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into town by. The burghers were don, in common-council assemunder arms, as was likewise the bled, waited on his majesty; and garrison ; and the prince of Weil. being in'roduced to his inajeft by burgh and prince Lewis of Brunf. the right hon. the earl of Heriwick marched in the train at the ford, Tord chamberlain of his má. head of their respective squadrons jesty's houshold, James Eyre, esq. of guards. The artillery was fired the recorder, made their compli. at the fame time from the ram- ments in the following addre's. parts; the bells rung; and the To the king's most excellent Stadtholder, with his royal bride, majesty. were conducted to their apart. May it please your majesty, ments amidit the acclamations of We your majesty's most duti. the people. The whole town was ful and loyal subjects, the lord magnificently illuminated at night. mayor, aldermen, and commons This evening their highnesses of the city of London, in commake their appearance at the mon council assembled, happy in French theatre; and on Thurs- every occasion of approaching your day next the prince of Orange will royal presence with our most dutigive a ball and fupper at the old ful congratulations, beg leave to court, with which the public fer. express our unfeigned joy on the tival will conclude.

safe delivery of that most excellent A breakfast was given to the princess, the queen, and the furfriends of the marquis of Kildare, ther increase of your royal family, at the Rotunda in the New Gar- by the birth of another prince. dens, in Dublin, of which the fol. We cannot but feel ourselves lowing is the bill of fare: deeply interested in every event

100 rounds of beef : 100 neats which affects the illustrious house tongues : 1000 feep's ditto: 100 of Hanover, under whole mild baked pies : 100 Girloins of beef: government the British subjects 100 geefe roasted : 100 turkies have, for more than half a cendiito: 100 ducks ditto: 100 pul- tury, been bieffed with a full en. lets dirto : 100 wild fowl ; 1009 joyment of their c vil and religious French loaves : 2000 large prints righes, and a series of happiness, of butter : 100 weight of Glou- unknown to the lame extent in any cester cheese : tea, coffee, and former period. chocolate, in abundance :

• Permit us, therefore, royal Sir, saffron cakes : 4000 plain ditro, at the same time, humbly io offer 50 hams; 2500 bottles of wine : our sincere condolence on the and a moft splendid and large py- much lamented death of your maramid of sweetmeats in the mid- jesty's royal brother the duke of dle of the defert in the centre of York, uhose many eminent and the room; likewise a great nume princely virtues have moft justly ber of stands of jelly, and a curi. endeared his memory to all your ous fountain playing, handsomelý majesty's loyal subjects, and made ornamented with ivy, &c. the private loss of the royal fa. nith

This day the right hon. mily, a public misfor une.

the lord mayor, aldermen, May the divine providence and commons of the city of Lon. long preserve your majesty ; and

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may there never be wanting one ftairs window, by which he broke of your majesty's royal descen- his arm and thigh, and now lies dants to be the guardian of our without hopes of recovery. This most happy conftitution !

accident is said to have been occa. Signed by order of court, fioned by a lamp being left burn.

JAMES HODGES. ing for a lodger, which unhappily To which address his majesty was set fire to some shavings in the room.

pleased to return this most gra- A number of colliers from near cious answer :

Stourbridge, in Worcestershire, af. • I thank you for this loyal ad- sembled in a riotous manner at dress, and for the satisfaction you Kidderminster-market, and being express in the increase of my fa- joined by other persons, to the mily: Those expressions of your number of near 2000, forced the zealous attachment cannot but be farmers to sell their wheat at 55. a agreeable to me : The religion bushel, which before was sold at and liberties of my people always 7s. and at the same time obliged have been, and ever fall be, the them to sell their butts at 6d. a constant objects of my care and pound, which before was sold for attention ; and I shall esteem it 8d. They paid for what they had, one of my first duties to instil the and then went home quietly. fame principles into those who may At Mr. Dudley's, iron.

16th. fucceed me.

monger and grocer, in Stour• I regard your condolence on bridge, by some means, a spark of the melancholy event of the Duke fire few into a barrel of gunpow. of York's death, as an additional der, which was in a back ware. proof of your attachment to me house, while Mr. Dudley was and my family, and I take this there, and blew up the whole first opportunity of expressing my building, and buried him in the thanks for it.'

ruins, from whence he was dug They were all received very out a moft miserable fpectacle ; graciously, and had the honour to yet there are hopes of his recokiss his majetty's hand.

very: adjoining to the building This morning early a ter140h.

was a locksmith's shop, in which rible fire broke out at the several men were at work, who house of Mr. Bailey, turner and were by the concussion, which chandler, near Gray's-Inn-Lane, forced out the windows of the Holborn, which entirely con- top, thrown confusedly againft sumed the same, together with each other. One man received a another house, a pawn-broker's mortal wound in his belly from an adjoining, and damaged one inftrument one of his ihopmates more. The flames

so was at work with, and died foon rapid, that Mr. Bailey and his after. The violence of the shock family had hardly time to make broke the windows of several ad. their escape, undressed. His stock jacent houses. in trade, furniture, wearing ap- A gentlewoman in Holbourn, parel, &c. were destroyed; a young whose husband had presented her man, a lodger, was obliged to with a ticket, put up prayers in the throw himself out of a two-pair of church the day before drawing, in



the following manner. " The publican, at Abingdon, in Berks, prayers of this congregation are The broker who went from town defired for the success of a person to carry him the news, he com• engaged in a new undertaking." plimented with 1001. All the

Mr. Hughes, a stock-broker, bells in the town were fet a ringhad his pocket picked in Jona. ing; he called in his neigh than's coffee house of so lottery- bours, promised to aflift this with tickets, the value of which (at the a capital sum, that with another, price then fold) is 8ool. The gave away plenty of liquor, and same evening three other brokers vowed to lend a poor cobler (his had their pockets picked of their old penny cuftomer) money to buy purses. one containing 62 guineas, leather to stock his ftall so full, another seven, and the third five. that he should not be able to get One of the pickpockets has been into it to work; and lastly, he fince apprehended, on whom 35 of promised to buy a new coach for the tickets were recovered; the the coachman who brought him other 15, he said were carried to down the ticket, and to give a set Holland by his accomplices. of as good horses as could be

A coloured print of the French bought for money. king, engraved on copper, was On Wednesday, in the after. worked off, in his majelty's pre- noon, the body of a gentleman fence, by M. Gautier, aflifted by was found drowned just off Bilone of his sons. The work was lingsgate, supposed to have missed compleated in fix minutes, and the his way in the fog; he had in his picture came out finished with all pockets a watch, two guineas, a its colours.

five and threepence, some filver, A court of aldermen was held at and a dollar, and filver buckles in Guildhall, when 100l. was or

his shoes. dered to be paid to the widow On Wednesday evening, as Mr. of the late 'worthy alderman Cox, needlemaker in Black-friars, Cockayne, as a testimony of the was going over to Bridewell, he, sense they entertained of his ever by the thickness of the fog, missed being ready and willing to serve his way, and fell into the ditch his fellow-citizens.

close to Black-friars wharf, and A motion was made in the court was found suffocated in the mud. of common pleas for a new trial

This day his majesty, at.

24th. to set aside the verdict given against tended by the duke of Anthe surgeons in the Borough, for caster, and the earl of Huntingsool. damages, for breaking a don, went in his state-coach to the person's leg, by new setting it; house of peers, and opened the but upon hearing the merits of the present meeting of parliament with cause argued, the court over-ruled a most gracious speech from the the motion, and confirmed the ver, throne. dict.

A court of common-council was 19th.

This morning No. 3379, held at Guildhall, when a petition was drawn a prize of twenty

to the hon. house of commons, re. thousand pounds. It is the pro- lating to the present high price of perty of Mr. Alder, a cooper and provisions, was read and agreed

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६०, to, and the seriffs were ordered Joseph Harvey and Richto present the same forthwith. ard Bittere, for burglary;

25th. They write from Vienna, that John Brass, for robbing Mrs. Hub. letters from Tyrol bring a detail bard, of a sum of money ; and of the most melancholy events. William Edwards, for stealing fol. After a very copious rain, which in the dwelling house of Daniel lafted from the 16th to the 19th, Lucas, the fox and crown at Highin :he southern part of that coun- gate, were executed at Tyburn, try, the-rivers and brooks over. pursuant to their sentence. Ed. flowed on all sides. The waters wards seemed to be above thirty which ran from the moontains years old; but the three others dragged down along with them greatly excited the compassion of ftones of an enormons size, and the spectators, the eldest being overturned bridges, houses, and about eighteen, and the two churches. In some places the others younger.- Edwards was by very rocks, detached from the trade a painter, and lived several mountains, made terrible havock. years in good repute in LitchfieldThe adige, issuing from its bed, street, near Newport-market; he produced so great an inundation, was waited on by a gentleman, at that the plain between the two the desire of Mrs Bartholomew, of mountains resembled a lake. The the White.conduit-house, relative misery of the country is general, to a family gold watch, when he . and the inhabitants not being able trembled very much, and owned to remedy the misforune, had no the taking 491. but denied his other course to take but to escape knowing any thing of the watch. to the high grounds, from whence A prisoner in the Bastile hang. they beheld with grief the dread. ed himself a few days ago; but the ful spectacle of the destruction of gaoler coming into his room soon their houses and fields.

after, and perceiving that he was The town of Neumark, found. not dead, cut the cord by which ed fome ages ago, at the place he hung, and made use of every where the town of Enna, by the means to recover him ; but the Romans called Endidæ, stood, and prisoner no sooner came to him. which was destroyed by an inun- felf, than he seized the knife with dation, has had pretty nearly the which the gaoler had cut him same fate. Thirty-seven in habi. down, ftabbed him with it, and tants, who had retired into the afterwards stabbed himself. The little church of St. Antonio, pe- gaoler survived him only a few rished, the rivulet of Vilbach hav. hours. ing thrown it down. Tne little The queen of Denmark, in com. river known by the name of Lavis, memoration of her marriage, has broke a large dike of stones, and ordered the sum of 30 rixdollars penetrated into the country of to be given to each of 25 young Trente, where it has done pro. women in the district of Soroe, as digious damage. The Ferlina, a portion at their wedding, beanother small stream, having broke fides ten rixdollars at the birth its banks, has likewise committed of every first child. The wedgreat ravages,

dings are to be on the 29th of next January, which is the king's bourhood. The house where the birth-day.

murder was committed is in EastEphraim Philpot of North Kel. Florida, on St. Mary's river, fifly, near Taunton, in Somersetshire, teen miles above the Ferry, which having some difference with his he reached on the 22d; but findfather, went into the field where ing no boat, and no answer from he was, and shot him dead. He the Ferry-house on the other side, has fince been apprehended, and he supposed the people were fled, committed to prison.

and not being able to cross the 26th.

The case of Mr. Gibson, river, he was obliged to return."

on a special verdict, was Letter from the East-Indies. argued by council, before the " On the roth of September, right hon. Lord Mansfield, and 1766, came to our garden near nine more of the judges, in the Tranquebar, a Moorish or MahoExchequer-chamber, Westminster. metan prieit, a dwarf, aged 45 hall, for upwards of three hours: years: his fize was scarce that of their lordships are to give their an ordinary child of four years opinion on the case next term. old. What was remarkable in this

Extract of a letter from Charles- case was, that he was not at all Town, South-Carolina, Oat. 2. mishapen, but all his limbs seemed

« Wednesday last, Michael as well proportioned from head to Muckenfuss, disparched by the foot as those of any other person. poftmaster-general with the mail He sung in the Persian, but un. for St. Augustine, returned here, derstood very little of the Malaand gives the following account, bar language.

The former goto which he has made oath: Sep- vernor of Madrass had his image tember 20th, three days after cast in brass, fince the dwarf himleaving Savannah, he reached the self could not be persuaded to go Store on Santilly river, kept by to Europe. He walked a little in James Lemmon, who told him, our plantation to look about him; that the day before, while George but as walking was troublesome. Mills, Benjamin Baker, Jeremiah to him on account of a disorder in Wylly, and one' Cummins, were his breaft, one of our people car. driving some cattle across a run of ried him on his arms like a child, water near the said Wylly's house, which he liked very well.” the three lait mentioned were fired This autumn has been fatal to upon and killed upon the spot. the horses in America, as well as Mills made his escape, and rode England and Holland. The distowards Wylly's, where he saw temper there has been attended five Indians killing two women, with fatal effects ; in the province three children, and old Mr. Mills, of New Jersey, it has carried off his own father, on which he rode almost all their young horses and off; he knew the Indians to be colts; and in New England the Creeks, belonging to the village havock it has made is very ruinous. of Allatchway, who, to the num- The tide ebbed and flow.

28th, ber of 15, had been for some ed about five in the morntime hunting in that neighbour- ing, twice in an hour and a half,

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