certificates for witness' fees have been issued, with the amount of each fee; and also the amount of all such fipes, fees, penalties and forfeitures, as he may have collected during said day. He shall also specify in his said report, the number of cases pending; the number of cases in which any fine, forfeiture or penalty has been inflicted, and the amount thereof, and also the amount of moneys outstanding to be collected in such cases; and the state of each case respectively, and upon making each and every such statement he shall verify the same by oath taken before some competent officer, that such statement is a full, fair and complete statement of the moneys received and collected by him

during said day, and of all matters required by law to be Paying over mo- embraced in said report. He shall also pay over to the city

treasurer, at the close of every day, all moneys received and
collected by him as such clerk, and shall file his receipt
therefor with the said comptroller.
. 15. In case of the failure of such clerk to make such
report, and pay over said moneys daily, as herein required,
a notice shall be served on him by the comptroller, that,
within three days, he is required to make such returns, and
pay over all moneys received, and in case of the failure of said
clerk to pay over said moneys, and make such report to the
satisfaction of said comptroller, he shall be suspended and
removed from office by the mayor with the concurrence of
the common council, and thereupon the mayor, by and with
the advice and consent of the common council, shall appoint

his successor to fill the vacancy during the unexpired term. Attorney for po. Š 16. The common council, if it think proper, may, by

ordinance, provide for the appointment of a prosecuting attorney for said police court, to manage all city cases before it, and in such case, may provide for his compensation by a salary. In case of the appointment of such prosecuting attorney of the police court, he shall prosecute all cases before it, and also superintend the collection of fees, fines, forfeitures, judgments and executions, and keep a docket thereof, and file a monthıy report of the number of all cases commenced, and all cases disposed of, with the names of parties sued, and the amount of fines, fees and forfeitures collected; with the number of cases where moneys are uncollected, and the amount thereof, and file such reports in the city comptroller's office.

$ 17. The clerk of the police court and police prosecuting attorney, (if any) shall perform such other duties as

may be prescribed by ordinance of the common council. Place of holding § 18. The sessions of the police court shall be held in

but one place, where all examinations upon criminal charges before the justices thereof, shall be had; and where also all other business of every kind coming before the justices of said police court shall be transacted; and the place of hold

lice court.


ing said court shall not be changed without a vote of the common council.



xtinguish fires,

$1. The common council, for the purpose of guarding Power to estab

Ilsh fire limits. against the calamities of fire, shall have power to prescribe the limits within which wooden buildings shall not be erected or placed, or repaired, without permission, and to direct that all and any buildings, within the limits prescribed, shall be made or constructed of fire proof materials, and to prohibit the repairing or rebuilding of wooden buildings, within the fire limits, when the same shall have been damaged to the extent of fifty per cent of the value thereof, and to prescribe the manner of ascertaining such damage.

§ 2. The coinmon council shall also have power

First. To prevent the dangerous construction and condi- To prevent and tion of chimneys, fire-places, hearths, stoves, stove-pipes, ovens, boilers and apparatus used in and about any building or manufactory, and to cause the same to be removed or placed in a safe and secure condition, when considered dangerous.

Second. To prevent the deposit of ashes in unsafe places, and to cause all such buildings and inclosures as may be in

a dangerous state to be put in safe condition.' : Third. To regulate and prevent the carrying on of manufactories dangerous in causing or promoting fire.

Fourth. To regulate and prevent the use of fire-works and fire-arms.

Hifth. To compel the owners or occupants of houses or other buildings, to have scuttles in the roofs, and stairs or ladders leading to the same.

Sixth. To authorize the mayor, aldermen, police or other officers of said city, to keep away from the vicinity of any fire, all idle and suspicious persons, and to compel all officers of said city, and other persons, to aid in the extinguishment of fires, and in the preservation of property exposed to danger thereat.

Seventh. And generally, to establish such regulations for the prevention and extinguishment of fires as the common council may deem expedient.

§ 3. The common council shall procure fire engines and Engines. other apparatus used for the extinguishment of fires, and have the charge and control of the same, and provide fit and secure engine houses, and other places, for keeping and preserving the same; and shall have power

Först. To organize, fire, hose, hook and ladder, and axe Fire companies, companies.



and assistant engineers.

Fire wardens,

Fire marshal.

Second. To provide for the appointment of a competent number of able and reputable inhabitants of said city, firemen, to take the care and management of the engines, and other apparatus and implements, used and provided for the

extinguishment of fires. Duties of firemen Third. To prescribe the duties of firemen and their com

pensation, and to make rules and regulations for their government, and to impose reasonable fines and forfeitures upon them for a violation of the same; and for incapacity,

neglect of duty or misconduct, to remove them. Duties of chlef 4. The chief and assistant engineers of the fire de

nt partment, with the other firemen, shall take the care and management of the engines, and other apparatus and implements used and provided for the extinguishment of fires; and their duties and powers shall be defined by the common council.

5. The assistant engineers of the tire department shall also act as fire wardens, and it shall be their duty to examine all buildings and inclosures, to discover whether the same are in a dangerous state, and to report to the chief engineer all violations of the charter or ordinances of said city in relation to the prevention or extinguishment of fires.

§ 6. The common council shall have power, in its discretion, to authorize the appointment of a fire marshal, whose duty it shall be to inquire into and investigate the cause of all fires which may occur in the city, as soon as may be after they occur, and to keep a record of his proceedings and of the evidence in each case, and to file the same or a copy thereof in the office of the city clerk. He shall have power to compel the attendance of any person in said city to testify upon oath concerning any fire in said city, under such penalty as the common council may provide, and he is hereby authorized to administer oaths to all such witnesses. He shall be required to use his utmost exertions in the discovery, arrest and conviction of ali incendiaries, and perform such other duties as the common council may prescribe. Any or all of the above mentioned duties may be devolved by the common council upon the chief en

gineer. Firemen's privi- § 7. The members of the common council and firemen leges.

shall, during their term of service as such, be exempt from serving on juries in all courts of this state, and in the militia. The name of each fireman shall be registered with the clerk of the city, and the evidence to entitle him to the exemption provided in this section, shall be the certificate of the clerk, made within the year in which the exemption is

claimed. Firemen's relief § 8. One-eighth part of the amount of all fire insurance

rates which shall be annually paid into the city treasury, as hereinbefore provided, shall be reserved and set apart to create a fund for the relief of distressed firemen who may


become disabled in the service of the city; and shall be used solely for that purpose. Said money shall be disbursed in such sums and under such rules and regulations as the common council shall prescribe. The remaining seven-eighths of the aforesaid revenue shall be retained by the city and allowed to accumulate, until a sufficient sum shall have been realized to defray the expense of establishing a fire-alarm or fire-telegraph system in said city, and shall be then used for that purpose. After this purpose shall have been accomplished, this portion of the aforesaid revenue shall be applied to the purchase of fire engines and other apparatus used for the extinguishment of fires.



SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL FUND. § 1. The school lands and school fund of township thirty-nine north, range fourteen east of the third principal meridian, shall be, and the same are hereby vested in the city of Chicago. The common council shall, at all times, have power to do all acts and things in relation to said school lands and school fund, which they may think proper to their safe preservation and efficient management; and sell or sale of school lease said lands, and all canal or other lots or lands, or lands by the other property, which may have been, or may hereafter be, donated to the school fund, on such terms, and at such times, as the common council shall deem most advantageous; and, on such sale or sales, lease or leasings, to make, execute and deliver, all proper conveyances, which said conveyances shall be signed by the mayor and comptroller, and countersigned by the clerk, and sealed with the corporate seal: Provided, that the proceeds arising from such sales shall be added to, and constitute a part of, the school fund.

§ 2. Nthing shall be done to impair the principal of said fund, or to appropriate the interest accruing from the same to any other purpose than the payment of teachers in the public schools in said township.

§ 3. The common council shall have power

First. To erect, hire or purchase buildings suitable for School houses. school houses, and keep the same in repair.

Second. To buy or lease sites for school houses, with the necessary grounds.

Third. To furnish schools with the necessary fixtures, Apparatus. furniture and apparatus.

Fourth. To establish, support and maintain schools, and School taxes. supply the inadequacy of the school fund for the payment of the city teachers, from school taxes.

Fifth. To lay off and divide the city into school dis- School districts. tricts, and, from time to time, alter the same, or create new ones as circumstances may require.

$ pablic schobe pur

Second. t. and keep the archase buildings



Sixth. And generally have and possess all the rights, powers and authority necessary for the proper management of schools, and the school lands and funds belonging to the township, with power to enact such ordinances as may be

necessary to carry their powers and duties into effect. School agent.

§ 4. The school agent shall have the custody and management of the money, securities and property belonging to the school fund, subject to the direction of the common council.

§ 5. The school agent, before entering upon his duties, shall give bond in such amount, and with such conditions and sureties, as the common council may require. His compensation shall be paid out of the school fund; and he shall be subject for misconduct in office to the same penalties and. imprisonment, as school commissioners are, or may be sub

ject to, by law. Loan of school § 6. The school fund shall be kept loaned at interest, at

the rate of twelve per cent. per annum, payable semi-annually in advance. No loan shall be made, hereafter, for a longer period than ten years, and all loans shall be secured by unincumbered real estate of double the value of the sum loaned, exclusive of the value of perishable improvements thereon: Provided, the common council shall have power to reduce the rate of interest by a vote of two-thirds of all the aldermen elected; and they may also, by a like vote, authorize the investment of said funds in the bonds of the city of Chicago.

§ 7. All notes and securities shall be taken, to the city of Chicago, for the use of the inhabitants of said township, for school purposes, and in that name all suits, actions, and every description of legal proceedings, may be had.

§ 8. All expenses of repairing or recording securities shall be paid exclusively by the borrower.

$ 9. In the payment of debts of deceased persons, those due the school fund shall be paid in preference to all others, except expenses attending the last illness and funeral of the

deceased, not including the physician's bill. Rate of interest § 10. If default be made in the payment of interest, or in case of de

of the principal, when due, interest at the rate of fifteen per cent. upon the same shall be charged from the default, and may be recovered by suit or otherwise. Suits may be brought for the recovery of interest only when the principal

is not due. Interest on judg. $ 11. All judgments recovered for interest, or principal,

or both, shall respectively bear interest at twelve per cent. per annum, from the rendition of judgment until paid; and in case of the sale of real estate thereon, the city of Chicago may become the purchaser thereof, for the use of the school fund, and shall be entitled to the same rights given by law to other purchasers. On redemption, twelve per cent. interest shall be paid from the time of sale.

Suits at law.

Debts of deceased persons.



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