A collier, burthen 150 tons, that occafion, was answered hangh. was burnt at Blockhouse Point, tily, that such were the orders of near Portsmouth, on account of the sovereign. brandy and tea being found bu. A clerk of the Bank, confined in ried under her cargo of coals. At the Poultry Compter, for filing the fame time and place a smug. guineas, being recovered of a gling floop was bornt; and strict wound he gave himself when first orders are given to the officers of apprehended, was, after examinathe customs to suppress the infa- tion, committed to Newgate. He mous practice of smuggling. made no defence; but a friend

The public has hitherto in vain said for him, that the dust produced expected a manifesto from the king was not gold. of Spain against the jesuits of his

A few days ago, as the arch. kingdom. It is now said, that bishop of Paris was at Conflans, this state-paper, (if there should and the workmen were repairing be one) will be only delivered to his palace, some unknown persons the sovereigns of Europe.

entered the palace, forced open Mr. Fortree, one of the com- two doors and several locks, and missioners of the vi&tualling-office took out of his cabinet several pa. died lately. What is remarkable, pers, and a pocket-book, belonga commifsioner of the same board ing to that prelate, which deprives having dreamed that one of their him of the means of making his number had fallen down dead, and defence if he was attacked; which telling his dream the next morn- makes it believed that the persons ing, the words were scarce ut. concerned in this proceeding had tered, when Mr. Fortree suddenly other motives than to plunder, expired.

The archbishop has taken the pro23d.

Her Royal Highness prin- per steps, in order to obtain re

cess Amelia made a visit to dress by law, and last Wednesday the R. H. Lord Edgecome, at he informed the king of the affair. Mount Edgecombe, and passed Cardinal de Bernis, archbishop through Plymouth in her progress, of Alby, has lately given a great where all imaginable honours were proof of his humanity, by dif. paid her; and she was highly pleaf- charging all his servants except ed with her reception.

three, on

account of the high The dragoman of the British price of provifions, which renders conful at Aleppo, by birth a sub- him unable to relieve the distresses ject of the Sultan, having incurred of the poor in the manner he used the displeasure of his superiors, he to do. He daily feeds two hun. was lately imprisoned, and his dred poor people who come to his commillion demanded from the palace for thai purpose, cxclusive conful, on pain of cutting off his of the fick, and other unhappy head; on which, the consul found objects, whom he relieves in his it neceflary to comply; but at the metropolis, and other towns be. fame time preferred a complaint longing to his diocese. to his majesty's ambassador at About eight in the morn. Conftantinople, who having pre. ing three large boats (in

25th. sented a memorial to the Porte on which were above 100 persons arm.

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armed with guns and cutlasses) separately to seduce her, but withcame into the harbour of Kinmare,' out success. The better to fuca in the county of Kerry, in Ireland, ceed, they joined, and had reand surrounded the floop Henry, course to the ftratagems of a proladen with tea, from France, then curess, who having contrived to under seizure of the revenue offi- bring the girl to her house, the cers; and after several shots being three gallants there forced her, exchanged, the smugglers overpow- and, dreading afterwards the puoered the officers, and forcibly carri- nishment of their crime, cut her ed off the whole cargo. Another body to pieces, and threw it into desperate engagement has since the Rhone. For some days the happened between the officers in unhappy parents fought their two custom-house barges, and a daughter in vain; but the river: party of smugglers, on the north having thrown up several parts of coast, in which several were killed the mangled carcase, it was then on both sides; but the smuggless at concluded me was murdered. Inlaft got the advantage, and carried formation having been taken, it their goods clear off.

was found she had been at the


They write from Vien- curess's; whereupon the latter was

na, that Wednesday last, taken up ard interrogaled, when being the day appointed for the the confessed her crime and her acpublic thanksgiving, the em

em complices: press appearea in public for the The princess Poniatowki, art time since the Tare emperor's filter to the king of Poland, zoth. death.

and the prince de Ligne, who acLaft Saturday, in the evening, companied her, visited Oxford, and the marriage of the princess Louisa expressed great satisfaction. Henrietta Wilhelmina of Branden. Letters from Jamaica inform bourg, with the reigning prince of that the Spanish government have Anhalt Dessau, was folemnized in actually expended three millions the royal chapel at Charlotten- of dollars in augmenting the forti. bourg, by the Rev. Mr. Sack, first fications at the Havannah, which chaplain to the king of Pruflia.

extended in-land several Yesterday, in the evening, the miles. ceremony of betrothing and ex. Letters from Baftia fay, that on changing of rings, between her the 8th inft. three Spanish xebecks royal highness the princess Wilhel. and fourteen iransports, having on mina of Pruffia, and his serene board 970 expulfed Jefuits, got highness the prince of Orange, was under fail, and that orders were performed at Charlottenbourg, sent to the other transports lying in the presence of his Prussian ma- in the gulph of St. Fiorenzo, to jesty, and the rest of the royal fa. proceed to Calvi, Algaiola, and mily, &c.

Ajaccio, and to land the Jesuits at A young woman at Lyons, very those places; the whole number handsome, but little advantaged of whom, arrived in Corsica, is in point of fortune, was the ob. 2,300: and that orders were sent, ject of criminal delre to three at the same time, to the command. young fellows. Each endeavoured ing officers of the French troops



Vol. X.


in those places, that, as soon as the vessels, captain's name Brewer; Jesuits were landed, they should and that they are fitting out, at embark with the troops on board Bombay, two of the company's the transports that carried the frigates and i he Salamandar bomb, Jefuits, and proceed to France. to go in quest of the robbers.

They write from Bois le Duc, The same advices add, that they that the advices received of the da- are getting ready troops there to mages done by the late dreadíul go out upon an expedition to storm, of the zoth, which fell upon Mocha. the town, and its environs, are most They write from Malta, that deplorable. Nineteen villages have the captain of a ship lately arrived suffered by the hail, which has da- there has informed them that a maged the houses, and broke the small Corsican armed vefsel, hav. windows to pieces. They count at ing perceived not far from that Rosmalen no less than 509 oak trees city, that a Turkish gallcy, retorn by the roots by the impetuo. turning from the coast of Africa fity of the wind; and between 70 with a considerable quantity of and 80 houses and barns carried treasure for the Grand Seignior, away or partly destroyed, as also was in chace of her, and that she the reformed and catholic churches. could not avoid falling into the Letters from the lordship of Empel hands of the infidels, the crew imand Meerwyk bring advice that mediately resolved rather to perish the proteftant church and school than be reduced to llavery ; and there are stripped of their roofs, animated with an heroic courage, and the Roman Catholic Churches they boarded the galley, and and eighteen houses converted into made great slaughter there, till at ,heaps of ruins; that the village of length, being almost overcome by Harewick had undergone the same superior force, they were succoured fate, and that all the damages put by a Maltese galley, under the together amounted to an immense command of the chevalier Roffel. fum.

mini of Pifa, who immediately with They write from Mobille, in his crew leaped on board the TurWest Florida, that Messrs. Fergu. kish galley, and completed the son and Atkins, two Indian trad.' victory which the Corsicans had ers, had lately returned from a begun. It is added, that the latter town eleven hundred miles up the had for their share of the booty great river Mislilippi, where they several cannon, fire-arms, and amhad each married the daughters of munition, together with 16,000 an Indian chief, and thereby esta- crowns in ready money., blished a mart of trade for bea. A few days since died at Ware, in vers, fur, deer-skins, &c. from Hertfordshire, said to be upwards whence great advantages were ex. of 105 years of age, a poor man, pected.

without any known surname, but By a private letter received by must be well remembered about the Speaker Indiaman, from Bom- . London, which he used to trabay, we learn, that the Arabs on verse, with a remarkable long the sea.coaft up the gulph have beard, selling matches and ballately cut off one of our country lads, and playing some tricks of

dexterity dexterity or sleight of hand, and king of Prusia, the States General, used in his patrol commoniy to be and to the prince and princess, saying Poor'yee, all alone, by which who are to be espoused. term he was well known. He is At Salisbury aflīzes a very

4th. reported not to have lain upon a interesting cause was tried, bed for more than fifty years past, in which two cheese-factors were notwithstanding which he died plaintiffs, against the hundred of worth upwards of 3,000l. which he Chippenham, for a load of cheese, has by will left for the benefit of value 6ol. which was forcibly widows and orphan children under taken away upon the king's highthe direction of certain persons way, by a company of rioters. named in his will for that purpose. After a long trial, the jury found This remarkable old fellow had for the plaintiffs.' acted the part of a spy in the rebel James Brownrigg, a painter, in army in Scotland, in the year 1745, Flower-de-luce court, was comwhere he sold gingerbread whiskey, mitted to Wood-street compter, &c. and was well known to many for cruel usage to two girls his of our military people.

apprentices. His wife, who made John Ubers, Printer, at Amster- her escape, iş said to be the chief dam, aged 106 years.

instrument; but he, it seems, was Mr. Gerard Lamb, at Madras, accessary. The barbarity of this aged 103 years.

man and his wife to these poor or. Mrs. Waters, on Saffron-Hill, phans is shocking to humrn naaged 102 years:

near Cockermouth, About three in the morning, aged 102 years.

the inhabitants of Leeds in York. Thire were greatly alarmed with a

sudden and uncommon swell in the AUGUST.

river, which rose upwards of two

yards perpendicular height in the ift.

A dividend warrant,dated space of an hour, by which several

in 1698, for 700l. being a fields of hay were swept away. year's interest on 10,000l. bank Much more damage was done by

was presented at the bank the sudden rising of the river for

payment; but, being of fo early Wharf, which was higher than a date, the books were to be exa

has been known for near 20 years mined before the claim could be pait. At Beamsley two houses, confirmed.

and Lindley and Dob-park bridges The count de Malzahan, envoy were carried away. Great damage extraordinary from the king of is done to all the corn-lands ad. Prufia, and count de Welderen, joining to that river; and great from the States General, having numbers of oxen, horses, and notified to his majesty the ap- sheep, along its banks, were carproaching marriage of the prince ried down by the current. Stadtholder with the princess, Morton-banks many farmers are niece to the king of Prufia, his almost totally ruined. At Woodmajesty sent compliments of con- fome, a mill, and part of a house, gratulation on this alliance to the and near forty cottages, were de

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A woman



ftroyed, and several other houses the stream. Providence, however, are much damaged. The river Nidd interposed for her safety. She was overflowed its banks, and has cast ashore on a green a little bedone an incredible deal of mis.' low the town, juft alive, and the chief-It is remarkable, that, on money grasped in both her hands the same day, but at a different so fast, that with some difficulty it hour, the river Slitterick, which was removed. A little above the runs through Havick in Scotland, towe, three houses were quite corose to an uncommon height, vered with water, except the chim. without any extraordinary rain ney-tops ; they were in an eddy, falling that day, or for some days which' saved them. The river before ; and the river Teviot was Rule likewise rose to an uncommon then fordable. It began to rise height. about four o'clock in the rfter- The report was made to his manoon, and continued increasing till jesty of the three malefactors under after fix, when the water was 22

senience of death in Newgate ; feet higher than usual. The con. when they were all respited. fternation of the town's people is Saturday last about five hunscarce to be conceived; for the dred fhear-men, from the clothing water rushed into the streets with towns of Somersetshire and Wiltinexpressible violence, threatening shire, afembled together upon universal desolation. Fifteen dwel. Corsley heath, and went in a body ling-houses, with the coin-mill at to Hornilham, near Warminster, the end of the town, were pre. Wilts, and pulled down and de. fently swept away, and ihe very stroyed a new gig-mill, just erect. rock, on which they were founded, ed for dressing broad-cloath, bewashed so clean, that not a bit of longing to Mr. Everet, of that robbish, or veftige of a building, place; whereby one man and a is left. As no human assistance boy could do as much work in two could avail, 'the minifter of the hours, as thirty men could do in a place called the inhabitants to day. church, to supplicate Heaven to On Saturday a journeyman ftoneavert the judgment that seemed to cutter at Knightlbridge, went to a threaten them. At the height of public-house in that place, and the flood, a servant maid, belong- fent for a girl he had for some time ing to a merchant of the town, re. kept company with, and, under collected that her master had in pretence of treating her with fix. the house (which was then fur- pennyworth of rum and water, he rounded with water) about 3000l. infused into the same a quantity, in gold. Her mafter being from of arfenick; the consequence of home, she acquainted the neigh- which was, that she died yesterday bours, and begged their affiftance in great agonies. The man has to recover it, but none of them abfconded, would venture; upon which the We hear from Kilcorney, in the girl herself boldly waded into the county of Clare, that on Sunhouse, and got hold of the bag, day last a man of that village, with the money; but, in coming touched by jealousy, assaulted his out, she was carried down by wife, and with a pair of tongs beat


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