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'I. In peace. 85. I. Domicile.

H. Securitt.

III. Judicial.

IV. Criminal Actions

V. Civil Actions

VI. Treason.

VII. Official.

2. In war. 85.

'I. Searches and seizures. 86.
2. Warrants. 86.

1. Indictment. 99.

2. Second trial. 99.

3. Deprivation. 99.

4. Private property. 99.

1. Accusation. 88.

2. Jury trial. 88.

3. Witnesses. 87, 88.

4. Counsel. 88.

5. Bail. 90.

6. Fines. 90.

7. Punishments. 90.

1. Jury trial. 89.

2. Second trial. 89.

1. Levying war. 69.

2. Adhesion to enemies. CDr 1. Witnesses. 69.

(.2. Confession. 69.

1. Arrest. 21.

2. Speech. 21.

1. Definition.

2. Conviction.

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II. Election

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f I. Eligirility. 96.

Congress. 95.
Senate. 95.
Ill Oath Of Office. 81.
IV. Term. 63.

President of the Senate. 11.
Acting President of U.S. 57, 94

V. Powers And Duties.

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Swinton's Readers,

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I. Swinton's Primer and First Reader.—In print and script exercises. The script exercises are a specially attractive feature, being white on black, as in blackboard and slate work, the script being the result of careful experiment in securing a practical style of letter'for this sort of work. Another noticeable feature of this book is the type, which was made for us, and which is unlike any other font of type heretofore cut, in the matter of size and face. Handsomely illustrated, and bound in cloth. One volume; 120 pages.

II. Swinton's Second Reader.— In print and script exercises. This is also a beautiful book, and commends itself especially for its grading, for the purity and sweetness of its literary form, and for the development of " language work." Illustrated, and bound in cloth. 176 pages.

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V. Swinton's Fifth Reader and Speaker.—This book contains abundant exercises in language reading, reci»ation,^ and declamation. An instructive and entertaining original feature is the series of lessons under the title of " Glimpses of Science," presented in the highest form of literary art. Illustrated, and bound in cloth. 480 pages.

*,* Sample pages and full descriptive circulars, by mail, to teachers and educationists.

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'The famous Two-Book Series,"



I. INTRODUCTORY GEOGRAPHY, in Readings and Recitations; and


ical, Political, and Commercial.

The Geographies are fresh and progressive in character, and meet with great favor everywhere.

TJie Grammar-School Geography is published in six different editions, treating the local geography of different sections.

i. New-England Edition, containing supplement of thirty-three pages, with special text and maps, lor the New-England Stat•s.

s. Middle-States Edition, with special supplement of thirty-one pages, for the Middle States and the District of Columbia.

3. Southern-States Edition, with supplement of thirty-seven pages, for the Southern States.

4. East-Central States Edition, with supplement of thirty-three pages, for the East-Central States.

5. West-Central States Edition, with supplement of thirty-eight pages, for the West-Central States and the Territory of Dakota.

6. Pacific-States Edition, with supplement for the Pacific Highland and Coast States and Territories.

Both the Introductory and Grammar-School

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The maps and statistics are fresh and reliable, and every effort is made to keep them up to date in all particulars.

*," Liberal Terms for Supplies for Examination or Introduction.

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