JUNE 10.

as to the 20th resolution of this There were twenty refolutions day, it was as follows: of the said committee reported and That such bounties as may here. agreed to by the house ; by the after become due and payable, first of which, all duties then pay- under the several acts which have able to his majesty, upon goods been made for the encouragement imported into, or exported from of the British 'white-herring fishery, the Ife of Man, were abolished; be paid by the receiver general of but by the eighteen next follow. the customs, in that part of Great ing rosolutions, a great variety of Britain called Scotland, out of any new duties upon such goods were monies remaining in his hands, imposed, which I do not think it These were altthe resolutions of necessary to tranfcribe, as so very the committee of ways and means few people in this kingdom can agreed to by the house, and with now have any trade or correspon. regard to the sums thereby prodence with that iland, and those vided for, and which can now be that have muft provide themselves ascertained, they ftand as folwith a copy of the act itself. And lows:

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Sum total of such provisions as can now be ascertained 8753256 16
Excess of the provisions

225528 15 113

Thus we see that the fum total taken from the land-tax, without even of those provisions made by granting any sum of money for rethis seffion, whose produce can be placing it, as was done in the preascertained, or nearly ascertained, ceding feflion; for in this fellion exceed the grants ; but then we the commistee of supply only re

reare to consider, that no money folved by the resolution of the 25th was by this fefsion granted for the of March, that provision should be pay and cloathing of the militia made for the militia but did not during the year 1767, the whole grant any particular sum for that of that expence being now to be purpose; cherefore this resolution

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by the act 3 Geo. III. chap. 12. he redeemed, and paid off, on the sth of January next, after discharge ing the interest' then payable in respect of the same.

4. To enable his majesty to redeem and pay off the said one fourth part.

87500000 5. Towards paying off and discharging the debt of the navy

300000 0 0 6. To make good the deficiency of the grants for the service of 1766


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3045920 13 7


1. Upon account, for enabling the FoundlingHospital to maintain and educate such children as were received into the same, on or before the 25th of March 1760, from the 31st of December 1766 exclusive, to the 3ift of December 1767 inclusive, and that the said sum be issued and paid as on former occasions

2. Upon account, for enabling the said hospital to put out apprentice the said children, so as the said hospital do not give with any one child more


than 71.

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MAY 19.

That the half pay of the licotenants of his majesty's navy is unequal to the rank their commissions bear, and the time they have been in his majesty's fervice.

1. Upon account, towards satisfying the expences incurred by the committee of the company of merchants trading to Africa, on account of the esta. blishment of Senegal, and its dependences, after the 29th of October, 1765

2. For further enabling his majesty to defray the contingent expences of the forces serving in NorthAmerica

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Sum total of the supplies granted in this session

8527728 o 67


horfe-hair hats, and bonnets, which Ways and means for raising the from and after the second of April,

above supply granted to his Ma. 1767, shall be entered inward at jefty, agreed to on the following any port or place in this kingdays, viz.


2. That an additional duty of Nov. 27, 1766. 6s. be laid upon every pound TH 'HAT the usual temporary weight avoirdupoise of platting,

malt tax be continued from or other manufacture of bast, or the 23d of June, 1767, to the 24th straw, chip, cane, or horse-hair, of June, 1768, 700,oool.

to be used in, or proper for, makMARCH 2, 1767.

ing of hats or bonnets, which, That the sum of 3s in the from and after the said ad of April, pound, and no more, be raised shall be entered inwards at any within the space of one year, from port, or place, in this kingdom. the 25th of March, 1767, upon

APRIL 16. lands, tenements, hereditaments, 1. That towards the supply pensions, offices, and personal ef- granted to his majesty, the sum of tates, in that part of Great Britain 1,500,000l be raised in manner called England, Wales, and the following, that is to say, the sum town of Berwick upon Tweed ; of 900,000l. by annuities, after and that a proportionable cess, ac- the rate of 31. per cent. to com. cording to the ninth article of the mence from the 5th of January last, treaty of union, be laid upon that and the sum of 600,000 by a part of Great Britain called Scot. lottery to consist of 60,000 tic. land, 1,528,5681. 11s. 11 d. kets, the whole of such sum to be

divided into prizes, which are to 1. That the charge of the pay be attended with the like 31. per and cloathing of the militia, in cent, annuities, to commence from that part of Great Britain called the 5th of January, 1768; and England, for one year, beginning that all the said annuities be tranfthe 25th of March, 1767, be de- ferrable at the Bank of England, frayed out of the monies arising by paid half-yearly on the 5th of Juthe land- tax, granted for the res. iy, and the 5th of January, in eve. vice of 1767

ry year, out of the finking fund, 2. That the sum of 1,800,000l. and added to, and made part of, be raised by loans or exchequer the joint stock of 31. per cent. an, bills, if not discharged with inter- nuities, which were consolidated eft thereupon, on or before the 5th at the bank of England, by cer. of April, 1768, to be exchanged tain acts made in the 25th and and received in payment, in such 28th years of the reign of his late manner as exchequer bills have majesty, and several subsequent usually been exchanged and re. acts, and subject to redemption by ceived in payment.

parliament; that every contri. APRIL 2.

butor towards the said sum of 1. That an additional duty of 900,000l. Ihall, in respect of eve. 63. be laid upon every dozen of ry 60l. agreed by him to be con. balt, or straw, chip, cane, and tributed for raising fach fum, be



fifth year of his present majesty's Holland and Flanders, except reign upon the importation and cloth of the manufacture of thofe exportation of Gum Senega and countries. Gum Arabic, be applied towards 2. That an additional duty of making good the supply granted 3d. per ell, be laid upon all dril. to his majefty:

ling, other than canvas drilling, 13. That the sum of 150,000l. which shall be imported into this remaining in the receipt of the kingdom, exchequer, which was granted to 3. That the said duties be car. his majesty, in the last session of ried to the finking fund, towards parliament, upon account, for de. making good to the fame, the pay. fraying the charge of the pay and ments to be made thereout, of the cloathing of the militia for one annuities to be established in reyear, beginning the 25th of March, spect of the sum of 1,500,000 1. to 1766, be applied towards raising be raised in pursuance of a "refothe said fupply:

lution of this house, on the 16th 14. That a fum not exceeding

fum not exceeding of April laft. 181,000l. of the monies agreed to 4. That an act made in the 7th be paid by a convention between of Geo. II. chap. 18. which was his majesty and the French king, to continue in force from the 24th concluded and signed at London, of June, 1734, for seven years the 27th of February, 1765, for and from thence to the end of the the maintenance of the late French then next session of parliament, prisoners of war, be applied to. and which, by several subsequent wards making good the said fupply, acts passed in the 14th, zoth, 27th,

15. That the sum of 84,604 1. and 33d of his said late majesty, 2 s. 3 d. remaining in the receipt was further continued, from the of the exchequer on the 5th of expiration thereof, until the 29th April, 1767, of the two sevenths of September, 17672 and from excise, granted by an act of 5 and thence to the end of the then next 6 William and Mary, after satis. fefsion, is near expiring, and fit to fying the several charges and in- be continued. cumberances thereupon, for the half year then ended, be carried 1. That there be laid an addi. to, and made part of, the aggre. tional duty of one half penny pergate fund, and that the said fund ell, upon all foreign canvass, pack. be made a security for the discharge ing, Iprufe, Elbing, or Quinboof such annuities, and other de. rough, imported into this king. mands, payable out of the said fum, dom. as the growing produce of the said 2. That there be laid an additwo sevenths excise shall not be tional duty of id. per ell, on all fufficient to answer,

foreign canvas, Dutch barrafs, or

Heffens, imported into this king1. That an additional duty of dom. 3d. per ell, be laid upon all linen 3. That all foreign lawns imcloth or theeting above one yard ported into this kingdom, be rated English in width, which mall be as Silosia lawns, and pay accordimported into this kingdom, from ingly.

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MAY 7.



4. That

MAY 19.

4. That over and above the said by a policy ftamped with one ss. duty an additional duty of 3d. per ftamp; and to the amount of any yard be laid upon all foreign larger fum, by a policy stamped lawns.

with two such ftamps. 5. That a fum, not exceeding 3. That the allowance autho. 15,000l. per annum arising from rized to be made by an act passed the faid duties, do remain in the in the 29th of his late majesty, receipt of the exchequer, as a fund upon prompt payment of the for the encouragement of raising ftamp duties on licences for re. and dressing hemp and flax in this tailing beer, ale, and other excise. kingdom, in such way and manner able liquors, be reduced to the as parliament shall hereafter die same rate as the allowances for rect, and that the remainder of the

prompt payment of other stamp faid duties be reserved in the ex. duties. chequer for the future disposition 4. That upon the exportation of parliament.

from this kingdom of coffee and

cocoa nuts, of the growth or pro1. That there be granted to his duce of the British colonies, or majesty, upon the postage and con- plantations in America, as mer. veyance of letters and packets be- chandize, a drawback be allowed, tween Great Britain and the ille of of the duties of customs, payable Man, for every single letter 20. upon the importation thereof. for every double letter 4d. for eve- 5. That grey or scrow falt, falo ry treble letter 6d. and for every scale, sand scale, cruftings, or other ounce 8d. and so in proportion for foul salt, be allowed to be taken every packet of deeds, writs, and from the falt-works in England, other things.

Wales, or Berwick upon Tweed, • 2. For the postage and convey

to be used as manure, upon pay: ance of letters and packets, ment of a duty of id. per bushel within the said island, fuch rates, only. in proportion to the number of 6. That provision be made, for miles, or stages, as are now efta- declaring that ribbands and fílks, blished for the island, port, or con- printed, Itained, or painted, in this veyance of letters and packets in kingdom, though less than half a England.

yard in breadth, are within the 3. That the monies arising by meaning of certain acts made in the said rates be appropriated to the 10th and 12th of queen Anne, fach uses as the present rates of and liable to the duties therein poftages are now made applicable. mentioned. JUNE 2.

7. That the duties payable upon 1. That the duties upon log. Succus Liquoritiæ, imported into wood, exported from this king- this kingdom, be repealed. dom, be discontinued.

8. That, in lieu thereof, a duty, 2. That the properties of any of 305. per hundred weight, be laid number of persons whatsoever, in upon Succus Liquoritiæ imported any hip or cargo, or both, be als into this kingdom. lowed to be assured, to the amount 9. That the said duty be ap. of any sum, not exceeding 1000l, propriated to such uses, as the



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