ing out, My flesh and my blood, be upon the Daughter of Babylon ; the souls under the Altar are groaning, How long, O Lord God, Holy and True, will it be ere thou aveage our blood upon them that dwell on the Eartb? and will the Lord refrain himself, and shut ont the Prayers of bis Prisoners of Hopea. I tell you nay;but as a Lion, and as a young Lion roaring his prey, when a multitude of Shepherds is called forth against him he will not be affraid of their voice, nor abase himself for the noise of them: fo all the Lord of Hofts come down, to fight for Mount Sion, and for the Hillebereof ; Uiterly to dethrone the Antichristian Beast, and whore, who have made themselves drunk with the blood of the Saints ( for which he will make them drunk with blood (even their own blood ) for. they are worthy) and to cause bis poor oppressed ones, to inherit the Throne of Glory, in despite of their Oppressors !" Reader, whoever thou art, inte whose hands his little Tract may come, I cannot but crave thy staj, out of pure love, to speak a few things to thee in the Portal. If thon art one that art a Scorner, Derider, Persecutor of the Saints ( under what denomination Soever) if thom art glad in thy heart ( as was wicked Edom and Tytus of old) at the sufferings of the People of the Lord, yea , if thou art but, a civilized person, or a meer ont side. Profesor, without any acquaintance with the work of Regeneration upon thy Spirit, and the Power, and Myflery of Christianity, and Godlinefs; whatever thy enjoyments, comforts; hopes, or confidences be know of a certainty, that this day of the Lord's Wrath, wil sweep them away all, and thou wilt utterly perish in the flames of his Indignation. Oh.thenthou wilt cry out, 1 Fool accounted their life madness, and their end to be without honour, but now they are pumbred among the Children of God, and crowned with glóry; but I am cast out to be tormented, millions of millions of ages : 0 that I could prevail with thee, seriously to consider of thy state, ( art thou able to meet, and contend with the Most High?) to proceed no farther in rebellion, treasuring up wrash against the day of wrath, and i'ke revelation of the righteous Judgment of God. O fling away thy Weapons, kiss

that he be not angry with thees and thon perish in the way! Content nor thy self, in being accounted a Chriftian, that thou hast escaped the pollutions of the World, nor in the performance of some dead, formal, saplefs and spiritless service to the Lord, which profiterh nothing: Get an Ina terest in Chrift, freely tendred in the Gospel, deep humiliation for thy for wier iniquiries, a fpirit of Grace and Supplication, inward Purity and Heart-uprightness, or perish for ever. Ob see that thou haft Oyl in thy


the Sorg


vessel, as well as in thy lamp, or thou wilt not be able to dwell with devota ring fare, and everlasting burningis! If thou 'art a Child of Light; in. deed begottes of the Lord, acquainted, and holding communion with him in his Ivory:Pallaces; O what cause haft tbou ta tryumph in God, for his wonderful, wonderful Grace to thee! O hore should I thou love him how shouldst thom praise him? with what eagerness Shouldest thou be profecuting the concerns of his Glory? how tendexly mouldst thou be affected with his dishonour ? how full of Supplications and heart-groans for him to arise thoroughly to plead his Cause? how.ready to sell all for his Glories Jake, and follow him whithersoever he goes? O take heed of giving way to a spirit of slumber ( the temptation of this day of the Bridegrooms tarriance ) do not say a confederacy, with those that say a confederacy, against the Lord ; receive not the Mark of the Beast in thy forehead, or hand: Keep the Virginity, in respect of Worship that thou mayest be found without fanlı before the Throne of the Lamb: Hold fast the beginning-confidence, that hath so great a'recompence of reward: 'tis but a very little while, and thy God will come with Vengeance, ever God with a Recom pence, he will come and save thee. Stand fast, and keep thy ground, within a small moment thou shalt be fanging, The Winter is palt, the Rain is over and gone-- Keep faithfulio God, and while thou art in the Wilderneßthou shalt not be without thy Springs of living Water, he will speak comfortably to thy heart, and give thee ihy Vinyards from hence, and the Valley of Achor for a door of Hope ; and be will bring thee Safe (yea the right way) to Canaan, where thou shalt see thy King in his beauty, hunger no more, neither thirst any more, nither skal the Sun light on thee, nor any heat, for the Lamb which is in the midst of the Throne shall feed thee, and Mall lead thee unto living Fountains of Waters, andĝod shall wipe away all Tears from thy eyes. O blessed Day! O royal State! do not your hearis fing under the thought of it? who would refuse (if the Lord would firengthen him) to swim through a Sea of blood (though his own blood ).to follow JESUS who will assuredly crown us, with its Enjoyment? If thou art one who ( through the power of Temptation) art turned aside by the Flock of the Companions, and art worshipping with the Ivations, waiting at the posts of an Antichristian Miniftry for teachings, I do assure thee my bowels are troubled for thee, and with a Pon dipt in my own Tears could I write to thee. O why wilt thou forsake the Fountain of Living Waters, for broken Cisterns that will hold no water ? wilt thou change thy glory for that which will not profit ? Is it because there is not bread enough inthy Fathers


horife, that thou goeft a begging to the doors of strangers? Is it nothing to thee to caff contempt upon the pure Inftitutions of Christ, to provoke the Lord to send leanneß intothy Soml?: Is it a small matter to be an occasion of grief, and fumbling to thy Brethren, to pour contempt upon the offices, wisdom and Faithfulness of Christ, to harden persons in a fálse way of wors Shipping of God, to rheir eternal ruine,to disobey ihe Heavenly Voice,calling aloud to thee, to come from the Lions dens, and mountains of the Leopards, to come out of Babylon? O arise, depart hence, this is not your reft, it is polluted, hasten t bine escape, be like the He-Goat before the Flocks, in thy retreat from the Tents of these False-worshippers, left being partaker of their sin, thou receiveft of their plagues, that are even ready to be poured. forth! who knows but this may be the last Warning thon mayest have from God? I could easily expatiate ( for great is my pity towards thee ) were I not sensible how far I have already exceeded the limits of an Epiftle, to so Small a Treatise, which I willingly submit to thy censure through the im. portunity of many judicious Christians ) with this request that thou reade it with seriousness and impartiality. It bath m

imes been given up to the Lord, and the service of his poor People, for above this gear Ibat it bath lain : if thon art any way advantaged or bettered by it, give God the glory; and let him have a share in thy Prayers, when neareft the Throne, who accounts it his glory to be

A Servant to the weakest of the Lord's Lambs.

C. A.


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A Christian and Sober Testimony against

Sinful Complyances,




The PREFACE to the ensuing Discourse.
Eing to treat of one part of the instituted Worship of
under the Gospel, with respect unto the duty incumbent

the Saints, in order thereunto, it may seem to apy indifferent

person, but a reasonable Poftulatum in the present Enquiry, that the whole thereof be divolved upon the Scriptures of the New Testament.; and those Royal Laws, that Chrift (the alone King and Law-giver of his Church) hath given forth for Saints under the News Teftament-Dispensation to walk by, until they arrive unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Chrift, Eph.4. 13. not perplexing our selves, nor the consciences of any, with the judgmenis of men in generations past,(wherein they cannot aquiesce, though to take off the prejudices of some againlt Truth, upon the ac, count of its seeming novelty, we may bere and there manifest their harmony wiib'us, in the main Principles of the ensuing Structure) por what was (or may be supposed to be permitted, unto the Saints, before the time of Reformation, whilft the worldly San&uary was yet standing, the carnal Ordinances appertaining thereunto in being, at least by the Provideoce of God, not fully diffolved, as afterward, both it and they were, being buried in the ashes and ruines of that Temple, to which they were inseparably annext. Yet, inasmuch, as some beams of Light may be communicated unto the present Enqui, ry, by a retrospection into the fate of things in the time of the old Law, it fhall not be grievous to us, (nor will it be altogether unprofiable to the Reader) briefly to remark, so far as may concern the


with relation untocche People of God, after the ?! unto all.

vine Appointment, Exod. 25.9, 40. S matter in hand, the state and management of affairs, under that Oeconomy and Dispensation. Not to mention the Administration of boly things in the time of the Ante-Delwyian Fathers, for the

general Apostacy from the pure wayes of God, in the dayes of Serb, (when according to their duty the faithful Remnant (the Sons of God) separated from the wicked (or the daughters of men ) and solemnly joyned phemfelves together cobyorship God according to his holy Appointments, Gen. 4.26.) Let us take a brief view of things,

giving of Moses's Law,when a Standard was set up for them to repair unto, and they became being gathered into one ) as a City on an Hill," confpicudus First then, that the Lorde

give unto the People of the Fews ( whom he had chosen out of all the Nations of the World, to be a People near to him, his peculiar treafure above them all) Statutes and off dinances to walk by, both with relation to Civils and Ecclesiasticks which they were indispensibly bound to conform to, without adding to; or detracting therefrom: That the management of all their affairs was singly to be bottom'd upon,' and conform to, these Statutes and Judgments, is very frequently afferted in Scripture, Exod. 21. 1. Lev. 18.4: and 19.-37. and 20: 22. and 25. 18. and 26. 15;43: Deut.4.1,5,8. and 5.1. and 7.17, and 11, 1, 32, and 12,1, and 26. 16. and 30. 16. I Chron. 16, 12, and 28.7. Pfal. 89. 30. Ezek. 5. 6. and 36. 27. Dan. 9.5.

zly. That persons were appointed by the Lord, to be chosen by the Congregation, for the publick administration of Ordinances and Worship, cannot be denied: Thus were the Livites, Exod. 13. 2, 12, 13. and 22. 29. Numb.3. 12. called therefore the Wave-Offering of the Children of Israel, Numb. 8.9, 10, 11, because given up by them to the Lord as their Offering, by solemn Ordination and Imposition of hands.

3ly. That persons thus invested into the Office of Priesthood were not left to the liberty of their own wills, nor had they any depen dance upon the Will or Authority of the sons of men (one, or other of them ) either in respect of the matter or manner of their Worship, the whole whereof was purely of Sovereign Institution, and Di28.11. Exod.8. 27. Lev, 10.1. Exod. 39. 1,5,7, 21, 20, 31, 43.


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