It was undoubtedly a principle JOHN Leach, ja, teller at the

She was

guily, that those who were near Abstrait of the trial of Willian the ordinary's coach, when she Guest for High-treason, in filing, was carried to execution, cried out impairing, &c. the current cuir they hoped he would pray for her of this kingdom. damnation, for such a fiend ought not to be saved.


Bank, deposed that Mr. Guest of virtue that abhorred crueliy, had been there between two and but to preclude the mercy of the three years; that he had seen him Almighty was certainly cruel, and pick new guineas from the old the best of mankind have no ground ones; that this being Mr. Guest's of hope but the gracious promise frequent practice, it had created a that extends to the worit, “ All fufpicion in his (Mr. Leach's) manner of lin and blasphemy fhall mind, which suspicion he com. be forgiven unto man.

municated to some others; that on executed on Monday, the 14th day the 4th of July Mr. Guest paid of Sept. and her body was carried some money to Richard Still, ferto Surgeons-hall to be anatomized. vant to Mr. Corner, a dyer on the

It is scarce posible to quit this Bank fide ; that seeing Mr. Guest horrid subject without observing, take some money out of the that the facts which now have been drawer, and put it among the rest demonttrated were in the highest on the table; when he had paid degree improbable. Who could the man, Mr. Leach followed him have believed that iwo wretches of out, and begged the favour of the the age of 15 or fixteen years,could, man to walk into the pay-office, in such a metropolis as Londong, and let him tell the money over; and such a neighbourhood as Fet- which he did, and, out of thirty ter-lane, continue to suffer as Mit- guineas, three of them seemed to be chell and Clifford suffered for two newly filed; that the man saying years, without discovery or escape, this was all the gold he had about especially as there was no other him, Mr. Leach carried the three servant in the family but the ap- guineas to Mr. Robert Bell, who prentice-boy to go on errands. Let looked at them: Mr. Leach defired us not then too haftily conclude, the said Mr. Bell would carry them on other occasions, that what does up to Mr. Race the cashier, but did not appear probable is necessarily not go up with him then; that false, nor hastily reject every pro- these guineas appeared to him, as position for which we cannot fully if the right milling had been taken account. Let our enquiry be cool, off, and then filed. Being asked critical, and deliberate : and as whether it was not common to take evils multiply beyond probability, some money out of the drawer in let our vigilance be not only con- their payments at the bank, Mr. ftant but fcrupulous, not refting Leach replied, that it was fome. io fight appearances, but pushing times,


seldom done on to facts.

there, but this was not the whole [N] 3


of the money, but part; that it July, and one or two of the tellers was mixed with the money upon to be present with hiin, the bag the table ; that they put their gui. was accordingly examined in the neas in one drawer, the filver in presence of Mr. Lucas and Mr. another, moidores in another, and Kemp, who told the money over, ports in another : that Mr. Race, when the whole sum was 1800l. weighed the three guineas in his 16s. 6d. in several bags ; that is presence, which together weighed to say, thirteen bags in all; that fifteen penny weights, nine grains ; there was one bag, in which were whereas the weight should have forty guineas, which seemed fresher been fixteen penny weights, four than the others upon the edges; grains and a quarter, which made that these guineas were compared a difference of nineteen grains and and examined with caution and a quarter; that is, three shillings deliberation; sealed up by Mr. and a penny according to the Kemp and himself; not opened standard: one of the guineas (a till that morning, and kept locked George II.) weighed five penny up by the two keys of the cashier weights three grains and nine fix- and teller. teenths; two of his present ma- Mr. Lucas and Mr. Kemp, both jesty wanted about ten-pence, the tellers in the bank, confirmed the other thirteen or fourteen pence. teftimony of the preceding witness,

Richard Still deposed to the with the appearance of the forty guineas being paid, and taken from guineas on the edges, and their him, in the manner above related. deficiency in weight ; which Mr.

Mr. Bell, a teller at the bank, Kemp says, was from eightperce confirmed their being brought to to fourteen-pence one with the him, and carried by him to Mr. other, and that there was a defici. Race ; who having looked at the ency in every one of them. edges, closed them in a paper, Mr. Sewallis, belonging to the wrote 4th of July on them, and bank, deposes to having searched then bid him carry them to Mr. the house of Mr. Guelt, in July Leach, and desire him to keep laft: that in a two-pair of stairs them in his custody, which was was a mahogany nest of done.

drawers, the top of which was Mr. Race, the chief cashier, de forced open in the presence of Mr. posed to the guineas being brought Hull, Mr. Humberton, and the him by the last evidence, with his lord mayor's officer, and there they delivery of them to Mr. Bell again, found a vice, files, and other who teftifies to his own re-delivery things. of them to Mr. Leach, and the Mr. Humberton fwears that he latter to their having been in his is a servant in the bank; that he cuftody ever since.

was present in the search of Mr. Mr. Thompson, one of the ca- Guest's house ; asked him at the Thiers, deposes to the manner of bank for the keys of his book-cafe locking up the tellers bags every and a cupboard, telling him he night, and that having received was going to search his house, orders from Mr. Race to inspect there being warrants out against into Ms. Guett's bag of the 4th of him; that Mr. Guest replied, he


did not know what authority any three small parcels of filings out bo ly had to search his house, and of those found in Mr. Guest's refused to deliver his keys; and room, and delivering them to Mr. that he found all the things there Chamberlaine, who delivered the above deposed, which had con- fame to Mr. Lucas; which last tinued under seal till before the again swears to having received, grand jury, the day before the afayed them, and found them trial came on, and that they were agreeable to the standard, and then unter the seals of the grand thinks they might come from the jury. (Among these things was a filings of our guineas. bag with a hundred guineas, and Samuel Lee, a teller at the bank, two bags of gold filings, weighing thinks it was the latter end of four pounds eleven ounces and March the prisoner had a bar of nineteen penny weights. The gold, between five and fix inches cheft of drawers in which they long, under two inches wide, and were found, is described at large better than half an inch deep; in the sessions paper, and is of very that he asked the prisoner how he curious contrivance. On the teeth came by it, who said, he had it of one of the files was some yela from Holland. To this Lee faid, low stuff.)

he thought it was not like a regular Joseph Nichols deposed, that bar of gold, it had a deal of copper he is one of the moniers at the on the back. Guest replied, it mint, where he has been employed must be filed off, and that all bars twenty years, apprenticeship and of gold were so. Mr. Lee being all; that one of the tools produced asked whether he had seen any bars was capable of milling money of gold before, said he had scores round the edges ; and having look- of times, but never any with such ed at the three guineas paid Mr. a scum. Still, the hundred guineas, and the Thomas Troughton, a jewellery forty guineas, found in Mr. Guest's deposes to having fold two ingots bags, said they had all arti. of gold for Mr. Guest, one about ficial edges, and appeared to be forty-eight ounces, the other about fresh filed, which might be done forty-fix ounces, which appeared with the inftrument before produc. like bars of gold that came from ed, and was not done at the mint abroad, and that he understood at the Towers

them as such. The firit of thefe Mr. Chamberlaine produced was fold the 12th of Jane laft; threc guineas, on which Mr. Ni. the other about six months ago. chols put edges in his presence, Says they were about a foot long, with the instrument found in the and had no appearance of copper prisoner's room, and said they or filing. were quite plain before. Being Efther Collins, fervant to Mr. compared by Mr. Nichols, with Gueft, fwears to having looked the others found in the prisoner's once into his book-case, in his abdrawer, the latter said they were sence, when open, and to have seen so near alike, that he believed them there a glass cup with some yellow all to be done with the same tool. duft in it, and by the cup was a Humberton deposes to taking file like that produced in court.


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Prisoner, in his defence, said he taken ;-(3) that if there be not i was innocent of the matter laid to fufficient number of aftronomers his charge.

in the academy for compleating Robert Fratley, optical inftru. the observations in the places ment maker; John Hunter, con. pitched upon by the academy, I versant in the mathematical and propose, and take upon me to find clock way; Geo. Hodgson, clock out among my marine subjects, maker; all for the prisoner, de- such as, during the interval be. pose, that the instrument produced tween the present time and the as above in court, is fit for milling tranfit of Venus, may be perfect. many other things besides guineas; ed in the habit of observing under and the second laid it was the the eyes of the professors, so as to greateft improvement he had ever be employed to advantage in this seen.

expedition, and to the satisfaction Several persons, and among of the academy. You will, Mr. them some of rank, appeared to Count, transmit me the answer of Mr. Guest's character. Those who the academy, with its full opinion would peruse this trial more at about every thing above, that I large, are referred to the sessions may give orders for the whole, paper.

without loss of time.


Moscow, 3 March, 1767. Copy of a letter of her imperial ma

jesty of all the Ruffias, io his ex"cellency count Wolodimer Orlow, copy of a letter from M. Ramonsky, · director of the academy of fciences

of ihe imperial academy of friences at Petersburg.

at Petersbourg, to Mr. Short of the

Royal Society of London.
Morf. Count Orlow,

AVING been informed; Expected your letter impatienten

the year 1769, the planet Venus will of October. We were somewhat pass over the sun, I write you this in doubt as to our answering the jetter, that you may 'acquaint the views of our sovereign, till the academy of Sciences on my part, arrival of your letter, which dir(1) that it is my pleasure that the fipated our uneasinefs in respect of academy should procure the ob- the iuftruments. Judge yourself, fervations to be made with the fir, how satisfactory it was to us utmoft care ; and that I desire, in to understand that you would take consequence, to know (2) which upon you to procure us the ne. are the moft advantageously filo cessary instruments, and, more. ated places of the empire that the over, to give us your advice how academy has destined for this ob- to proceed fuccessfully in this imfervation! To the end, that in portant obfervation. cafe it shall be necessary to erect I thank yod, fir, in the name of any buildings, workmen, &c. may the academy; and on my own aca be' fent and proper measures be count especially, hoping for a more


favourable occafion of testifying plete observation of this phæno. my obligations. - At present, I refer to your judgment the mea. St. Petersburg, 23 O&ober, 1767. sures the academy has taken with relation to the transit of Venus.

Pursuant to her imperial ma- A curious account of the great erupjesty's orders, in her letter to his tion of Mount Vesuvitus, on the excellency Count Wolodimer Or.

19th of Oktober, 1767. Ex. loff, director of the academy, the

tracted from a letter wrote in a copy whereof I here with fend

friend in England, by the hoyou; the academy having repre- nourable William Hamilton, envoy fented, that the propereit places extraordinary and minifter pleni. in the Russian empire for the ob- potentiary of his Britannic ma. fervation of the duration of the

jefty to the king of the Two tranfit, are Kola, and parts near Sicilies. it, and for the exit, the borders of the Caspian sea, has beseeched her majefty to be pleased to fend As I have nothing material to

trouble you with at present, two observers to the north, and I will endeavour to give you a two to the Caspian. The stations short and exact account of the named by the academy, are Kola, eruption, which is allowed to have Solowetikoy, Monastir, Aftracan, been the most violent, though of and Oreuburg. The empress, in short dutation, in the memory of accordance to the representations man. I had foretold this erupof the academy, apprehensive of tion fome time, having had opporthe precarious Itate of the weather tunities from my villa to watch its at the end of May at Kola and motions more minutely than any thereabouts, has been pleased to one here; and those threats which distribute four other observers you read in the papers, were ex. among those quarters. The aca. tracts from my letters to lord Sheldemy availing itself of the high burne. The 19th, at seven in the protection her imperial majesty has morning, I saw an unusual smoak deigned to exteņd to this enter- issue with great violence from the prize, has determined one to Ja- mouth of the volcano, and form koutskę where the duration will the shape of a pine-tree, as Pliny sot be less than by about į less described before the eruption in tħan at Kola, Torneao and Ca. which his uncle perished; by which janeburg.

I knew the eruption to be at hand, Mr. Wargentin has informed and in fact before eight I saw the me, that Mr. Mallet of Upfal is mounrain open, and the lava ron preparing for Torneaö, and Mr. from the crack, near the top of Planmann for his former Cajane. the volcano ; but as it took its burg, so that this country will be course on the side opposite our so secure in such a multiplicity of villa, I had the curiolity to go observers, that it may be well round, and take a nearer view of hoped, that some station or other it: as it requires time and fatigue will not fail of affording a com: to go up, I did not come in light


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