with those of his catholic majesty on condition that the said conviA under his command.

should suffer the amputation of a The court of Common limb, in order to try the efficacy 26th.

Pleas ordered an attach- of a certain ftyptic prepared by ment against an officer of the sheriff Mr. Pierce; and one John Benof Middlesex, for arresting a gen- ham having been reprieved, as it tleman at his house late at night, was imagined, for that purpose, without notice, for a debt of bol. Mr. Pierce waited upon the secredue to his coachmaker, and refus- tary of state, when he was informing, though the coachmaker was ed that the intention of trying his present, and bail offered, to wait, ftyptic upon John Benham, a con. but forcibly carried away to, and vict, in Newgate, was entirely laid detained him illegally 'till next afide, his majesty being of opinion morning, in a sponging-house', con- that it was quite improper to try trary to the laws of this realm. such experiment.

There was a very great council A Jew was carried before the at St. James's, to which, it is said, lord mayor, charged with hawking no less than 106 members were hats for sale in this city, contrary summoned.

to law, which subjects all hawkers At the general court of the East- who presume so to do in any corpoIndia company, held at Merchant ration to the penalty of 121. or to Taylor's Hall, it was unanimously be committed for a certain time to resolved to grant a pension of 1500l. hard labour in Bridewell. The fact per ann. to Gen. Laurence, during being proved, fecurity was given his life, for his many great services for the Jew's appearance to answer to the company ; the said grant the above charge before a court of to commence from Christmas laft. judicature. The general enjoyed an annuity of The duty of 6d. per chaldron 5ool. a year before ; and the above on coals is granted to the city for grant of 1500l. is an addition 46 years, to redeem the tolls on the thereto. It was also moved, to bridges, embanking the river, re. grant the company's forvants cer. pairing the Exchange, and rebuildtain gratuities, for their respective ing Newgate. services,

A vein of copper ore has lately Was found in the mackarel-nets been discovered near Glasgow, off Folkftone, a ftrange kind of a which, npon trial, promises fair to fith : It meafures in length about produce considerable profit. It lies thirteen feet ; its fore-fins are a. not above three feet deep, and is bout two feet long, and the body supposed to lead to a considerable resembles that of a porpus; it has mine. a broad thin tail, about fix feet The prizes of 15 guineas each, long. The fishermen declare they given annually by the members for never saw such a one before. Cambridge, were adjudged to Mr.

Application having been some Stevenson of King's, and Mr. Ward time ago made to the ministry, to of St. John's College, fenior ba. intercede with his majesty to spare chelors; and to Mr. Arnald of St. the life of one of the convicts un- John's and Mr. Clewes of Trinity der sentence of death in Newgate, College, middle bachelors.

A genA gentleman of Derby has late- were in uniform. The machine, ly been into the Downs to make which served for the butt, repre. trial of a new marine surveyor. fented the palace of Neptune, The machine consists of an open There was an incredible number of tube four inches diameter, and two foreigners of distinction at this fef. feet long : on the outside is fixed tival, which terminated with a an oblique plane like a screw ; fuperb fupper, and a ball, given by upon which the water acts so as to his serene highness. turn it round swifter or lower, The annual produce of the mines in proportion as, the machine is in Sweden amounts to 400,000 drawn through the sea with greater schipfonds, each weighing 400 ease or less velocity.

French pounds ; and the number Letters from Pomerania advise, of workmen employed in them is that the cattle there bave been ino- 25,600, who are thereby enabled culated with success, for the conta- to maintain their wives and chil. geous illness that has for some dren. time reigned in that country. From Lisbon we hear, that the

Her imperial majesty of Ruflia French conful there has received has particularly recommended to some dispatches from the king his the royal academy of sciences at master, addressed to his Portuguese Petersburg, to make exact obfer- majesty, and accompanied with vations of the next transit of Venus some presents for the prince of over the sun's disk, in the most pro- whom the princess of Brazil was per places throughout her domi. lately delivered, and for other

per. nions.

fons. The prince's present is a Six or eight acres of the great cockade set with brilliants, the bog above the lough of Loughcor. button in the form of a rofe. Don nute in the county of Galway, Juan de Braganza, high admiral, (part of the estate of Mr. Netter- has received the king of France's vil) fell suddenly into the lough, picture set with diamond's : the and made so prodigious a noise, prince's governess a pair of ear. that it extremely terrified the in. rings with a gold-box : the patri. habitants for many miles round. arch - a diamond cross: and the The water of the lough has over- nurse a gold snuff box. flowed the grounds all about ; the There are now 160 looms efta. passage from the lough through blished in the cambrick manufacto. Mr. Nettervil's ground is quite ry at Dundalk, where, in the short fhut up, and the course of the wa. space of one year only, above ter totally changed,

70,000 yards have been made, the On the third inftant the deputies greater part already at market, or of the republic of Venice enter- fold; and it is observable, that this tained the reigning duke of Wur- quantity has been made between temberg with one of the finest May, 1766, and May, 1767, which courses of gondolas that has ever shews that this important manufacbeen seen there. There were five ture is in an improving state, and divisions, each confifting of five will be of the utmost national ad. gondolas, most magnificently paint. vantage, which is already obvious ed and adorned, and all the rowers from the graduad diminution of


[G] 4

the importation of French cam- lately obtained are to remain in bricks into this kingdom.

the company's hands; but if dir. 29th.

The following bills re- poffefsed of any of them in the

ceived the royal assent by mean time, by any foreigo power, a commission.

proportionable abatement is to be The bill for erecting a pier at St. made in the annual payments; Ives.

and money wrongfully paid to be The bill for regulating the parish refunded. The monies to be repoor children within the bills of served for the disposition of parlia. mortality.

ment. ! The bill for completing Black- ; The bill for regulating the mafriars bridge.

nufactures, &c. in the Ile of Man. The bill for indemnifying per- An order of council was this day sons who have omitted to qualify published in the London Gazette, themselves for employments. requiring liutenants of counties

The bill for allowing a longer where the militia have been emtime for the enrollment of deeds of bodied, to make out lifts of the of. Papifts, for relief of proteftant pur. ficers, to preveut their being ne. chasers.

minated for sheriff's during the The bill for preventing the wear time of their employment in that of cambricks.

service. The bill for extending the win- A fourth convoy, with 203 je dow act to Scotland.

suits on board, arrived at Civita The bill for altering the duties Vecchia, but were refused admiton policies, and lessening the allow. tance, and followed the third. The ance for prompt payment of cer- Genoese, it is faid, have agreed to tain stamp-duries.

receive them. The bill for granting certain Two itinerant preachers, one a duties in the British American co. taylor and the other a dyer; quarlonies.

relled in Moorhelds about their re. The bill for regulating the divi. ligion ; and the mob taking the dend of the Eaft. India company :- dyer's part, the poor taylor was By this act no dividend is to be handled in a molt inhuman manner, made from the 24th of June, but and would certainly have been in pursuance of a vote carried on killed but for the interposition of a ballot, in a general court fum. fome gentlemen passing by. moned for the purpose seven days The farms of the kingdom of beforehand; nor any increase of France have been lately let to the dividend beyond 10 per cent, till farmer-general for the sum of the next meeting of parliament. 132,250,000 livres per annum.

The bill for estabishing an agree. Letters received'at Conftantino. ment between the government and ple advise, that on the third of the Eaft-India company.-By this March Jaft, being the second feast agreement the company are to pay of the Bairam, the day on which the government 400,000l. yearly, all the beys and other officers of for two years, by half-yearly pay. the city repair to the castle to com. ments, during which time the ter- pliment Hamley Pacha, governor ritorial poffeffions and revenues of Egypt, about fixty perfons, noft


of whom belonged to Grandees, divine service, had no idea afterwho have been some time in exile, wards of what he had been doing ; having formed a design of affastinata and those who carried away the ing several of the beys now in post, dead bodies could not recollect got into the Pacha's hall of audi- where they brought them from. ence, disguised and well armed; At the same time the thunder fell but the Emir Hatch, or conductor, upon the citadel of this place, and of the Mecca caravan, having ob- took its direction to a centry-box served among them some suipici. upon the north-west baftion, where cious movements, he signified' the it went down the barrel of the cenfame to the other beys; one of try's musket, and struck the foldiwbom, on his taking leave of the er's foot with such violence as Pacha, received a pistol shot, which brought him to the ground, but did tore away part of his jaw. On this, him no other mischief. It rained all the beys had recourse to their very hard here at that time ; but sabres, fought their way through, at Villa-di-Stellone, it neither and destroyed the conspirators. rained nor thundered before or afOne bey remained dead on the ter the violent clap of thunder {pot, others were dangerously abovementioned. The fame storm wounded, as were also several was felt in other places, upwards principal officers. After this bloody of 25 miles off. The evening bescene, wherein many lives were fore, a shock of an earthquake was loft, the government ordered the felt at Turin, but more sensibly in Pacha to be deposed, which was other places, where some damage done the same day; and those of was done by it. his officers, who were suspected to In a letter from Carthagena, viz have favoured this plot, were ba. Jamaica, Captain Henderson of the nished. The. Janissary Aga has Loop Fanny, bound from thence to ordered

many of the grandees of the bay, gives a dismal account of Cairo, who were discovered to be the loss of the said loop, on the accomplices therein, to be pu. 31st of October laft, off Cape Granished.

cibus a Dois ; with many other The 28th of last month, about 5 circumstances that befel the crew o'clock in the afternoon, the thun. (eleven in number) who all, ex. der fell upon the parish church of 'cept three, died through fatigue Villa-di-Stellone, a village near Ca. . and the want of subsistence: those rignam, by which seven persons who survived being obliged to eat, were killed, and several others the fleth of their deceased Thipmates wounded. The.curate who received for food, and drink their own urine 'a flight hurt on the foot, was seiz- to quench their thirit; and to make ed with vomitings the next day, and their case ftill more dismal, the an extraordinary pain in that foot. brutish Spaniards refused them subThe noise of the thunder was terri. . fiftence, as, men saved from shipble, and yet the people who were wreck; alledging, that they were in the church were fo tunned, not bound to the bay, and there. that they were only sensible of a fore must take up their abode in trifing noise like the report of a the common gavl among thieves, pistol. The curate, who performed negroes and murderers.


Dicd, Mr. Lowther, near Guif- and the parliament was prorogued borough, aged 100 years.

to the 3ift of Auguft. Mrs. Jackson, who for 50 years The demurrer of the kept a boarding-school at Kensing- feigned iffue directed by the


court of King's Bench, between Mr. Mathard, furgeon in Ox- the mayor, &c. of Norwich, and ford-road, aged 102 years.: Mr. Jeremiah Berry, an attorney

Peter Stuart, near Air in Scots of the court of Common Pleas, land, aged 103 years.

was argued in the court of King's Bench, when judgment was given

for Mr. Berry. The question was, JULY.

whether the privilege of an attor

ney exempted him from ferving the The sum of 60,000l. was

office of sheriff ? and all the judges ift.

this day paid down for the of the court of King's Bench were purchase of the royal theatre in clearly of opinion that such privi. Govent-garden, pursuant to agree. lege excused him from ferving that ment. The

patentees are Messieurs office, and even offices of a superior Colman, Harris, Rutherford, and nature, to that of theriff of a corPowel.

poration. His majefty gave his assent Lord Holland having lately e2d.

to the following bills. rected a new tower, built with Aint The bill for granting certain and chalk, at his feat near Marsums out of the finking fund ; and gate, the following inscription in for impowering his majesty to per- black letter, on a large piece of mit the importation of corn, duty white ftone, is placed on the front free for a longer time.

next the sea. The bill for taking off the duty of 1s. a pound on all black and Danorum et Saxonum hic occilorum Singlo tea, and for granting a

Milites nihil a se alienum putant drawback on teas exported to Ire. Britannis perfide et crudeliter olim expulis land and America.

Hen. de Holland pofuit The bill for granting certain duties on foreign linen, and a pre

Qui duces qualis hujus prælii exitus mium for the encouragement of

Annum circiter dcccu evenit pugna raising hemp.

Et pugnam hanc evenisse fdem caciunt

Offa quamplurima The bill for restraining the af- Quæ fub hoc et altero tumulo hic vicino sembly of New York from pafling

sunt sepulta. any act, till they had complied with the act of parliament for the The instructions given by the furnishing his majesty's troops with bishops to the clergy of their se. the neceffaries required by that act. veral dioceses, in consequence of a

The bill for putting the Ameri. motion in the house of lords, to can duties into the hands of com. take an account of the number of mniffioners.

catholics in their respetive paAfter which his majesty made a rishes, has nothing alarming in it. moft gracious speech, which the A like order was given in 1746, to reader will see in our state papers; the clerks of the peace, when by :

D. M.

Dum de folo Britannico

Inter fe dimicaverunt

Nulla nota historia

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