children's stays, fire-engines, china for some time subject to very burware, filk and cotton velvets, thensome taxes; and as our trade gauze, pewterers hollow-ware, has for some years been on the delinseed-oil, glue, lawns,

cline, and is now particularly una bricks, filks of all kinds for gar- der great embarrafsments, and bur- . ments, malt liquors and cheese. thened with heavy impositions, our And that a subscription for this medium very scarce, and the baend be and hereby is recommended lance of trade greatly againft this to the several inhabitants and country: houshoulders of the town; and that We, therefore, the subscribers, John Rowe, Esq. Mr. William being fenfible that it is absolutely Greenleafe, Melatiah Bourne, Esq. necessary, in order to extricate us Mr. Samuel Auftin, Mr. Edward out of these embarrassed and dis. Payne, Mr. Edmund Quincy, Ter- tressed circumstances, to promote tius Joho Ruddock, Erq. Jona- industry, cuconomy, and manu. than Williams, Esq. Joshua Hen- factures among ourselves, and by fhaw, Esq. Mr. Henderson Inches, this means prevent the unnecessary Mr. Solomon Davis, Joshua Win- importation of European commoNow, Esq. and Thomas Culine, dities, the excessive use of which Efq. be a committee to prepare

threatens the country with poverty a form for subscription, to report and ruin, do promise and engage, the same as foon as possible; and

to and with each other, that we also to procure subscriptions to the will encourage the use and con. same.

fumption of all articles manufac. And whereas it is the opinion tured in any of the British Ame. of this town, that divers new ma- rican colonies, and more especial. nufactures may be set up in Ame- ly, in this province; and that we rica, to its great advantage, and will not, from and after the 31st some others carried to a greater

of December next ensuing, pus. extent, particularly those of glass chase any of the following articles

imported from abroad, viz. loaf. Therefore voted, that this town sugar, and all the other articles will, by all prudent ways and enumerated above. means, encourage the use and con- And we further agree, strictly fumption of glais and paper made to adhere to the late regulation réin any of the British American co- specting funerals, and will not use lonies, and more especially in this any gloves bụt what are province.

factured here, nor procure any new Then the meeting adjourned till garments, upon such an occasion, three o'clock in the afternoon; but what shall be absolutely neceswhen the committee, appointed in fary. the forenoon to prepare a form for The above report having been fubfcription, reported as follows: considered, the question was put,

Whereas this province labours whether the same shall be accept under a heavy debt, incurred in ed? Voted unanimously in the af. the course of the late war; and the firmative. inhabitants by this means must be The representatives of the town

[L] 4


and paper :


In all 15980

5 and

10 20 20

40 and

have made humblé, application to A general bill of all the chriften: his excellency the governor, that ings and burials from December he will convene the general afsem: 16, 1766; to December 153 bly as soon as may be.

1767 WILILAM Cooper, Town-Clark. Married lately, Mr. Christian


Buried Westress, jeweller, in Weft-itreet, Males 8211 Males 11306 Seven-dials, aged 40, to Mrs. Su. Females 7769 Females 11 306 fannah Newbury; of Monmouthstreet, aged 89.

In all 22612 Mr. William Robinson, furveyor to the city hospitals, who Increased in the burials this year, died lately, has left to Christ's

1299. hospitals 2000l. to St. Bartholomew's hospital 2000l. to Bethlem Died under two years of age 7668 hofpital 20001. to St. Luke's hof

Between 2 and


1821 pital 2000l, to the city of Londoni

765 lying-in-hospital in Aldersgate

10 and

787 street 2000l. and to Raine's hofpi- 1

20 and

1899 tal, for the apprenticing of girls;

30 and 40 2145 2000l. as also 200l. to the charity.

50 2376 school of Bread.street and Cord

50 and 60 1858 wainers ward, for which he also in

6o and 70 1669 his life-time built a school-house,

70 and 80 1083 which coft him upwards of

476 jpool.

go and 100 60 Died at Groningen, in Holland, Abel Gerbrands, a wheelright, at

102 the age of 118 years, two months, and ten days.

105 • Mr. Simon Gilliwray, at St. Kilda, in the 113th year of his

22612 age, who never was out of the island.

At Poplar, Mrs. Mary Thomas, Supplement to the bills of births, &c. aged 102 years:

- for the year 1766, at the end of cut In Ireland, Darby Neale, aged Chronicle for last year. 117 years.

Thomas Probyn, of Coninsbury The number of deaths at Ve. hospital in Hereford, aged 103 nice from the 28th of Feb. '1766, years.

to the 28th of February this year, Margaret Edwards, of Befteith

was 5171; and that of births 4984; in Montgomeryfire, aged 118 so that the deaths exceeded the years.

births by 187. The foundling Mr. William Maffinger, former. children brought to the hospital of ly a coachmaker in Gray's-inn. piety; during the same term; alane, aged 102 years.

mounted to 204.

80 and 90


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Bills of births, &c. for the year lately published, there were then 1767.

in this kingdom 1,127,938 men

and boys, and, 1,255,175 women Paris. Born 19749;

Deaths and girls; in all 2,313,123 persons. 19875 Increased in births this The number of noblemen was year 976. Increased in deaths

10,045. The clergy, with the i81.

schools and colleges, amounted to Amsterdam. Births 4908. 4488, or including their wives Deaths 6999. Increased in the and children, 18,197. And the birihs 361.

Decreased in the number of those who had a right deaths 272.

of freedom in cities and towns, Copenhagen. Births in this was 162,888. It appeared there city amounted to 2957, the deaths had been an increase of 2773 inha. to 3361, and the marriages to 909: bitants since the year 1758. In the duchy of Schleswig the births were 6971, and the deaths 6384. In the dutchy of Holstein BIRTHS for the year 1767. the births were 4771; and the deaths 3736.

Jan. 14. Great Dutchess of Tuf. Turip. Born in this city 1 548

cany, of a princess. boys, and 1408 girls, in all 2956: 16. Lady Bellasyse, of a And the number of deaths was

daughter. 5980, vize 935 men, 886 women,

Counters of Harbo1169 boys, and 2990 girls. The

rough, of a son. number of inhabitants in the city, 23. Countess of Suffolk, of a suburbs, and territories of Turin,

daughter. was computed to be 79,818 ; of

Lady Catharine Dubois, whom 41,807 were men and boys,

daughter to the late and 38,011 of the other sex.

earl of Anglefea, of Brunswick. Births 1241. Deaths 1022.

Lady of the bishop of Births, marriages, and burials

Št. Davids, of in the city of Darham for 1767,

daughter. were as follow: Christenings, Feb. 6. Countess of Shannon, of males 77, females 72, in all 149.

a daughter. Marriages 65. Buried, males 79,

Lady of Sir Edw. Swiná females 76, in all 155.

burn of Capheaton, At Whitby, last year, there

Bart, of her fifth son. were christened 298, buried 1773

Lady Halkerton; wife to and married 55

the Hon. Anthony In the city of Chester, last year,

Browne, of a daugh. there were 351 christenings, 143 marriages, and 367 burials. De. 24. Countess of Buckingcreased in christenings, 18. In

hamshire of a daughcreased in burials, 17. Decreased

ter. in marriages, 10.

March 7. Lady Lambton of a fon. Stockholm. According to a

Lady of Sir G. Robina calculation made in 1760, and

fon, Bart. of a sona

22. Lady

a son.



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22. Lady Grosvenor, of a 24. Lady of Lord Viscount fon and heir.

Weymouth, of a April 1. Lady Elizabeth Wemyss,

daughter. of a son.

Aug. 3. Lady of Sir John Webb, 3. Lady Viscountess Hin

of a son. chinbrook, of a son.

20. The Right Hon. the u. Lady Garlies, of a daugh

Marchioness of Ta.

vistock, of a son. Countess of Donegal,

Lady of the Earl of of a daughter.

Louth, in Ireland, of Lady of Sir James Cald.

a daughter. wel, Bart. of a son.

Lady of Lord George May 5, Lady of the Hon. and

Sackville, of a son Rev. Mr. Digby, of

and heir. a daughter.

Sept. 23. Lady of Lord Forbes, 13. Counters of Errol, of a

of a son. son and heir.

Lady of Sir Wm. Og. Lady of Sir Thomas

lander, of a fon. Bingham, of a fon.

OA. 4. Lady of Sir Jacob Wolfe, 24. Countess of Dundonald,

of a daughter. of a son.

16. Lady of Sir Digby Le. 31. Lady of Lord Willough

gard, of a son. by de Brooke, of a

Lady of Lord Clifford, daughter.

of a sona Princess of Brazil, of a

21, Lady of the Earl of prince.

Cork and Orrery, of June 7, Lady Viscountess Clan

a son. william, of a daughter.

Lady Ashbroke, of a 15. Lady of Sir Gervas Clif

fon. ton, Bart, of a fon.

Lady of Lord Archibald Lady Mary Walker, of

Hamilton, of a · son a daughter.

and heir. Dutchess of Athole, of

Lately, the Lady of Sir a son.

Walter Blount, of a 21. Lady of Sir Thomas

son and heir. Broughton, of a fon.

28. Princess Louisa, fifter Lady of Sir Brooke

to the King of Den. Bridges, of a son.

mark, and consort of July 7. Lady of Sir George Ar.

Prince Charles of mitage of a daughter.

Helle Caffel, of a 13. Lady of the Hon. Col.

princess. Fitzroy,of a daughter. Nov. 2. Her Majesty delivered Lady of the Bishop of

of a prince. Elphin, in Ireland,

3. The Lady of the Hon. of a son.

Mr. Fox, of a daugh. Countess of Darnley, in

ter, at Ld. Holland's Ireland, of a son,

House in Piccadilly.

Lady a fon.

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Lady Caroline Edwards,

besides a great joinof three fons.

ture on the death of Lady of the Hon. Ed.

her mother, and a ward Bouverie, of a

large eftate on the fon.

demise of an uncle. Dec. 4. Countess of Egmont, of March 3. The Earl of Ellex, to a daughter.

Miss Bladon.
Countess of Dartmouth,

Hon. John Byng, son of a fon.

of the late Lord Tor12. Dutchess of Beaufort, of

rington, to the eldest

daughter of Capt. 18. Countess of Portsmouth,

Forreft of the Navy. of a son.

20. Duke of Buccleugh, to Lady of the Right Hon.

Lady Betty MontaLord Howe, of

gue. daughter.

Sir Jeffery Amherst, to Countess of Ancram,

Miss Cary, daughter of a daughter.

to Gen.

Cary. Lately, Marchioness of Lothian, April 2, Sir John Eden, Bart, to of a daughter.

Miss Johnson. Countess of Selkirk, of 16. Earl of Barrymore, to a son.

Lady Amelia Stan. Dutchess of Leinster, of

hope, daughter to the

Earl of Harrington. 30. Lady Viscountess Townf. May 1o. The Earl of Anglesea, hend, of a son, at the

to the Hon. Miss LyCastle of Dublin.

telton, only daughn Lady Molyneaux, in

ter of Lord Lyttel. Dublin, of a fon,

38. Lord Burghersh, eldest

son to the Earl of Weftmoreland, to La

dy Susan Gordon. MARRIAGES, 1767,

Sir Charles Cope, Bart, to

Miss Bishop, daugh. Jan. 1. Col. Ligonier, nephew

ter of Sir Cecil Bi. of Earl Ligonier, to

shop, Miss Pitt, daughter to 30. The Hon. Wm. Craven, George Pitt, Esq.

nephew to Lord Cram Embassador at Turin.

ven, to Lady Betty Feb. 25. The Earl of Strath

Berkely, fifter to the more, to Miss Bowes

Earl of Berkeley. of Durham, the rich.

June 1. The Right Hon. 'Lord eft heiress in Europe ;

Waltham, to Mifs her present fortune is

Coe. one million, and for.

14, The Hon. Mr. Damer, ty thousand pounds,

eldest son of Lord Mil.


a son.


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