thenceforth cease. And though I no individual of the company in am not to presume that the body particular, or any in a body of of the company will, in riola community, be ever henceforth cation of the 'ftrictest and highest pable of being readmitted into all duties, cause or permit any of its or any of my kingdoms, under any individuals to write any thing pretext or colour whatsoever; nor contrary to the respect and sub. shall my council, or any other trimission due to my resolution, un- bunal, adinit of any application der title or pretext of apologies, for that purpose; on the contrary, or justifications, tending to dif- the magiftrates, by way of preventurb the peace of my kingdoms; tion; shall exert the most rigorous or contribute to that purpose measures against all refractory through their private emissaries; ahettors and co-operators of the nevertheless, in that unexpected like intent, punishing them as difcafe, the pension to all' shall turbers of the public peace. cease.

X. No one of the actual profesTed VII. Every fix months, one half Jesuits, though he should quit the the annual pension allotted to the order with the pope's formal liJesuits shall be paid them out of cence, and become a secular priest, the bank del Giro, through the or clerk, or pass into any other channel of my minister in Rome, order, shall ever be qualified to who shall take particular care to return again into these kingdoms, inform himself of such as die, or without obtaining my special perforfeit their pension through their mission. own fault, that the amount may be

XI. In cafe of his obtaining ir, deducted.

which will be granted on proper VIII. Concerning the admini. informations had, he fall be ftration and equivalent applica- obliged to take an oath of allegition of the company's effects to ance in the hands of the president pious uses, such as the endowment of my council ; faithfully proof poor parishes, of incorporated mising never to communicate, in seminaries, houses of charity, and public or private, with the memother compassionate institutes, af. bers or general of the company, fer first consulting the opinion of nor to use any means, steps, or the ecclefiaftical ordinaries, in infinuations, directly or indirectwhat may be necessary and meet; ly, in the company's favour, on I reserve separately to my self the pain of being dealt with as a state taking fuch measures, as that true criminal; and the privileged* piety may not be any wife defraud. proofs shall be in full force against ed, nor any injury done to the him. public good, or to private pro- XII. Nor fall he be qualified perty.

to teach, preach, or confess, in IX. I prohibit and enact, as a these kingdoms, though, as has general law and regulation, that been said, he may have quitted


* Concurrent circumstances ; of one living witness.


the order, and thrown off obedi- ordain, that nobody do write, ence to its general: he may, how- print, or employ papers, or works, ever, enjoy ecclefiaftical livings, touching the expullion of the Jeto which no such offices are an, suits out of my dominions, with. nexed.

out having the government's espeXIII. No one of my subjects, cial leaves and I forbid the judge though a secular or regular clergy. of the press, his subdelegates, man, shall ask any letter of soda. and all the magistrates of my lity of the general of the com- kingdoms, to grant such leave : pany, or of any one elfe in his all which are to be wholly una name, on pain of being dealt with der the control of the president as a state criminal; and the privi- and ministers of my council, with leged proofs shall equally be in the knowledge of my attorney. force against him.

general. XIV. All such as actually have XVIII. I most striatly charge them fall be obliged to surrender the right reverend diocesap pre. them to the president of my coun. lates and superiors of regular orcil, or to the justices and magis. ders, that they do not suffer their trates of the kingdom, to be tranf. subjects to write, print, or declaim mitted and placed among the re. upon this subject, inasmuch as cords; and no farther use be made they would be made responfible of them for the future, without for the unsuspected breach on the their paft pofseflion thereof being part of any of them; which I de. hurtful to them, provided they clare to be comprised in the law of punctually make the said surrender; the King Don John I. and in the and the magistrates shall secrete royal schedula circularly put forth the names of those who deliver by my council on the 18th of Septhem up, that thus they may occa- tember of last year, in order to fion them no infamy.

more punctual' execution XV. Whoever shall hold cor- thereof, to which all are bound respondence with Jesuits, it being to contribute : for that it con. generally and absolutely forbidden, ceras the good order of the pub. thall be punished in proportion to lic, and the credit of its several his guilt.

individuals, to avoid drawing upon XVI. I expressly forbid that any themselves the effects of my royal body do write, déclaim, or make displeasure. any Itir, on pretext of these mea- XIX. I order my council, in corfures, either for or against them : formity with what is here before on the contrary, I enjoin silence expressed, to dispatch and publish in this matter to all my subjects : the most strict and proper royal and I ordain, that the violaters pragmatic, that it may reach to thereof be punished as guilty of the knowledge of all my subjects; high treason.

and that for the punctual, speedy, XVII. To prevent all disputes and invariable accomplishment and misunderstandings between pri- thereof, the justices and territorial vate persons, to whom it belongs tribunals, do inviolably observe, pot to judge, or to interpret the publish, and execute the punish. fovereign's commands, I expressly ments above declared againit a



those who shall commit any breach dinary, and other judges and jur. of these dispositions ; and that they tices of all my dominions, that do for this purpose give all ne. they do keep, fulfil, and execute ceflary orders, with preference to

the aforesaid law and pragmatic every other business whatever, in. fanction, and cause it to be kept ałmuch as it concerns my royal and observed in all and every parservice : for the ampler knowledge ticular, taking for that porpose of which, I have ordered copies of all the measures requifite, without my royal decree to be transmitted need of any farther declaration to the councils of the Inquisition, than the present, which is to have of the Indies, of the orders and of its punctual execution, from the the revenue for their respective day of its publication in Madrid, intelligence and accomplishment and in the other cities, towns, and thereof. And for the full and in villages of these my kingdoms, in variable observance of it, the royal the usual manner : it so behoving decree of the 27th of March, con. for my royal service, and the trantaining the foregoing resolution, quillity, good, and benefit of the which was ordered to be kept and pulic weal of my subjects : for fulflled according to its express such is my pleasure; and that the tenor, having been published this printed copy of this my letter, day in full council, it was agreed ligned by Don Ignatius Stephen to difpatch the present in force of de Higareda, senior clerk of my law and pragmatic sanction, as if it chamber, and of the management were made and promulgated in af- of my council, Thall bear the same semblies of the states; therefore it credit as the original, is my will that this be and pass for Given at Pardo, the second of such, without opposition of any April, One thousand seven kind whatsoever: to which end, so hundred and fixty and seven far as may be necessary, I abrogate years. and annul all things which are

I the KING or may be contrary to the fame. I Don Joseph Ignacio de GoyeWherefore I charge the right re- neche, secretary to our lord verend the archbishops, bishops, the king, caused it to be writ. superiors of regular orders, men. ten out, by his command. dicant and monacal visitors, vicars The count of Aranda, and other prelates and ecclefiaftical Don Francisco Cepeda, judges of these my kingdoms, that Don Jacinto de Todo, they observe the above expreffed Don Francisco de Salazar y Aga law and pragmatic sanction ac- nero: cording to its tenor, without per- Don Joseph Manuel Domingues, mitting any infraction thereof un- Registrada, der any pretence, or in any man. Don Nicolas Berdugo, lieutenant ner whatsoever. And I command of the High Chancellor. those of my council, the president

D. Nicolas Berdugo. and auditors, officers of my hourhold and court, of my other au

PUBLICATION. diences and chanceries, affiftant IN the town of Madrid on the se. governors, ferjeants major and or. cond day of the month of April,


of one thoufand seven hundred rigg, who had served his time to a and fixty and seven years, before plaifterer and painter in the same the gates of the royal palace, fa- neighbourhood, married her. cing the principal balcony of our Soon afterwards they settled at Jord the king, and at the gate of Greenwich in Kent, where he car. Guadalajara, where the public bu. ried on the business of a painter, finess of merchants and tradesmen and after about five years they re. is carried on; in the presence of moved to London. Don John Stephen de Salaverri, Their family increased very faft, D. John Antony de Pennaredonda, for they have had 16 children, of D. Benedict Antony de Barreda, whom three sons only are now live , D. Peter Ximenez de Mesa, ing. Mrs. Brownrigg, therefore, mayors of the houshold and court learnt midwifery under Dr. Kof his majesty, the foregoing royal and about two years ago, was, by pragmatic sanction was published the overseers of the parish of St, with found of trumpets and kettle- Dunstan in the West, appointed to drums, by the voice of the public act as midwife to the poor women crier, attended by several of the in the work house, in which capa. officers of the said houfhold and city she is said to have acted with court, and many other persons great skill and humanity. She was standing by: which J. D. Francis also a faithful wife, and a tender Lopez Novamuel, one of the se. and affectionate parent : nior clerks of the chamber to It appears to be about four years our lord the king, and of those fince Brownrigg, took the house who assist in his council, do cer- in Fetter.lane, where the cruelties tify.

were committed; at this time he Don Francisco Lopez Navamuel. kept al horse, and had a lodging I certify that this is a true copy at Mr. Norton's, over-against Can. of the original royal pragmatic nonbury-lane, Illington. fanction, and its publication. In the month of February, 1765, D. Ignatius Stephen de Higareda. Mary Mitchell, a poor girl of the

precinct of White Friars, was

bound an apprentice to Brownrigg, An authentic narrative of the many by the overseers, and was then horrid cruelties inflicted by Eli- about 14 years of age. zabeth Brownrigg, upon her poor

About three months afterwards, apprentice girls; for which she on the 15th of May, Mary Jones received sentence of death, on Sa

also bound apprentice to turday the 12th of S ptember, and Brownrigg, by the governors of was executed on Monday the 14th the Foundling Hospital, being also at Tyburn.

about the age of fourteen.

It appears that these poor girls Elizabs the bobines seab antonio

were at this time treated with great years ago, being then about cruelty : what in particular were 27 years of age, lived as a servant Mitchell's sufferings does not apin the family of Mr. R-, in pear, but the sufferings of Jones Prescot-ftreet, Goodman's.fields: were very great : Mrs. Brownrigg and about this time James Browna - used to lay down two chairs on



the kitchen floor, in such a man. This happened after the had ner, that the seat of one might fup-been bound about two months, in port the back of the other; and July, when the days were long' ihen fastening the girl down, some and it was probably very early in times naked, and sometimes with the morning. When she got into her coats pulled over her head, the itreet, se was at a loss where The used to whip her till her to go: he had no home but the strength was exhaufted : at other Foundling Hospital, and thither rimes, when the girl has been she did not know her way: howwashing the rooms or stairs, her ever, she asked of every one the mistress has found fault with her met, and at last, of a man who work, and taking her up in her was so kind as to conduct her to arms, has repeatedly plunged her the gate. head in the pail of water that She was instantly admitted, and stood by.

having told her story, and sewed By such treatment the girl re- her wounds and bruises, one of ceived many hurts in different which was upon her eye, and had parts of her body, particularly in fo injured it, that for some days it the head and shoulders, from the was feared she would have lost it, edges and bale of the pail; and the following order was made by was besides kept in continual ter. the governors. ror by threats of drowning, her " That Mr. Plumptree, the hofmistress often calling on Mary pital solicitor, do write to James Mitchell to fill her a tub of water Brownrigg, a painter, in Feiterfor that purpose.

dane, who had a child, Mary Jones, Where Mitchell flept at this apprenticed to him by this corpo. time we are not told, but Jones ration, and acquaint him, that if llept in a hole under a dreffer, in he does not forthwith make satis. the fame room with Brownrigg faction for the abuse to the faid and his wife, and facing the feet child, this corporation will proseof their bed : this room was even cute him with the utmoft seve. with the shop, the door of which rity.” opened into the Atreet; and one What particular steps were taken Sunday morning, as the lay filent- by the parties in consequence of ly deploring her miserable condi. this order does not appear; but soon tion, and ready to die by the con- after Brownrigg was summoned to fequences of her pait sufferings, attend the Chamberlain of London, and apprehensions of future, the before whom the matter was fercaft her eye upon the key of the led, and the girl discharged from ihop door, which hung against a her apprenticeship. poít, and perceiving that her master Mitchell was now left alone, and miftress were both faft asleep, and continued patiently to drudge The had resolution to make one and to suffer till about the middle effort for liberty and life, and of February following, when the rising very softly, she was fortu. had served about one year of her date enough to steal into the street time; and then she also found without discovery

means to run away : she was how.

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