at London bridge and Green, About twelve the same night, wich.

the master of the Peacock, in 30th. fon of their majefties, was The young prince, fourth Gray's inn lane, discovered a man

in his shirt that had jumped out baptized by the bishop of London, of a two pair of ftairs window in (the archbishop of Canterbury his feep: By pitching on the being indifpofed) by the name of pent-house it had broke his fall, Edward. Their serene highnesses and the man had received no hurt. the hereditary prince and princess He appeared ftupid at firft, and of Brunswick, the reigning prince would believe nothing of the matof Mecklenburgh-Strelitz, and her ter ; but recovering himself, and royal highness the princess of Heffe finding himself naked in the ftreet, were sponsors by proxy.

he was greatly affected at his deA body of weavers, armed with liverance. rusty swords, piftols, and other of. Some particulars relative to the fenfive weapons, assembled at a lofs of the brig Dolphin, capt. house on Saffron-hill, with an in- John Malbone, belonging to Newtent to deftroy the work in the port, Rhode island, which was looms of an eminent weaver near set on fire off that place in July that place, but were happily dif. laft. persed without much mischief. " When the Dolphin had ar. Some of them were apprehended, rived off Point Judith from Ja. and being examined before the maica, and was within five miles justices at Hick's-hall, it appear. from the land, at half after ten ed that two classes of weavers o'clock at night, a negro boy went were 'mutually combined to dis. down between the decks, amongst tress each other, namely the en. the rum, where there stood several gine and narrow weavers. The puncheons of water, and (as he engine weavers were supposed to says) with an intention to draw be ruinous to the narrow weavers, fome water, but miftook, and because, by means of their en. broached a cask of rum; at the gines, one of them could do as same time the door of the lanmuch in one day as six of the o. tern, in which he carried the ther, and the fame kind of work candle, being open, and the can: equally good; for which reason dle falling into the rum, set it on the narrow weavers were deter. fire: This so affrighted the boy, mined to destroy them: The men that he neglected to stop the ran. who were taken up were engine ning of the rum, and in less than weavers, and they urged in their halt a minute the head of the cak favour, that they only assembled in few out, and the fames were im. order to defend theinselves from a mediately communicated to party of the others who were ex- casks more, all between decks, so pected to rise. As they had done that all polible means used to exno mischief, they were all dismis. tinguish it proved entirely inef. sed with a severe reprimand for fectual; the vessel was all in flames not having applied to the civil ma. in a very few minutes, and congiftrate for protection.

sequently reduced 26 persons, be.

ing the number of people, in- of Newport, Rhode Island, was cluding passengers, on board, to upwards of 200 tons burthen, was a diftress and horror that must be returning from her first voyage, left to the reader's imagination; with a rich and valuable cargo, among many of them sublifted the and had got within three or four tender and endearing connec. hours sail of that harbour when tions of husband and wife, pa- the above misfortune happened. rent and child, brother and fifter, The vessel and cargo were valued &c. between whom the merciless at 4000l. fterling, and the effects fames were now effecting a cruel of the passengers at 2000l. fter. and inevitable separation; and it ling." was with the utmost difficily that Some months ago three large a soul on board saved his life. tribes, in the environs of Cattaro, There were in passengers, viz. a strong place in Venetian Dalma. Mr. John Henry, Mr. Nathaniel tia, fell upon Budoa, a trading and Green, and another gentleman; opulent town. We now learn, Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Storer, Miss that they have at their head a Ann Storer, Miss Frances Storer, chief, who calls himself Peter. Miss Maria Storer, Miss Sarah Stephen Czar III. to which he Storer, and Mr. Henry's two 'adds the title of Servus Servochildren, one 16, and the other sum) the servant of servants. He 4 months old, five of whom pe. refides at Maim, in a monastery rished in the following manner, of Callogeri, or Greek Schismatic viz. Mrs. Storer, Miss Sarah Sto- monks, where he received prorer, and Mr. Henry's two chil. selytes and tributes. He has about dren, being in the cabin, were his person four thousand armed fuffocated with the smoke before peasants ; and, under the pretence the two small boats could be got of protecting religion, has already out, they being thrown over with subjected a conliderable number of the utmost difficulty, not having the inbabitants of Turkish Albaany thing ready to hoist them: nia, fome villages belonging to Mrs. Henry was upon deck, with the republic of Venice, and all her fifters, and might have been those of Montenero, a fierce peo. saved with them, but, overcome ple, and great enemies of the Ma. with maternal love and affection, hometans. The republic is taking on hearing ber mother cry out, measures for the preservation of the children! oh, the children ! its territories, and stopping the The ran and threw herself headlong progress of this rude people. down the companion into the An extraordinary accident has fames, and was there instantly lately happened at Pontoise, which consumed. The remainder of has thrown the inhabitants into the people, to the number of great coníternation. That town is twenty-one, got alhore, with dif- to fituated, that a rock hangs over ficulty, in the two small boats. part of it, and upon the brow of The vessel barnt till eight o'clock the rock are gardens, houses, and the next day, when she funk. even two churches. On the 25th

“ The above brig belonged to instant, about three oclock in the Mel. Evan and Francis Malbone, morning, part of the prominent

rock rock (50 feet in length, 30 in have not yet failed from Pozzuoli, height, and 18 to 20 feet in being detained by contrary winds; width) fell down, and crushed two armed galley's in this port have three houses, the inhabitants of orders to join them, but the port which had just time to save them, they are bound to is not known. felves by means of the alarm, The success which the affair of which they received by some the Diffidents has met with, is owcracks which preceded the fatal ing principally to the private conaccident: one man only was dug ferences, which were held at the out of the ruins, slightly hurt, houses of prince de Repnin, the having been preserved by a cavity prince Primate, and the marshalls of occafioned by some large pieces of the confederacy. It was there a. the rock. The inhabitants are greed that the king and queen of under great confternation, on ac- Poland shall be of the Roman Ca. count of some more of the rock tholic religion; but that, never. being in danger of falling. Atheless, the Disidents, Greekt, skilful engineer is sent to take and Protestants shall enjoy the proper measures to guard against fame privileges as the Catholics the mischief which may result throughout Poland. All the profrom any accident of the like kind ceedings of the Diffidents in all for the future.

henceforth be judged before a su. The expulfion of the jesuits perior tribunal, entitled, Iudicium from the kingdom of Naples, Mixtum, the members of which are which was long expected, is at to be of different religions, and length put in execution. On the the president to be alternately a 20th of this month at the setting Catholic, Greek, or Dislident. in of the evening, the garrison of The bishop of Cracow, and the that capital was under arms, and other nobles whom the Russian the fix houfes of jesuits were in. troops carried off, are ftill at Wil. vefted by the civil officers, and a na, and it becomes every day more party, of grenadiers. Six of the apparent, that they will not reco. principal magiftrates also went to ver their liberty, till the grand each of the houses, and fixed a feal commission and the diet shall have on all the rooms. About midnight terminated their fittings. ten companies of grenadiers, and Died, at Hexham, David Cham. two hundred horse, pofted them. bers, weaver, aged 100. He was selves in different parts of the city, in the army upwards of 30 years ; where they preffed a number of and he was under the duke of carriages, and sent the jesuits in Marlborough in his campaigns. them, guarded by a party of horse, His behayiour during that period to Pozzuoli, where vessels were was such as gained him the esteem waiting to transport them out of of his foperiors, and joftly entitled the kingdom. Every jefuit was him to an offer of that asylum allowed to take his portmanteau, which numbers are glad to enjoy which was not examined. A par- by petition. In the last war, not. ty of soldiers is left in each of the withstanding he was upwards of houses, till further orders are re- 90 years of age, he again joined ceived from the king. The Ihips the army, and had the honour to

fight under prince Ferdinand on in Somersetshire: A farmer having the plains of Minden, from thence high words with his wife, and be. he returned again to Hexham, ing employed at the same time in mounted the loom, and continued somewhat wherein he had occasion working thereat till within a very for the use of a bill-hook, which little time of his death.

he had in his hand, on some proMr. Pennifton Brooks, at Hon- vocation he gave her a cut on the duras, upwards of 40 years a con. top of the head with it, on which fiderable logwood catter there. The ran from him, and he after her,

Mary Griffiths, in a cellar, in the in order (as supposed) to repeat the Borough of Southwark, forty years blow, when there being a very deep a cryer of old rags, by which she well in the yard with its mouth acquired houses in Whitechapel, unftopped, the woman leaped over to the yearly rent of 731.

it, but the poor man stumbled, fell Ritchie, Esq. aged near headlong into it, and was drowned, 90, who had been purveyor to

At a court of Christ's-hof. K. George I. and II.

pital, the prefident declared 3d. that a benefaction of 1001. had been received from John Spicker,

Esq. fol. from John Drinkwater, DECEMBER.

Esq. 100l. from Lord Monfun;

50l. from the hon. George Vena. The 10,000l. prize drawn bles Vernon; 200 guineas from ift.

this day, is the property of Joseph Martin, Esq. and the like Mr. Cappadocia, an eminent Jew fum from John Durand, Esq. the prize of the like value for himself, prefent high sheriff for Surry.

The court of Common Pleas, on and purchased a third for a corre. Saturday, delivered their opinions fpondent abroad.

in the great insurance cause, whereThe Dutch Eaft-India company in John Drinkwater, Esq. was have loft the last homeward bound plaintiff, and the Royal Exchange ship that was expected from Bata. affurance-office defendants, on a via this year. She was wrecked

case reserved, whether a loss by in a storm within three leagues of fire at Norwich, in the riots there, the Texel, and all on board, except was within the exceptions of s or fix failors perished. It is faid the company's policy? When 500,00cl. private property, has the court gave judgment for the been loft on board that ship. plaintiff. zd.

Hamed Agen, ambassador

from Tripoly, had his audi. From the Votes of the House of Come ence of leave of his majesty. He

mons of Ireland. was honoured with extraordinary marks of royal favour, and, fince Jovis 19 die Novembris, 1767. his departure, has been received at Resolved, That it appears to this Portsmouth by a salute of all the committee, that the pensions placed guns on the ramparts.

upon this establishment (exclufre The following remarkable affair of the French and military per. is said to have happened near Fromcfions) for 2 years, from the 25th

of last years.

of March, 1765, to the 25th of he would fick a pig; and making March 1767, exceed the whole some advances towards her, the charges of the rest of the civil list husband was so itruck with the 60,6881. 78. 01d.

fright, that he dropped down on Resolved, That it appears by the the spot, and expired instantly. public accounts that the charge of A fellow was committed to Ware the civil establishment, for two wick gaol for defrauding Mr. Jof. years preceding Lady-day 1751, Kendrick, of Bermingham, in July amounted to 146,1341. 8s. 41d. laft, of 22 il. is. with which he and that the charge of the civil immediately went off to France; establishment, for the two years and on his return from thence last preceding Lady-day 1767, amount. week was apprehended at Holmes ed to 257,9881. 6s. 101d. and Chapel, in his way to Warrington that the difference is an exceeding in Lancashire, where he had hired of 111,8531. 185. 6d. in the two himself to work in one of the glass

houses there, in order to obtain the His majesty came to the 7th. house of peers, and gave the

art of making glass, and then was

to return to France. He was serrayal afsent to,

vant to Mr. Kendrick, and was An act to prohibit the exporta- sent with bills to the above amount tion of corn, grain, meal, malt, to the bank in Bermingham for flour, bread, biscuit, and Aarch, cash, which having obtained, he and also the extraction of low made off. wines and spirits from wheat and Yesterday morning, about four wheat flour.

o'clock, an untenanted house under An act for allowing the impor- repair, adjoining to the rofe catation of wheat, wheat flour, bar. vern and alehouse in Curfitor. ley, barley-meal, pulse, oats, oat. ftreet, fell down, and carried meal, rye, and ry.e-meal, duty free: with it part of the alehouse, in and to allow the importation of which were several lodgers, five of wheat and wheat flour from Afri. whom were killed, viz. a man, a ca, for a limited time, free of woman with child, and three chil. duty.

dren. Several others were much The corporation of Bristol, and bruised, and carried to St. Barthothe fociety of merchants of that lomew's hospital, among whom city, fent commissions to Dantzick

was a poor woman dug out of the for several thousand quarters of ruins, who had a youg child wheat to be imported there, which breast, now misling: those bodies intend to sell to the poor at a low price.

Extra&t of a letter from Boston, New. A butcher in liquor went to a England, September 27. public house in Bristol, and having a pint of beer, was desired by the " Mr. James Barclay, of Warlandlady to go home; on which wick township, in Bucks county, he began curling and abusing her, has sent to a gentleman in this city and after several words he drew the following affecting narrative of out his knife, and said that he the sudden deaths of Mr. Robert would as soon run it into her as Stewart, of that township, and his


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