Quarantine regu.

Twenty-eighth. To prevent and regulate the rolling of hoops, playing of ball, flying of kites, or any other amusement, or practice, having a tendency to annoy persons passing in the streets, or on the side walks, or to frighten teams and horses.

Twenty-ninth. To make regulations to prevent the intro- Yations. duction or spread of contagious diseases into the city; to make quarantine laws, and enforce the same within the city, and not to exceed fifteen miles beyond the city bounds.

Thirtieth. To control and regulate the streets, and alleys, and to remove, and abate, any obstructions and encroach

and to therein. to compel all person of the premi


Thirty-first. To compel all persons to keep the snow, ice, and dirt from the side walk, in front of the premises, owned or occupied by them.

Thirty-second. To prevent the ringing of bells, blowing Ringing of bells, of horns, and bugles, crying of goods, and all other noises, performances, and devices, tending to the collection of persons, on the streets, or side walks, by anctioneers, or others, for the purposes of business, or otherwise.

Thirty-third. To abate and remove nuisances, and pun- Nuisances. ish the authors thereof, by penalties, fine and imprisonment, and to define and declare what shall be deemed nuisances, and authorize and direct the summary abatement thereof; but nothing in this act shall be so construed as to oust any court of jurisdiction to abate and remove nuisances, in the streets, or any other parts of said city, or within its jurisdiction, by indictment or otherwise.

Thirty-fourth. To license, regulate and restrain runners for boats and stages, cars and public houses.

Thirty-fifth. To regulate the burial of the dead, and re- Registration. gistration of births and deaths; to direct the returning and keeping of bills of mortality, and to impose penalties on physicians, sextons and others, for any default in the premises.

Thirty-sixth. To regulate and prohibit the keeping of Lumber yards. any lumber yard, and the placing, piling or selling sumber, timber, wood or other combustible material within the fire limits of said city.

Thirty-seventh. To regulate the measuring and inspecting of lumber, shingles, timber, posts, staves and heading, and all building materials, and appoint one or more inspectors.

Thirty-eighth. To regulate the place and manner, of sell- Fish. ing pickled and other fish.

Thirty-ninth. To regulate the weighing, and place and Hay. manner, of selling hay; and the cutting and sale of ice, and to restrain the sale of such ice as is impure.

Fortieth. To regulate the measuring of wood and the Wood. weighing and selling of coal, and the place and manner of selling the same.

and beef.



Sale of bread.

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Inspector of flour Forty-first. To regulate the inspection of flour, meal,

pork, beef, and other provisions, and salt to be sold in bar

rels, hogsheads and other packages. Inspector of 1. Forty-second. To regulate the inspection of whisky and

other liquors, to be sold in barrels, hogsheads, and other vessels.

Forty-third. To appoint inspectors, weighers, gaugers, and regulate their duties and prescribe their fees.

Forty-fourth. To regulate the sale of bread within said city, and prescribe the weight of bread in the loaf and the

quality of the same. Hydrants. * Forty fifth. To regulate public pumps, wells and cisterns,

hydrants and reservoirs, and to prevent the unnecessary waste of water.

Forty-sixth. To establish and regulate public pounds.

Forty-seventh. To erect lamps, and regulate the lighting thereof.

Forty-eighth. To regulate and license ferries. Running of cars. Forty-ninth. To regulate and prohibit the use of locomo

tive engines within the city, and requre railroad cars to be propelled by other power than that of steam; to direct and control the location of railroad tracks, and to require railroad companies to construct, at their own expense, such bridges, tunnels, or other conveniences, at public railroad crossings as the common council may deem necessary; also to regulate the running of horse-rail-way cars, the laying down of tracks for the same, the transportation of passengers thereon, and the kind of rail to be used.

Fiftieth. To erect and establish, either within or without the corporate limits of the city, a bridewell or house of correction, and purchase grounds therefor, pass all necessary ordinances for the regulation thereof, and appoint a keeper and as many assistants as may be necessary. In the said bridewell or house of correction, shall be confined all vagrants, stragglers, idle or disorderly persons who may be committed thereto, by any criminal court, or magistrate, in and for the city, and all persons sentenced to said bridewell or house of correction by any criminal court, or magistrate, in and for the city, for any assault and Lattery, petit larcery, or other misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment in any county jail; and all persons confined therein

may be kept at labor or in solitary confinement. City sealer. Fifty-first. To require every merchant, retailer, trader,

and dealer in merchandise or property of any des ription, which is sold by measure or weight, to cause their weights and measures to be sealed by the city sealer, and to be subject to his inspection ; the standard of which weights and measures shall be conformable to those now established by law.

Fifty-sccond. Exclusively to erect and construct, or permit or cause, or procure to be erected and constructed, float,

City bridewell.

Draw bridges.

pivot, or draw bridges, over the navigable waters within the jurisdiction of said city, and keep the same in repair : said bridges to have draws of suitable width.

Fifty-third. To preserve the harbor; to prevent any use Harbor regulaof the same, or any act in relation thereto, inconsistent tions. with, or detrimental to, the public health, or calculated to render the waters of the same, or any part thereof, impure or offensive, or tending in any degree to fill up or obstruct the same; to prevent and punish the casting or depositing therein any earth, ashes, or other substance, filth, logs, or floating matter; to prevent and remove all obstructions therein, and punish the authors thereof; to regulate and prescribe the mode and speed of entering and leaving the harbor, of passing the bridges, and of coming to, and departing from, the wharves and streets of the city, by steamboats, canal boats, and other crafts and vessels, and the disposition of the sails, yards, anchors, and appurtenances thereof, while entering, leaving, or abiding in the harbor, and to regulate and prescribe by such ordinances, or through their harbor master or other authorized officer, such a location of every canal boat, steamboat, or other craft, or vessel, orfloat, and such changes of station in, and use of, the harbor, as may be necessary to promote order therein, and the safety and equal convenience, as near as may be, of all such boats, vessels, crafts, and floats; and to impose penalties not exceeding one hundred dollars for any offense against any such ordinance; and by such ordinance charge such penalties, together with such expenses as may be incurred by the city in enforcing this section, upon the steamboat, canal boat, or other vessel, craft, or float. The harbor of the city shall include the piers and Boundareis of so much of lake Michigan as lies within the distance of one mile into the lake, and the Chicago river and its branches to their respective sources.

Fifty-fourth. To control, regulate, repair, amend and Repair of streets clear the streets and alleys, bridges, side and cross walks, and open, widen, straighten, and vacate streets and alleys, and establish and alter the grade thereof, and prevent the encumbering of the streets in any manner, and protect the same from any encroachments and injury.

Fifty-fifth. To direct and regulate the planting and pre- Shade trees. serving ornamental trees in the streets and public grounds.

Fifty-sixth. To fill up, drain, cleanse, alter, relay, repair, and regulate any grounds, yards, barns, slips, cellars, private sinks, and privies, direct and regulate their construction, and cause the expenses to be collected in the manner hereinafter provided.

· Fifty-seventh. To erect and establish, one or more pest Hospitals, etc. houses, hospitals or dispensaries, and control and regulate the same.

Fifty-eighth. To abate all nuisances which are, or may Nuisances. be, injurious to the public health, in any manner they may deem expedient.



Promotion health.

Dead carcasses.

Promotion of Fifty-ninth. To do all acts and make all regulations

which may be necessary, or expedient, for the preservation of health and the suppression of disease.

Sixtieth. To prevent any person from bringing, depositing, or having within the limits of said city, any dead carcass, or any other unwholesome substance, and to require the removal or destruction, by any person who shall have, place, or cause to be placed, upon, or near his premises, any such substance, or any putrid or unsound beef, pork, or fisb, hides, or skins of any kind, and on his default, to authorize the removal or destruction thereof by some officer of said

city. Vagrant children Sixty-first. To authorize the taking up, and provide for

the safe keeping and education, for such periods of time as may be deemed expedient, of all children who are destitute of proper parental care, and growing up in mendican

cy, ignorance, idleness and vice. House of refuge.


DULOY decoride.

Sixty-second. To lease or purchase, improve and maintain suitable grounds, either within or without the corporate limits of said city, for a house of refuge and correction, to erect buildings thereon, and adopt such rules and regulations for the government thereof and the punishment of juvenile offenders therein, as may from time to time be deemed

expedient. Punishment of Sixty-third. To authorize the arrest, fine and imprison

ment in the city bridewell or house of correction, as vagrants, of all persons, who not having visible means to maintain themselves, are without employment, idly loitering or rambling about or staying in groceries, drinking saloons, houses of ill fame or houses of bad repute, gambling houses, railroad depots or fire engine houses, or who shall be found trespassing in the night time upon the private premises of others, or begging, or placing themselves in the street or other thoroughfares or public places to beg or receive alms; also, keepers, exhibitors or visitors at any gaming table, gambling house, house for fortune telling, places for cock fighting, or other places of device; and all persons who go about for the purpose of gaming or watch stuffing, or who shall have in their possession any article or thing used for obtaining money under false pretences, or who shall disturb any place where public or private schools are held either on week day

or Sabbath, or places where religious worship is held. Enactment and Sixty-fourth. To make, publish, ordain, amend and re

peal all such ordinances, by-laws and police regulations, not contrary to the constitution of this State, for the good government and order of the city and the trade and commerce thereof, as may be necessary or expedient to carry into effect the powers vested in the common council, or any officer of said city, by this act; and enforce observance of all rules, ordinances, by-laws, and police and other regulations, made in pursuance of this act, by penalties not exceeding one

Punishment vagrants.

ment in the ons, who hont emplosries, drinkbling b

enforcement of ordinances.

hundred dollars for any offense against the same. The common council may also enforce such rules, ordinances, bylaws, and police and other regulations, as aforesaid, by punishment of fine, or imprisonment in the county jail, bridewell, or house of correction, or both, in the discretion of the magistrate or court, before which conviction may be had : Provided, such fine shall not exceed five hundred dollars, nor the imprisonment six months.

$ 9. The common council is hereby authorized to pur- City cemeteries. chase for said city such tracts of land without the city limits, for the purpose of establishing cemeteries for the interment of the dead therein as they may think necessary, which shall be exempt from taxation under any law of this State; and they are also authorized and empowered to pass and enforce such ordinances, rules and regulations with regard to the improvement, preservation, laying out, and ornamenting the same, and the male of burial places or lots for the interment of the dead therein, as they may deem proper. The ground or grounds so laid out shall be placed under the superinten- Sale of lots. dence of the board of public works of said city, and the lots which may be laid out and sold shall, with the appurtenances, forever be exempt from execution and attachment. As soon as said grounds are regulated and laid out, a map or plat thereof shall be made out by the board of public works and a copy thereof filed in the comptroller's office, who shall have charge of the sale and disposition of all lots therein, under the ordinances and regulations of the common council. The proceeds of such sales shall be paid into the city treasury, and be credited and charged on the books of the treasury department, to a “cemetery fund,” to be kept distinct from all other funds of said city. The said common council is also fully empowered and authorized to provide for the punishment, by ordinance, of all persons who shall, without said city limits, be guilty of any violation of the regulations, roles and ordinances, established by said city in relation to such cemeteries; and such violations may be punished by fine and imprisonment, as in other cases, by any court of competent jurisdiction within said city; and all process issued for the arrest of any person or persons guilty of such violation, may be executed without said city limits, by any officer or constable thereof, the same as if such offense had been committed within the boundaries of the corporation.

Cemetery fund.


THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT. § 1. There is hereby established an executive depart- om ment of the municipal government of said city, to be known treasury departas the "treasury department,” which shall embrace the city


of the


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