or not.

lift then delivered, the whole land. round his leg, fecting forth, that he ed property they were possessed of, was taken and released by the elec. amounted to 384,1661. 14$. 101d. tor of Cologne, in the year 1737; If a like account should be now One of the clerks of the bank given in, it will at once be seen was apprehended on suspicion of whether they increase in property filing guineas. In the evening he

attempted to cut his throat, but Within these few days several without success. On searching his ships have arrived in the river with house, many curious instruments wheat from abroad, whose cargoes for the purpose above-mentioned, consist of 7485 quarters, besides and also a quantity of gold-duft, very great quantities of barley, were found. oats, and other grain. Since the His Royal highness the

ith 23d of March laft, there have been duke of York arrived at brought into the port of London, Brussels, under the title of earl of 115,497 quarters of wheat, a great Ulster, and in the evening went to part of which has been bought up the comedy, where he was receivfor the country markets.

ed by prince Charles, who had al. This morning, at a quarter ready entertained the prince and 5th.

before 9 o'clock, their royal princess of Brunswick with all and serene highnesses the prince imaginable magnificence. and princess of Brunswick set out His excellency Sir James Gray, in one of his majesty's coaches for bart, set out on his embassy to Dover, on their return to Germa. Spain. ny.. The young prince of Brunf. A young man in France, being wick set out some time before lately attacked by a fever, became them.

delirious, and afterwards raving 7th.

This day at noon, his royal mad. In this condition, the only

highess the duke of York set objects of his fury were his parents; out from Pall-Mall, with a grand and he was at length so seemingly retinue, for Dover, in order to em. sensible of his error, that he talked bark for Germany.

of nothing but expiating his fins by In the course of last sessions of fire; and for that purpose having parliament, 209 bills received the raised a pile of wood, he found royal affent, viz. 95 public, and means to light it, and to throw him. 114 private, which is the greatest self in ; but the torments he felt in number that has received the royal the flames, soon brought him to assent in one sesion for several himself, and he endeavoured to years.

save his life, but too late ; for tho' The intended marriage between he had strength enough to get out, the prince Stadtholder, and the prin- yet he was so terribly scorched, cels Frederica-Sophia-Wihelmina, that he died the next day in great of Prussia, was publicly declared agony. at the Hague.

As the prince They write from Paris, that an Stadtholder was taking the diver. ingenious mechanic of that city has fion of hawking, a dog caught a lately invented and finished a cuheron, with a brass infcription rious snuff box with chimes in the lid, that plays five tunes, and will dict guilty. She is to receive sen. hold half an ounce of snuff.

tence the first afA broker near Old-ftreet, hav. ter the sessions at the Old-Bailey. ing purchased a room of goods be- On Friday last their royal and se. longing to a poor old woman in rene highnesses the prince and printhat neighbourhood, upon opening cess and young prince of Brunswick the drawers of an old bureau, disa arrived at Brussels in perfe& health. covered a private one within ano. They were received with all the ther, in which he found a lottery. honours that pollibly could be ticket for the year 1765, which, shewn to such illustrious perso. upon examination, proves to hare nages. There was a company of been drawn a prize of gool. grenadiers with the colours to re

A cause came on to be ceive them where they lodged, and 13th

heard before lord chief juf. the equipages of the court ready to tice Wilmot, in the court of Com- attend them. In the evening they mon Pleas, Westminster, and a fpe. went to the comedy. cial jury, wherein Mr. Slater, of In an hour after their arrival Southwark was plaintiff, and an all the nobility in town went to eminent surgeon and an eminent pay their court to them; and an apothecary, were defendants. The express having been sent to his action was, that about a year since royal highness prince Charles, inMr. Slater unfortunately broke his forming him of their arrival, he leg, and it was set, and thought to immediately came to town, and be out of danger, by a surgeon, went directly to the playhouse to not one of the defendants ; but the meet them, and expreffed the above furgeon being sent for to greatest joy and pleasure in having loosen the bandage, his leg was the honour of seeing them at Brus. again broke, and a cure not per. sels. formed. After a hearing of seven This morning, about hours, a verdict was given in fa- three o'clock, a terrible

14th. vour of the plaintiff of 2501. da- fire broke out at a house in New. mages from each of the defend- ftreet, near Shadwell church, which

burnt with great fury for some Came on at Guildhall the trial time, and destroyed' about 14 of a tradesman's wife in the Little houses, together with a large cooOld-Bailey, for cruelly beating a perage, before it was extinguished. girl about 11 years of age, whom A person is taken up on sospicion her husband had taken apprentice of having set fire to the house out of the Foundling hospital. It where it began; and another perappeared, on the trial, that he had son, 'with a large fack filled with tied the girl to a nail, and beat her linen, &c. was taken in Fleet-mas. with a rope's end, that from being ket, and carried to the Compter, a fine healthy child, he was, by on fufpicion of having stolen ihem ill usage, almost reduced to a ske- at the above fire. leton. The trial lasted till fix The great cause between his o'clock, when the jury, in about grace the duke of Hamilton and half an hour, brought in their ver. Archibald Douglas, Esq. was de.


cided in the court of sessions at off in sport, fet fire to a box of Edinburgh, in favour of the duke gunpowder, and blew up the house of Hamilton.

with seven persons in it ; himself As the wife of John Bennet, of and a maid lervant were killed on Handsworth, Hear Birmingham, was the spot, but five others, though ringing a pan, to settle a (warm of wounded, wonderfully escaped with bees, they fixed upon her head, life. neck, and breaft, and continued. His grace the archbishop of Cantill the evening, when the shook terbury, in obedience to his majefthem into a hire; and received ty's command, has sent circular no other hort than a few ftings on letters to all the bishops, his fufa her arms and breast.

fragans, defiring them to procure Lord Clive arrived in town from their respective clergy com15th,

from Portsmouth, where he plete lists of all papists, or reputed landed the day before, from on papists, in their respective dioceses, board the Britannia Indiaman, from distinguishing their sexes, ages, and Bengal, in perfect health ; general occupations, and how long they Calliot and governor Palk arrived have been resident there. His grace in town at the same time.-The has also fent letters to all the clergy cargo of the Britannia consists of in his diocese, requiring them to piece goods, saw filk, red wood, make out lifts in the same manner and falt-petre.

for their respective parishes; which A moft melancholy accident lifts are to be laid before the house happened at a gentleman's seat of peers the first day of next fernear Greenhithe in Kent, where fion of parliament. The same or. the game-keeper having, put a ders have been issued by the archquantity of gunpowder into the bishop of York to the bishops and warm oven to dry, very thought- clergy of his diocese. lessly left it there, and went into The sessions ended at the the field to work. Juft before OldBailey, when three pri. i7th. dinner, the under cook-maid, as her foners were capitally convicted, one custom was, went to light the oven, to be transported for 14 years, 30 when the powder initantly took for seven years, and four branded, fire, and the blast came full in the Twenty-four former capital con. unhappy girl's face, set her all in victs' received his majesty's most a blaze, and the expired in five gracious pardon, on the following minutes a dreadful spectacle to look condition : ten to be transported at, Her terrible ihrieks alarmed during their natural lives, seven for the family, and one of the men ser- fourteen years, and seven for seven vants throwing his coat over her to years. extinguish the flames, brought off A caufe was tried in the court of the kin of her face and neck, when King's Bench, between Edward it was removed, and increased the Lundon, an elected freeman of horror of her appearance. A like Morpeth in Northumberland, plainaccident happened a few days be- tiff, and Christopher Fawcet, ftew. fore at a gentleman's seat near Bou- ard of the court-leet of the lord of logne in France, where the gardener the panor, defendant, on a man. playing with a gun, and firing it damus for refusing to admit the plaintiff to his freedom, which was Indiaman when she was ftruck with determined in favour of the plain- lightning, we are informed, that tiff; by which decision the people they were afterwards wrecked in of Morpeth are restored to their the mouth of the Ganges ; and of ancient right of electing their own 360 men, whom they carried from members. Thirty-two other causes England, there are only about 160 depended upon this verdiet. now alive at Calcutta ; the rest 19th.

The princess Poniatowski, being either killed by the lighten

fifter to the king of Poland, ing, burnt in the ship, drowned, arrived at St. James's.

devoured by tigers when they got A moft terrible thunder-storm on fhore, or dead of fatigue, happened at Leeds, in Yorkshire, An inquisition was taken at

214. as ever was remembered by any Guy's hospital, on the body man living. It ftruck one of the of Elizabeth, the wife of Edward chimnies of the workhouse, fhi. Hascar, otherwise called Sarah vered the Nates from the ridge to Bartlett, (for by that name the the eaves;itentered the garret, and was brought to the hospital) when ftruck a poor woman dead. It al. it appeared, by the evidence of so ftruck the two oppofite sides of Elizabeth Aldridge, servant to the room, and made a way through Patrick Dawson, of Bermondseythe wall on the north side, and street, surgeon and apothecary, through a window on the south, (the only witness as to the fact,) by two large apertures. It like that the deceased was formerly wife ftruck an old man who fat in a housekeeper to her mafter, and window below whetting his knife, that she used frequently to come set fire to his clothes, and burnt to his house and cohabit with him; him so terribly, that it is thought that last Thursday evening, on his he cannot recover. Three other coming home, he asked the wit. persons in a house at some distance ness whether the deceased had were miserable scorched; and at been there, who informed him the $cot-hill-mill it fell upon a chim- had not; he then expressed a great ney, entered some lodging rooms, defire to see her, and directed the and made its way out at the wine witness to rise early next morning dows, carrying the glass and frame and fetch her, which she did, and along with it.

on coming in, her mafter being We hear that Lord Clive in bed, the witness informed him 20th.

has brought over, and pre- the decealed was, come ; whereon fented to his majesty, a fine sword he desired them to come up stairs set with diamonds, and a fine pearl to him, and a boy was sent for necklace, for her majesty, both of some brandy, which being drank, very considerable value. He has he ordered the witness to make likewise brought a fine diamond as some chocolate for their breakfast; a, present from the Nabob to his and on the witness's quitting the majesty, of immense value, and room for that purpose, the de. many curiosities of that country. ceased immediately followed her

By a letter, dated the first of De into the kitchen ; that soon after cember last, from a gentleman who her master came down, and he and was on board the Falmouth East- the deceased breakfafted together

in the kitchen; that after break- furgeons, on examining the de. faft, Dawfon saluted the deceased, ceased's body, discovered three saying, My dear I love you; I wounds in her belly, which they have fomething in particular to made no doubt were mortal, and tell you : to which the deceased confirmed the above witness in the answered, the maid would go out deceased's declaration as to the oce of the kitchen; he replied, that cafion. The deceased was sent to would not do. The deceased then Guy's hospital, and there died proposed to go into the little par. the next morning; where she also lour, and several other places, but declared the reason of ill treatnone would do besides his bed. ment, and acknowledged she was chamber, to which, at length, above five months gone with child, The consented to go, and on their but was uncertain who was the fagoing up itairs, she said, it is not ther of it. The jury broaght in the first time I have trusted myself their verdict wilful murder. The with you alone, by many, and ex. above Patrick Dawson is not yet pressed a great defire of knowing taken. the secret he was to communicate A terrible storm of thunder, to her : That on her entering the lightning, hail, and rain, hapbed-chamber, the door was imme. pened in the neighbourhood of Vadiately fastened, and they con. senciennes, in France, which did tinued very quiet about a quarter confiderable damage to houfes, of an hour, when on a sudden the trees, corn, and cattle. It began deceased cried out several times, a few miles to the south-west of murder ! murder! Betty! Betty! that city, and proceeded in a That the witness ran directly up north-eait direction as far as the stairs, and found the bed chamber province of Holland, causing great door locked, and heard Dawson desolation in its progress, not unfay, Betty, you are too late ; that like the storm of 1763, which laid the burst open the door, and saw wafte a part of Kent. the decealed lying on the floor in His Royal Highness the Duke a gore of blood, her master stand- of York, who lately set out on his ing near her with a bloody knife travels through France and Ger. in his right hand; and on the wite many, had an interview with the ness crying out, You wicked, blood. king and queen of France, at thirsty man, what have you done! Compeigne, to whom he was in. He moved the knife, aiming at troduced by the title of Earl of her, as if he intended directly to Ulster. tab her, and d-d her, saying, he A ball of fire fell at Norringwould ftab her too. That on the ton farm near Overton, in Hampwitness asking the deceased, what shire, and set fire to a barn, in Occalioned her mafter to use her which were large quantities of so ? The informed her, that because corn, which, together with two he had refused to permit him to stacks of hay, were consumed, . be criminally concerned with her, (Mingling 'pearl-alh with the wa. he on a sudden opened his bureau, ter in engines for extinguishing fire, and from thence took a knife, has been discovered to be very ef. with which he stabbed her. The fectual for that purpose.).

A col.

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