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Connoisseur magazine, 1908 - 82 sider

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Side 57 - The rising sun, that o'er the horizon peeps, As many colours from their glossy skins Beaming reflects, as paint the various bow, When April showers descend. Delightful scene ! Where all around is gay, men, horses, dogs ; And in each smiling countenance appears Fresh blooming health, and universal joy.
Side 43 - ... stairs; the horses kicked and plunged violently, and it was with difficulty the coachman could prevent the carriage from being overturned. It was soon perceived by the coachman and guard, by the light of the lamps, that the animal which had seized the horse was a huge lioness. A large mastiff dog came up and attacked her fiercely, on which she quitted the horse and turned upon him. The dog fled, but was pursued and killed by the lioness, within forty yards of the place.
Side 35 - Christmas-day, dedicated by me, from my youth, to gaiety and reasonable hospitality, endeavouring to make all happy according to the situation in which providence has placed me. 'In health no man can be more hearty, but not quite stout in my knees and feet; stomach invincible; always an appetite; eat three times a day: — tea, muffins, and grated hungbeef at nine — at two, roasted game, or cocks...
Side 43 - About half-past eight they had secured her so effectually, by barricading the place, as to prevent her escape. The horse, when first attacked, fought with great spirit, and if at liberty, would probably have beaten down his antagonist with his...
Side 35 - Yorkshire goosepie, and sat up singing most gaily till two this morning. At twelve we had two broiled fowls, gizzards, &c., and finished a bottle of old rum in punch. No intoxication; for I went to bed well, and never rose better.
Side 43 - Salisbury, in a most extraordinary manner. At the moment when the coachman pulled up to deliver his bags, one of the leaders was suddenly seized by a ferocious animal. This produced a great confusion and alarm ; two passengers who were inside the mail got out, ran...
Side 35 - ... combs, and about a pint of the finest white Burgundy — dinner at five, and then a bottle of wine — about three or four glasses of spirits and water, rather weak — then to bed ; sleep better than I ever did in my life. Pretty well, you will say, for a dead man. Rise at eight, breakfast at nine ; so we go on. Every night the finest dreams. I expect some wild boar ; if it comes, our friend B. may be sure of a part.
Side 43 - ... himself in the harness. The lioness, it appears, attacked him in front, and springing at his throat, had fastened the talons of her fore feet on each side of his gullet, close to the head, while the talons of her hind feet were forced into the chest.
Side 44 - Thursday last, a passenger in a stage-coach, which runs daily from Chichester to Brighton, was seized, near Shoreham, with a violent fit of insanity, and bit a lady who was in the coach with him in a most shocking manner, about the face and arms. The coachman and outside passengers, hearing her screams, got down, and with much difficulty rescued her from the jaws of the maniac. Two gentlemen then got in the inside, and pinioning his arms, prevented him from doing further mischief.
Side 44 - ... conveying passengers for hire to and from different places in Great Britain, and drawn by four or more horses, shall be allowed to carry ten outside passengers, and no more, exclusive of the coachman, but including the guard, where there is a guard...

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