the sea, they were almoft froze to fores, and gave them plasters, as death. Thus did these poor miser. they were almoft raw from head able fellows live for thirteen or to foot with the heat of the sun fourteen days. After they got the and salt water, which, in many pork, they made a kind of net places, had eaten holes in their with a hoop, some shingles, and fesh. ropes, which they got from the maft: this they let into the sea, with some pork, and caught a few The following piece is faid to have fmall fish, which, with two or three beed found lately among fome pamice they caught on board the

pers that formerly belonged to Olibrig, afforded them several most ver Cromwel; and is supposed delicious repafts, raw as they were: to be a copy of the very words this lasted but a few days, as they which he spoke to the members could not catch any more; when of the long parliameut, when he they were obliged to return to their turned them out of the house. It pork, which was become quite is communicated by a person, who putrid by the salt water getting figas his name T. Ireton, and says to it. To their great joy, on the the paper is marked with the folift of September, in lat. 26, 15, lowing words ; long. 70, 10, at four o'clock in the afternoon, they could just per- “Spoken by 0. C. when he put ceive a vessel to windward of them, an end to the long parliament." which seemed to stand some time food from them : it was then they is high time for me to put despaired, as that morning they place; -which ye have dishonour. had drank the laft bottle of their ed by your contempt of all vir. beer, and that one was all they tue, and defiled by your practice had, for that day they worked of every vice. Ye are a factious hard to get at the casks of water crew, and enemies to all good in the hold, but they were so far government.—Ye are a pack of from them, that they could not mercenary wretches, and would, have got at them in a long time. like Esau, sell your country for About fun half an hour high, the a mess of pottage, and, like Juvessel stood for them, and came fodas, betray your God for a few near that they perceived a piece pieces of money., Is there a fin. of canvas that they on the wreck gle virtue now remaining amongst supported on a board, bore down you? Is there one vice ye do not for it, and about seven or eight poffefs ? - Ye have no more reli. o'clock took them on board ; The gion than my horse-Gold is your was the brig Norwich, captain Ro. God. Which of you have not bert Noyes. Thus were they re. bartered away your consciences for lieved, when death ftared them in bribes? Is there a man amongst the face, by a captain who used you that hath the least care for them very kindly, gave them food the good of the commonwealth? and cloaths, as their own' were rot. Ye fordid prostitutes! have ye not ted off their backs, washed their defiled this sacred place, and corn.


ed the Lord's Temple into a den to your iniquitous proceedings of thieves ?-By your immoral in this houfe; and which, by principles and wicked practices ye God's help, and the strength He are grown intolerably odious to hath given me, I am now come the whole nation. You who are de. to do. I command puted here by the people to get fore, upon the peril of your lives, their grievances redrefred, are to depart immediately out of this yourselves become their greatest place. Go! Get ye out ! Make grievance.

hafte! Ye venal slaves, be gone! Your country threfore calls -Soh!-Take away that shinupon me to cleanse this Augean ing bauble there, and lock up the fable by putting a final period doors.'

you, there.

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Account of all the Public Debts, at the Receipt of his Majesty's Exchequer, standing out the 5th Day of January, 1767, (being Old Christmas Day) with the annual Interest, or other Charges, payable for the same.

Annual Interest or other

Principal Debt. charges payable for the

Annuities for long terms, being the remainder of the original fum contributed and unsubscribed de


to the South-Sea Company

1,836,275 17 101 -136,4.53 12 Ditto for lives, with the benefit of survivorship, being the original sum contributed


Ditto for two and three lives, being the sum remaining after what is fallen in by deaths

72,805 14 101 8,801
Exchequer bills made out for the interest of old bills

2,200 Annuities for lives, with the benefit of survivorship, granted by an act of 5 Geo. III. being the original sum contributed


540 Nore. The land taxes and duties on malt, &c. being annual grants, are not charged in this account, nor the

£1,000,000 charged on the dcducsion of 6d, per pound on pensions, nor the £1,800,000, borrowed anno
1766, and charged on the supplies anno 1767.

E AST - INDIA Company.
By two acts of parliament of 9 Will. III. and two other acts 6 and 9 Anne, at 3 P. ct.p. ann. 3,200,000

97,285 14
Annuities at 31. per cent. per ann. 1744, charged on the surplus of the additional duties on low
wines, spirits, and strong waters

-30,401 15


On their original fund at 31. per cent. per ann. from 1 August 1743


100,000 For cancelling Exchequer bills 9 George I.


15,000 Purchased of the South-Sea Company


121,898 Annuities at 3 per cent. per ann. charged on the surplus of the funds for lottery, 1714 1,250,000

37,500 Ditto at 3 per cent, per ann. charged on the duties on coals fince Lady-day, 1719


Ditto at 3 per cent. per ann. anno 1746, charged on the duties on licences for retailing fpi-
rituous liquors since Lady-day 1746


Ditto at 3 per cent. per ann. charged on the sinking fund, by acts 25,
28, 29, 32, and 33 George II. and 4 and 6 George III.

34,627,824 5 15
Ditto at 3 per cent. per ann. charged on the duties on offices and pen-

35,127,824 5 1,072,588
fions, &c. granted hy the act of 31 George II. and duty on houses
and windows, by the act of 6 Geo. III.

500,000 Ditto at 3 per cent. charged on the sinking fund by the act 25 George II.

17,701,323 16 4 Ditto at 3 per cent, charged on the said fund by the act 5 Geo. III.

5852456 14 • 1,482,000 } 19,183,323 16 4


S 8

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Ditto at 35 per cent. charged on the said fund by the act 29 George II.
Ditto at 31 per cent. charged on the duties on offices and pensions, by act 31 George JI.

and duty on windows by the act 6 Geo. III.
Ditto at 4 per cent. charged on the finking fund by the acts of the ad of Geo. III.
Ditto at 4 per cent. charged on the additional duties on wines, by the act 3 Geo. III.
Ditto at 4 per cent. residue of 3,483,5531. 18. rod. charged on the finking fund in lieu

of navy bills, &c. resubscribed after paying off sol. per cent. of that capital, pursuant
to the acts 5 & 6 Geo. III.

20,240,000 3,500,000

1,741,776 10 11

70,656 16

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Memorandum. The subscribers of 100l. to the lottery 1745 were allowed an anuity for one life of
gs. a ticket, which amounted to 22,5col. but is now reduced, by lives fallen in, to 17,3141.
158. and the subscribers of 100l. to the lottery 1746, were allowed an annuity for one life of
18s. a ticket, which amounted to 45,cool. but is now reduced, by lives tallen in, to 34,4651, and
the subscribers of scol. for 31. per cent, annuities, anno 1757, were allowed an annuity for one
life of Il. 28. 6d. which amounted to 33,7501. but is now reduced, by lives fallen in, to 31,5581.
Ig. and the subscribers of tool. for 3 per cent. annuities, anno 1761, were allowed an annuity
for 99 years of 1l. 2s. 6d. amounting, with the charges of management, to the bank of England,
to 130,053l. Ios. 3d. and the contributers to 12,000,ocol. for the service of the year 1962,
were entitled to an annuity for 98 years of i per cent. per annum, which, with the charges of ma-
pagement to the bank of England, amount to the sum of 121,6871. Ios. which annuities for
99 years and 98 years, were consolidated by the Act 4 Geo. III. all which annuities are an increase
of the annual intereft, but cahnot be added to the public debt, as no money was advanced for the

SOUTH-SE A Company.
On their capital stock and annuities 9 George I.
Annuities at 3 fer cent. anno 1751, charged on the linking fund

335,079 10

25,215,309 13 115 2,100,000

765,326 3 11 64,185 5

130,842,412 39 *

4,707,223 7 4


SUPPLIES granted by Parliament, for the

Year 1767


, .

12293 18 67

NOVEMBER 27, 1766. "HAT 16000 men be employed for the sea 2. That a sum, not exceeding 41. per man per month be allowed for maintaining them, including ordnance for sea service

83200000 JANUARY 26, 1767. 1. That a number of land forces, including 2461 invalids, amounting to 16754 effective men, commiffioned and non-commiffion officers included, be employed for 1767.

2. For defraying the charge for the said number of land forces for 1767.

593986 15 ? 3. For the pay of the general and general staff officers in Great Britain for 1767

4. For maintaining his majesty's forces and garrison in the plantations and Africa, including those in garrison at Minorca and Gibraltar, and for pro. visions for the forces in North America, Nova Sco. tia, Newfoundland, Gibraltar, the ceded Ifands, and Africa, for 1767

405607 2 11 5. For defraying the charge of the difference of pay between the British and Irith establishment, of fix regiments of foot serving in the Ine of Man, at Gibraltar, Minorca, and the ceded islands, for 1767

7201 14 7 6. For paying the pensions to the widows of fuch reduced officers of the land forces and marines, as died upon the eftablishment of half pay in Great Britain, and who were married to them before the 25th of December 1716, for 1 767

1536 0 0 7: Upon account of the reduced officers of the land forces and marines, for 1767

135299 8 4 8. For defraying the charge for allowances to the several officers and private gentlemen of the two troops of horse guards, and regiment of horse reduced, and to the superaduated gentlemen of the four troops of horse guards for 1707

9. For defraying the charge of full pay for 165 days, for 1767, to officers reduced, with the roth

2103 in 8


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