through me Fältion, and Contention, Schisms, I will depart: Of which if you are willing, I return and will do the things appointed by the Multitude. Wherein he fully afferis the Priviledge of the Church or People of Christ we are pleading for. And afterwards, during the raign of Antichrift, Chrift hath not left himself without a Witness, nor his People without Champions to plead their Right in this matter. To instance but in a few : That lively Witness of Chrift Martin Luther loudly proclaims that the voice of the People onght not to be fevered from the chusing.of Ecclesiastical persons : And long before hima, Cyprian. (who lived about two hundred fixty years after Chrift ) sayes, Plebs abfequens, dc. The People that obey the commands of God, and fear him, ought to separate themselves from a wicked. Paftor, seeing the People ibema selves chiefly, bave.cither power to choose. Pastors that are worthy, or to refuse those that be unworthy, Cypr.Epif1,68. and tells us plainly, That this is bottona'd upon the Authority of God: That that is a juft and lane ful Ordination which is tryed by the judgment and voice of all, viz, that fear and obey God. Of the same mind long after, was Francis Lambard, the companion of Luther in Germany, in the Preface of his Book, entituled, The Sum of Chriftianity, who sayes, Verily every Parish ongbt to have his proper Bishop, the which should be chofen by the people, and confirmed by the Commonalty of every Parish, who if they swerve one jot or tittle from the Doctrine of the Gospel of the Kingdom, ought to be deposed by the People; and others more fit, to be elected by them. And in chap.s. of the said Book, he profesies, That 'tis the moft grievons crime, and by no means to be fuffered, that many children of perdition do deprive: the People of God of their juft Right and Title, viz. to chufe-shem a Paftor. Peter Martyr in his common places, refers the chusing and election of Minifters to the People as their undoubted Right: To whom we may joyn Mr.Bullinger, who sayes, That the Apostles exercised not Tyranny in itae Church, in ordaining. Ministers without the content of the People. Bullin. Decad. 5. Serm.4. Tit. I. I Tim. 5. Gualter also upon Acts 1.25. faith, That those that profefs the Gospel handle tbe maiter as evil: 44 the Monks and Popish Bishops, in that they restore not again to the Church the liberty of chafing Ministers, which by Tyranny they took from them. Of the fame mind is Zancbioa. Calvin, Beza, Danaus, Tilena, Tyndall (the Martyr) with many others, as Mr. Fox, Cartwright, Mr. Jacob, &c. We cannot omit the famous Case of the United Brethren ef Bebeming who concluding the whole Papacy to be. purely Antichri


fian; could not allow of the Ordination of their Ministers by any in
communion with it, and yet being perswaded of a necessity of con-
tinuing that Ordinance in a way of succession, send fome to the Greek
and Armenian Churches ; who returning with disfatisfaction, they
thereupon commit themselves and their cause to God, and chuse
Elders from amongst themselves, and by Fasting and Prayer solemnly
set them apart to the work of the Preaching of the Gospel. To these
many more might be added. The practice pleaded for (as is evident)
is as antient as the dayes of the Apoftles, and the firft eledion of oi-
dinary New-Teftament Officers, continued in the Church till after
the dayes of Constantine, when Pride and Tyranny foon brought all
things into horrible confusion, upon the pretext of Decency and Or-
der ; yet in the worst of times have the Witnesses of Christ born their
Testimony hereunto. What say our Reverend Fathers and Ministers
of the Church of England to these things? have chey not an equal
respect to this Appointment of Christ, as to those before iptanc'd in
is there any thing like it almoft, practised by them, in this great con-
cern, of separating persons for the preaching of the Gospel of Christ?
is not the liberty of the Brethren and Churches of Christ, as much as
lies in them, wholly disannulled, and broken by them have they
any such call to the Ministry? do they, at all value or esteem of it?
are they in the practice of the Primitive Church, or of the Reformed
Churches of this day, in this matter? is not the print of the feet of
the old Strumpet of Rome, the bloudy Persecutor of the Saints, the
cunning Devilor of a new felf-invented and whorish Worship, to be
foley found in the paths, they are in this matter traversing? and can
such be accounted as the subjects of the Kingdom of Christ, and the
real owners of his Authority and Power ? To these, many other In-
ftitutions of Christ may be added, which they subject not to. What,
should I mention

6. That Royal Command of our Soveraign King and Lawgiver,
(which the profound, felf-philosophically wise, but i indeed foolisha
and unfearned Doctors of this day, wrelt, to the countenancing of the
disorders and confusion of Antichritt (darkaefs so gross that it may be
felt) that all things be done decently and in order, 1 Cor. 14.40. viz. that
the Saints may prophesie one by one, and ought to admonish, exhorta
and build up one another in their most holy Faith. Rom. 81. 26. &.
12.6. 1 Cor.4.17, & 5.4. & 11.23. Ephef.4:7,11,12. 1 Tim.2, 1.

E 2


& 3.15. Jude 20, 1 Cor.12,7,11. Mat. 25. 24. 1 Pet. 4. 10, 11,

1 Cor. 12.15. & 14. 12,24. Ephef.4.3,7,15,16. A&t. 2. 42. Rom. -18:14. Eph.s.19. Col.3.16. 1 Tbell:5.146 2 Theff.3.15. Heb.

3. 13. to which might be added the frequent examples of the Saints, in the Old and New-Testament, 2 Chron. 17.7,8,9. Fob 2.11, Mal. 3.16. Luke 4.16. At. 13-15. Cor.14. 24 to 34. and the practice of the Primitive Church, as witness Origen (in his Epift. to Celfum.) Tertullian (in his Apology) Justin Märtyr ( in his Apology) and many others. Yes,

7. What, should I mention that grand Institution of this Soveraign Lord and Lawgiver, that nothing be offered up to the Father, but what is of his own prescription ( Divine and Spiritual, without affectation of Legal shadows, (F06.4.24.) of worldly pomp, or carnal excellency, 2 Cor.1,12. & 2.17. I Cor. 2. 12. & 6.13.) 1 Cor.12. 28. Ifa.33.22. Fam.4.12. Mat.15.6,9. Heb.8.5. 1 King. 13:33. & 12.33. fer.7:31. Numb.15.39. Dent. 12.1, 4, 31. It's evident the present Ministers of England conform not to the Orders and Ordinances, Christ, as the great Prophet and Lawgiver to his people, hath appointed them to walk by; and therefore really disown the Kingly and Propherical Office of Chrift

But perhaps to these things, some may say; These are but small matters, good men differ anmongst themselves herein.

To which we answer, 1. That they are part of the Instituted Worship of God; the Orders he hath left his Children to conform co, hath already been proved : to fay, that any part of the inAituted Worship of Chrift, is a Small matter, is no small derogation to the Wisdom of the Lawgiver that gave it forth.

2. What if it should appear, that as small as these things seem to be, they are the great Grounds of the late Controverfies of God, pleaded with Fire and Sword in most of the European Kingdoms? this may perhaps a little stay sober persons from so rafh a conclusion, that these are small matters : A serious review of the late Contests of God in the Narions, with the confideration of the Grounds and Rife of them, will to persons of fobriety, sufficiently evince the truth of the Suggestion

3. As' small matters as these have been severely punifhed by the Lord : he is. a jealous God, and Itands upon Punttilio's (if I may fo


call them) in his Worship; hence is that expresfion, re cannot ferve: the Lord, for he is a jealous God, Josh. 24.19. What should I men-: tion the case of Uzziah, 2 Chr. 26. 16. of Corak, Datban and Abia ram, Numb. 16. of Uzzah, whose fip lay meerly in, whose judgment was fingly upon this foot of account, his not seeking the Lord after the due order, I Chren. 15.13. God commands that when the Ark: was removed, it should be covered by the Priests, that no hand touch, it, that it be carried upon mens shoulders, Numb. 4. 11, 15, which Order was violated, when they brought it from the house of Abinaa dab, ’iwas Uacovered, and upon a Cart, after the manner of the Egyptians, 1 Sam. 8.7. for which-breach of Order Vzzah is Aruck dead.

4. As small matters as these, when once commanded by the Lord, are of that force, as not only to deface the wel-being, but to overturn the true-being of the Worship of God. Take one pregnant instance herein. The Lord commanded the Israelites by Moses, to bring their Sacrifices to the place that he should chure, and offer them here; which in itself was but a circumstance of place ; yet all the Sacrifices offered elsewhere, were a Aink in the nostrils of God, and not accounted by him as any Worship performed unto him.

5. But the Obje&tion is altogether impertinent ;, we are not debating the greatness of the fim, but the truth of what is charged upon the present Ministers of England : what we have mentioned, are either the Appointments of Christ, or they are not ; 'if they are, (as hath been proved) the present Ministers conform to them, or they do not; if they do not (as nothing more fure) they.conform not to the Orders and Ordisances Chrift hath left his people to walk by, (which is the thing io debate) and therefore really.deny his Kingly and Prophetical Office.

As for what is added, that good men differ amongst themselves in this matter,

it's of no more weighe than what went before : for, 1. 'Tis not at all to the business in hand. 2. 'Tis possible good men may for a while do that which really enwraps in the bowels of it a.denial of the Offices of Christ. We shall not deny but some of the Ministers, of England may be so in the account of God. 3. That good men differ, is an Argument of their Ignorance and Darkness, which though, in some cases it excuses a tanto, yet not a tato ; it may alter the degree, never the nature of the fin. 4. 'Tis false, that good med prel-,

fing after Reformation, and the restitution of the Worship of God according to the Primitive Pattern, do differ touching the substance of the things instanc'd in: Were but the pride and passion of mens spirits a little more allaied; and they disentangled more from their selfish interefts, a greater harmony would appear amongst them in these matters. But sly, as was said, The particulars instancid in, are commanded by Chrift, or they are not; if they are (as hath been proved ) doth it in the least discharge persons that conform not to them, from the charge they are impleded as guilty, viz. Non-conformity to the Laws of Christ, that good men differ in these matters (i. e. Tome good men transgress the Laws of Christ, which is sure no part of their goodness, nor any warrant to justific me, in the doing of what may Itrengthen their hands in such a Non-conformity)

CHAP. V. A second Argument demonstrating, that the present Ministers of England

deny the Prophetical and Kingly Office of Christ. That they own, submit and subscribe to Orders and Ordinances that are not of Christ's revealing, proved by the induction of 14 Particulars. An Objection answered. That they own Laws and Institutions, contrary to the Ina ftitutions of Christ, proved, by the induétion of 10 Particulars. A 3d Argument, proving their denial of the Offices of Cbrift, produced. That there is no orber Head of the Church but Chrift, proved. 06jections answered. "Hat the Ministers of England deny the Kingly and Prophetical

Offices of Christ, and therefore are not to be heard, but feparated from, hath been aflerted, and by one Argument, proved, in the foregoing Chapter: To the further evidence whereof, a few things more are to be offered in this.

Argument 2. Those who own, submit and subscribe to Orders and Ordinances which not only, are not of Christ's revealing, but contrary thereunto, do really deny; and oppose the Prophetical and Kingly Office of Chrilt. But the present Ministers of England do own, submit and subscribe to Orders and Ordinances, that are not only, not of Christ's fevealing, but contrary thereunto : Therefore,


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