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her in fo cruel a manner, that her surviving apprentice, that, about life was despaired of. The wretch a year and a halt ago, the decealthen seeing his wife thus wel. ed was put apprentice, and was tering in blood, and, in his thoughts upon trial about a month, during paft all hopes of recovery, as if feiz. which she eat and drank as the faed with madness, threw off his mily.did ; that soon after, her milcloaths, and ran naked to a stone tress, Elizabeth Brownrigg, began wall, against which be repeatedly to beat and ill-treat the decealed, ftruck his head with so much vió. sometimes with a walking cane, at lence as to fracture his skull, where other times with a horse whip, or of we hear he died last Tuesday. a poftillion's whip, stripping her

The deputy-overseer, or gover. quite naked, tying her hands across nor of a country parish workhouse, with a cord, sometimes fixed to a was carried before the right hon. water-pipe, and sometimes to the lord-mayor, charged with the staple in a beam in the kitchen following offence, viz.

That he had under ground, striking her over all artfully inveigled a girl, about parts of her body and head, under eighteen years of age, from the pretence that she had not worked parish workhouse to London, where hard enough; that particularly on he had endeavoured to sell her to the 31st of July latt, her mistress fome office-keepers, in order to obliged the deceased to strip herself fend her abroad. The office keeper naked, and then tied her up to the

nding the girl had a particular in. ftaple in the beam, and beat her frmity upon her, he refused to take with a whalebone riding whip on her. The overseer upon this en- several parts of her body, and with deavoured to drop the poor girl in the buti end, divers times, about Cornhill; but a gentleman, hap- the head, the blood gushing from pening to overhear what was said, her head and other parts of her secured Mr. overseer and the girl, body; that the repeated such ill. and carried them before his lord. usage that day five several times thip. The charge appearing pretty afterwards; and the deceased conplain, the overseer was committed tinued bleeding from her head and to the Compter, and the girl was shoulders, from that iime till the taken care of until the parish of. 4th instant, when she was conveyficers could be informed of che ed to the workhouse, no dressings above inhuman particulars. A poor having been applied to her wounds. boy, covered with vermin, also ap. A late journeyman of Brownrigg's peared against Mr. overseer, to deposed, that his master once whipfew his lordship what great care ped one of the girls, he could not was taken of the parish poor in the tell when; when the whip being said work house.

broken, he mended it again. The The coroner's jury finish- wife of a tradesman in Flower-de. rith.ed their enquiry, at the Luce Court deposed, that he had Red Cow, in Smithfield, on the often heard lamentable cries and body of Mary Clifford, late ap- groans ifuing from the lower part prentice to James Brownrigg, of Brownrigg's house; whereupon, painter, in Fetter-lane; when it on Monday the third inftant, thede. appeared by the evidence of the fired her journeyman to look down

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Brownrigg's sky-light (part of brought out of the cell, that a man which happened that day to be gave her some nux vomica, in order taken off) to see if he could dis- to poison her husband, which she cover from whence those groans burnt; that he gave his own wife arose; when, seeing something lie fome of the poison, who died soon on the ground, he threw down a after; that, some days after, he little piece of the wall ; and the brought her some arsenic, and af. deceased lifted up her head, made fifted her in mixing it with curds, a sort of noise in her throat, but which she gave her husband for seemed unable to speak. On this breakfast, who died a few hours discovery, information was given after eating them. to the parish officers, on whose The duke of York was moft coming to the house, and desiring magnificently entertained at Chan. to see the girl, Brownrigg faid tilly, by the king and queen of that she was at Stanstead in Hert. France, to which entertainment che fordshire, and had been there a prince of Condé, by the king's fortnight; but being confronted by order, invited more than 300 of the man who had seen her lying the principal nobility of that kingunder the sky-light, and threat. dom. ened by the officers, he at length The society of arts in the Strand produced the unhappy creature, in came to a resolution to give 100l. a most shocking condition, and to Mr. Philips, for the discovery speechless. The surgeons gave it of his manner of dying red and yel. as their opinion, that the wounds low leather. she had received had occafioned her The inhabitants of the town of death. The jury brought in their Sherborne in Dorsetshire, came to verdict, charging Elizabeth and a resolution to prosecute, to the James Brownrigg, as both guilty utmoft rigour of the law, every of wilful murder; the latter for stranger presuming to come into having aided and abetted the cru. that town to be inoculated. Quere, elties of his wife. The youngest By what law? fon, who was confined in the Poul- Early this morning a gang

16th. try Compter, was ordered to be of villains to the number discharged, no accufation having of twelve, or more, attacked two been laid against him at the above men in coming over Tower-hill, inqueft.

who crying out, vehemently, seve. Ac Mantes, on the river Seine, ral watchmen came to their allil. in France, a moft dreadful storm of tance, one of whom the villains thunder, hail, and rain, laid thirty cut in a most shocking manner; hisparishes under water, carried away cheek, in particular, was cut from many houses, destroyed the pro- the mouth to the ear, and his skull duce of the earth to a great ex. on the forehead laid bare for fix or tent, and did irreparable damage feven inches. Two of the rogues, to many farmers in that neigh- however, were secured, and the bourhood.

wounded man carried to the hor. Anne Sowerby was burnt at pital. York, for poisoning her husband. Elizabeth Brownrigg, who, with She declared, just before she was John Brownrigg her lon, had fled


from justice, being charged on the ter, was examined before the lord. coroner's inquest with the wilful mayor, relative to the murder of murder of Mary Clifford, her ap- Mary Clifford; when the furviving prentice, was taken at a chandler's apprentice, deposed that, about fix Top at Wandsworth, and brought months ago, the said Johu beat the to the Poultry compter. In order deceased with the buckle end of a to secrete themselves, they pafled for thick leather belt, till the blood man and wite, lay together in the ran from her head, neck, and shoulfame bed, and kept themselves very ders (several wounds the had beretired. The master of the shop, fore received being but just skinned however, reading the advertise. over, because she did not turn up ment describing their persons, and a bedstead, though (as appeared to offering a reward for apprehending the deponent) she had not Itrength them, thought he could perceive to do it; and that about three some fimilitude between the per- months ago the said John came infons defcribed and his lodgers; to the cellar, just after his mother and, without taking any notice of had been horsewhipping the dehis intentions, set out for London, ceased, who was then naked, when and acquainted Mr. Owen, church- the former told him, that though warden of S:. Dunftans, with his 'she had beaten the girl severely, fufpicions, who, with two con- yet she could not make her do any ftables, immediately set out for thing, and bid him whip her ; Wandsworth, where they found whereupon he gave the deceased the mother in bed, and the son about twenty cuts with the lath of walking about the room. They the whip; after which the mother were so disguised that the conita.. and son went away, leaving the bles, who were well acquainted with poor creature naked. The witness them before, could hardly know having added, that the son had not, them. Upon entering the prison, to her knowledge, beat the deceas. the mother fell into fits, which ed after the last mentioned time, have occasionally attacked her ever and it being the opinion of the surfince.

geons that the wound, which occaA tradesman's fon, in St. Mar- ' tioned her death, were those which tin’s, palling through Duke's the received on the gift. ult. and court, with a bank-note in his the whippings given by the son hand, began to play carelessly with being before that time, he was not two goats belonging to the Mews, judged acceffary to the murder ; when one of them nibbled the but was remanded to the Compter, bank-note out of the lad's hand, and till it could be known whether the swallowed it.

parish-officers had any other charge At the annual meeting of the against him. It appeared, in the clergy, and fons of the clergy, at course of this examination, that Bristol, the collection, at church Elizabeth Brownrigg began to beat and at dinner, amounted to 2011, the deceased at about one month 38. gd.

after her being bound apprentice, 21st.

John Brownrigg, eldest and from that time the wounds of son of Brownrigg the pain that unhappy girl were never suf

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fered to heal thoroughly, but con. the property of Mr. John Haw. ftantly kept open by repeated seve. thorne, of Drogheda in Ireland, rities.

were mafsacred by the mob, on Some' regulations have lately pretence of their being designed been made for the more amicably for exportation in England. carrying on the trade with the In- The following particulars are dian tribes, in the southern diftrict given by a gentleman, who is now of America, by which all white at Erfurt in Germany. In the people are forbid, on very fevere church of the Petersburg Benedic. penalties, from hunting, deer, 'or ţines here, is sewn the tomb of beari, in any of the woods or hunt. Louis, Count Gleichen, of the ing grounds of the Indians, and illustrious house of Scharzbourg, are prohibited from trading with which hath given an Emperor to them clandestinely, or supplying Germany. The count was made them with more than a certain prisoner in an engagement against quantity of spirituous liquors at a ihe Saracens, and suffered a long time ; which, it is believed, will and severe captivity. As he was prevent much bloodshed.

at work one day in the gardens of Two English schooners, laden the Sultan, he was accosted and with beef, pork, flour, cured fish, aiked some questions by his mas. and live stock, from the continent, ter's daughter, who was walking have been seized by order of the there. The agreeable person of governor of Martinico; although the Count, and his address in ihe poor inhabitants are in the working, so greatly pleafed the greatest distress for want of provi- princess, that the promised to set fions.

him free, and to go off with him, At Philadelphia, Stephen Porter provided he would marry her. 'I was apprehended and committed bave a wife and children,' answered to gaol for the murder of captain he-- That fignifies nothing,' says Wellcoat, of Bristol. Porter had the, 'the custom of my country been guilty of some offence in allows a man to have several wives.' Mhip board, for which the captain The count was not obstinate, he beat him. Porter, in revenge, on acquiesced to this reason, and gave the night following, with three her his promise. The princess others of the crew, split the cas- inade use of such specd and address tain's skull with an axe, as he lay io relieve him from his captivity, alleep, and afterwards dispatched that ihey were soon ready to emthe maie.

bark on board a ship. They as. At the affizes at Croydon, John rived safely at Venice. The count Baptift Malony was tried for un- there found one of his domeftics, lawfully exercising the function of who had been travelling about to a popish priest, and admioistering gain intelligence of him, and was the facrament of the Lord's supper informed by this servant, that his to divers persons, after the manner wise and children were well. He of the church of Rome, when he hattened immediately to Rome, and was found guilty, and received fen- after having ingenuoufly related tence of perpetual imprisonment. what had happened, he obtained of 'Twenty live bullocks and cows, the pope a solemn permission to


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keep both his wives. This hap. try. Compter ; upon hearing, of pened in the year 1240, and in the which his mother again fell into pontificate of Gregory IX. If the fits (having been free from them holy father shewed himself indul. two days

two days before) and continues gent, the count's wife was not ill. less complaisant; for the greatly caressed the Saracen lady, who had been the cause of her recovering SUMMER ASSIZES. her dear husband, and conceived for her rival a particular tenderness. At Abingdon allizes, two broThe Saracen princess made a suit- thers were capitally convicted for able return to all her civilities; a robbery. and being herself sterile, she ten- At Appleby assizes, none were derly loved the great number of capitally convicted. children which the countess hore. At Bedford assizes, two were At Gleichen is ftill Mewn the bed capitally convicted, one of whom whereon the count and his two was reprieved. wives lay. After their death they At Boilmin aflizes, fix were cawere all three buried in the same pitally convicted, of whom four tomb, as appears by the following were reprieved. epitaph.

At Buckingham aflizes, none " Here lie the bodies of r. o rival were capitally convicted. wives, who with unparalleled affec- Ac Bury aflizes, none were capi. tion loved each other as lifters, tally convicted. and me extremely. The one fled At Cambridge assizes, none were from Mahomet to follow her hus. capitally convicted. band; the other was willing to At Carlisle assizes, one was caembrace the spouse she had recover pitally convicted, ed. Unired by the ties of matri. At Carmarthen aflizes, three monial love, we had when living were capitally convicted. but one nuptial bed, and in our At Chelmsford aflizes, five were death only one marble covers us.' capitally convicted, two of whom

John Brownrigg was a- were reprieved. 24th.

gain carried before the lord At Croydon afsızes, fix were ca. mayor, charged with a misdemea- pitally convicted, of whom four nor in beating the surviving girl, were reprieved. apprentice to his father; when it At Derby aflizes, two were ca. appeared, on the oath of the girl, pically convicted, but were re. that he had whipped her naked prieved. three succeflive days with a horse- At Dorchester assizes, one was whip, twice by order of his mo. capitally convicted. ther, and the third tiine of Lis own At Durham assizcs, none were accord; because she had eaten two capitally convicted. or three chesnuts which lay in her At Exeter assizes, two were ca. way, and afterwards he drove her pitally convicted. up ftairs naked and bleeding, to Ai Gloucester assizes, three were Thew his mother what he had done. capitally convicted, of whom one He was re-committed to the Poula was reprieved.

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