Proverbs. See Folk Lore

Registers (Church and Parish), Records
Religious Ceremonies. See Theology
Rhetoric. See Logic
Riding. See Horse-racing, Horses
Romances of Chivalry
Ruins. See Archæology
Science (General)
Sculpture and Marbles
Ships and Shipping. See Yachting
Songs. See also Music and Musicians
Sporting. See also under Special Subjects
Superstitions. See Folk Lore
Tortures. See Crime and Criminals
Tracts. See General Index (“Tracts ")
Travels. See Voyages and Travels

Upholstery. Sec Cabinet Making
Visitations (Heralds')
Voyages and Travels
Weather Lore
Wood-Carving. See Cabinet. Making
Writing. See Penmanship

Maps. See Atlases, Charts
Marbles. See Sculpture
Metallurgy. See Geology
Monuments. See also Brasses (Monu.

Music and Musicians

See also

Natural History (General).

Voyages and Travels
Naval. See Military
Navigation. See Yachting

Ornithology, Oölogy
Pedigrees. See Genealogy
Peerages. See Genealogy
Picture Galleries. See General Index
Plans. See Charts
Plate (Gold and Silver)
Playing Cards
Plays. See also Drama
Political Economy
Portraits. See General Index ("Portraits")
Precious Stones

Acts of Parliament. See Statutes
Agriculture :
Atkinson (J.) Agriculture in N. S.

Wales, 5344
Blond (A. le). Theory and Practice of

Gardening, 1746
Brooke (E. A.) Gardens of England,

Crescentio (P.) De Agricultura, 1680
Galinard. Architecture des Jardins, 4634
Hill (T.) Art of Gardening, 6661
James (J.) Theory of Gardening, 1519
Le Rouge. Jardins Anglois-Chinois, 919
Mascal (L.) How to Plant and Grafte,

Nicholson (G.) Dictionary of Gardening,

Platt (Sir H.) Arte of Setting Corne,

Walpole (H.) Essay on Gardening, 4502

Wilton Garden, The, 4724
Almanacs. See General Index
Alphabet :

Heath (H.) Sporting Alphabet, 2523
Alpine :

Alpine Journal, The, 792
Arkin (H. M.) Mont Blanc, 5355
Coleman (E. T.) Snowfields of Mont

Blanc, 3930
Freshfield (D. W.) Across Country, 5355
Gilbert (1.) The Dolomite Mountains,


Alpine (continued):

Girdlestone (A. G.) The High Alps, 2194
Hardy (I.) High Pyrenees, 2331
Martel (P.) Ice Alps of Savoy, 3964
Martin (B.) Mont Blanc, 5355
Moore (A. W.) The Alps, 2206
Peaks, Passes and Glaciers, 1892
Whymper (E.) Scrambles amongst the

Alps, 2238
Wills (A.) The Eagle's Nest, 2237
America :
America (Mr. Lefferts' large Collection),
5390 et seq. See General Index,

America, Works relating to,” also
under the nanies of the Authors
Broadsides, A Collection of, 6176
Amours, etc. :
Amorous Fiametta (Boccaccio), 1223
Amours de Mirtil, Les, 6334
Amours des Dames Ilustres de France,

Ananga Ranga, The, 2293
Art of Cuckoldom, 3441
Cuckold's Chronicle, 3531
Cupid and Psyche (Apuleius), 2749
Daphnis et Chloe (Longus), 2853
Davenport (J.) Aphrodisiacs, 177
Delectable Demandes and Pleasant

Questions, 1479
Gay (J.) Bibliographie, 2494
Grafton, Duke of, and Miss Parsons.

Amours, 49


Amours (continued):
Haedus (P.) De Generibus Amoris, 6727
Kama-Shastra, 3313
La Fontaine 0. de). Les Amours de

Psyche, 1119,
Laclos( Les Liaisons Dangereuses,

Le Noble. Mylord Courtenay (Amours

of Queen Elizabeth), 2802
Louvet de Couvray. Les Amours de

Faublas, 2501
Moore (A.) Annals of Gallantry, 6969
Perfumed Garden, The, 2349
Quinze Joyes de Mariage, 1148
Rambler's Magazine, The, 2507
Smith (Capt. A.) Court of Venus, The,

Veneres et Priapi, 2529
Angling :
Aldam(W.H) Treatise on "Flees,"2291
Berners (Juliana). Fysshyng with an
Angle (Reprint, Original Drawings by

Doyle), 4165
Bowlker (R.) Art of Angling, 3368
Gilbert (W.) Angler's Delight, 3373
Saunders (Jas.) The Compleat Fisher.

man, 3384
Scrope (W.) Salmon Fishing, 821

Walton (Isaac). Sec General Index
Bancroft (H. H.) Native Races of the

Pacific States, 3366
Breeks (J. W.) Tribes of the Nilagiris,

Bulwer (J.) People of the Whole World,

Catlin (G.) North-American Indians,

Chantre (E.) Recherches Anthropolo.

giques, 1476
Dawkins (W. B.) Early Man in Britain,

Schoolcraft (H. R.) Ethnological Re.

searches, 2358
Untrodden Fields of Anthropology, 262

Zincali, The (Borrow), 1030
Apiculture :
Hartlib (S.) Reformed Commonwealth

of Bees, 5439
Archæology (General):
Abbott (H.) Antiquities of Rome, 2703
Adam (R.) Diocletian's Palace, 3266
Annales Archæologiques, 1551
Antiquarian Repertory, The, 6756
Archæologia, 475
Archäologia Æliana, 1554
Archæologia Cambrensis, 686
Archæologia Cantiana, 524
Archæological Association, 688
Archæological Journal, 689
Art de Vérifier les Dates, 4871
Art of Ancient Egypt, 1468
Beaumont (W.) Ancient Charters at

Arley Hall, 5863
Biblical Archæological Society, 1559
Billings (R. W.) Baronial and Ecclesias.

rical Antiquities, $25
Borlase (W.C.) Dolmens of Ireland, 267
Bowman and Crowther. Churches of

the Middle Ages, 529
British Archæological Association Jour.
Britton (İno.) Architectural, Picturesque

and Cathedral Antiquities, 12

Arcbæology. (continued):

Browne (Sir Thos.) Urne.Buriall, 5571
Bruce (J. C.) Incised Markings on

Stone, 1562
Bruce (J. Č.) The Roman Wall, 6111
Buck (S. and N.) Antiquities, 4080
Burgess (J.) Archæological Survey of

W. India, 2578
Cuitt (G.) Ancient Chester Buildings,

Cuirt (G.) Ruins of the Olden Time, 24
Dawkins (W. B.) Cave Hunting, 2179
Dugdale (W.) Monasticon, 1568
Duncker (M.) History of Antiquity, 2585
Egypt Exploration Fund, 2586
Essex Archæological Society, 2321
Evans (J.) Ancient Stone Implements,

Fabretti (A.) Corpus Inscriptionum, 2588
Fergusson (J.) Cave Temples of India,

Forsyth (J. S.) The Antiquary's Port-

folio, 1086
Griffiths (John). Paintings in the Budd-

hist Caves, 1483
Grose (F.) Antiquities of England and

Wales, 207
Hamilton (Sir W.) Etruscan, etc. Anti-

quities, 4653
Hearne's Antiquities of Great Britain,

Hellenic Studies, Journal of, 910
Hoare (Sir R. C.) Monastic Remains at

Witham, etc., 1921
Horsley (Jno ) Britannia Romana, 4662
Johnson (Dr. S.) Marmor Norfolciense,

Keller (F.) Lake Dwelings of Switzer.

land, 1590
King (C. W.) Antique Gems and Rings,

Lacroix (P.) Military and Religious
Lacroix (P.) Science and Literature, 3958
Leland (J.) Itinerary, 743
MacLauchlan(H.) Survey of the Roman

Wall, 4888
Miscellaneous Antiquities(Walpole), 4493
Montfaucon (B. de). L'Antiquité Ex-

pliquée, 54
Newton (C. T.) Discoveries at Hali-

carnassus, 750
Norfolk Antiquarian Miscellany, 6011
Norfolk Archæology, 6012
Palestine Exploration Fund, 1604
Pistolesi (E.) Il Vaticano Descritto, 64
Pitt-Rivers (Lieut. Gen.) Various Works,

Richardson (C. J.) Old English Man.

sions, 566
Rylands (J. P.) Notes on Bookplates,

Scott (Str W.) Border Antiquities, 2359
Scott (Sir W.) Provincial Antiquities,

Smith (C. R.) Collectanea Antiqua, 3975
Smyth (Piazzi). The Great Pyramid,

Somersetshire Archæological Society, 645
Storer (J.) Cathedral Churches, 2088
Stuart (John). Sculptured Stones of

Scotland, 1500
Stuart and Revett, Antiquities of

Athens, 1455

Life, 3957

nal, 795

Archæology (continued):

Suffolk Institute of Archæology, 6061
Surrey Archæological Society. Tran.

sactions, 2001
Surtees Society, The, 776
Sussex Archæological Collections, 775
Tanner (T.) Notitia Monastica, 3981
Tod (Jas.) Rajast'han, 2370
Tuer (A. W.) History of the Horn

Book, 1660
Vetusta Monumenta, 3984
Walpole's Miscellaneous Antiquities, 4493
Wyon (A.) Great Seals of England,

Archery. See Shooting
Architecture :

Adam (R. and J.) Works, 1248
Architectural Publication Society, 1467,

Cotman (J. S.) Architectural Remains,

Decker (P.) Architectura Civilis, 5625,
Dollman (F. F.) Ancient Domestic

Architecture, 1480
Du Cerceau (J. A.)

Bastiments de
France, 5642
Du Cerceau (J. A.) De Architectura,

Förster (E.) Monuments d'Architecture,

Gailhabaud (J.) L'Architecture, 1437
Jones (Owen). Alhambra, 2409
Knighi (H. G.) Ecclesiastical Archi.

tecture, 554
Le Pautre (J.) Euvres, 3285
Morris (W.) Gothic Architecture, 402-3
Parker (J. H.) Glossary of Gothic

Architecture, 6026
Parker (J. H.) Glossary of Terms,

Penrose (F. C.) Athenian Architecture,

Petrie (G.) Ecclesiastical Architecture

of Ireland, 4924
Piranesi (G. B. and F.) Architectural

Works, 564
Revoil (H.) Architecture Romane, 1451
Rickman (T.) Gothic Architecture, 2426
Ruskin (J.) Nature of Gothic, 380
Ruskin (J.) Seven Lamps, 75
Ruskin (J.) Stones of Venice, 76
Saint-Sauveur (J. G.) L'Antique Rome,

Sharpe (E.) Architectural Parallels, 573
Street (G. E.) Gothic Architecture, 1333
Studio d'Architettura Civile, 985,
Turner (T. H.) Domestic Architecture,

Viollet-le-Duc (M.) Dictionnaire Rai.

sonné, 1501
Vitruvius De Architectura, 5824

Vogue (M. de). Syrie Centrale, 1196
Armorials. Sec Genealogy
Arms and Armour:
Meyrick (Sir S. R.) Critical Inquiry

and Engraved Illustrations, 1323, 3224
Astronomy :
Blundeville (T.) Theoriques of the

Seven Planets, 5556
Copernicus. De Revolutionibus Orbium,

Fine (O.) Les Sept Planetes, 6366
Flamsteed (Jno.) Historiæ Cælestis

Libri, 5657

Astronomy (continued):

Hyginus. Poeticon Astronomicon, 206
Regiomontanus (Joh.) Various Works,

Sacrobusto (Jo. de). Sphaera Mundi,

Tracts, Various, 5556
Atlases. See also Charts
Bickham (G.) Bird's-eye views of

Counties, 2104
Blaeu (J.) Nouveau Theatre D'Italie,

Hollar (W.) The Quarter Master's

Map, 1059
Jansson's Dutch Atlas, 1780
Lea (P.) Atlas, 917
Moore (H.) Maps of Jamaica, 1801
Petty (Sir W.) Maps of Ireland, 2217
Pompadour (Mdme. de). Carte Nou-

velle, 3003
Saxton's Maps, 763

Tennyson (Lord). School Atlas, 1188
Autography. See Penmanship.
Ballads. See Music and Musicians
Allibone (S. A.) Dictionary of English

Literature, 474
Almack (E.) Bibliography of Eikon

Basiliké, 523
Ames (Jos.) Typographical Antiquities,

Beloe (W.) Anecdotes of Literature and

Scarce Books, 4773
Bibliophiles Contemporains, Les, 1354
Bibliotheca Americana, 2537,
Bigmore and Wyman. Bibliography of

Printing, 2615
Book-Prices Current (Slater), 10
Bradshaw Society. Publications, 481
Brunet (J. C.) Manuel du Libraire,

Brydges (Sir E.) Censura Literaria-

British Bibliographer, etc., 484
Catalogue of Early English Literature

(Collier), 6217
Fry (F.) Editions of the N. Testament,

Gay (I.) Bibliographie des Ouvrages

relatifs à L'Amour, 2494
Griffiths (A. F.) Bibliotheca Anglo-

Poetica, 6250
Harrisse (H.) Notes on Columbus, 5438
Heron-Allen (E.) De Fidiculis Biblio-

graphica, 293
Humphreys (H. N.) Works on Typo.

graphy, 3333
Huth (H.) Prefaces, Dedications, etc.,

Littlefield (G. E.) Early Boston Book.

sellers, 5469
Siebold and Hoffman. Bibliotheca

Japonica, 2680
Slater (J. H.) Book-Prices Current, 10
Walpole (H.) Royal and Noble Authors,


Bodleian, Historic Bindings in the, 2283
Burlington Exhibition, 1474
Covers, Empty Leather, 3925
Derome (L.) Reliure de Luxe, 815
Fletcher (W. Y.) English Bookbindings,

Guild of Women Binders. Sale of Speci.

mens, 1550

Bindings (continued):
Holmes (R. R.) Bindings at Windsor,

Quaritch (B.) Catalogue of Books

remarkable for their Bindings, 322
Wheatley (H. B.) Remarkable Bindings,


Agrippa (Julius). Vita (Tacitus), 731
Anne of Austria. Memoires (Motte-

ville), 2811
Apostolic Fathers (Lightfoot), 502
Artists of Spain (Stirling-Maxwell), 1332
Asclepius. 'Vita (Champier), 4099
Bellamy (G. A.) Memoirs, 3459
Biographie Universelle, 4779
Blake (W.) Life of (Gilchrist), 1091
Blake (William). An Essay (Swinburne),

Blood (Col.) Life and Death of, 3472
Bolingbroke (Viscount). Memoirs (Gold.

smith), 4645
Bourgogne, Les Ducs de. Histoire

(Barante), 4769
Brandon (Richard, the Executioner).

Confessions, 3522.
Bruce (Robert). Life (Barbour), 3448
Bucaniers of America (Esquemeling),

Burne.Jones (Edw.) A Record and

Review (Bell), 705.
Byron (Lord). Life (Moore), 272
Camoens. Life of (Adamson), 1891
Carew. Bampfylde. Moore, Life of, 50
Caroline (Queen). Memoirs (Adolphus),

Casanova (Jacques). Memoirs, 3507
Caxton. Life (Lewis), 3510
Cellini (Benvenuto). Life, by J. A.

Symonds, 1829
Chancellors, Lives of the (Campbell),
Charles . (Skelton), 334
Charles V. Cloister Life (Stirling.

Maxwell), 1332
Charles VIII. Memoires (Commines),

Charles Edward, Prince (Lang), 6664
Christian Biography (Smith), 84
Clarendon, (Earl on). Life, 4804
Clarke (Mrs.) Authentic Memoirs

(Taylor), 92
Colet (Dr. J.) Life of (S. Knight), 4866
Condé (Prince de). Life of, 4885
Constable (Jno.) Memoirs (Leslie), 1316
Cosway (Richard, R.A.) Memoir (Wil.

liamson), 2272
Cox (David). Memoir (Sally), 2364
Cresap (M.) Biographical Sketch, 5416
Cromwell (Oliver). Life (Gardiner), 287
Cruikshank (G.) Life (Jerrold), 6523
D'Artagnan. Mémoires, 3558
Davies (Mrs. C.) Life and Adventures

(De Foe), 3564
Declaration of Independence. Bio-

graphies of the Signers, 5499
D'Eon de Beaumont (Chevalier). Let.

tres, Memoires, 1201
Dibdin (C.) Professional Life, 179
Dickens (C.) By Pen and Pencil (Kitton),

Dickens (C.) Life of (Forster), ş136
Dictionary of National Biography, 355,


Biography (continued):

Digby (Sir K.), Private Memoirs, 3577.
Diodorus Siculus. Historiarum libri,

Diogenes Laertius. Vitæ Philosophorum,

Don John of Austria (Stirling.Maxwell),

Ecclesiastical Memorials and Lives

(Strype), 4956
Elizabeth (Queen). England's Eliza.

beth (T. Heywood), 3644
Elliston (R. W.) Memoirs (Raymond),

English Humourists (Thackeray), 1421
English Martyrologie (J. Watson or

Wilson), 1202
Erasmus, Life of (Knight), 4866.
Essex (Robert, Earl of). Apologie of,

Practices and Treasons (Lord Bacon),

Evelyn (Capt. W. G.) Memoir (Scull),

Fairfax (Lord). Memorials, 4833
Fathers. Vite de Santi Padri (St.

Jerome), 903, 1693
Faustus (Dr.), Damnable Life of, 3596
Friedrich II., History of (Carlyle), 6121
Fuller (Thos.) Abel Redivivus, 3613
Fuller (Thos.) Worthies of England, 3614
Garrick (David). Memoirs (Davies), 4198
George III. Memoirs (Walpole), 4973
Georges, The Four (Thackeray), 1422
Gibbon (Edward), Life of (Milian), 4839
Gordon (John, of Glencat) Memoirs,

Grace (G. D.) Journal during the French

Revolution, 1372
Grammont (Count). Memoirs, by

Hamilton, 2282
Granger (J.) Biographical History, 34
Greville Memoirs, 203.
Grimaldi (Joseph). Memoirs (Dickens),

Gronow (Capt.). Recollections, 206
Gwyn (Nell), History of (Cunningham),

Halliwell (J. O.) Book of Characters,

Harding's Biographical Mirror, 627
Hellier (Thos., a Murderer). Life and

Death, 5444
Herbert (George), Life of (Walton), 3054
Herbert of Cherbury (Lord). Life, 3641
Hooker (Richard), Life of (Walton), 6326
Italian Poets (Rossetti), 511
James II., Life of, 2791
Joan of Arc. Memoirs (Ireland), 3645
John of Barneveld (Motley), 935
Joséphine(Empress). Memoirs (Ducrest),

Joséphine. Impératrice (Masson), 310
Judges of England (Foss), 48 36
Lamb (Chas.), Footprints of (Martin),

Lamb (Chas.) Life (Ainger), 1788
Lawrence (Sir T.), Life of (Gower), 1440
Leighton (Sir F.) Chronicle (Rhys), 5053
Leonora Maddalina Teresa (Empress),

Life of, 2803
Louis XI. Memoires (Commines), 4128
Louis XIV., Court of (Ducrest), 2732
Louis XIV. Memoirs (Pardoe), 234
Louis XV., Court of (Ducrest), 2732


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