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Evangelist shows Christian the way.


gave him a parchment-roll, and there was written within, “ Fly from the wrath to come!” (Matt. iii. 7.)

The man therefore read it, and, looking upon Evangelist very carefully, said, Whither must I fly? Then said Evangelist, pointing with his finger over a very wide field, Do you see yonder wicketgate? (Matt. vii. 13, 14.) The man said, No. Then said the other, Do you see yonder shining light? (Psalm cxix. 105. 2 Pet. i. 19.) He said, I think I do. Then said Evangelist, Keep that light in your eye, and go up directly thereto, so shalt thou see the gate; at which, when thou knockest, it shall be told thee what thou shalt do.

So I saw in my dream, that the man began to run; now, he had not run far from his own door, when his wife and children, perceiving it, began to cry after him to return; but the man put his fingers in his ears (Luke xiv. 26.), and ran on, crying, Life, life, eternal life! So he looked not behind him, but fled towards the middle of the plain.' (Gen. xix. 17.)

The neighbours also came out to see him run, and as he ran, some mocked, others threatened, and some cried after him to return; and, among those that did so, there were two that resolved to fetch him back by force; the name of the one was Obstinate, and the name of the other Pliable. Now, by this time, the man was got a good distance from them; but, however, they were resolved to pursue him, which they did, and in a little time they overtook him. Then said the man, Neighbours, wherefore are ye come? They said, To persuade you to go back with us: but he said, That can by no means be. You dwell, said he, in the city of Destruction (the place also where I was born): I see it to be so; and, dying there, sooner or later, you will sink lower than the grave into a place that burns with fire and brimstone. Be content, good neighbours, and go along

with me.

What! said Obstinate, and leave our friends and our comforts behind us?

1 The following lines are here subjoined to a very rude engraving:

“Christian no sooner leaves the world, but meets
Evangelist, who lovingly him greets
With tidings of another; and doth show
Him how to mount to that from this below."

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