is the highest of the Hecla is in the

of Ice Alpine summits.

land. Avoid evil

With what tenderness quadru. Are you aware that an idle

peds nurse their ! never becomes a good -? In the Indian Ocean there are The peak of Teneriffe may be winds called trade

seen at the distance of a If twenty-four measures of snow hundred

were melted they would proOne added to nineteen makes duce but one of

A pound of sea-water contains Europe, Asia, and Africa, com- two ounces of pose the eastern

The leaves of trees form one of The Atlantic Ocean separates the greatest beauties of from

With what goodness does Vesuvius is the only volcano provide for our happiness ! on the continent of

We do not pay attention enough Mount Etna is a

in Si to the gifts of cily.

Sugar is produced from the

juice of a certain

Ellipsis of the Adjective. The

flowers soon fade. Let boy remain in his He has seen it


place. That castle was built by

books are mine; the Conqueror.

are his. His brother has a prior James is years of age. claim.

John is but He is the boy in school.

- man, woman, and child, The music is most

was present. These poor people are very Exercise makes us and He rendered his friend the most Lake Superior is the assistance.

fresh-water lake in the world. Summer is the

No boy will tell lies. She is more

than her


slate, and sister.

pens are mine. boy must read in turn. Which city is

London or Pekin ?


Ellipsis of the Pronoun.

is a very troublesome boy. I lent my pen-knife to

are the most virtuous family in the city.

are the most temperate Were -good would people in Europe.

be happy. I travelled with

to Dub- I lent a book, but lin.

did not return

to He treated

very kindly. Many are better than met and shook hands.


to be. Forgive

the injury he That is the vice I hate. has done

This is the friend

I love. The general encouraged

Every man consoles men.

with the hope of change. A good boy loves

pa Cato killed rents.

He caused

to be deHe laid book on

spised. paper.

- dost thou think

to That is but this

be? I esteem because

Let try to prove it. is good.

We are helping

Ellipsis of the Verb.


The light beautiful. Why the eyes of the The sun up.

mole su sunk and small ? The moon - brightly. Some animals

wings I the expedient.

and feet, others

withEverything on earth

out either. good if proper use of it. What art

in the formaThe variety of vegetables

tion of birds ! prodigious.

The Nile

its banks at Mischievous beasts

certain marked periods. certain fear of man.


of no substance that The rattle-snake, which

either perfectly opathe most venomous of its kind, que or perfectly transparent. warning of its ap. Gold

so thin as to be proach.

pervious to light. The crocodile so heavy, The pole which

above and

with such difficul. our horizon is the north pole.
easy to es

during the day, cape from it.

of the stars which we -Birds, which

in the night? their food in marshy places | The earth a globe about

a long bill and long eight thousand miles in dialegs.

meter. Insects that

All rivers

the curvature mouths shaped like nippers. of hoops applied to the sur.

face of the earth.

ty, that it

on prey


varieties in all It the hour with hymn species of animals.

and prayer

round thy Darker and darker

shrine. around the shadows from the pines.

Ellipsis of the Adverb.

that many

He is ill.

How the birds sing! He writes

I could

do it

but They study

will We are

disappointed. We see a multitude of animals I am pleased with him. all

formed. He is a friend.

What is

believed to con. I wish him to do it

stitute the difference between He talked so

plants and animals ? believed him innocent.

In the immense garden of naHe spoke : and

ture there is no place They live very together. barren, Mercury is fourteen | How

fine must be the times heavier than water.

impression which the rays of Force supplies the place light produce on the retina of of justice.

the eye!
no divine commandment
needs an apology.

and we laid him down,
From the field of his fame fresh and gory;
We carved a line, we raised - a stone,
But we left him

in his glory.

Ellipsis of the Preposition.


Rain is formed the mix

South America there ing- two masses

were formerly some great air different tempera

nations. tures.


Asia, Africa is break day,

the largest part the first March, I de hemisphere. parted

the Holy Observe the number Mountain, accompanied

creeping plants,

the a religious, an Arab, and my tender bind-weed

the janissary.

vine. his talents much might All sounds are produced be said ; his integrity,

the air. nothing.


Sound goes a German league

about twenty seconds. We ought to admire the power and wisdom

the Cre

ator - the forming and preserving

animals, and his goodness giving them

our use,

Ellipsis of the Conjunction. Spring

Autumn are The sky over our heads, scarcely perceptible in some the earth under our feet, recountries.

main always the same. The weather in February The darkness of night,

April is generally very uncer- the light of day, succeed each tain.

other regularly. By degrees, we advance He is healthy

he is towards the north


temperate. wards the south, the Spring I will respect him

he Autumn

less chide me. marked.

he attend the business All vegetables spring from seeds, cannot succeed.

the greater number of these are not sown.


Miscellaneous Exercises.

Variable winds which have no China has, it is said, no pa

fixed direction or duration, rallel on
blow the greatest part The true perfection of a
of the globe.

consists in doing all his He who accustoms himself to be well.

cruel to animals, will become A sovereign preservative against so to his


that we are Boys who delight in torturing before our Creator.

-, lose the sweet feelings The knowledge is which of humanity.

we have on earth concerning Tigers, bears, and a number of things that done other animals,

heaven. furs to cover us.

Render your temporal wealth Who could count the

of subservient to the attainment creatures in existence ?

of eternal How fine and tenuous It

vanity to wish are the spider's threads!

long life, and

little care The great imperial canal of of leading a good

us with

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Go, let me - -! there's bliss in tears,

When he who them inly feels
Some ling’ring stain of early years,

Effaced by ev'ry that steals.

Chase from our minds th' infernal foe,
And peace, the fruit of love,
And lest our - should step astray,
Protect and guide us in the
What is the

ye tread,
But a mere point, compared with the vast

Around, above you spread;
Where, in the Almighty's face,
The present,

-, past, hold an eternal
He loosed the rein, his slack hand fell; upon the silent face
He cast one long, deep, mournful -, and fled from that sad
His after fate no more was heard, amid the martial
His banner led the spears no more among the hs of Spain!


(1) The leading distinction between shall and will, and between their past tenses, should and would, arises from the necessity or obligation, or from the free will or resolution which they imply.

Shall and SHOULD generally impose duty or constraint ; WILL and would, choice or volition.*

(2) Shall, in the first person, only foretells; as shall go : shall, in the second and third persons, pro

* We do not say, " Will your servant go to town to-day," as the act depends not upon the will of the servant, but upon that of the master; but in this and similar cases, we use the verb shall. We do not use the term shall in speaking to a servant or inferior of his master or superior, nor can the former use that term in reply to any of our interrogatories :

Will your master visit us to-day? I think he will.
Will you come to school to-morrow? I will.
Shall your servant go to town? He shall.
Shall the tradesmen do this work for me? They shall.


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