mediately fell to its proper level; before from New York: It confifton this occasion several vessels re- ed of 10 men and 17 officers only, ceived considerable damage, by the general having permitted all being drove from their moorings, who chose it to enlist into other re&c. It is apprehended from this giments. The rest chusing to stay extraordinary phænomenon, that in America enlisted. an earthquake has happened fome. A stone in the church-yard of where, as an event of the same St. Paul, Covent-garden, to the kind was felt at Corke at the time memory of James Worsdale, maf. of the great earthquake at Lif. ter painter to the board of ord. bon.'

nance, has this inscription upon it, Much about the same hour, it written by himself. being low tide at Oftend, and the Eager to get, but not to keep the fhips aground, in less than three pelf, minutes the food returned with A friend to all mankind-except such violence that it set all the himself. Thips afloat, and forced several This morning a dreadful from their anchors ; and, what fire broke out at a stocking- gth. was very extraordinary, the mud trimmer's in Tower-royal, from the bottom rose to the sur- opposite St. Antholin's church, face, in a manner which is seldom Budge Row, which entirely conseen in the most tempestuous wea sumed the same; the flames were so ther, though at that time the air rapid, that the master of the house was serene, and the wind mode- and his wife were obliged to leap rate. This tide continued turbu- out of a two pair of stairs window lent about a quarter of an hour, into the street, when the latter, beand in fixteen minutes after it eb. ing big with child, was killed on bed five feet.

the spot, and the husband broke A model of the famous bell, his thigh, two of his ribs, and vulgarly called Great Tom of was otherwise so much bruised, Lincoln, is now actually made in that he was carried to the hospital order to be hung up in an antique without hopes of recovery: an inbuilding, the north east corner of fant of two years old was saved the castle hill in that city, for by being caught in a blanket, the gratification of curious stran. and the man and maid escaped gers; and the custom of setting over the tops of the houses. By open the doors of the cathedral the activity of the firemen and enon all public occasions, will for gines, the flames were prevented the future be entirely disconti. from spreading, and thus probably nued.

preserved the whole neighbourAt the triennial meeting of the hood. three choirs of Worcester, the col. An uncommon phænomenon was lection amounted to 1921.

observed on the water of Illa, near Gen. Monkton's regiment of Cowper-Angus, preceded by a foor, (the 17th) arrived at Salif. thick dark smoke, which foon bury, having landed a few days dispelled, and discovered a large



luminous body, like a house on of the burglary. It is said that fire, hut presently took after a form as soon as the jury brought in fomething pyramidal, and rolled their verdi&t, guilty, he burst into forwards with impetuosity till it tears. came to the water of Erick ; up At the anniversary meeting of which river it took its direction the sons of the clergy, held at with great rapidity, and disap- Newcastle, the collection amount: peared a little above Blairgowrie. ed to 3151. 15. gd. which was The effects were as extraordinary diftributed to one clergy man inca. as the appearance.' In its passage, pacitated, 20 clergymen's widows, it carried a large cart many yards 14 clergy men's fons, and 41 clerover a field of grass; a man riding gymen's daughter's, according to along the high road was carried their several neceffitous, circumfrom his horse, and so ftunned stances. with the fall as to remain sense. The Portuguese have offered lefs a considerable time. It de.. 600,000 crowns by way of ranftroyed one half of a house, and fom for their faves in Morocco, left the other behind, undermined and 15,000 crowns a year to posand destroyed an arch of the new chase peace, and as an acknowbridge building at Blairgowrie, ledgment fo long as it shall laft; immediately after which ir disap- and nearly the fame 'offer is made peared. Ás few appearances of to the Dey of Algiers. The Ve. this kind ever were attended with netians, on the contrary, gave oslike consequences, various conjec. ders to their admiral Emo, that' tures have been formed concerning in case the Dey Mould not comit.

ply with his demands of peace, rith.

The noted Mr. Edwar! he should declare war, keep cruiz

Higgins took his trial at ing with the eight Tips under his Carmarthen assizes, and was found command in those seas of Barbary, guilty, and the next morning con- and fink and burn all Algerine demned. Upon being asked by vessels that he should meet with. the judge, What he had to say why The following warlike expefentence of death should not be riments are said to have been late. paffed upon him? He answered, ly made at Woolwich by Mr. That he thought he had not a fair'. Cross, and were found to answer, trial. But it seemed to be the opi. but are not adopted, for particular nion of all who heard it, that he reasons. ift. To fix gunpowder was convi&ted on the clearest evi- under the earth, and when trod dence. The trunk broke open at upon to be blown up. 2. To fix lady Maud's, on infpection, was gunpowder under a gate, and found to have a small part of the when opened will be blown up. key left in the lock, and the other 3. To fix gunpowder under the part of the key was found on His earth, and by lifting up any thing gins when he was taken. This that he may lay thereon, will be was the moft material circumftance blown up. 4. To fix gunpowder against him, though several others under the greatest building on strongly confirmed his being guilty London fide of the Thames, Mr.




Cross will stand the opposite side the imperial robe, and a coronet and blow it up, without using on her head, proceeded to church match or train. He has brought in a coach, which was followed to perfe&tion also a moving battery, by twenty other coaches and fix. which is to be drawn by horses, As soon as the empress arrived at and is to be made use of in time of the church, the deputies walked battle, when fifty men can with. thither two by two, conducted by ftand one thousand, firing cannon, the attorney-general, holding the small arms, hand grenades, &c. marshall', itaff in his hand. They 14th.

An inquisition was taken were preceded by the superior de

on the body of Mr. Daniel partments of the empire, the col. Agasse, of Broad-street Buildings, leges, and chanceries, which were when it appeared that the de. followed by the twenty govern. ceased, being in a one-horse chaise, ments and particular districts, in which also was Wm. Bullock, After singing Te Deum, the arch. Esq. of Stratford, each having a bishop of Twer made a pious ex. double-barrelled gun standing by hortation, and all the deputies them, with which they had been took the oath, and afterwards shooting, on a sudden jolt of the signed it with their own hands. chaise one of the guns went off, In the mean time her majefty with. and not Mr. Agasse dead.

drew, to the audience chamber, Elizabeth Brownrigg was where the attorney-general con. ried in a cart from Newgate, at- ducted the deputies to the foot of tended by two clergymen, amidst the throne, in the same order as a numerous crowd of spectators, before. and executed at Tyburn, for the The seffions ended


16th. murder of Mary Clifford. Her Old Bailey. At this sessions body was afterwards carried to 118 prisoners were tried, fix of Surgeons-hall for dissection. Be- whom were capitally convicted ; fore she left Newgate that morn- two to be transported for 14 years, ing, her husband and son took 55 for seven years, four branded, leave of her in the cell. She ap- and four whipped. James Brownpeared very penitent in the way rigg, and John kis fon, were into and at the place of execution, dicted for assaulting Mary Mitchel, where the crowd was so great, their surviving apprentice, in ftripthat several persons were much ping and whipping her. They are hurt.

to be tried next feffions at GuildThey write from Mosco, that hall. on the roth of August most of the Thomas Bowers and Isaac Hills, deputies, charged to form the new the porters concerned together in code of laws, being arrived in this carrying off 2000l. from Mefl. city from all the provinces of the Paynes, bankers,in Lombard-ftreet, empire, the commission was open- which they were intrusted to carry ed with much folemnity, by order to the Nottingham waggon, were of the Empress. The deputies tried at this allize, and sentenced assembled at seven in the morn. to be transported. ing, in the convent of Tschu- William Guest, lately belong.. dow. At ten her majesty, wearing ing to the bank, was convicted of Vol. X.




high-treason, in filing and dimi. people. On this occafion the prinnishing his majesty's coin. This cipal nobility and persons of disunfortunate gentleman's counsel tinction (subscribers to the infirmmoved, in arrest of judgment, but ary) dined together, and all extheir plea was over-ruled.

pressed the utmost zeal to support A soemaker's lad, having found a charity that has for its object the a basket in the streets with fome- relief of the unfortunate poor, of thing packed up in it, carried it whatever country they be. home to his master, who, on open- A great mortality prevails in the ing it, being enraged to find in it British settlements on the African a new-born child, threw it out of coaft; and a number of troops are a two-pair-of-stairs window, by preparing to embark, to supply the which it was killed.

place of those who have been cara At Worcester fair old hops sold ried off. from 51. 1os. to 71. 1os.

There An oak tree was lately felled were only eleven pockets of new near Ludlow in Shropshire, the prohops, the quality of which wasvery duce of which were 37 tons of tim. bad, the price 71. to gl. Last year's ber, 43 cords of wood, 200 parkfair near 3000 pockets were sold, pales, and 5 cords of brackets. and the duty amounted to upwards A bough broke off before the tree of 21,000l.' but this year it will was cut down, which weighed senot be 300l. The failure of the ven tons and an half, and three fruit is as great as that of the hops. men were employed a month in Cheese fold from 245. to 275. the stocking it. The whole tree was long hundred.

valued at 1401. Was held court Sarah Langford was tried at the 37th. Chrift's hospital

, when the sessions of the peace held at Bristol, president declared that a benefac. for imprisoning Jane Bryant in a iion of 2001. had been received box, and reducing her to a most from Sir James Cockburn, Bart. deplorable condition.

She was upon which the thanks of the court found guilty, and sentenced to sufand a staff was voted to that gen. fer a twelve months imprisonment, tleman. Dr. Pitcairne received and to pay a fine of 135. 4d. his charge as a governor, as did The Prince of Orange

22d. John Small, Esq. who gave 1001. took leave of the StatesThe report from the committee of General on Friday last. He left almoners was also read, in relation the Hague early on Saturday, with to the residue of the estate of Mr. a numerous retinue, and arrived John Buiteris, late of Hertford, at Loo the same day, where he amounting to 5461. which he be. continued Sunday and yesterday ; queathed to the hospital, on con- and this morning set out for Brunf. dition, that the corporation might wick, where he will stay two or have always one child there ; and three days, and then proce-d to it was unanimously agreed to ac- Potsdam by way of Magdebourg; cept the same.

and it is said, the marriage will be 'The foundation-stone of a new celebrated at Berlin on the 4th of infirmary at Salisbury was laid, October. amidst a numerous concourse of




The fellows, &c. of che, the burning of heretics has been 25th.

college of physicians, had difused. a meeting and a dinner at their A detachment of the elector of college in Warwick-lane ; and in Bavaria's troops destroyed a mill the afternoon a great number of which stood on the side of the Dagentlemen, licentiates of the col- nube, belonging to the bishop of lege (between whom and the fel. Ratiibon, which, it is thought, lows there has been a strong dif- will cause much bloodshed. pate) went to the college, and not From the LONDON GAZETTE. being admitted, forced the gates,

Whitehall, Sept, 29. and then with the assistance of a On Sunday last captain Wrotsmith forced the door of the col. telly arrived here from Monaco, lege, and rushed in upon the fel. with the melancholy account, lows; some of the gentlemen That his royal highness Edward broke several of the windows to Auguftus, duke of York and Al. pieces with their canes, which bany, died at that place on the caused great confusion; but after 17th'instant, about eleven o'clock some time they broke up without in the morning, of a malignant further violence.

fever, after a severe illness of The palm-tree, known by the fourteen days, to the great grief name of the Palma Japonica, of their majefties and all the royal which flowered and produced fruit family. The body was opened in the garden of the Schombrunn and embalmed; and was ordered ar Vienna in 1765, and which is by commodore Spry to be put on now 113 years old, has again board his majesty's ship Montreal, blossomed this year, as has like. captain Colby, to be brought to wise another of the same species, England. 56 years old. The foreign and The following are some of the rare plant, called the Arbor Dra. particulars that are related, and conis Clufii, has likewise blossom- faid to be authentic, of the sicked; and the fruit about the big- nefs and death of his royal highness ness of a cherry, and of an orange the duke of York. yellow colour, shews fair to ripen, His royal highness had danced, which it is supposed is the first rather too much at the chateau of time they have arrived at such per a person of fashion ; and this had fe&tion in Europe.

not only fatigued him, but occafion. They write from Lisbon, that ed a very strong perfpiration. As on Sunday last an Auto de fe was soon as the ball was finished, the celebrated there, in which eleven prince gave orders for his carriages men and three women received sen- to be got ready immediately, to tence. Not one was condemned set off for Toulon, from whence to die; and most of them were he was distant fome three or four convicted of offences, for which leagues. The gentlemen of the much heavier punishments would train, colonels Morrison and St. have been inficted on them, had John, and captain Wrottefly, earthey been proceeded against in the nestly represeted to his royal highking's temporal courts. Since his ness the necessity of his remain. molt faithful majesty's acceflion, ing where he was, if not to go to

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