-cess for Italy will take place to. by the earl of Breadalbane to the wards the spring, as soon as the fovereign, his royal highness; public roads shall be passable. kneeling, was knighted: then the

A fire broke out next a earl of Cholmondley, having re25th.

cabinet-maker's in Hounds. ceived the ribbon from Bath king. ditch, which consumed that house, of arms, presented it to the fove. a large 'stock of timber, new fur- reign, who put the ribbon over niture, &c. and also two other his royal highness's right shoulder: dwelling-houses adjoining, with after which his royal highness kissed many outhouses, work-shops, and his majesty's hand ; and, rising op, warehouses. Among the goods retired. consumed was

1000l. worth of The ceremony was performed furniture, just finished for Mr. after the levee, in his majesty's David Barclay, and intended to closet, several great officers of the have been carried home in a few court being present. days.' It is remarkable that a fire His majesty has boen graciously broke out the same day at the said pleased, in confideration of the Mr. Barclay's ftables at Hackney, tender years of his royal highness and destroyed two fine hunters, prince Frederick, to grant a diswith three or four other horses. pensation under his royal fign30th.

His majesty having been manual, and seal of the order, de.

graciously pleased to lignify claring it to be his royal pleasure, his intention of filling up the va. that the conferring the degree of cant stall of the principal compa. knighthood by the sword of state nion of the most hon, military order shall be sufficient to invest his royal of the Bath, in the room of his late highness fully and effectually with royal highness the duke of Cumber: this order, in as ample manner as' land :

if his royal highness had personally This day several of the offi- performed all the accustomed só. cers of the order attended at St. lemnities. [Gazette.) James's.

As the hon. Miss Finch, daughThe fovereign wearing the rib. ter of lady Charlotte Finch, was bon, with the lymbol of the order fitting in her apartments at St. pendant to it, Henry Hill, Esq. James's, a spark from the grate gentleman ulher, bearing the scar. set fire to her apron, which in an let rod, and habited in the mantle inftant burst into a flame. Her of the order, and Samuel Horfey, cries having alarmed the servants, Efq. Bath King of arms, in his it was happily extinguished just mantle, bearing on a cushion the time enough to save her life. ribbon, with the badge of the or. The frost was so seyere in the der, preceded his royal highness west of England, that a carpenter, prince Frederick, supported by at work for Mr. Robbins, of Did. ihe earls of Cholmondley and barton in Gloucestershire, having Breadalbane, the two fenior knights put a key into his mouth, loft the of the order, a gentleman user, ikin of his lips by taking it ont daily waiter, carrying the sword of again. The cold at Hudson's Bay, ftate. The sword being delivered and in Greenland, is so severe at



certain feasons, that cold iron has ever, shall be at liberty to grant the effect of red-hot iron on the them the same favour in their re. hand that touches it.

spective territories. Further, the A letter, from Rome observes, Dillidents and disunited may make that all the disastrous events that use of bells' and organs, administer can affect the church, seem to be baptism, marry and bury, accord. united under the present pope. In ing to their own form, without the France, Spain, Portugal, and least obstacle. Naples, the Jesuits are expelled. The ambassador from the repubIn Poland, where the church is lic of Venice at Rome has received possessed of great eftates, they the following account of the intalk of reuniting them to the surrection in Dalmatia : ' In the government. The nobility of the province of Montenero, which is kingdom, though Roman Catho-, tributary to the grand signior, and lics, yet alarmed at the too great which borders upon the Venetian power of the clergy, are come, it Dalmatia, a foreigner, who has is faid, into the proposal; to gone by the name of Stefano, and which is added, that the pri. for some time exercised the promate himself is not far from be. fellion of a physician in that proing of the same way of think. vince, has publicly declared himing

self to be the czar Peter III. preThe faculty of Theology at Paris tending that the report of his have printed their decree of cen. death was designedly spread at the sure on the book of Belisarius. time, but that he had found means It forms a volume of 123 pages

to escape from his prison. Under in 460, in Latin and French. The favour of this name, and seconded faculty, who thereby immortalize by the Caloyers, schismatic Greek that which they would proscribe, monks, who have great influence have confined themselves to fifteen over the inhabitants, he has got propositions extracted from the fif. himself publicly acknowledged for teenth chapter of Monf. de Mar. the Czar, not only by the people, montel's work, instead of thirty- but likewise by the bishop and all seven, which their commissioners the other orders ; so that he is alhad at first designed to condemn. ready at the head of some thousand

They write from Warsaw, of foldiers. It is reckoned, that, in the 21tt paft, that the great affair the province of Montenero there of the Dillidents was entirely con- are 30,000 men able to bear arms; cluded and signed to their advan- and his situation is very advantafage. They and the Greeks are geous, because he is inclosed by in10 have a church in this capital, accessible mountains. temples, and schools in all the dif- ple there are extremely attached tricts of the provinces of the king. io the name of Moscovite, as well dom, and of the great durchy of, on account of the conformity of Lithuania : on condition that, if' their religion, as because the fove. they have a miod to build any in reigns of Russia have always emthe towns, they shall be obliged ployed the necessary means to to obtain leave for that purpose maintain a great influence amongst from the king: the nobles, how. them. The pretended Peter II.

[L] 2


The peo

faid to be a man of spirit, a fine Copenhagen, to which he has of. figure, and seems to abound in dered a yearly pension of 10,000 money, which he distributes with crowns to be issued from the royal profufion to his soldiers. It is treasury, to be applied in support. added, that the republic of Venice, ing the necessitous, and in reward. fearing the consequences of this ing those who diftinguish them. enterprize, has fent orders for the felves by their merit, immediate march of all the infant. A pamphlet has lately been pub. ry and other troops from Dalmatia lished, at Paris, in favour of the to Catáro, a town of that province, Jews, in which the author has which is not abové a mile from shewn the eminent advantages Montenero.”

which every nation reaps in its* Within these few years, a set of commerce from the encouragement people have been discovered in and protection of that people. It Denmark, feized with a disorder is written with a view to obtain of mind that is extremely danger. a religious toleration for that peoous to society. This is an ima. ple; but it is doubted whether gination, that, by committing the enthofiasm of the country will premeditated murder, and being fuffer such arguments to have any afterwards condemned to die forir, weight. they are the better able, by pub- The honourable Mr. Montagu, lic marks of repentance and con- the celebrated traveller, who has verfion, as they go to the scaffold, lately entertained the learned with to prepare themselves for death, his journey to the Written Moun. and work out their own salvation, tains, is now visiting the Turkish A little while ago, one of these dominions. He was received with wretches murdered a child out of uncommon respect at Conftantino. the same principle. In order, how- ple, after traversing Salonica, and ever, to take from these wretches viewing the islands in the Archipe. all hope of obtaining their end, lago. Much may be expected from and to extirpate the evil, the king the indefatigable researches of this has issued an ordinance, by which extraordinary personage, of whom his majesty forbids the punishing the ingenious Mr. Samuel Sharp, them with death; and enacts, that in his letters from Italy, gives this they shall be branded in the fore- account" One of the most co. head with an hot iron, and whip- rious fights amongst the curiosities ped; that they shall afterwards be of Venice, was the famous Mr. confined, for the rest of their days, Montagu. He was just arrived in an house of correction, in order from the East. He had travelled to be kept there to hard labour; through the Holy Land, Egypt, and lastly, that every year, on the Armenia, &c. with the old and day of their crime, they shall be New Testament in his hands. He whipped anew in public.-Ano. had visited Mount Sinai, and Alatther mark of his Danish majesty's teraci himself he had been on the paternal goodness to his subjects very part of the rock where Moses has appeared in the encouragement spake face to face with God Aland protection extended to the so. mighty. His beard reached down ciety of artists lately established at to his breast, and the dress of his


head was Armenian. He was in it froze so hard the beginning of the most enthusiastic raptures with this month, that the Viftula was Arabia, and the Arabs. His bed' frozen over, and people rode over was the ground ; his food rice; it the 7th instant on horseback ; his beverage water ; his luxury a but a storm arose the day before pipe and coffee. His purpose was yesterday, which the night followto return once more among that ing broke up the ice, and great virtuous people." &c.

mischief ensued. As soon as the By authentic accounts from season will permit we shall proceed Rome, the Jesuits continue to ena in our new buildings, which are ter into the ecclefiaftical state on greatly increased, and much wantall parts, both by land and sea. ed, on account of the great increase A general disorder of a cold, with of inhabitants, owing to the encouviolent pains in the head, and a ragement which the king gires for sore throat, prevails in some part promoting manufactures and trade, of Italy.

There are already upwards of 200 The pope seems to be inconfola- new houses. ble on account of the universal difin There is talk of a treaty of comgrace of the Jesuits. He has pro- merce, by which the English are hibited public spectacles and the to have the fole liberty of going to usual diversions of the Carnival, load oil and wine with the Cor. and has ordered the prayers which ficans. It is also said, that Paoli are usually read in times of affic. has made solicitations for engaging tion and distress. A memorial has the court of Turin to evacuate the been delivered to the foreign mini- two small islands, which it lately fters, wherein the pope complains, took possession of in the neighbour" That the king of Naples has vio- hood of Corsica. lated, in the firit place, the divine Mount Salga, in Hungary, lateright, by the manner in which his ly burst into a Aame, and set fire foldiers entered into holy places, to a considerable tract of country, and by the sequestration of the ec- from which issues an intolerable clefiaftical revenues, without con. Atench of sulphur. fulting the bishops : 2dly, The The French have forbidden the right of mankind, by forcibly de- entrance of any English ships into pofing part of his subjects in the the ports of Guadaloupe and Mar. dominions of his holiness, and by tinico, on any pretence whatso. marching his troops into a country ever. which was not his own: and, 3dly, The Spaniards have likewise The right of good neighbourhood, forbidden English ships from lying in not communicating his design more than twenty-four hours at to the pope, both as the head of Monto Christi; and have threatthe church, and as a temporal ened the logwood cutters if they prince, who has the supreme love presume to Lettle or cut logwood reignty over Naples. The fo.

at Spirito Santo. reign ministers have promised to A commissary of war was difsend this memorial to their respec- patched from Baltia by count Mar

bæuf, commander in chief of the They write from Warsaw, that French troops in Corsica; and

[L] 3


tive courts.


with this commissary the nation ber of the inhabitants, That entered into articles of a neutrality fome effectual measures might be and a suspension of arms, till the ex- agreed upon to promote industry, piring of the term of four years, as æconomy, and manufactures ; agreed upon between France and thereby to prevent the unnecessary Genoa, by the treaty of 1764. importation of European commo

A fire having brokéout ai a drug- dities; which threaten the coun. gift's in Florence, in the middle try with poverty and ruin: whereof the night, after consuming that upon, in a very large and full and the adjoining houses, it reach- meeting, the following votes and ed one occupied by a man who resolutions were passed unanimous, kept wild beaits for shew, among ly. which were two lions, a tiger, Whereas the excessive use of fo. and three bears; those animals got reign fuperfluities is the chief loose, and ran through the city, cause of the present distressed state which resounded with the cries of of this town, as it is thereby drain. the unhappy people who became ed of its money; which misfor. a prey to their fury. A hundred tune is likely io be increased by men were ordered in pursuit of means of the late additional burthem, and they were so fortunate thens and impofitions on the trade as to kill two of the bears, one of the province, which threaten lion, and the tiger ; but the other the country with poverty lion and bear escaped their vigi- ruin : lance. As soon as day appeared,

Therefore voted, that this town were seen with horror the dreadful will take all prudent and legal ravage made by the fire, but still measures to encourage the promore by those animals, upwards duce and manufactures of this of an hundred persons being kille province, and to lessen the use of ed, and a much greater number fuperfluities, and particularly the wounded, before they could be de. following enumerated articles imstroyed.

ported from abroad, viz. loafFrom the Boston (New-England) lugar, cordage, anchors, coaches,

Gazette, at the top of which is chaises, and carriages of all sorts, printed in Italicks, Save your me- horse-furniture,men's and women's ney, and you save your country.

hats, men's and women's apparel Boston, Nov, 2. At a meeting ready made, houshold furniture, of the freeholders and other in. gloves, men's and women's shoes, habitants of the town of Boston, Tole-leather, sheathing and deck legally assembled at Faneuil-hall, nails, gold and silver and thread on Wednesday the 28th of Otto- lace of all sorts, gold and silver ber, 1767, (the hon. James Ottis, buttons, wrought plate of all Esq. moderator) a written address forts, diamonds, ftone and paste to the inhabitants, subscribed Philo ware, snuff, mustard, clocks and Patriæ, recommending æconomy watches, filversmiths and jewel. and manufactures, was, by their lers ware, broad cloths that coft order, read:

above jos. per yard, muffs, furs, The town then took into con: and tippets, and all sorts of mil. fideration the petition of m linery ware, starch, women's and

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