[By Mr. Clarke, of Kansas. ] stitutional amendment, be returned by referred, 1178.

the Speaker to the gentleman who pre bill (H. R. No. 748) providing for the examNelson, William F., bill (H, R. No. 1171)

sented it, and that its title only shall be ination of claims for Indian depredagranting a pension to-[By Mr. Perham.

referred to in the Journal of the House tions in-[By Mr. Clever.] reported and passed, 2907; passed Senate,

and in the Congressional Globe-[By

referred, 1217. 4394; enrolled, 4434; approved, 4498.

Mr. Washburne, of Illinois, March 30, bill (H. R. No. 1075) to authorize the adjuIn Senate; received from House, 2925 ; 1868.]

dication of claim No. 45 in the report ferred, 2935 ;, reported, 3814; passed, Newman, William H., & Co., bill (H. B. No. adopted, 2226.

of the surveyor general of-[By Mr.

912) to authorize the payment of the claim reported and passed, 2499.

of, and L. A. Van Hoffman & Co., of In Senate: received from House, 2505;
New York city--[By Mr. Taber.]

referred, 2506. No: 337- quieting doubts in relation to Newman, Zadock T., bill (H. R. No. 991) for referred, 1900.

bill(H. R. No. 1089) for the relief of the inthe validity of the titles to four tracts of

habitants of towns and villages in, and land in the State of Missouri............90 the relief of-[By Mr. Gravely.)

Arizona who settle upon public landNo. 238-to abolish the office of the Asreferred, 2228 ; reported and passed, 3891 ;

[By Mr. Clever.] sistant Treasurer of the United States, passed Senate, 4395; enrolled, 4434; ap.

referred, 2527. authorized by act of Congress approved proved, 4498.

bill (H. R. No. 1090) to establigh certain In Senate: received from House and referred, .....90 3917 ; reported, 4145; passed, 4367; en:

post offices and post roads in-[By Mr.

Clever.) road from Rolla, in the State of Misrolled, 4442.

referred, 2527. souri, to Batesville, in the State of Ark

New Mexico, the Territory of, bill (H. R. No.
276) to amend the organic act of-[By

bill (H. R. No. 1092) for the right of way
780 Mr. Ashley, of Ohio.]

and a grant of land to aid in the con-
Rolla, Missouri, to Jefferson City, Mis-
a post route from

struction of a railroad and telegraph
referred, 163.
bill (H.R. No. 360) to provide for a geo-

line from Denver, in the Territory of
899 logical and mineralogical survey of-[By

Colorado to Santa Fé, in-[By Mr. Chil-
Mr. Clever.]

cott. ]
referred, 331.

referred, 2527.
bill (H. R. No. 361) to provide for the com bill (H. R. No. 114) to provide for annex:

pletion of the capitol of, the building ing certain territory to--[By Mr.Julian.]
of a penitentiary, and the establishment referred, 2569.

of free public schools in each county in bill (H. R. No. 1187) granting the right of
said State-[By Mr. Clever.]

way and lands to the Pecos and Placer
referred, 331.

Mining and Ditch Company of New bill (H. R. No. 362) to establish certain Mexico-[By Mr. Van Horú, of Mispost routes in-[By Mr. Clever.)

souri.) referred, 331.

referred, 2935.

-v., 2225


referred, 474.

burn.] referred, 2070.


4363 ; enrolled, 4442.

Missouri...... bills introduced by~

March 3, 1863...
No. 563-providing for establishing a post


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No. 604-establishing

souri.... No. 632—to establish a post route from

Morrison's Station, in the State of Mis

souri, to Fredericksburg, in the same No. 633–providing for removing the na

tional capital to St. Louis county, in the State of Missouri......... No. 896-to incorporate the Mississippi Levee Railway, and Steamship Company, and to aid in the construction of lerees on the Mississippi riyer...... 1759

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..... 739

Marine corps.....,

................ 697

How Mexico-Continued.
bill (H. R. No. 1343) to confirm the title to

certain land to the pueblo of Santa

Anna, in-[By Mr. Orth.] reported and passed, 3655, 3656. In Senate : received from House, 8645;

referred, 3645. bill (H. R. No. 1344) to confirm certain

private land claims in-{By Mr. Orth.] reported and passed, 3655, 3656. In Senate : received from House, 3645;

referred, 3645. bill (H. R. No. 1345) to amend an act en

titled "An act to confirm certain private

land claims in"-[By Mr. Loughridge.] reported and passed, 3656. In Senate: received from House, 3671 ;

referred, 3081. Neustaedter, Captain J, A., joint resolution

(H. R. No. 191) for the relief of, of St.

Louis—[By Mr. Pile.] referred, 935. bill (H. R. No. 1081) for the relief of-[By

Mr. Pile.) reported, 2501; discussed, 2501, 2676 ;

passed, 2677 ; passed Senate, 4216 ; ap

proved, 4255.
In Senate: received from House, 2090;

referred, 2701; referred anew, 2759 ;
reported, 4146 ; passed, 4160; enrolled,

remarks by-
Mr. Farnsworth........

2677 Mr. Harding.......

2502, 2677 Mr. Holman

.2502 Mr. Miller

.2677 Mr. Paine

.2677 Mr. Pile............ . 2501, 2502, 2677 Mr. Ross.......

.2501, 2502 Mr. Washburne, of Illinois.... ...2677 Newsboys' Home, bill (H. R. No. 685) supple

mentary to an act to inoorporate the-By

Mr. Koontz.)
referred, 1083.
Newsham, Joseph P., a Representative from

..4186, 4215 Newspapers, resolution in regard to allowing,

upon which the regular rate of postage has been paid to be remailed within twenty days from the date of publication without further charge-[By Mr. Wilson, of Ohio,

June 1, 1868.] agreed to, 2751. Niagara ship-canal-see Ship-Canal.

report from select Committee on ..... .... 2943 Niblack, William E., a Representative from Indiana......

.2 petitions presented by.....241, 589, 648, 785,

1229, 1862, 2806, 2686, 2827, 3051
bills introduced by
No. 797—to provide two local inspectors

of steamboats at Evansville, in the State
of Indiana .......

No. 902–concerning the assignment of

dower in the District of Columbia, 1774 No. 928-authorizing district courts to be

held at the cities of Evansville and New

Albany, in the State of Indiana.....1900
No. 1028-extending bounties to certain

soldiers who were discharged on account
of disability incurred while in the ser-
vice of the United States.............

...... 2331
No. 1271-establishing certain post roads
in the State of Indiana..

resolutions submitted by-
in relation to marine torts—[December 9,

instructing Committee on Military Affairs

to inquire into the expediency of extend-
ing the provisions of bounty act of July
28, 1866, to soldiers who were discharged
by reason of disability incurred in the line

of their duties—[January 20, 1868], 638
in relation to the practicability and expe-

diency of connecting the clocks of the
Hall of the House and the Chamber of
the Senate by telegraph with the regu-
lating clock in the astronomical Observ.

atory—[June 1, 1868)............. .2752
in reference to the protection of American

citizens—[June 30, 1868] ............. 3616

Niblack, William E., a Representative from Nicholson, John A., a Representative from

motions made by.
.314, 785 report made by........

.1813 incidental remarks by, 210,784,891,946,1200, motions made by.

1633, 3524 1286, 2048, 2217, 2232, 2307, 2752, incidental remarks by.........1451, 1033, 1667

3597, 3616, 3980, 4133, 4307, 4334 remarks on the deficiency bill (H. R. No. remarks on the bill to exempt cotton from 309) .....

.....215 internal tax...........

.......17 on the supplementary reconstruction bill on the order of business.....

.97, 209
(H. R. No. 439).......

.....541 on the bill relating to cashiered Army offi on the bill to prevent the payment of cercers...

.......132, 133

tain claims.... on the President's message and financial on the bill to facilitate the collection of the questions.....

......143, 2048

direct tax in Delaware................. 1116 on the supplementary reconstruction bill on the resolution reported for the impeach. (H. R. No. 439).....

689 ment of the President......... .1391 (See Appendix.)

(See Appendix.) on the death of Hon. Thomas E. Noell, a on the articles of impeachment........1642

Representative from Missouri ......... 698 on questions relating to impeachment, on the bill in relation to southern land

1905, 2175 grants.......

.973, 979 on the bill for the relief of W. W. Holden on legislative appropriation bill, 1091,1111 and others.......

1928, 1929 on resolution in regard to G.F.Sawyer, 1093 during call of the House ......... 2644, 2647 on the consular and diplomatic appropria on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1060).

.2845, tion bill............. 1222

2846, 3071, 3072 on the Army appropriation bill, 1803, 1304 on the river and harbor bill.. ....3211 on the resolution reported for the im leave of absence granted to, 1769, 3658, 4428 peachment of the President ......... 1358, Nicholson, Mrs. Sally C., bill (H. R. No. 679)

1360, 1864, 1398 for the relief of-[By Mr, Blaine. ] on the civil appropriation bill.... 1484 referred, 1082. on the Paducah bridge bill...... 1471, 1472 Nitro-glycerine, communication from superon the articles of impeachment........ 1545, intendent of the metropolitan police of

1562, 1619 New York relating to a purchase of...1484 on the bill for sale of Sea Island lots, 1792 Nobles, Henrietta, bill (S. No. 232) granting on the amendment of the judiciary act, a pension to

1885, 1886, 2000, 2002, 2064 received from Senate, 3345; reported and on the Freedmen's Bureau.. ..2057 passed, 3897. on the impeachment replication .........2072 | Noell, Hon. Thomas E., resolution on the on the bill to exempt certain manufactures death of, late Representative from the third from tax...

.2104, 2172 district in Missouri-[By Mr. Newcomb, on the bill relating to the Navy and January 22, 1868.]

..2328 adopted, 697. on the bill to amend the bankrupt act, 2325 remarks byon the Alta Vela resolution ...... 2341, 2318

Mr. Burr. on the bill to extend the charter of Wash

Mr. Kerr
ington city......

....... 2410
Mr. Knott

699 on the bill to relieve certain citizens of

Mr. McCormick.....

..698 North Carolina from political disabili

Mr. Newcomb

.697 ties.......

Mr. Niblack

.698 on the bill to admit North Carolina, &c.,

Mr. Pile......

2456, 3097 Norris, Benjamin W., a Representative from on the Indian appropriation bill......2641, Alabama

.4293 2707, 2708 North Carolina-see Reconstruction. during call of the House ......... 2645, 2647 credentials of Representatives-elect presenton the case of Charles W. Woolley, a re ed and referred ...........3761, 4082, 4252 cusant witness... .2704, 2705, 2937 reported ....

.3764, 4007, 4083, 4254 on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1060)......2821, || Northrop, Sally C., bill (H. R. No. 722) for

2822, 2823, 2824, 2825 the relief of-[By Mr. Hopkins.] on the resolution of instructions on the referred, 1161; reported and passed, 1703 ; tax bill...

.......3168 passed Senate, 4430; enrolled, 4479; apon the bill relative to contested elections

proved, 4498. in Washington city.... .3173, 3174 In Senate: received from House, 1702: on the river and barbor bill... .3592 on the resolution for an investigation of

referred, 1703; reported, 3051; laid over,

3721; passed, 4406; enrolled, 4451. the disbursement of the contingent fund, Notaries public, bill (H. R. No. 580) in rela:

4084, 4115, 4426 on funding bill, 4184,4185, 4186,4187,4225

tion to the appointment of, in the District

of Columbia in certain cases-
on the report concerning the treatment of Ingersoll.]
prisoners by rebels....

leave of absence granted to ......

referred, 780.

2497, 3597 Nicholson, John A., a Representative from

Notices, joint resolution (H. R. No. 134) re

lating to the publication of official, ia bank

....62 petitions presented by

ruptcy-[By Mr. Allison.] 62, 267,

referred, 331; committee discharged, re1620, 1806, 1813, 1833, 1870,

ferred anew,

2075, 2622, 2789, 3212, 3671
bills introduced by-

Nott & Co., bill (H. R. No. 291) for the ad-
No. 381-to establish certain post roads

justment of the claim of, under the treaty in the State of Delaware....

of 1858 with the Chinese Government

.478 No. 510—to facilitate the collection of the

[By Mr. Orth.)

referred, 208.
direct tax in the State of Delaware, 691
No. 878-to encourage commerce and in-

Nuestra, Señora de La Regla, joint resolution ternal trade by facilitating direct im


R. No. 90) to provide for the proceeds

of the Spanish steamer.
No. 915—to establish a post road in the Nagent, Sylvester, bill (S. No. 456) for the
State of Delaware.....

....1900 relief of.
resolution submitted by-
instructing the Committee of Ways and

received from Senate, 3345; referred, 3846; Means to inquire into the expediency Numbers of bills, resolution directing that the

reported and passed, 8898; enrolled, 3948. of allowing to be deducted from the income of any person the cost of purchas

and joint resolutions, with their titles, shall ing and planting fruit trees-(May 29,

be inserted in the Globe-[By Mr. Law. 1868] .....

rence, of Ohio, March 13, 1868.) .2682

referred, 1870; reported and adopted, 2204.


-[By Mr.


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ap, 889.

... 636

the impact

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from se a pole


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Ocean mail service-see Mail Service.


Nunn, David A., a Representative from Ten Officers, bill (H. R. No. 143) to regulate the || O'Neill, Charles, a Representative from Pennnessee.........


selection of, in the city of Washingtonpetitions presented by .....452, 605, 980, 2406 [By Mr. Ingersoll.]


bills introduced bybills introduced by

In Senate : reported, 242; motion to take 51.1632, 13

No. 1310—to provide for the grantijg of i H.RS

No. 279-to provide for the appointment
of judges for the district court of the resolution inquiring what number of com-

pensions to those ex-officers of the Uni. district of West Tennessee............. 154 atraction L

missioned, are employed in the various

ted States Army, according to their

rank at date of final master-out, who No. 473—further extending the provisions governmental Departments, with their ement of the of the pension laws........ names, rank, and pay-[By Mr. Ross,

were wounded while serving as enlisted No. 543--for the relief of the trustees of December 19, 1867.]

men and who are not now drawing Lagrange College, Tennessee......... 779 Hectica d'he

referred, 286.

pensions as officers ..., ....... 3397 No. 677-granting a pension to the chil bill (H. R. No. 376) for the relief of certain

No. 1444-changing the ports of entry dren of James Heatherly............. 1043 [By Mr. Blaine.]

from Plymouth to Edenton, in North No. 770-granting a pension to John H. referred, 473.

Cirolina, and Port Royal to Beaufort, Finlay......

in South Carolina 1296 | Offices, bill (S. No. 269) in addition to an act

.4293 No. 798-to change the time of holding entitled "An act regulating the tenure of

joint resolutions introduced by“. the circuit and district courts of the preschoes

certain civil."

No. 181-to secure the carrying of a daily United States in Tennessee........... 1418 received from Senate, 1054; printed, 1156 ;

midnight mail from New York to PhilaNo. 1134—to construct a road to the na referred, 1769.

delphia, Baltimore, Washington, and tional cemetery of West Tennessee, 2750 || Oglesby, R. J., Governor of Illinois, telegram

intermediate places, and to provide for reports made by......... 735, 1043, 1296, 3894 motions made by... from, relating to the impeachment of the

the expense of such mail service...... 780 1043, 3894 President........

No. 208-directing the Treasurer of the remarks on the bill to exempt cotton from Oil, resolution on the subject of mineral

United States to open a certain wooden internal tax........

on the resolution reported for the impeach-
[By Mr. Scofield, June 15, 1868.]

box marked "jewels," which bas been
ment of the President..................1890 | Oliver, Captain A. G., bill (H. R. No. 1366)
objected to, 3174.

many years in the vault of the Treasury,

and to report the contents thereof to (Not published.)

leave of absence granted to, 1619, 1968, 8164
for the relief of-[By Mr. Stokes.]

...... 1217 Nyce, Margaret, bill (H. R. No. 952) for the reported, 3762; called up, 3943; passed,

No. 328-for the donation of certain colrelief of-[By Mr. Buckland.] 3943 ; passed Senate, 4430 ; enrolled,

-... 3883 referred, 2069. 4479; approved, 4498.

resolutions submitted byIn Senate : received from House, 3956 ;

inquiring the reasons for the discontinu0. referred, 3982; reported, 4093 ; passed,

ance of the midnight mail from the city Oatb, resolution in reference to the propriety 4406; enrolled, 4451.

of New York to Philadelphia--[January of requiring ex-members of Congress O'Neill, Charles, a Representative from Penn

10, 1868].............

......443 seeking admission to the floor of the House sylvania.......

2 to take the test-[By Mr. Washburn, of

calling for the report of the commission Indiana, January 28, 1868. ] petitions presented by, 589, 648, 719, 1025,

for examining into life-saving apparatus

in New York city in 1867—[January 15, agreed to, 806.

1117, 1428, 1514, 1558, 1644, 1668,
1716, 1775, 1833, 1862, 1939, 2007,

bill (H. R. No. 869) prescribing an, of office

2083, 2304, 2318, 2365, 2593, 2827,

calling for information in regard to the to be taken by persons from whom legal

contents of a certain box in the vault of disabilities shall have been removed

2856, 3212, 3733, 4069, 4312, 4501
[By Mr. Dawes.]
bills introduced by-

the United States Treasury, sealed with

the seal of the Patent Office, and marked reported as substitute for joint resolation

No. 380—relating to mailable matter sent jewels”!--[March 6, 1868]........ 1703 (H. R. No. 214,)1693; discussed, 1707 ;

to certain societies and public libraries, calling for information in regard to vessels

473 passed, 1708; passed Senate with

and property captured or destroyed by amendments, 3761 ; concurred in with

No. 447—to refund certain overpaid duties the Navy from April 15, 1861, to April amendment, 3761 ; agreed to by Senate,

to Bolton & Patterson


20, 1865-[April 30, 1868]...........2333 3793 ; enrolled, 3809; approved, 4003. No. 448~-to change the name of the ship

reports made by...... In Senate: received from House, 1719;



2540, 2634, 4124, 4217, 4293 referred, 1744 ; reported, 3539 ; passed No. 538—to extend the boundaries of the

motions made by.....

... 831, with amendments, 3738 ; agreed to by

collection district of Philadelphia so as 1703, 2380, 2383, 2534, 8311, 3722, 3883 House with amendment, 3749; con

to include the whole consolidated city

incidental remarks by...... .......651, 1633, curred in by Senate, 3749; enrolled, of Philadelphia......... ............. 779

1848, 2217, 2534, 2828, No. 587-to so construe the words "books

8294, 3397, 4430, 4491 and book-binding' in section ten of the act to reduce internal taxation, &c., ap

remarks on the bill conslituting eight hours 1708, 1711

....335 proved June 30, 1864, and acts amend.

a day's work....

on the resolution in regard to George F. .. 1708 atory thereof, approved July 13, 1866,


.1093 1707, 1708 as to include albums for photographs, 1711

on the bill granting pensions to the sol. 830

diers of 1812..... ...... 1711 No. 684-providing for the inspection and

...... 1245, 1248

on resolution concerning contracts of the use upon steamboats of boilers made

Post Office Department....
Mr. Dawes........1693, 1707, 1708, 1711

............. 1295 .1708

of materials other than charcoal plates
of wrought iron

on the civil appropriation bill..........1474,

.....1083 1711 No. 863-to amend and construe certain

1475, 2003, 2004, 3842, 3843 .1707, 1708, 1711 postal laws.....

........ 1681

on the articles of impeachment.........1643 ...1708, 1711 No. 877-for the relief of Thomas H.

on the Post Office appropriation bill... 1635 ...1711 Dickson, late acting assistant paymas.

on the resolution in regard to the dispositer United States Navy


tion of captured vessels ................ 2383 ceedings in bankruptcy-[By Mr. LoughNo. 1011-supplementary to the several

on the order of business...2471, 3766, 4430 acts relative to pensions, proposing to

on the bill to regulate the appraisement extend their provisions to acting assist

of imports........

.2685 ant surgeons disabled by wounds or dis on the bill to regulate immigrant ships, ease while performing the duties of 2232, 2669, 3268, 3269, 3272, 3278, 3295 assistant or acting assistant surgeons,

on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1060), 2851, 2890, 2304

2952, 2953, 3043, 3108, punish perjury in connection therewithNo. 1040—to provide for an American

3114, 3133, 3034, 3139 line of mail and passenger steamships

on the National Safe Deposit Company between Philadelphia and one or more


.3224 European ports .....

.......... 2380 on the bill to promote American comNo. 1061-providing for the appropria


..3228, 3233, 3234 tion of four additional gaugers for the dering call of the House.........3416, 3455 port of Philadelphia.................... 2440 on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1284), 8444, 3460, No. 1100—to amend an act entitled “


8484, 3485, 3487, 8495, act to regulate the carriage of passen:

3499, 3527, 3533, 4089 gers in steamboats and other vessels," on the bill to modify the warehousing sys


No. 1290-relative to indentured appren on the tariff bill..

.. 4010
tices and apprentices under instructions on the funding bill......... 4173, 4178, 4219
in the mechanical shops and sail lofts on the bill to regulate the duties, on cop-
of navy yards .....

per ores.......



remarks by-

Mr. Arnell......
Mr. Bromwell......
Mr. Brooks...
Mr. Broomall...
Mr. Chanler..
Mr. Cobb........
Mr. Cook.....

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.... 1708

Mr. Donnelly. Mr. Harding.... Mr. Mungen.......

peas and nays on the ........ Caths

, bill (H. R. No.350) to authorize clerks of courts of record to administer, in pro

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ridge.] referred, 331; committee discharged,

ferred anew, 692 bill (H. R. No. 90) to require the adminis

tration of, in certain cases, and to
By Mr. Kerr.]
reported and passed, 3616; indefinitely

postponed by Senate, 3852.
In Senate : received from House, 3607;

referred, 3608; reported and indefinitely

postponed, 3814. Ofice, resolution in reference to the holding of, in violation of the

provisions of the fourteenth article of the Constitution of the United States-[By Mr. Shanks, July

21, 1868. ] read, 4806.

.3802, 3803

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.......... 3563

.55, 56
55, 56

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CCN IV: O'Neill, Charles C., bill (S. No. 477) for the || Orphans, joint resolution (H. R. No. 163) re Orth, Godlove S., a Representative from Inrelief of.

lating to, of soldiers and pensioners-[By diana- Continued. received from Senate, 2289; referred, 2544; Mr. Kelley.)

remarks on the bill for the relief of E. R. reported adversely, 3763. referred, 687.

and S. W. Clarke.......3690, 3691, 3692 Oneota and Catawba, resolution instructing bill (H. R. No. 642) to promote the efficiency on the civil appropriation bill.........3846,

of the American commercial marine, to the joint Committee on Retrenchment to


3847, inquire into the alleged fraudulent sale by provide for the, of soldiers and sailors on the joint resolution in relation to the the Navy Department of the iron-clads killed in battle or deceased in the ser payment of interest due from States, [By Mr. Washburne, of Illinois, April 29, vice of the United States, and to enlarge

4475, 4476 1868.]

the asylum for disabled veterans-[By leave of absence granted to ...............2773 agreed to, 2332.

Mr. Johnson.]

Osage Indian treaty-see Indian Land. resolution in relation to the sale of the iron

referred, 935.

Osler, John H., bill (H. R. No. 1451) for the clads--[By Mr. Van Wyck, May 8,1868.] || Orr, Arthur, bill (H. R. No. 544) for the re relief of, of Guernsey county, Ohio-[By agreed to, 2400

lief of, Bryant N. Lanham, and Samuel Mr. Bingham.] resolution calling for the correspondence

J. Smith---[By Mr. Hunter.]

reported and passed, 4428. between the Navy Department and any referred, 779,

In Senate: received from House, 4435;

referred, 4443. other parties in relation to the sale of Orth, Godlove S., a Representative from Inthe iron-clads-[By Mr. Benjamin, May


........2 | Otis, William Henry, bill (S. No. 279) for the

relief of. petitions presented by,217,605, 719, 876, 901, 15, 1868.]

received from Senate, 3563; referred, 4475.

949, 1025, 1287, 1460, 1741, 2542, 2686 adopted, 2180.

Owners of vessels, bill (H. R. No. 875) to

bills introduced byOrdnance, Senate concurrent resolution re

indemnify, for property sacrificed to save No. 291--for the adjustment of the claim appointing the joint Committee on. received from Senate, 36; yeas and nays or of Nott & Co., under the treaty of 1858

human life at sea-[By Mr. Eliot.]

referred, 1759.

with the Chinese Government.......... 208 dered, 37; discussed, 55; concurred in, 56.

P. remarks by

No. 857-granting a pension to William Mr. Boyer


F. Moses, of Indiana................. 1631 || Pacific Railroad-see Railroad. Mr. Dawes ................................

No. 1075—to authorize the adjudication the Committee on the......

of claim No. 45 in the report of the Mr. Logan...


instructions to..... Mr. Maynard surveyor general of the Territory of reports from ......

.783, Mr. Robinson

New Mexico.....


1039, 2421, 2441, 3103, 3328 Mr. Ross


No. 1343—to confirm the title to certain Pacific telegraph, resolution calling for a copy Mr. Washburne, of Illinois.........55, 56

land to the pueblo of Santa Anda, in of the contract made under the act of yeas and nays on the....


the Territory of New Mexico........3655 June 16, 1860, relating to the, and for joint Committee on.......... .36, 37, 55, 105

No. 1344-to confirm certain private land certain information in connection there. instructions to

claims in the Territory of New Mexico, .....3722

with-[By Mr. Washburne, of Illinois, joint resolution (H. R. No. 216) to author

3655 March 12, 1868.]
ize the Secretary of War to place at the
joint resolutions introduced by—

agreed to, 1858.
disposal of the Lincoln Monument Asso No. 137-requesting the President to in Page, Charles Grafton, bill (H. R. No. 731)
ciation damaged and captured—[By Mr.

tercede with her majesty the queen of to authorize, to apply for and receive a Van Horn, of New York.]

Great Britain to secure the speedy re patent-[By Mr. Myers read, 1450; passed, 1451; passed Senate

lease of Rev.John McMahon, convicted reported, 1178; passed, 1179; passed Senwith amendments, 2575; concurred in,

as a Fenian raider, and now confined at ate, 1927; enrolled, 1960; approved, 2026. 3308; approved, 3732.

Kingston, Canada West................385 In Senate : received from House, 1165; reIn Senate: received from House, 1463 ;

No. 245-giving additional compensation ferred, 1165; reported and passed, 1910; referred, 1464; reported, 2075; called

to certain employés in the civil service enrolled, 1943. up, 2078; passed with amendments,

of the Government for the fiscal year | Pages-see Salaries. 2562; enrolled, 3321. ending June 30, 1868................. 2071 Paine, Halbert E., a Representative from Wis

..2 joint resolution (S. R. No. 129) donating

resolutions submitted by-
certain captured, for the completion of
making certain inquiries respecting money

petitions presented by......78, 119, 144, 195,
a monument to the memory of the late
received from the Chinese Government,

403, 649, 920, 980, 1025, 1068, 1229 Major General John Sedgwick. under the treaty of 1858, for the pay

1330, 1485, 1620, 1644, 1883, 1862, received from Senate, 2575; passed, 3525; ment of losses sustained by American

1870, 1900, 1993, 2030, 2083, 2143, enrolled, 3535. citizens--[December 17, 1868]........230

2176, 2290, 2298, 2335, 2433, 2537, joint resolution (H. R. No. 292) directing calling for information in reference to the

2583, 2686, 2758, 3628, 3708, 3856 the Secretary of War to sell damaged

harbor at Michigan city, Indiana bills introduced byor unserviceable arms, and ordnance

[March 10, 1868]............ ..... 1797 No. 212—to amend an act entitled "An stores-[By Mr. Schenck.] instructing Committee on Roads and

act to provide for the more efficient referred, 2976; reported and passed, 3376;

Canals to inquire whether Congress has

government of the rebel States," passed passed Senate with amendments, 3928;

the power to provide for the regulation March 2, 1867, and the several acts concurred in, 3938; enrolled, 3981; apof railroads extending through several


amendatory thereto....... proved, 4255.

States-[April 27, 1868).............. 2331

No. 249—to amend an act entitled "An In Senate: received from House, 3389;

reports made by. ..385, 2499, 3655 act to establish a uniform system of bank. referred, 3389; reported and passed with

motions made by


ruptcy throughout the United States," amendments, 3873; concurred in by

1086, 1706, 3655, 3692, 4475

approved March 2, 1867......
incidental remarks by.........714, 1012, 1098,
House, 8954; enrolled, 3958.

No. 250—to amend the bankrupt act....90 bill (H. R. No. 1268) to authorize and re

1400, 2071, 2818, 3593, 3689, 4411, 4432

No. 268—to provide for the distribution remarks on the case of Rev. John McMahon, quire the Secretary of War to deliver

of the reward offered by the President certain, to the States of Arkansas,

385, 386, 417, 419, 420

for the capture of Jefferson Davis.....97 on the bill to provide for the appointment Louisiana, South Carolina, North Caro

No. 282—for the relief

of Owen Griffin, 162 lina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, of a marshal for the District of Colum

No. 457—to provide for the sale of cer:

bia..... for the use of the militia upon the dis

.........671, 672, 673

tain lands and lots on the sea islands of continuance of military governments on the bill concerning the rights of Ameri

Beaufort district, South Carolina....601 therein-[By Mr. Paine.] can citizens abroad.... .........1098,

No. 907—to provide for the sale of cer: referred, 3164.

1099, 1101, 1102, 1103, 1104

tain lands and lots on the sea islands of joint resolution (H. R. No. 352) for furnishon the resolution reported for the impeach.

Beaufort district, South Carolina... 1791
ment of the President.......
ing certain, for soldiers' monuments in

No. 908—to reimburse the city of Mil

New Jersey-[By Mr. Hill.]
(See Appendix.)

waukee for expenses on the harbor of on the articles of impeachment...... referred, 4252.


that city
joint resolution (H. R. No. 358) authorizing
on printing the papers in the B. W. Per-

No. 1026-to admit the State of Arkansas
the Secretary of War to furnish, to
kins claim ..... ........1706, 1707

to representation in Congress........2331 on the bill for admission of Alabama, 1938 Soldiers' Monument Association of Pe

No. 1030--to admit the State of South quonnock and Paterson, New Jersey, on the order of business....... 2541

Carolina to representation in Con: during call of the House ..... By Mr. Hill.)

2645, 3455

read and passed, 4480; passed Senate,
on the case of Charles W. Woolley... 2674

No. 1031---to admit the State of North
4489; enrolled, 4493; approved, 4498.
on the Indian appropriation bill....... 2709

Carolina to representation in Congress;
In Senate : received from House, 4402 ;

on the tax bill (H. R. No. 1284)......3404
referred, 4445; reported and passed,
on the bill relating to private land claims

No. 1032~to admit the State of Louisi4458; enrolled, 4462.

in California ..............3657, 3689, 3690 Orphan Asylum see Asylum.

on the parchase of Alaska......3658, 3943 (See Appendix.)

No. 1044-to admit South Carolina to

representation in Congress...

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. 1228



ana to representation in Congress, 2332


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