M—317 Kings County Electric Ry. Co., IV-48

M—154 The Coney Island, Fort Hamilton and Brooklyn R. Co., IV-51
M—681 Union R. R. Co. of the City of Brooklyn, IV-52

428. The New York and Long Island Traction Co., III-26, which
C. N—Mineola, Hempstead and Freeport Traction Co., 111-25
437. The New York and North Shore Traction Co., III-3, which

C. N—382 The Mineola, Roslyn and Pt. Washington Traction Co., III-2 4Ai. New York and Queens County Ry. Co., III-n, which

M—209 Flushing and College Pt. Electric Ry. Co., III-4, which

F—212 The Flushing and College Pt, St. R. Co., III-l
M—574 The Riker Avenue and Sanford's Pt. R. Co., III-7
F—334 L. I. City and Newtown R. R. Co., III-9, which

M—330 L. I. City and Calvary Cemetery R. Co., 111-10
M—333 The Long Island City and Maspeth Ry. Co., III-6
M—395 Newtown Ry. Co., 111-13
M—649 Steinway Ry. Co. of L. I. City, 111-17, which

F—647 Steinway and Hunter's Point R. Co., 111-20,

F—336 The L. I. City Shore R. Co., 111-18
M—301 Jackson and Steinway Ave. R. Co.

of L. I. City, 111-24
M—27 The Broadway and Bowery Bay R.
Co., 111-27

M—2 Astoria and Hunter's Pt. R. R. Co.,
(2) 111-14, which
F—1 Astoria and Hunter's Pt. R.

Co., (1) 111-12
M—648 Steinway Ave. and Bowery
B. R. Co., 111-15

M—567 Queens Ry. Co., 111-16

F—713 Whitestone and College Pt. Ry. Co., 111-19

474. New York City Inter-Borough Ry. Co., II-4

502. New York Railways Co., I-17, which

F—373 Metropolitan Street Railroad Co., 1-19, which
M—144 Columbus & Ninth Avenue R. Co., 1-1
M—325 Lexington Ave. and Pavonia Ferry R. Co., 1-2
M—279 Houston, West St. and Pavonia Ferry R. R. Co., 1-13, which
F—8 Avenue C R. Co., 1-16

M—132 Chambers St. and Grand St. Ferry R. Co., 1-14
L—676 Twenty-third Street Ry. Co., 1-8, which

L—16 Bleecker St. and Fulton Ferry R. Co.,

L—602 6th Ave. R. Co. in the City of New York, MO
L—517 The Ninth Avenue R. Co., 1-9
L—29 The Broadway and Seventh Ave. R. Co., 1-12
M—36 The Broadway Railway Co., 1-15, which

F—37 The Broadway Surface R. Co., 1-18

M—617 The South Ferry R. Co., 1-21, which

F—618 The South Ferry Ry. Co., 1-20

M—367 The Metropolitan Cross Town Ry. Co., 1-23, which

L—227 The 42nd St. and Grand St. Ferry R. Co., 1-22

L-416 The New York and Harlem R. Co., VM1

I/—194 Eighth Avenue R. R. Co., 1-6

O—123 Central Crosstown R. Co. of New York, 1-4, which
L—136 Christopher and 10th St. R. R. Co., 1-3

0—661 34th St. Crosstown Ry. Co., 1-31, which
M—663 34th Street R. Co., 1-30
M—662 34th Street Ferry and 11th Ave. R. Co., 1-32

532. Ocean Electric Ry. Co., III-29, which

F—584 Rockaway Village R. Co., 111-28
L—580 Rockaway Electric Ry. Co., 111-31

541. Pelham Park and City Island Ry. Co., Inc.,' II-15, which

F—542 Pelham Park R. Co., 11-14
F—140 City Island R. Co., 11-16

572. Richmond Light & R. Co., III-42, which

M—573 Richmond St. Ry. Co., 111-44*, which

F—630 Staten Is. Electric R. Co., 111-44, which

M—641 The Staten Is. Sea Beach R. Co., 111-41
F—628 The Staten Is. Belt Line R. Co., 111-45, which
F—643 The Staten Is. Shore R. Co., 111-43, which
F—£42 The Staten Is. Shore R. Co.,
III-46a, which
F—631 The Staten Is. Horse R. Co.,

597. Second Avenue R. Co. in the City of New York, I-5

610. South Brooklyn Ry. Co., IV-63, which

F—608 South Brooklyn R. and Ter. Co., IV-61, which

C. N—605 South Brooklyn and Flatbush R. Co., IV-60

612. The Southern Boulevard R. Co., II-24 619. Southfield Beach R. Co., III-46

634. Staten Island Midland Ry. Co., III-49, which

F—633 The Staten Island Midland R. Co., 111-48, which
F—571 Richmond County R. R. Co., 111-52
F—646 Staten Island Traction Co., 111-51, which

C.N—554 Port Richmond and Prohibition Pk. Elec.
R. Co., 111-50

658. Third Avenue Ry. Co., II-18, which

F—657 The Third Avenue R. Co., 11-20, which

M—539 One Hundred and Twenty-fifth St. R., 11-19
0—315 Kingsbridge Ry. Co., 11-21
0—656 Third Avenue Bridge Co., 11-26

683. Union Railway Co. of New York City, II-28, which

M—263 Harlem Bridge, Morrisania and Fordham Ry. Co., 11-25
M—365 The Melrose and West Morrisania R. Co., 11-27
M—529 The North Third Ave. and Fleetwood Park R. Co., 11-29
0—41 The Bronx Traction Co., 11-33, which
M—651 Suburban Traction Co., 11-30
M—707 West Farms & Westchester Traction Co., 11-31
M—691 Van Nest, West Farms and Westchester Traction Co.,

M—692 Wakefield & Westchester Traction Co., 11-34

M—715 Williamsbridge and Westchester Traction Co., 11-37

690. The Van Brunt Street and Erie Basin R. Co., III-32 703. The Westchester Electric R. Co., II-39, which

M—386 The Mt. Vernon and Eastchester Ry. Co., 11-38, which

F—385 The Mt. Vernon and East Chester R. R. Co., 11-36

724. Yonkers R. Co., II-44

Chronological List of Railroad Companies Organized for Operation in Greater New York.

The date is that of the filing of the Certificate of Incorporation in the office of the Secretary of State, except in cases of change of name, where the date when the change became effective is used. Roman — included in the present operated

system. Italics — inoperative. Full face — self operating.


number Naras of company Incorporated

257 Hallett's Cove Railway Avril 15, 1828

416 New-York and Harlaem R.-R. Co April 25, 1831

397 The New York and Albany R. R. Co April 17, 1S32

49 The Brooklyn and Jamaica R. Co April 25, 1832

341 The Long Island Railroad Co April 24, 1834

362 Maspeth Avenue and Toll Bridge Co April 8, 1836

97 The Bklyn, F. Hamilton, Bath and Coney Island R. R. Co.. May 12, 1836

636 The Staten Island Rail-Road Co May 21, 1836

569 The Ravenswood, Hallett-s Cove and WilUamsburgh Turnpike

and Bridge Co. April 18, 1838

430 The New York and New Haven R. Co May 11, 1S46

235 The Hudson River Railroad Co May 12, 1846

802 Jamaica & Brooklyn Plank Road Co Dec. 30, 1850

475 The New York City Railroad Co May is, 1851

637 The Staten Island Rail Road Co Oct. 18, 1851

602 The Sixth Ave. Railroad Co. in the City of N. Y Dec. 9, 1851

433 The N. Y. and New Rochelle R. R. Co March l, 1852

218 The Flushing Rail Road Co Mai eh 3. 1852

597 Second Ave. Railroad Co. in the City of N. Y Jan. 21, 1853

165 Division Avenue Rail Road Co April 12, 1853

657 The Third Avenue Railroad Co Oct. 8, 1853

267 Harlem River and Highbridge R. R. Co Oct. 20, 1853

355 The Manhattan Railway Co Nov. 29, 1853

82 The Brooklyn City Rail Road Co Dec. 17, 1853

194 Eighth Avenue Railroad Co Jan. 10, 1855

701 The Westchester County R. R. Co April 4, 1S56

296 The Hunter's Pt., Newtown and Fl. Turnpike R. Co April 16, 1857

35 The Broadway Rail Road Co. of Brooklyn Aug. 20, 1858

415 The New York and Flushing R. R. Co March 22, 1859

361> The Maspeth Stage and Railroad Co July 9, 1859

517 The Ninth Avenue Railroad Co July 29, 1859

75 The Brooklyn Central R. R. Co Aug. 31, 1859

420 New York and Jamaica R. R. Co Sept. 3, 1859

^51 The N. Y. and Westchester Co. R. R. Co Sept. 24, 1859

455 The New York and Yonkers R. R. Co Oct. 17, is59

245 Orand Street and Maspeth R. Co Nov. 9, 1859

249 Grand Street Rail Road Co Nov. 9, 1S59

682 The Union R. R. Co. of Westchester Co., State of N. Y Dec. 15, 1S59

700 The Westchester Co. and N. Y. City R. Co Jan. 30, i860

622 The South Side Railroad Co. of L. I March 23, 1860

77 The Brooklyn City and Newtown R. R. Co May 22, 1860

127 The Central Pk. North and East River R. Co July 19, 1860

74 Brooklyn Central and Jamaica R. Co Aug. 8, 1860

76 The Brooklyn Central Rail Road Co Aug. s, 1860

246 The Grand Street and Newtown R. Co Aug. 18, 1860

652 The Tenth Ave. and Grand St. Fy. R. R. Co Aug. 24, 1860

177 Bast New York and Jamaica R. Co Nov. 22, 1860


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