ton, to Miss Conway,

ter to the Earl of daughter of the Right

Pomfret. Hon. Henry Sey. Oat. 4. The Prince of Orange, at mour Conway, Esq.

Berlin, to the Prin. The Earl of Hopetown,

cess of•Prussia. to Lady Betty Leslie.

6. Lord Viscount Palmera 17. Right Hon. Lord Wil

fton, to Miss Poole; liam Seymour, bro

daughter of the late ther to the Duke of

Sir Francis Poole.
Somerset, to Miss

9. The Earl of Harbo. Maltravers.

rough, to Miss Cave; July 6. His Excellency Count

eldest daughter of Sir Bruhl, Minister ex.

Thomas Cave. traordinary from the 18. The Duke of Gordon, Elector of Saxony, to

to Miss Jane Maxwell. the Countess Dowa. Dec. 12. Hon. Henry Tracy; ger of Egremont.

brother to Lord Tra. 12. Duke of Chandos, to

cy, to Miss Weaver. Miss Major, daugh

ter to Sir John Major. Earl of Thanet, to the

Hon. Miss Polly Principal PROMOTIONS for Sackville, daughter the year 1767, from the London to Lord John.

Gazette, &cy 24. The Princess Louisa Wil.

helmina of Branden- Jan. 13. Thomas Champneys; burgh, to the reign- of Orchardley, in Somersetshire; ing Prince of Anhalt Efq. and his heirs malc, the dig. Defrau.

nity of a Baronet. 27. The Earl of Dalhousie, 17. Richard Stone hewer, to Mifs Glen.

Esq. a Commissioner of Excife, in
Charles Howard, Esq. the room of William Cayley, Esq.

presumptive heir to deceased.
the Duke of Norfolk, Feb. 7. Rev. and Hon. Frede.

to Mifs Coppinger. rick Hervey, to the Bishopric of Sept. 1. Ralph Payne, Esq., to Cloyne, in Ireland. Mademoiselle Kobel,

March 14. Edward Baker, Esq. daughter of the late Consul General at Tripoli. General. She came 24. The Marquis of Lorn, to England with the Commander in chief of the forces, Prince's Poniatow. &c. in Scotland, in the room of íky, fifter to the King Lieutenant General Lord George of Poland.

Beauclerc. - James Burnet, of 2. Lord Adam Gordon, to Montboddo, Esq. a Lord of Coun.

the Dutchess Dowa- cil and Session in Scotland, in the ger of Athol.

room of Lord Milton, deceased. 18. William Clayton, Esq. - Hon. Robert Walpole, Secretato Lady Fermor, filry to the extraordinary embassy to



the court of Spain, in the room of who resigns.---Lord Frederick Lord Cardross, who resigns. Campbell, Secretary to the Lord

April 16. Sir Laurence Dundas, Lieutenant of Ireland. Mr. Bow. Vice Admiral of Shetland and Ork. den, Master of the Horse, Thoney, John Elliot, Esq. Vice Admi- mas Smith, Esq. Deputy Usher of ‘ral of Weft Florida.

the Black Rod to the House of May 9. The Duke of Bolton, Lords in Ireland.Right Rev. and Vice Admiral of the Ife of Wight. Hon. Dr. Harvey, Bishop of Cloyne,

June 9. John Hort, Esq. Conful and "Arthur Upton, Esq. Privy General at Lilbon,

Counsellors in Ireland.-William — 27. Ralph Foley, Esq. of Davis, one of the four principal Thorplee, and his heirs male, the Clerks of the Treasury, in ihe dignity of a Baronet.

of Thomas Bradshaw. July 28. John Powel and George Richard Hopkins, Esq. Clerk of John Cooke, Esqrs. to be Joint. the Green Cloth, in the room of Agents and Solicitors to all the Sir John Evelyn, deceased. regiments and independent com

Southwell, Esq. Deputy panies of invalids.

Judge Advocate, Commiffary of August 12. Right Hon. Lord Muiters and Receiver-General of Viscount Townshend, to be Lord the island of Minorca.- John RanLieutenant of Ireland.

dolph, Esq. Attorney-General of - 18. Right Hon. Carolina Virginia.--William Blair, Esq. Campbell, Counters of Dalkeith, Clerk of the Privy Council, in the the dignity of a Baroness, by the room of William Sharpe, detitle of Baroness of Greenwich, ceased. with succession and the dignity of Sept. 8. John Hort, Efq. of Baron to her heirs male, by the Caftle-Strange, Middlesex, and his Right Hon. Charles Towníhend, heirs male, to the dignity of a Ba. Esq.-Lord Howth, of the king- ronet.-William Burton, John dom of Ireland, and his heirs male, Wyndham Bowyer, David Papil. the digoity of Viscount St. Law. lon, George Lewis Scott, Thomas Tence, and Earlof Howth.-Charles Bowlby, Richard Bagot, George Baron of Coloony, and his heirs Quarme, and Richard Stone hewer, male, the dignity of an Earl of the together with Anthony Lucas, kingdom of Ireland, by the title Efqrs. Commissioners for the man

of Earl of Belmont.-Conftantine nagement and receipt of his Majef- Phipps, Esq. and his heirs male, ty's revenue of Excise,and otherDu.

the dignity of a Baron of the said ties.--Henry Hutton, John Temple, kingdom, by the title of Baron William Burch, Charles Paxton, and Mulgrave, of New Ross, in the John Robinfon, Esqrs. Commission. county of Wexford.

ers for the receipt and management - 28. Mr. Lowndes, fon to of his Majesty's Cuftoms and other Charles Lowndes, Esq. of the trea- Duties in America.---James Porter, fury, a Commissioner of Excise, in Esq. Comptroller on the cashier of the room of Sir Henry Poole, de. the accounts of the Customs and ceased.—Thomas Bradshaw, Esq. Other Duties in America.--Charles Secretary of the Treasury, in the Stuart, Esq. Cashier and Pay-maf. room of Charles Lowndes, Esq. ter of his Majesty's revenues of

Customs Cuftoms and other Duties in A.

Nov. 28. Thomas Shirley, Esq. merica.-Philip Sharpe, Esq. Governor of the Bahama islands. Keeper of the Privy Council Re- Dec. I. Lord North, Chancellor cords.

of the Exchequer, and a Lord of --12. Right Hon. William Lord the Treasury. Mansfield, Chief Justice of his Ma- -5. Thomas Townshend, jun, jesty's Court of King's Bench, Esq. Joint Paymaster of the forces, Chancellor of his Majesty's Exches in the room of Lord North. quer, in the room of Charles Town- - 23. Granville, Earl Gower, shend, Esq. deceased.

Lord President of the Council, in - 19. Peter Dennis, of Black. the room of the Earl of Northingmanftone, in Romney Marsh, Kent, ton.-Thomas Townshend and and his heirs male, the dignity of George Onslow, Efqrs. sworn of a Baronet.

the Privy Council.-His Royal Okt. 2Stephen Cottrel, Esq. Highness the Duke of Cumberland, one of the Clerks in ordinary to a Knight of the Garter. the Privy Council.

13. Dr. Markham, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, in the room of Dr. Gregory, deceased. -Dr. Newcome, Dean of Rochef. DE AT HS, 1767. ter, in the room of Dr. Markham.-The Bishop of Sodor and Jan. 4. At Rome, Cardinal Si. Man, to the Mastership of Sher- monetti. born hospital, Durham, worth Marquis of Rochefoucault, at

Lyons, aged 89 years. Oct. 24. Sir William Burnaby, 12. Lord Viscount Mayo, of Rear Admiral of the Red, and his the kingdom of Ireland, in Pall. heirs male, the dignity of a Ba- mall. ronet.-Edward Young, Christo- 17. The Duchess Dowager of pher Rigby, John Frenchard, Tho- Athol. mas Wyndham, Daniel Bull, Hon. Mifs Maitland, grandGeorge Blount, and Edward Tuck daughter to the late Earl of Lauer, Esqrs. Commissioners of Taxes. derdale. --His Royal Highness the Duke Hon. Mr. Bathurst, eldest son of of Gloucester, Keeper of Cranburn Lord Bathurst. Chace, Lodge, &c. in the room of Lately, Right Hon. Lady Phil." the Duke of York.-Sir George lippa Connel, liter of the late Ear! Maccartney, Ambassador extraor. of Abercorn. dinary and Plenipotentiary, to the Feb. 1. Right Hon. the Coun. Court of Russia. - James Hewitt, tess of Harborough. Efq. a Justice of the King's Bench, 4. Right Hon.

Countess of Suf. Lord Chancellor of Ireland, in the folk, daughter to. Robert Lord room of John Baron Bowes, de., Trevor, in child-bed. ceased; also Baron Lifford, of 7. Hon. Edward Howard, Esq. Lifford in the county of Donne. heir to the Duke of Norfolk. gal.

10. Sir Robert Long, Bart.


8ool. a year.

Cardinal Veronese, Bishop of Pa- be regretted, considering the medua, in the 82d year of his age. lancholy accident which caused it,

William, Baron O'Kelly, general being as follows: On Tuesday the of foot, at Vienna.

Totho instant, his lordship being a The Dutchess of Fronsac, daugh- ftag-hunting, leapt his horfeover a ter-in-law to Marshal Richelieu, low hedge iowards the end of the and niece to the Countess of Guer. chace, when the horse being much chy.

fatigued and jaded with the length Feb. 14. Lady of the late Sir of the chace, fell with him, and John Strickland, Bart.

his lordship not being able to quit Lady of the Right Hon. the Earl the reins, was trampled on, where. of Fortrofe, and daughter to the by several fractures were made in Earl of Harrington.

his head. Lady Fortescue, mother to Lord

24. Hon. Miss Harriet Mon. Fortescue.

fon, youngest daughter of Lord Lately at Liverpool, Mrs. Sarah Monfon. Boteler, relict of Francis Boteler, Right Hon. Countess of Millof St. Anne's Westminster, Esq. town, in Ireland. descended in the male line from the Right Hon. Eliz, Lady Wil. ancient dukes of Normandy, pro- loughby de Broke. genitors of the Kings of England 3. Hon. Charles Maitland, for upwards of 700 years paft. youngest son to the Earl of Lau

March 13. At Versailles, her derdale. Royal Highness the Dauphinefs. The only son of the Earl of Her Highness was born at Dresden, Shannon. the 4th of November, 1731, of 28. Sir Henry Edwards, Bart. Frederick Auguftus III. King of at Shrewsbury. Poland and Elector of Saxony, and Lady of Sir James Livingston, Mary Josepha Benedict, Arch. Bart. in Scotland. dutchess of Austria, eldest daughter April 5. Lady of Sir Thomas to the Emperor Joseph. She was Gooch, Bart. married the oth of November,


Charlotte Wilhelmina, born to Louis, Dauphin of France, who Princess of Saxe Cobourg Saa. died at Fontainebleau the 20th of field, Countess Dowager of Ha. December, 1765. By this prince nau. she has left five children, three 13. Lady Mary Bertie, eldet sons and two daughters.

daughter to the Duke of Ancaster. The most noble Fran. Right Hon. Lord Viscount Do. cis Russel, Marquis of Tavistock, neraile, at Bath. only son to his grace the Duke 16. Right Hon. Jane Dutchers of Bedford. His lord ship was of Argyll. She was one of the. born September 26, 1739, and maids of honour to Queen Anne, married Lady Ann Keppel, fifter to and Queen Caroline when Princess the Earlof Albemarle, by whom he of Wales. Her grace had issue has left two infant fons, and the five daughters, viz. Lady Caroline, Marchioness with child. His lord.

married first to Francis Earl of Dal. thip's amiable qualities make him keith, and secondly to the Right universally lamented as a public Hon. Charles Townshend, the loss; and his dçath is the more to present Chancellor of the Exche

quer ;


quer; Lady Anne, married to Wil. prince of Hohenloe Kircheberg; liam Earl of Stafford; Lady Jane, during divine service at the cathewho died in her 12th year ; Lady dral of Anspach, whilft a sermon Betty, married to the Right Hon. was preaching on this text, “Re. James Stewart Mackenzie, brother member, man, thy latter end,” was to the Earl of Bute; Lady Mary, seized with a paralytic fit, and married to Edward Vifcount Coke died instantly. heir apparent of Thomas Earl of ro,

Of the small-pox, greatly Leicester, and to his mother Mar- lamented, Prince Henry Charles, garet, Baroness Clifford, who left next brother to the Prince Royal of her a widow without iffue.

Pruflia. Right Hon, William King, Ba- 21. Lady Viscountess Dowager ron of Oakham in Surry.

Bledington in Ireland, aged 84 23. Right Hon. Anth. Browne, years, Lord Viscount Montacute, aged Lately, Mr. de Hulsen, Lieut, 80 years.

General of Infantry, knight of the Right Hon. Lady George Sut. Black Eagle, and Governor of ton, wife to Lord George Sutton, Berlin. of Kelham Norts, third son to the The Right Hon. Lord Hope, Duke of Rutland.

eldest son of the Earl of Hopetown; Right Hon. Lord St. John of he was aged 27, and lately returned Bletfoe, at Nice.

from America. 29. Sir John Morgan, Bart. 23. "The Hon. Lieutenant Gen. Lady Monckton, at Edinburgh. Thomas Brudenel, Governor of

Lady Dowager Frederick, in Windsor Castle. Saville-row.

Sir John Evelyn, Bart. May 5. Lady of Sir Bellingham Princess Augufta Wilhelmina, Graham, Bart. in Yorkshire. aunt to the reigning Prince of AnLady Croft in Kensington.

halt Bernbourg. 22. Lady Mary Lyon, fifter to Sir Charles Bond, Bart, at Beauthe Earl of Strathmore.

maris in Anglesea. At his house in Red-lion-square, July 1. Hon. Col. John More the Right Hon. Philip Jacob, Ba- daunt, brother to the Earl of Peron de Soesdiak, Van Cloon, Lord terborough. Rynswick, formerly one of the 5: James Earl of Moray, ove of States of Holland.

the Sixteen peers of Scotland. Sir William Gage, Bart.

The Counters Dowager of Glaf29. The Empress Confort at Vien- gow. na, of the small-pox: she was lifter 8. Sir Henry Poole, Bart. one of to the Elector of Bavaria.

the Commissioners of Excise. 30. The Hon. Major Gen. John 12. Sir William Boyer, Barr. Boscawen, second brother to Lord of Denham Court. Falmouth.

Sir William Twyfder, Bart. June 1. John Auguftus, Duke of 22. Right Hon. John Lord Saxony, second brother to the Bowes, Lord Chancellor of Ire. reigning Duke. He was born April land. 14, 1745:

Right Hon. Countess Dowager His Highness the reigning of Suffolk, aged 86.


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