should touch there. After she had der the penalties prescribed by the received her orders, she stood to law which fixed the exchange in the eastward of the Downs. At 1766. first, when the appeared in fight, The last week has exhibited the hoifted the royal ftandard half scenes of the greatest horror in Ita. ftaff high, and fired minute guns, ly, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius which were answered by the Tweed. having continued with great vioThe minute guns at the Tower are lence. Many fine vineyards are to fire, and his royal highness's destroyed, and some villas ; but his corpse is to be brought up the river Sicilian majesty's palace and the to the Jerusalem Chamber; but if museum of Portici have escaped, it should not arrive till after three by the lava's taking another in the afternoon, then to lay in course, when it was within a mile ftate at Greenwich one night. and a half of them. The con.

It is reported, that in the jesuits cuffions of the air from the explo. college at Barcelona, in Spain, fions of the mountain were so vio. were found riches to the amount lent, that many doors and winof twelve millions of crowns. It dow's, even at Naples, were forced confifted of several tons of gold open by them. The explosions and silver, a large quantity of gold and concussions of the air were dutt, emeralds and diamonds, moft terrible on Thursday. The crowns of gold ornamented with noise generally continued, each brilliants and rubies, some bales of time, between five and fix hours, cocoa, and some rich' merchandize and then ceased as suddenly as it from the East Indies.

began. The stones thrown up by A dreadful earthquake ruined these explosions were of an enorthe isle of Cephalonia, and almost mous fize, and were thrown be. destroyed the city of Zante, in the tween five and fix hundred feet Levant. The inhabitants had been high, and many of them fell more alarmed by former shocks, and had than half a mile from the crater, taken to ients and boats, to pass The clouds which islued from the their time in the fields and on the mouth of the volcano, and hung river ; by which precaution many over it, striking one against the o lives were saved; but their con. ther, occasioned continual flashes fternation and distress is inexpref- of forked lightning, the thunder sible.

of which was heard when the A law has been published at mountain was filent. The moun. Stockholm, declaring, that in con- tain is now calm, and the lavas no sequence of the measures taken by longer run. This eruption is unithe states and their secret commit. versally allowed to be the moft tee in the last Diet, the course of violent that has happened this exchange should be fixed, for the century, both as to the loudness of year 1768, at 42 marks copper for the explosions, which were heard a rixdollar, Hamburgh banco, and above thirty miles from Naples, proportionably for all other mo. and to the quantity of lava. It is ney ; forbidding any person to impoflible to describe the confufion bargain for bills at a higher price the city of Naples has been in for after the first of January next, un- a week past.


The late general Pulteney is sants, esq. aged 94 years, who had said to have devised by his will the married seven Indian wives. following legacies : To the hon. Father Rabo, the jesuit, wholaft William Pulteney, esq. who mar- summer went from Quebec to difried his niece, only daughter of the cover if any navigable river comlate Daniel Pulteney, esq. the municated from the weft ward of youngest brother of the late earl of Lake Superior, in Canada, to the Bath, and who changed his name S. Seas. from Johnstone to Pulteney, his Capt. Thomas Wilson, aged 86, two large ettates, one of which is who served in all the campaigns 14,000l. per ann, and the other under the great duke of Marlbo. 12,000l. per ann. To the right rough. honourable the earl of Darlington, Rev. Mr. Tho. Trigge, vicar of 150,000l, in money in the ftocks. · Horlie, near Riegate, Surry, and To the hon. Frederick Vane, and possessed also of a donative in Suf. Raby Vane, esqrs. brothers of the folk. He was educated in Chrift's earl of Darlington, 6ool. per an. Hospital, and many years since prenum each, for them and their chil. sented by the governors to the a. dren for ever. To Mr. Liver. bove two benefices; about six years more, his gentleman, 1000l. and ago, he presented the hospital with his wardrobe. To his cook and 100l. out of gratitude, and about clerk of the kitchen, 100l. per two years after, with zool. more; ann. each during life. To Mr. upon which the general court votThomas Heron, a distant relation, ed him a governor; he has by his rooul, and sol. per ann.

To will added a third gift of 200l. his coachman, all his carriages and which will make up sool. in recoach horses. To Mr. Garden, turn for his education and the prehis steward, 1000l. and a genteel ferment he received from that royal annuity for life. To Dr. Douglas, hospital. his library; the said library was At Ghent, the famous Jenny first devised to the doctor by the Cameron. late earl of Bath, which the gene. · At Paris, Anne Louisa Allard, ral purchased for 1000l, and now aged 117 years. has left to him again, agreeable to John Key, aged 85, in Pensylva. the intention of the original devi- nia. Wm. Penn, the first propri. for. To George Colman, esq. etor, gave him a lot of ground in 4001. per ann, for life. To his

To his compliment, being the first child housekeeper, 100l. per ann. for born in Philadelphia, life. To his two grooms, two

Geo. Wilford, aged 100, want. years wages, and all his fine riding- ing four days, at Penny-bridge in horses. To all his other servants, Lancashire. About 3 years ago, each, two years wages. Besides a died James Roberts, aged 113, great number of charitable and near the same place; where is now other legacies. The name of the living William Rogers, aged 105, house, he died in, in Piccadilly, is in perfect health. ordered by his will to be called for Elizabeth Harwood, at White. ever BATH HOUSE.

church, in Shropshire, aged 1oz Died, in Virginia, Edward Plea. years. Her husband, a thepherd,

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is still living there, aged ninety- lord of the manor, who rewarded cight years.

them handsomely for their trouble. At his house in Thackham's. A session of high court of court Chandois-ftreet in the 100 Admiralty was held at the Old year of his age, Mr. Wood, Bailey, for trial of offences com. who had, for upwards of seventy mitted on the high seas, but no years, belonged to the Herald's material offences came before the office.

A commander, charged with wilfully cafting away his

ship, with intent to defraud the in. NOVEMBER.

surers, was discharged of that of.

fence, no indictment having been The Montreal arrived in preferred against him. Another

the river, where the coffin in commander of a vessel, charged which his royal highness's remains with cruelty to his apprentice, was were brought home, was changed likewise discharged. for one made by the king's uphol. The following extraordinary atfterer, on which his highness's ti. teftation of the coroner of Bergen tles were elegantly inscribed. county in New-England, was com2d.

This day, about noon, the municated by a gentleman of such queen was happily delivered credit, as leaves

not the least doubt of a prince. Her royal highness the of its being genuine. “ On the princess dowager of Wales, his 22d day of September, in the year grace the archbishop of Canterbu- of our Lord 1967, I Johannes Dery, several lords of his majesty's mareft, coroner of the county of moft honourable privy.council, and Bergen and province of New-jer. the ladies of her majesty's bed- fey, was present at a view of the chamber were present.

body of one Nicholas Tuers, then The remains of his late lying dead, together with the jury, 3d.

royal highness the duke of which I fummoned to enquire of York were deposited in the royal the death of the said Nicholas Tu. vault in king Henry VIIth's cha- ers. At that time a negro man, pel. For an account of the pro- named Harry, belonging to Hencellion, see the Appendix to the drick Christians Zabriskie, was Chronicle.

suspected of having murdered the An order was issued by the lord. said Tuers, but there was no proof mayor for apprehending allvagrants of it, and the negro denied it. I found within the liberties of the asked if he was not afraid to touch city, and palling them to their re- Tuers. He said No, he had not spective parishes.

hurt him, and immediately came Some labourers, in finking a well- up to the corpfe lying in the cofat Benacre, in Suffolk, found an fin; and chen Staats Storm, one of earthern jar, containing near 400 the jurors said, I am not afraid pieces of silver coin, the chief of him, and stroked the dead man's part of K. Edward I. and II. and face with his hand, which madę no ftruck at London, York, and Dub. alteration in the dead person, and lin. The workmen honestly caró (as I did not put any faith in any ried them to Sir Thomas Gooch, of those trials) my back was turn


ed towards the dead body, when hopeful youths, some time ago, .. the jury ordered the negro to touch having discovered a sum of money, the dead man's face with his hand, to the amount of near 200l, which and then I heard a cry in the room his mother had saved unknown to of the people; saying, He is the his father, took the whole, and imman,' and I was defired to come to mediately laid it out in cloaths, the dead body; and was told that piftols, &c. for the rest of his comthe said Negro Harry had put his panions. hand on Tuers's face, and that At a court of common council, the blood immediately ran out of held at Guildhall, a motion was the nose of the dead man Tuers. I made that the thanks of this court saw the blood on his face, and or- be given to the Hon. Thomas dered the negro to rub his hand Harley, Lord Mayor elect; Sir again on Tuers's face; he did fo, Robert Ladbroke, knt. Sir Richard and immediately the blood again Glynn, knt, and bart. and Wil. ran out of the said Tuers's nofe at liam Beckford, esq. this city's reboth noftrils, near a common table' presentatives in parliament, for the spoonful at each noftril, as well as constant and diligent application I could judge. Whereupon the and attention which they have people all charged him with being thewn, on all occasions (during the the murderer, but he denied it for course of this parliament) to the a few minutes, and then confessed welfare and interest of this great that he had murdered the faid metropolis in general ; and par. Nicholas Tuers, by first striking ticularly to the several matters him on the head with an axe, and which have from time to time been then driving a wooden pin in his recommended by this court to their ear; though afterwards he said he care and confideration. Which ftruck a second time with his axe, was resolved, and fair copies or. and then held him faft till he had dered to be signed by the town. done struggling ; when that was clerk, and one delivered to each done, he awaked some of the fac of the said representatives. mily, and said Tuers was dying he The corpse of the late general believed.

Pulteney, after lying in ftate, was JOHANNES DEMAREST, Cor.carried from the Jerusalem cham

Nine young apprentices, the ber in a grand procession, and ina oldest not 18, having some time terred in Illip's chapel in Weft. since formed themselves into a minster Abbey. gang, in order to go on the high- This day the noted Hig

7th. way, having committed robberies, gins was executed at Carit is said, io the amount of sool. marthen; from whence we have refive of them were this day taken,

ceived the following particulars. and diligent search is making after « On the 23d of October, the the rest. Their principal rendez. Sheriff of Carmarthen received the vous was at a little public-house, warrant for the execution of Ed. near Shepherd's Bush, where they ward Higgins on the 7th inftant, used to put up their horses, change which was read to him, and which their cloaths, and transact all their affected him greatly for a few mi. business. The ringleader of those nutes, but his spirits reviving, Vol. X.



so on

said, I'll get a reprieve before “ Yesterday, the 7th instant, a.' then;

the 26th of October bout eleven o'clock in the mornhe wrote to some of his friends for ing, he was fetched out of gaol, one, which accordingly came down and taken to Petsarn, the place of on the 3d inftant, of which the execution; but' was very desirous following is a copy.

of being hanged within the walls Whitehall, Oct. 29, 1767. of the castle, which was denied • Sir, notwithstanding his ma- him. On the road to the gallows jesty's royal mandate for that pur- he walked so fast, that the specpofe, you are hereby required to tators could hardly keep up with poftpone the execution of Edward him, ftill cursing and swearing that Higgins, convicted at your last the respite was real, and calling aflize for burglary, till further or- the under-theriff a scoundrel for ders.

Your's, &c. taking away his life with the re.

SHELBURNE. prieve in his pocket ; he further To the High-Sheriff of the said, that the lord chief juftice will

county of Carmarthen, or take the matter in hand, and many his Deputy, the Goaler, or will suffer by it; and it is re. his Deputy.

ported, that he desired his wife to “ On the arrival of this sham re- insert his trial, execution, &c. in {pite, Higgin's wife and fifter, in the London papers ; and at the . order to countenance the cheat, gallows delivered her two letters, dressed themselves that evening in but the contents are not known. white, but the under-seriff sus. He made no confession at all, but pecting the reality of this respite, declared he never wronged any made all tire enquiry about it, and person of a filling in his life, and finding it a forged one, went to the in a manner denied the crime for prisoner the evening preceding his which he suffered. He mounted execution, advising him to prepare the ladder boldly, and addressed himself for eternity, for that he the spectators thus: “Gentlemen, would be executed the following now is the time, do as you please, day ; to which Higgins faid, you you have my reprieve in your are a scoundrel for suspecting focuftody." He prayed for about evident a truth, move me from this five minutes, and then said, “I place to-morrow if you dare, curf. am ready," and was turned off ing and swearing moft lockingly before one o'clock.” all the time. The clergymen of This day at noon the prince the town, and especially the Rev. and princess of Orange made Mr. Rogers, the rector, and his their public entry into the Hague. curate, were very afsiduous in ad. The procession was very magni. ministering good advice to him, ficent, and in great order, notwithwhich he regarded not, still in standing the prodigious affluence fifting upon a respite, and offering of people, which had crowd. to bet ioool. on the reality of it, ed from all parts of this country and saying, you threaten me wich to see it. The magiftrates of the the gallows, thinking I will con- Hague received and complimented fels many things, I must be add their highnesses under a triumphal fool if I do.

arch, erected at the side they came


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