At Hereford assizes three were lately infested the forks of Salud ya capitally convicted.

and Savannah rivers, and comAt the assizes at Lancaster, one mitted many robberies and cruwas capitally convicted.

elties, among which, being querAt Maidstone aslizes seven were tioned by Captain Bafard, who capitally convicted, four of whom demanded their pass on paling were reprieved.

Canon's Creek, they presented a At Newcastle aflizes, two were pistol, telling him there it was, and capitally convicted.

Tot him in the breast, robbed him At Northampton affizes, one of every thing valuable, and then was capitally convicted, but re- went to the house of one Wilson, prieved.

burnt him with red hot irons, tó At Northumberland allzes, two discover his money, and there rob. were capitally convicted, but re- , bed him of all he had. From Deprieved.

nis Hayes, they took to the amount At Norwich aflizes, five were of 3000l. brutally and luftfully capitally convicted; four of the used his wife and daughter, striprioters, who had been respited du- ped them, and left them naked. ring pleasure, were ordered to be They robbed Charles Kitchen on transported for life.

Broad River, beat out one of his At Nottingham asizes, five were wife's eyes, and burnt the poor capitally convicted, four of whom man most cruelly. On the same were reprieved.

river they fo inhumanly beat and Ac Salisbury assizes, four were burnt Gabriel Brown, that his life capitally convicted, three of whom is despaired of; and on Lynche's were reprieved.

Creek Road, they met Mr. Davis, Ar Shrewsbury assizes, one was whom they tied, and tortured with capitally convicted, but reprieved. red hot irons, and because he had

At Stafford allizes, one was ca- no money, they set fire to his house, pitally convicted, but reprieved. and left the unhappy man to be

At Wells aflizes, two were capi. hold his all in flames. These mistally convicted, but reprieved. creants are now become such a ter.

At Winchester aflizes, two were ror to the back-settlers, that they capitally convicted.

are preparing to quit their habitaAt Warwick allizes, one was ca- tions, and seek settlements where pitally convicted, but reprieved. their lives and properties may be At' Worcester affizes, one

more secure. capitally convicted, but reprieved. John Goodere and James

At York aflizes Ann Sowerby, Butcher were executed at 28th. for poisoning her husband, was ca- Chelmsford for horse.stealpitally convicted, and afterwards ing. The next day a reprieve came burnt; five more were capitally down for Goodere'; on which a reconvicted, three of whom are re- port was spread to the disadvantage prieved.

of the principal officers concerned; We have an account of the fol. but the fact was, that an applicalowing outrages and villanies from tion having been made in favour Charles-Town. Different

gangs of Charles Harrington, condemned of robbers and horse Itealers have for burglary at the same aflizes,


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the secretary, by his majesty's or- duchess Josepha with the king of der, sent a reference of the case the Two Sicilies. to the judge who tried him, and The emperor designs to ac. at the same time fent a respite, to company his fifter as far as Rome; prevent accidents from any delay and it is believed the grand duke in receiving the judge's report. No of Tuscany will be of the party. application, however, had been They have declared, in the most made for Goodere; but the judge express terms, that they will be in reporting on the case of Har. incognito, and receive no visits rington was also prompted by his or ceremonies of any fort. The humanity to

mention that of pope, however, will order all Goodere, whose crime appeared to such diversions and entertainments his lordihip less flagrant than that to be given that Rome can afford. of Harrington; he therefore re- A girandola will be one; and they commended it to his majesty, in fay, likewise, an illumination of St. case he should think proper

Peter's. fhew his royal clemency to Har- The French troops in Corsica rington, to extend the same mercy delivered up the fortresses of Calto Goodere. This report of the vi and Ajaccio to the Genoese, judge was not received at the se- and embarked on board some Spacretary's office till Friday, the very nish transports for France. The day on which Goodere unfortu. troubles in Corsica, it is computed, nately suffered.

have already coit the Genoese A comet was observed at Liver- nine millions sterling; and they pool in the south-east quarter of are now less likely to subdue that ihe Hemisphere, about 53 degrees brave people than they were at the above the horizon. Its tail de. beginning of the war with them. scribed an angle of 30 degrees, Paoli, their chief, is making great and its direction was towards the preparations for war. He has alPleiades.

ready obtained possession of Algag. A filver statue of the goddess liolo, and is actually beficging Cybele, weighing 36 pounds, of the two fortreffes which the French excellent workmanship, was lately have evacuated. taken out of the Tiber, three miles They write from Charles-Town, below Rome.

South Carolina, that his majefty's The island of Cephalonia, a fhip Cygnet, Philip Durell, esq. Grecian island, was almost over- commander, having touched at turned by an earthquake, many of the Havannah, in her way from the inhabitants were swallowed Pensacola, was fired at by the up, and those who remained a- Spaniards from the Moro castle, live are reduced to the utmost dir- and a 24 pounder beat through tress.

her larboard side. Captain DuThe cardinals Albani and Or. rell complaining of the insult, was sini, ministers plenipotentiaries, the answered, that the king's orders one from Vienna, the other from were to let no English ship into Naples, notified to the pope the the port.

the port. The Adventure frigate, approaching marriage of the arch. a few days after, being sent with

dispatches dispatches from captain Parry to rived at Cadiz the 13th inft. with the Spanish governor, met with a cargo of 1,679,627 hard pieces the like treatment.

in gold and filver, 5,723 chefts of And they also write from the cocoa, 886 quintals of copper, 187 same place, that on the 24th of of tin, besides other articles. July arrived there from Great. They write from Paris, that on Britain and the West Indies, laft in last Sunday the Dauphin entered 24 days from Pensacola, his majes. into the 14th year of his age, and ty's packet the Hillsborough, com- was declared to be out of his mi. manded by Capt. Leslie Grove. nority, but has fince been indirFrom the length of the voyage, pored with a cold and a fever. the captain being in want of re- They write from Bourdeaux, freshments and other necessaries, that the duke of York, who ar. went to the Havannah for a sup. rived there on the 17th, had sup: ply; but, on attempting to go into ped with Marshal Richelieu, and the harbour, after applying to the dined with the intendant of the governor, had two shot fired at province, and that on' the 20th his him, which were certainly design. royal highness set out for Langue. ed to link him, and, had he not doc and Provence. put immediately about, a number The Abbe Rochon, who - failed of cannon, ready charged and from the road of Brest on the 7th pointed, would have sent his ma- of April, on board the Union, jesty's ship to the bottom. The commanded by count de Breugh. Spaniards said no ship or vessel on, who went to Morocco, is re. with British colours Mould enter turned from his voyage, having that harbour. This is the third made his intended observations. insult the British Aag has received He has viewed several eclipses of at the same place within a few Jupiter's Satellites with an inftruweeks.

ment of his own invention, which Lisbon, Aug. 18. Ms. Lyt. obviates a difficulty with which tleton, who is to reside here in these observations have been hi. quality of minister from his Bri. therto attended. The difficulty tannic majesty, arrived the day consisted in keeping the star in before yesterday, on board view during the agitation of the English frigate. He was intro. mip, by a telescope magnifying not duced last night to Count d'Oey, less than fixty times; but with the ras, and is forthwith to have an Abbe's instrument, whatever be audience of the king and royal fa. the motion of the ship, the Itar mily.

can never be loft above four se. Six vessels are arrived in the Ta- conds of time. It has been apgus, very richly laden; four from proved by a committee of the acaFernambuco, and two from the demy of sciences, to whom a me. bay of All Saints.

moir has been sent for examination, Madrid, Aug. 25. The court containing an account of the obser: has received advice, that the Ea. vations made with it. gle frigate, which failed from Li- They write from Que

201h. ma the 18th of March' last, ar- bece that father Rabo, a



learned Jesuit, had just returned enormous sums, merely to purchale from a second expedition to Lake a temporary truce ; while Great Superior, in which he trated the Britain, their friend and ally, has course of a great river some hun- not been able to procure even comdred leagues west and by north, mon juftice to her trading subjects which there was great reason to in this kingdom, by a four years conjecture penetrated into the negociation.' fouth seas.

By a letter from New Provi. They write from Naples, that dence, there is advice that an on the 23d of July, letters were English floop, belonging to Rhode received from Catanzanor, the ca. illand, had been taken by a Spa. pital of the Higher Calabria, which nifh guarda confta in the West Inbring advice, that in the night be. dies, and carried into Musketo har. tween the 14th and 15th init. se. bour, in the island of Porto Rico, veral violent shocks of the earth where the vessel and cargo were were felt there, and that the pro. confiscated, and the crew thrown vince had fuftained considerable into prison, on pretence of illicit damage. The town of Cozcuza trade. suffered much; and Luzzi, St.

Died, Edward Norris of VirgiAgatha, and other villages, were nia, aged 103 years. He was. 70 entirely demolished. About forty years pilot within the Capes. people were killed, and a great Mr. Benjamin Perryn, in Oxford number wounded. The shocks road, aged 103 years. continued till the 18th, and were Mrs. Darby, at Great Harlock, felt in a direction from west to eaft, aged 105 years. from the gulph of Squillace to Gal. lipoli.

They write from Lisbon, that on the 24th of this month arrived

SEPTEMBER. in the Tagus, opposite to that city, a lhalop, with an express on board, As the duke of Grafton and

ift. dispatched by the governor of Sen- Mr. fecretary Conway were negal, with orders to repair to returning from Cambden-place in London as soon as possible, to in. Kent, a man of 70, much intoxform the government that a mor- icated with liquor, rolled against tality rages with such violence a. the wheel of their curricle, which mong the troops, that out of 300 threw him down and very much men, of which they were compo. hurt his leg. His Grace ordered sed, scarce 90 are remaining; and all possible care to be immediately moreover, that there is a great taken of the man; and when he scarcity of provisions.

arrived in town fent Mr. Adair, In another Letter from Lisbon is Mr. Hawkins, and Mr. Gataker the following observation, "We to his asliftance; but the wound think it no small aggravation here, soon turned to a mortification, and that the perry state of Algiers can, the man is fince dead. at any time, terrify the haughty John Fisher, esq. was by inPortugueze into the payment of quest chosen mayor of Yarmouth,


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The inqueft, confifting of 12 men, whole transaction, the mares were were hut up in the Guildhall three judged to be stolen, and Jackson days and three nights before they was immediately sent to prison, agreed upon their choice. and Mr. Bryant and his man

There was a violent storm of bound to prosecute him at our next hail and rain, accompanied with gaol delivery. the loudest thunder, and moft The London Gazette of dreadful flashes of lightning, at this evening contains two 5th. Genoa, ever known in the memory orders of his majefty in of man. Seven persons were kil. council, dated the 28th ult. by led, and much damage done to the first of which the free importhe churches and houses. The tation into this kingdom of oats or foremast and topmaft of a Spanish oatmeal, rye or rye-meal, wheat or frigate were so much shivered, that wheat flour, barley or barley-meal, both must be changed, and one peas, beans, tares, callivancies, man was killed, and two others malt, bread, biscuit, and starch, much hurt by the lightning. from any part of Europe, is permit

A very remarkable cause was ed from the expiration of the time tried at Bristol assizes, before Sir before limited, viz. the 10th inJoseph Yates. It was as follows: ftant until 20 days after the comMr. Bryant, of Magotsfield, sent mencement of the next sessions of his servant with two mares to sell parliament. By the second, the at St. James's fair, 1766, where prohibition of the exportation of one Thomas Jackson met him, and any sort of corn, grain, meal, malt, agreed to give him 23 guineas for flour, bread, bileuit, or ftarch; is them. Some difficulty arising how further extended from the said roth to procure the money, a perion of instant, until 20 days after the the same gang came in at the in. commencement of the next feflion ftant, and bought a gelding (which of parliament. Jackson had at the door) at the The following accident happen. same price he was to give for the ed at the Whalebone, two miles mares. The gelding was to be from Rumford :- -Bullock, esq. fent to the Bell-Inn in St, 'Tho. of Stratford, and Daniel Le Gass, mas's-street, to one Crook, who esq. a Genoese merchant, returnwas to pay for him; but Jackson ing froin Rumford (where they being lame, prevailed on Mr. had been taking the diversion of Bryant's man to take him, whilst sooring) having their guns loadhe prepared a dinner. He accord- ed in the chaile with them, by ingly went, but finding no such some means one of the pieces went person there, returned, and found off, and killed Mr. Le Gafs on that Jackson had gone off with the the spot. mares, and countermanded the Between seven and eight o'clock dinner. Jackson was with much in the evening, foon after high difficulty discovered, and this trial water, the water in the Liffy, near brought on for the recovery of Dublin, suddenly funk about two the price of the mares. Great feet, and in a moment after rose villainy appearing throughout the upwards of four feet, and im.


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