three fons, Joseph, John, and Ben- solved to go to the relief of his jamin, which happened after the father and brothers. His filial following manner, viz. Mr. R. and fraternal affection was so great, Stewart having a well near his that no entreaties could swerve him house, about 30 feet deep, that from his purpose. He told his in summer

' was usually dry, he mother and lifters that he would employed a well-digger, on the take a bottle of camphire, which 22d ult. to sink it deeper, who, was given him to make use of as after working in it some time, told occafion should require, and that his employer it was so damp and the moment he felt any thing ununwholesome, that he could not usual from the place, he would continue to work. Upon this ob- leave it. The unfortunate young jection, a fire was kindled at the man descended, and soon met with bottom, in order to prepare it for the same deplorable fate. The another trial on Monday. Whe- bodies were foon after taken up, ther this fire continued burning and all possible means used to reappears uncertain; but on Mon- vive them, but in vain." day morning, about sun-rise, Mr. This melancholy affair has been Stewart, accompanied by several the means of discovering the fol. of his children, fons and daugh- lowing effectual remedy. ters, went to the well, when Jo. “ Draw a quantity of water seph, a young lad, was sent down out of the well, and pour it back (by a ladder) to see if the fire was again, repeating the same about perfe&ly extinguished. The un. an hour; the next day let down happy youth had scarcely reached a candle into it, and, if it burns the bottom before he was struck bright, any person mày go down motionless by a noxious vapour, to the bottom of the well with and as it was imagined by those safety; if it does not, repeat the above, that he had fallen by a miss- former operation till it does.” step, John weot immediately to A cause came on to be tried

uith. his affittance, and taking his then in Doctors Commons, belifeless body in his arms, in order tween an eminent tradesman in to carry him up, he was himself Piccadilly and his wife, for re. Aruck in like manner, and had not peated acts of cruelty, adultery, the power to save either his brother and giving her the foul diseafe, or himself. The father, thinking and other ill usage, when, after that Jofeph was hurt by a fall, and many learned arguments, (the in. that John was unable to get him nocence of the wife not being in up, went hastily down to them, the leaft impeached) the judge proand taking hold of the former, nounced the man to have been then clasped in the arms of the guilty both of the cruelty and latter, he was likewise instanta. adultery, and divorced the woneously affected ; and, in a short man from her husband, and conspace, they all fell dead together. demned him in full costs, to the Benjamin (who, with his five fifters satisfaction of the whole court. above, was beholding the distress- On Thursday last was tried at ful scene, and judging the true Guildhall, a cause wherein a pawncause) in his anxiety of mind, re. broker of this city was sued upon


the statute of usury, for taking and after being reprehended, and more than legal interest for the admonished to behave peaceably loan of a large sum of money upon for the future, were difcharged. a. parcel ol jewels, &c.

The The sessions ended at the plaintiff plainly proving fifty Old Bailey, when three re

14th. pounds had been so lent by the ceived sentence of death ; forty. pawnbroker, a verdict for that sum two were sentenced to be transwas given for the plaintiff; and ported for seven years, and three as the above statute subjects the for fourteen years, fix were brandlender of money upon illegal in. ed in the hand, iwo ordered to be tereft to pay treble the sum lent, whipped, and thirty-three disthe pawnbroker must pay the plain- charged by proclamation. tiff 150l. besides costs of suit.

Among those capitally convict. On Saturday laft the wife of ed; was one Henry Domine for Thomas Upton, coachman, near forging a promissory note, payable Red-lion-square, who .o

on Thurs. to himselt, with intent to defraud day last was delivered of two sons John Reid, victualler, in Clerand a daughter, was fafely de. kenwell. He had the impodence livered of a fourth child.

to arrest the man by virtue of the In the course of last week up. said note. wards of 20,000 quarters of oats,

Province of Massachusett-Bay. 7000 quarters of wheat, 4000 Council Chamber, Oct. 15: 1767. quarters of barley, and 2000 Prelent his excellency the go. quarters of rye, were imported

vernor in council. into the river from foreign parts ; His excellency having comthe greatest quantity that has been municated to the council a letter known for fome years in one from the right hon. the earl of week.

Shelburne, one of his majesty's Wednesday night, about 400 principal secretaries of ftare, inweavers, armed with cutlasses, closing an order of his majesty in hatchers, &c, assembled in Brick. privy council, by which his malane, in order to destroy the looms jefty has been pleased to disallow of a worsted lace wever there. Mr. and reject an act passed by the Hurford, high conftable of the di. great and general court orasembly vision, attended with a number of of this province, in December officers in order to oppose them; 1766, intituled, “ Ali act for but being overpowered, he was granting compensation to the fufobliged to take refuge, with his ferers, and of free and general afbftants, in the neighbouring pardon, indemnity, and oblivion, houses. A party of the guards, to the offenders in the late times :" however, being fent for from the Advised and ordered. That no. Tower, the rioters were foon dif- tion be given in the Massachusett's persed; and upwards of 40 of gazette, that the said act is dir. them taken, and conveyed to New- allowed and rejected, that every Prison, Clerkenwell, and Clerken. person concerned therein may go well-Bridewell; and yesterday they vern themselves accordingly, were examined at Hicks's Hall, By order of his excellency the



governor, with the advice of his At a court of common council majesty's council.

2001. a year additional salary was John Cotton, Dep. Sec. voted to the recorder of London;

By order of the house of and 1501, a year to the common 15th.

commons, the speaker gave · serjeant. notice, that one third part of the They write from Bridgewater, capital stock of 4 per cent. annui.

that a moft extraordinary phænoties for 1763, Mall be reduced menon has lately appeared in the and paid off on the 5th day of July villages of Limpelham, Burnham,

Brent, and several other parishes An order of council was at near this place, the fields of which the same time ifsued, for putring are over-run with an incredible the laws in force against artificers number of mice, which do infileaving their country, and exer- nite damage; the dogs and cats cising their respecting callings in have killed great numbers, but foreign countries; for which pur- are

are cloyed with them : The poses those laws are recited in the cattle will not touch the grass London gazette.

where these vermin are, and we The fociety of arts came to a expect no relief but from a severe resolution to give the gold medal frost, which, it is hoped, will deof the society to Charles Dingley, ftroy them. A fimilar circumstance Esq. for his public spirit, in erect. is not remembered by the oldest ing at a very confiderable expence person in these parts. a saw-mill at Limehouse.

A poor woman in Kingswood A mof shocking murder was near Bristol hanged herself in a committed at Portsmouth on a ftable, and was not discovered marine, by a soldier who came to till fe was quite dead. It seems his quarters and decoyed him the cause of her committing this out. The next morning the man rash action was owing to her hur. was found with his head beat al- band, who is a collier, having lost molt to pieces, the scalp almost several of his horses by the preferit forn off, ftabbed in several parts epidemical distemper, which oc. of the face and eyes, supposed casioned his going behind hand to with a bayonet. He came home the amount of four pounds to the in the Montreal man of war, and coal-pit: She had with great dif... had just received the money due ficulty that morning raised two to him. The murderer has fince guineas, in order to help to disa been apprehended, aud committed charge the debt, but the creditor to Winchester gaol.

declared his resolution not to take Came on in the court of King's- less than the whole, and arreft her bench, Guildhall, a trial between husband immediately, unless it a captain of an East Indiaman, was paid. Struck with the imand a surgeon of the same ship, poffibility of raising the fum for the former beating and con- wanted, and dreading the confefining the latter some time during quence of her husband's confine. the voyage; when a verdict was ment, having three very small found for the surgeon, with gol. children to support, the returned damages, and costs of fuit. home, and after weeping over,

and embracing her infants, too in- The bill to continue the duties considerately gave way to her de. on malt, mum, cyder, and perry, fpondency.

for the service of the ensuing The following fact may be worth year. the knowledge of the public. In The bill to punish mutiny and pumping one of his majesty's defertion, and for the better payThips in the West Indies, the ment of the army, and their quarchain broke; upon which, a ters. man was ordered down to' repair

The bill to indemnify persons it; but, on his entrance into the who have omitted to qualify them. well, he dropped down dead, (as felves for offices or employments did fix more to all appearance) within the times limited by law; and so would others, had not the and for allowing a further time for commanding officer put a stop to that purpole. them. An old seaman ftanding The bill to allow the importaby, and unwilling to let his com- tion of Indian corn, or maize, rades suffer without attempting from the American colonies, for a something for their safety, put limited time, free of duty. his hand into a bucket of far, And also to several private bills. with which he rubbed his nostrils, The house of peers adjourned upper lip and mouth, Nung him to the 20th, and the house of self in a rope, and went down Commons to the 14th of Janu. without meeting with any annoy, ary. ance from the stagnant water, and Extract of a letter from Camsent them all up; when one was

bridge, Dec. 18. found quite dead, and three of the « On Tuesday night last, a others were with the greatest dif

most shocking murder was comficulty faved.

mitted on the body of Bridget 20th,

Prayers were publicly Burling, an aged woman, who

read in all the popith kept a little shop in St. Giles's mass- houses throughout Ireland parish in this town. She was forft for his majesty king George III. discovered about two o'clock on queen Charlotte, the prince of Wednesday morning, by one John Wales, and all the royal family ; Bell, who seeing her door open, being the first time the royal fa. went in, and found the old womil of England have been pray- man dead on the floor, with a pair ed for in this public manner by of scales and a piece of cheese the papists in Ireland since the re- lying by her. She had a large revolution.

wound on the right lide of her 2it.

His majesty went to the head, a little above her eas, by house of peers, attended by which the skull was

beat in; the duke of Ancaster, and the earl three more on her forehead, a ftab of Orford, and gave the royal af. in her throat, which penetrated

into the cavity of her lungs ; and The bill for granting an aid to another large wound that went his majefty by a land tax, to be under her thoulder-bone. About raised in Great Britain, for the nine o'clock on Tuesday evening fervice of the year 1768.

one Sarah Collins, a girl about

sent to,

to the army,



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thirteen years old, was sent by her Education of youth, mother to Burling's, who, feeing and at inns of court, 35,000 a light, called at her door several Law.suits, and feektimes, and was answered by a voice, ing employments, 19,0000 which she took to be a man's, By military abfentees,

Bridget is gone to bed.' 'The and articles relating coroner's inqueft brought in their

recruit. verdict wilful murder by some per

ing, &c.

142,205 14 fon or persons unknown.'

Adventurers to AmeHis majesty, in compassion to : rica,

40,000 such manufacturers and people in Insurance of ships, 39,000 trade, as, by the length of court. By rents raifed by ab. mournings, are,' in this time of fent lords, for coals general fcarcity and dearners of England and provisions, deprived, in a great Scotland, and measure, of the means of getting rious other articles, 200,000 bread, hath been pleased to give directions for shortening all fuch

£: 1,069,382 14 mournings for the future: and the lord chamberlain's orders for A fevere frost fet in from the court-mournings will be issued here. E. S. E. which was followed by a after conformably thereto.

deep snow, by which the naviga. A chapter of the most noble or- tion of the river Thames has been der of the garter having been obstructed, and the posts retarded summoned to meet this day, his all over the kingdom. royal highness Henry dake of Cum- At a meeting of the corporation berland was, by his majesty's com- of Windsor, it was unanimously mand, declared duly elected; and agreed, to present the dukes of was invested with the enfigns of Gloucester and Cumberland with the order, with the usual ceremo. the freedom ofthat ancient borough. ny.

A letter from Vienna fays, Our By a list of the abfentees from court hath received from that of Ireland, lately published there, it Madrid fome dispatches relative appears, that there is paid annual- to the choice which the catho. ly,


so lic king was desired to make of To pensioners who

one of the archdutchesses to be never reside three, 70,275 0 queen of Naples; this choice harh Noblemen and gen

fallen on the archdutchefs Caro. tlemen of great en

line, who is a year and some ftates, who gene.

months younger than the late rally live abroad, 247,400 o archdutchess Josepha was. The Occasional abfentees, 134,500 o formality of demanding her royal Thofe who have em

highness in marriage for his Sici. ployments and ne.

lian majeity has just been made, ver refide,

143,000 0 and the portrait of that monarch Merchaots and trad.

hath been presented to the prita ers expences,

8,000 9 cess. The departure of the prin. VOL. X.



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