day; but as the affair of the Diffi- Bridgewater's canal received no dents came upon the carpet, they damage. Ar Stratford, the bridge adjourned.

belonging to the caffoon, was forcA great snow fell in the Peake ed from its foundaiion, and the in Derbyshire, which lay 13 inches rubbish going along with the deep upon the ground,

water, was left upon the adjacent At a court of aldermen, a fields, and quite altered their ap6th.

representation from Sir The pearance. At Bollen, the bridge odore Janssen, city chamberlain, which carried the canal over that ri. praying leave to appoint a deputy per had one third part carried away, for a few weeks, his physicians but no other material damage ensu. having advised him to go to Bath, ed; the works at this place are reckfor the recovery of his health, oned as grand as those at Worsley, was taken into consideration; when and the damage done at the twoplait was determined that the court ces is computed at about 2000l. could not empower any fubftitute A letter is just published at Paris, to exercise the magifterial part of from Don Emanuel d'Amas, vicethat office.

roy of Peru, to the king of Spain, The first stone of the intended bearing date the 6th of Seprember, bridge over the river Tyne, at 1766, by which he informs his Hexham, was laid by Sir Walter Catholic Majefty, that the jesuit Blackett, who walked at the head priests have a warehouse in the city of the procession of the principal of Lima, where most of the agents gentlemen, freeholders, and free-, of South America refide, and whic masons of that town and neigh, ther all sorts of merchandize are bourhood, from the market-place sent for sale in that country; and to Tyne. Green, with colours Ay. that they have like warehouses in ing, drums beating, &c. and the the other cities in order to carry bells kept ringing. After the ce. on an univerfal, and, indeed, an semony of fixing the ftone, the gen- exclusive commerce ; for paying tlemen returned in the like order, no contribution, and being at very and were generously invited to an little expence, they find a quick elegant entertainment at the Ab- fale for their goods, and take ready bey, provided by Sir Walter.

money ; leaving only for the lay This day the Jewish feaft of merchants the debts and failures of tabernacles commenced.,

those who purchase on credit.' In They have had the greatest fort, the griefs contained in the 8th.

flood at Manchester ever viceroy's letter, joined to the dif. known. The rivers Mersey and ficulties the king of Portugal met Irwel overflowed several fields on with when he attempted to reform each fide their banks; large quan- the jesuits, might have been alone tities of hay and corn were borne fufficient to oblige his Catholic away, and the damage sustained Majefty to get rid of so irreligious at Salford-Quay, in lugars, spiri. and prejudicial a body. tuous liquoss, dye. fuff, &c. da- The justiciary rorarion for maged and destroyed, is fupposed Southwark was opened at the 9th. to amount to several hundred Town-hall on St. Margaret's-hill, pounds. His Grace the duke of by which regulation one justice

will be in attendance from ten in that neighbourhood for many years, the morning to one in the after- occasioned by an excessive fall of noon, every day in the week Sun- rain westward of them the preceddays excepted.

ing day and night, by which a deal The new hospital near Pancras, of damage was done to the lands was opened for the reception of adjoining to the river.—But the da. patients to be inoculated for the mage was much more confiderable small-pox.

upon the river Calder, where the The high frosty winds, and great rise was so great and sudden, that fall of rain, have retarded the har- several persons were obliged to veft so much in the north, that great climb into irees to save themselves quantities of oats, pease, and from being carried away by the beans, were this day, in the neigh. torrent; the new navigation from bourhood of Newcastle, uncut. Wakefield to Halifax has suffered Cheviot-hills, and the high lands much ; and the crops of several to the west end of that town, were whole fields of oats and beans in that two days before covered with snow, neighbourhood are entirely swept and an excessive rain on the gth away.-One Person at Peniston has raised the Tyne many feet. loft near zol. worth of oats; and

They write from Birmingham, the accounts received of the dathat there fell so great a quantity mage done in several other parts of of snow on the hills in Derbyshire the country, by this inundation, and Cheshire, that on its melting are almost incredible. it caused great floods in those parts, Letters also from Denbighshire particularly last Thursday at North in North Wales, Sheffield, Stock. wich the waters were so high, that port, Stratford, and Warrington, the inhabitants went about the mention incredible damage to have ftreets in boats.

been sustained in those parts from The court of France went Ith.

very great and extraordinary into mourning 11 days for floods. the duke of York:-Gazi

The prince Statholder This morning about two o'clock having notified in form the 13th. a fire broke out at Mr. Pitt's, a completion of his marriage with grocer in High Holborn, which the princess Wilhelmina of Pruffia, in a short time entirely consumed to the different colleges of the gothe same, with all the stock in vernment residing here, that agreetrade, and the adjoining house, able event was yesterday made and greatly damaged five others. known at the Hague by the firing The flames were fo rapid, that of cannon, displaying of flags, and the inhabitants had but just time by other demonstrations of joy ; to escape with their lives; a and prince Lewis of Brunfwick maid-fervant and a boy belong- gave an entertainment upon the ing to the grocer being missing, it occafion to a great number of the is feared "they perished in the principal persons of the country. fames.

Their serene and royal highoefles They write from Leeds, that last the prince and princess of Orange Thursday morning they had the were to leave Berlin yesterday; and largest food that has been known in as they will rest at Potzdam, Brunf.

wick, Loo, and Soefdyck, in their The archduchess Maria way home, they are not expected Jofepha, the intended queen

15th. at the house in the wood before of Naples, died of the small-pox, the 3d of November, when the re. at the castle of Schonbrun near joicings here will begin again. Vienna. She was taken ill the 4th The Rates of Friesland have set instant, and there were the greatest the example to the other provinces, hopes of her recovery a few days by voting an annuity to the prin- ago; but last night the distemper cess of Orange ; and it is probable took a sudden and fatal turn. The that other presents will be made pock, which had never filled as it by other provinces, to shew their should do, funk and ftruck in, and satisfaction upon this occasion. there foon appeared manifest indi. · Four human skeletons were dug cations of an inward mortification. up in a gravel-pit in Barnsby-field, This day, about seven o'clock in near Pocklington, in Yorkshire; the evening, the expired, after a three were without coffins, the long and painful agony. She had fourth was inclosed in a coffin, frequent lucid intervals, knew the with an urn at the head, after the danger, and met her fate with the manner of the ancient Romans, on calmeft fortitude, seeming to feel the outside of which were engraved nothing so much as the affiliation several ancient characters: The lhe caused, which she endeavoured coffin mouldered into dust as soon to alleviate, by repeatedly begging as exposed to the air.

the emperor and empress (who con. His excellency. lord viscount tinued with her till the last mo. Townshend, lord lieutenant of Ire- ment) to remember, that at any land, arrived at Dublin, and svas rate she was soon to have been sea received by the lord mayor, alder. parated from them for ever. mén, heriffs, and commons, in At Wayhill fair, which their formalities.

ended this day, hops fold 16th. William Gueft, for filing from 81. to 121. and some as high 14th,

guineas ; John Spires and as 141. Many, however, remained William Bryan, for the highway; unfold. and Thomas Davis, for burglary, The lord mayor, seriffs, and were executed at Tyburn. Mr. commons of Dublin, came to the Guest was drawn in a fledge to the following resolution, That the obgallows, and after the three others taining a law for limiting the duwere tied up, he got into the cart; ration of parliament, under pro. he was not tied immediately, per qualifications, would be of the but was indulged to pray on his highest advantage to that kingdom knees, attended by the ordinary, in general, and to the city of Duband another clergyman of the lin in particular; and that it will church of England: He joined in be adviseable for that city to take prayers with the clergy man with all conftitutional measures for the the greatest devotion, and his whole procuring such a law. de portment was so pious, grave, The journeymen weavers `in manly and folemn, as

to draw

Spital-fields have assembled in a tears from the greatest part of the riotous manner, cut the work out numerous spectators.



of several looms, and done other


great of.

tain tree,

Their pro

damage on account of the prices of nocent, he that doth these things their work being reduced. The shall never be moved.' guards were called in to quell the Hain mills, neat New. cioters, but the damage they had bery, Berks, were burnt to 18th. done is said to exceed ioool, the water's edge, fupposed to be

There died lately, at his house maliciously set on fire. The dao in Wapping, aged 84 years, the mage is estimated at 200012 noted Mr. Daniel Day; equally A deadful fire broke out about remarkable as an humorist, and for midnight, on the 26th of Septem. his great skill in mechanics. He ber at Conftantinople at the house was the firft promoter and founder of a Milanese taylor, who perished of Fair Lopfair in Hannault-forest, in the flames, which spread and in the county

of Essex, which was raged with great violence for fix held the firdt Friday in July, every hours, not withstanding the grand year; where he has for forty years fignior, grand vizir, and cat beans and bacon, under a cer. ficers of the Porte, aslifted in giving

he constantly walked to orders, and encouraging the fire. and from, wbile his strength would men and janissaries with money, to admit; bis dress was a blue ferge exert their utmost efforts for extinwaistcoat and brecches embroider. guishing the flames. ed with the last eight gress was stopped on one side of years, as he grew feeble, he went the way at the church and convent in a coach attended by a fidler. of St. Anthony, being a stone He endeavoured to make the fair building, and at the other by the statute, but could not succeed, or vacancy of an house, which had would have been buried under the 'not been rebuilt after a former free, and ordered a monument to fire. If it had not been a very his memory; but to show his great calm night, the whole suburb, regard for the tree, and its situa. which is of large extent, would tion, he procured a limb, of which probably have been laid in alhes. has been made a coffin, which he Fifty houses are entirely consumed, bas had by him many years, in most of them large ones, inhabited which he often used to lie down, chiefly by Frank merchants, and to see if it fitted him. He has or. by Drugomen, with some thops. dered his body to be laid in Bark. The palaces of the Dutch ambasa. ing church-yard, (the parish in dor, the Neapolitan envoy, and which the tree is in) to be carried the Russian resident, two houses of by water attended by his men, the English factory, and a small with white gloves and aprons, cach Roman Catholic convent, were man to have 25. and 6d. and a full burnt down. pot. His fortune, which was ea- James Brownrigg, and ly, he kept in the bank, as he al- John his son, were tried at

19th, ways declared against interest for Guildhall

, on two separate indict. money, and used to quote a passage ments, for assaulting, whipping, out of the Pfalms, * he tbat put. and ill treating Mary Mitchell, the teth not out his money to ufory, surviving apprentice girl of the Hor taketh reward against the in- faid James; when they were both 3

found di 10.b ?)) bisnis

found guilty, and recommitted to chell's head into a water-tub, once Newgate, in order to receive fen. broke the griftle of het ear with cence at the ensuing sessions at the ä walking.itick, and once horse. Old Bailey. The jury recommend. whipped her, but not naked. In ed the father to mercy. The son answer to which he id, he owned appeared to be very ill and weak, the dipping her head in water, but and so deaf, that it was with much denied ftriking her over the ear; difficulty he could be made to un- urged several inftances of her mis. derstand the queftions pat to him. behaviour; pleaded the good cha

Two time-pieces,or fea-watches, racter given him by five apprenone made by M. le Roi, the other tices; and added, that fome of his by Mr. Berthaud, were examined boarders must have known fome. and compared before the royal aca. thing of the alledged ill-treatment; demy at Paris, with the principles but, on account of their circumof that made by Mr. Harrison of stances, he did not chufe to call London, and the preference, as them. The fon was indicted for might be expected, given to the whipping Mary Mitchell three French watches,

days successively naked; the two A person in the neighbourhood first times weré by his mother's of Plymouth, having lost some order, the last of his own accord, ,calves, upon opening them found for taking fome chesnuts: he said, the passages full of worms. in his defence, that the girl never

The society for the en. lay ill of his beating, and that he

couragement of arts, manu. had taught her to read. . factures, and commerce, came to a An order of courcil was issued, resolution to give Mr. Phillips one importing that his majesty, having hundred pounds for his important received information that the price discoveries of the method of dying of wheat in the port of London, leather red and yellow; the colours has been, for two successive mar. are allowed to be superior to any ker-days, above 48s. the quarter; imported from Morocco or Lisbon, his inajesty therefore prohibits the and upon repeated experiments are making, extracting, or distilling of found to be more durable.

any kind of low wines or fpirits The sefsions ended at the from any 23d.

wheat, wheat-meal, Old Bailey. At this sessions wheat-four, and wheat-bran, or 7 received sentence of death; one, any mixture therewith, until 14 iransportation for 14 years ; 30, days after the commencement of for seven years; 4 to be whipped, the next session of parliament. and

fined and imprisoned.- On Wednesday morning,

29th, James Brownrigg and John his between eight and nine fon, were sentenced to pay a fine o'clock, his majesty's ship Montreal of is. each, and to be imprisoned arrived at St. Helen's, with the in Newgate six months; at the ex. corpse of his late royal highness the piration of which, to enter into duke of York, where the laid 10 recognizances for their good beha. almost half an hour, while she reviour for seven years.-It appear- ceived her orders from the Tweed, ed on the trial that James Brown, which was stationed there for that rigg had twice dipped Masy Mit- purpose, in case the Montreal


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