Passio et miracula beati Olaui

Clarendon Press, 1881 - 130 sider

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Side 8 - his gold spurs. Then he put off his cloak and coat, and dressed himself in his finest clothes, with a scarlet cloak over all; girded on his sword, set a gilded helmet on his head, and mounted his horse
Side 5 - He had light brown hair and a broad face, which was white and red. He had particularly fine eyes, which were beautiful and piercing, so that one was afraid to look him in the face when he was angry. Olaf was very
Side 32 - Olave's day, was the church holiday in Silver Street, the parish church whereof was dedicated to that Saint And at eight of the clock at night began a stage-play, of a goodly matter [relating, it is like, to that Saint], that continued unto twelve at midnight ; and then they made an
Side 21 - Let God but grant me life, and there shall not be a spot in my realm where the key shall not keep the castle, and the bracken-bush the cow, though I
Side 21 - were proved to have committed such depredations they must suffer in life or limb. No offer of money, no entreaties, could save them. As Sigvat sang — 'He made the bravest lose his head Who robbed at sea and pirates led ; And his just sword gave peace to all, Sparing no robber, great or small
Side 17 - ocean's steeds ! Allow one scald to sing thy deeds; And listen to the song of one Who can sing well if any can. For should the king despise all others, And show no favour to my brothers, Yet, I may all men's favour claim, Who sing still of our great king's
Side 23 - This Caesar was a tyrant.' Third citizen. ' Nay, that's certain : We are blessed that Rome is rid of him.
Side 22 - land began to declare that Olaf was in reality a holy man, and his sanctity was confirmed by many miracles. Many began to make promises and prayers to King Olaf in the matters in which they
Side 12 - behold our God advancing in great light.' The sun was rising and all turned to look. At that moment Kolbein
Side 10 - custom to rise betimes in the morning, put on his clothes, wash his hands, and then go to church and hear matins

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