The Prince Primate of Poland, Sept. 4. The Right Hon. Charles at Warsaw.

Townshend, Esq. (in the 41st year Right Hon. Lady Dowager of his age, of a putrid fever) se. King

cond Commissioner of the Trea. The Right Hon. the Earl of fury, Chancellor and Under-TreaHyndford, one of the fixteen peers furer of the Exchequer, one of his of Scotland.

Majesty's moft Hon. Privy-council, The Lady of Sir Ralph Mil- Member of Parliament' for Harbank, Bart. at Bath.

wich, and only brother to Lord Lately, Col. York, in the Por- Viscount Townshend. Besides the tuguese service. He commanded offices before mentioned, he passed the artillery at the fiege of Quebec, through those of Lord of trade and and conveyed them up a pre- plantations, Lord of the Admicipice, where a fingle man could salty, Treasurer of his Majetty's not mount without the help of chambery, Secretary at war, First bushes.

Lord of trade and plantations, and The most Hon. William Henry Paymatter-general of his Majesty's Ker, Marquis and Earl of Lothian, forces.- August 15, 1755, he marBaron Ker of Newbottle and Jeda ried Lady Caroline, eldeit daughburg, and Knight of the ancient ter and coheiress of his grace, Order of the Thistle.

John late Duke of Argyll and Aug. 1, The celebrated Albinus, Greenwich (widow of Francis Earl at Paris, one of the most skilful of Dalkeith, sop and heir of Fran-anatomifts in Europe.

cis duke of Buccleugh) by whom Lord Kinaird, in Scotland. he has left two sons and a daugh

Sir Wn. Sinclair, a celebrated ter. phyfician,

Lady of Sir Alexander Macken21. The Hon. and Rev. Allen zie, of Garloch. Bathurst, son to Lord Bathurst. Lady of Sir William Calvert.

22. Lady Mary Elizabeth Bou- 11. Lady of Sir Jarrit Smith, verie, only daughter to the Earl • Bart. of Radnor.

17. His Royal Highnefs the Prince Frederick of Doex-Ponts Duke of York, at Monaco, in at Manheim. This prince was a Italy. Knight of the Golden Fleece, Count de Guerchy, late ambas. Grand Croix of the military Or- fador to England, in Paris. der of Maria Theresa, General 14. Lady of Sir Richard Bed. Field Marshall of the empire of dingfield, Bart. their Imperial Majesties, and of Sir Charles Hotham, Baronet, all the troops of the Elector Pa- nephew to the Earl of Chesterlatine, Governor of Manheim, field. General Field Marshal of the Lady of Sir George Pocock, at troops of the Circle of the Upper Nice. Rhine, and Colonel of several re. 26. Sir Martin Wright, late a giments.

juftice of the King's Bench. Count Fleming, after a long and O. 1. Lady of Sir John Charlpainful illness, at Drekken.

ton. VOL. X.


.. Lady


Lady of Sir Gregory Page.

the 13th regiment of foot, July 5, 11. Sir John Awbrey, Bart. 1759; and some time after made Sir Ellis Cunliffe.

Governor of Hull. Upon the de. Hon. Mrs. Anne Granville, cease of William late Earl of Bath, eldest daughter to the late Lord without issue, in 1764, he became Lansdowne.

posle fred of his lord ship's immense Sir David Cunningham, Bart. estates, both real and personal, Lieutenant.general of his Majes. fome few legacies excepied; and ty's forces, and Colonel of the in the year following resigned $7ih regiment of fout, at his his regiment and government : house at Livingstone, about four- the former of which was given

miles west from Edin. to his Royal Highness the Duke burgh.

of Gloucester. William Pulteney, Sir Edmund Thomas, Bart. at Esq. son of Sir William John. Wenvoe.castle, in Glainorganshire, stone, who married Miss Pulteney, Surveyor of his Majesty's woods niece to the late Earl of Bath, north and south of Trent, Trea- and the General, who some time surer to the Princess Dowager of ago changed his name to PulteWales, Knight of the fire for ney, by virtue of his Majesty's Glamorganshire, and Lieutenant- royal mandate, will, by the Gene. colonel of the militia of that ral's death, be poffessed of a very county.

large estate 15. The Arch-dutchefs Maria 27. Right Hon. Charles Bennet, Josepha, bethroted to the King of Earl of Tankerville, and Baron of Naples, of the small-pox at Schon- Offulfton. brun,

On the 2d instant, her Serene 16. Cardinal Antonelli, Secre. Highness Louisa Dorothea, of Saxe tary of the Briefs at Rome. Meininghen, reigning Dutchess of

18. Lady Abdy, at her seat in Saxe Gotha, in the 49th year of Essex, aunt to Sir Anthony Tho. her age. mas Abdy, Bart, one of his Ma- Nov. 7. Don Joseph de Mellis, jesty's counsel, and Member of in Maddox-ftreet, aged eighty. parliament for Knaresborough, in two. He was the oldest Captain in Yorkshire; by whose death, it is the English service. said, an estate of 3000l. per ann.

18. The Hon. Miss Charlotte devolves to Sir Anthony.

Finch, at the Hot-wells, Bristol, 26. The Hon. General Henry daughter to the Hon. Lady CharPulteney, only brother of the late lotte Finch, governess to the young William Earl of Bath, in the 8zd princes. year of his age, at Bath-house, in The Hon. Mrs. Hatton, fister to Piccadilly. He was abroad in Lord Hatton. Queen Anne's wars; was promoted Lady Elizabeth Griffin, at Pad. to be a Colonel, August 3, 1733; dington, a Major-general July 3, 1743; a

Sir Hugh Brigges, Baronet, at Lieutenant-general, August 8, Houghton, in Warwickshire. 1747 ; and General in 1765. He Count de Munich, Senator, and was appointed to the command of Field Matlhal General of the armies of the Empress of Russia, at Peterf- dovechi, in the 58th year of his burg:

age, Right Hon. Lord Defart, at De- 10. Right Hon. John Earl of fart in Ireland.

Rothes, 26. Right Hon. the Countess of Hon. Mrs. Crosbie, reliet of Nor hampton.

General Crosbie, fifter to the December 1, Right Hon. Hen- late Earl of Halifax, and grand. sy David, Earl of Buchan, Lord mother to the present Duke of Auchterhouse, Cardross, and Glen Grafton.

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PROTEST against the rescind. fideration of private justice or pubing the Eaft-Inda Dividend. lic utility. Die Veneris, 269 Junii, 1767. 3dly, Because, confidering the

East-India company as a national Not Contents 44.

object, and the members of it as

bound to attend to the interest of Difentient',

the public, as well as their own, ECAUSE the bill, con. the dividend they had vored, and

taining, in appearance, which is by this bill to be rescindnothing but matter of future regu. ed, appears to be liable to no ob. lation, is fo contrived as to operate jeétion; for the only legal reftric. retrospectively, and rescind a divi- tion in the company's power to dend actually declared by a general divide, is, that the fom total of court of the East-India company all the debts which they shall owe, on the 6th of May lait, of fix 1-4th do not exceed the value of the per cent. for one half year, ending principal or capital stock or stocks at Christmas next; this was, in which shall be and remain undivid. the argument, avowed to be the ed; and it appears, by the cleareft principal object of the bill, though evidence, that the company's efthe bill itself does not even men- fects are amply sufficient, not only tion that act, or suggest any reason to difcharge every juft demand, but for rescinding it. And we conceive, that, after even repaying their cathat if the measure had been sub. pital, there will remain a very ftantially right, yet this manner great surplus. of doing it is unbecoming the dig, 4thly, Because it appears also to nity of parliament, which mould us, that the dividend declared on in all cafes go openly and directly the 6th of May is expedient; for to its object.

the dividend being in fact the only 2dly, Because this measure ap- medium whereby to fix and compears to us to be as exceptionable pute the price of the stock, as bein the substance as in the form, iween buyer and seller, juftice to being an ex poft fazlo law, refcind. both requires such a dividend as ing a legal act of the company, in will fix that price as near as may the exercise of its dominion over be to the real value. And the diits own property, notwithstanding vidend of 12 1-half is in that retheir application and earnest en. fpe&t preferable to a dividend of treaties to the contrary, without 10 per cent, to which this bill tas necessity or occasion, from any con- arbitrarily reftrained it.

sthly, 5thly, Because it appears to us by a large majority: To the valito have been a dividend regularly dity of the act of the 6th of May declared, the objections which have no objection could be supported, been made to it upon this head though attempted. It was clearly heing manifeftly void of all foun- a valid act ; and, if not valid, the dation. We admit, that the court bill to rescind it would be annedid proceed without an account cessary, for the act of itself would actually before them ; but the want be void. of this account, so far as relates to 7thly, Because every argument the propriety of the dividend, ap. used to Mew the impropriety of dipears to have been fufficiently sup- viding twelve one-half applies with plied. The directors, in their new equal force to a dividend of ten gotiations with the government, per cent, which the bill allows, and and their declarations ar former indeed to any dividend at all; and courts, had themselves proposed would, if admitted to be a proper such a dividend, and acknowledg. ground for rescinding this divi. ed the ability of the company dend, be equally so for rescinding to make it. The proprietors, by every dividend the company has these and other means, had full ever made, or probably will ever reason to be satisfied of that abi. make. For it is hardly possible, lity. And the account now pro- that, during the existence of the duced, examined, and proved, company, their debts can be acdoes fully warrant their proceed- qually paid off, or their cash in ings, and verify the ideas they then hand fuffice to discharge those entertained and acted on.

debts, and pay a dividend; and at 6thly, Because the dividend ap- the same time the trade be carried pears to have been voted by a very on to that extent, as will yield to numerous court, and so nearly una- the company and the public the nimous, that no ballot was taken, most ample returns. The whole because none was demanded; and argument in favour of the bill be. no ballot was demanded, be. ing reduced to these two propofi. cause there was not a competent tions, that the company ought to number of proprietors who disap- discharge its debts before a divi. proved the measure; and though, dend can be allowed to take place; for that reason, the sense of the and that a dividend ought to be members present only was taken, made upon a cash account; prinby holding up of hands, it now ciples contradicted by the uniform appears to be, beyond a doubt, the practice of the company from its confirmed deliberate sense of the commencement. company; having been reconfider

8thly, Because this bill cannot ed at no less than three subsequent be meant for the interests of either courts, convened for the purpose the company's creditors; or of of concerting the proper measures the proprietors; for it is observato support it; at the two last of ble that the latter, as far as they which the votes of the company may be supposed to understand, at large were taken by a regular and may be permitted to judge of ballot, and the dividend previously their own interests, entertain, and voted was approved and ratified have ftrenuously expressed a very

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