The humble address of the house of comfort of our amiable Sovereign' Lords to his Majesty.

and his royal confort.

Judge then, royal Sir, how Moft gracious Sovereign,

fincere and dear is our concern at E your Majesty's

most duti, the death of his Royal Highness Lords Spiritual and Temporal in and eminent virtues, the early parliament assembled, do embrace pledges of every great and glothis earliest opportunity of testi- rious act, juftly endeared him to fying our warm and unalterable your Majesty and all your sub, zeal for your Majesty's sacred per- jects. fon, family, and government. We beg leave to acknowledge

Attached by the double tie of your Majesty's goodness, in send. duty and affection, actuated by the ing us a chief governor in every molt just confidence, founded on an respect so well qualified to repre. uninterrupted experience of your sent your Majesty. favourable intentions towards this Permit us also to assure your your loyal kingdom, we shall make Majesty, that the Protestant charter it the constant object of our en. schools, the great source of indeavours to support the honour of duftry, virtue, and true religion, the crown, and the just rights and fall have our utmost affiftance and liberties of the people.

protection, Permit us, royal Sir, to affure And that the linen manufac. you, that our minds are fo filled ture, essential in its cvery branch with gratitude at this late instance and modification to the well-being of your gracious protection, in of this kingdom, shall employ our recommending to parliament that unwearied vigilance that foreignsuch a provision may be made forçrs be precluded from participat

fecuring the judges of the land in ing in the emoluments arising from - the enjoyment of their offices and the consumption of that important appointments, during their good commodity. behaviour, as may be found expe- And we shall make it our study dient, that we want words to ex- to model all such laws as shall appress our sentiments on this subject, pear to us to be conducive to the being fully convinced that inde welfare of this kingdom, in such a pendence is the basis of impar. manner as to render them deserytiality, and that whatever maying of the fanction of your Maje. tend to the effectual and expedi. fty's approbation, tious distribution of justice, and a government by law, are the best securities of our most valuable con.

The humble address of the house of ftitution.

Commons to his Majesty. Interested as

are in the

Most gracious Sovereign. extension of your royal house, we cannot fail of considering every


tiful and loyal subjects, increase of your family a valuable the Commons of Ireland in pasacquisition to the state, whilst we liament assembled, beg leave to feel a filial fatisfaction at every assure your majesty of our firm and cvent which adds to the domestic inviolable attachment to your Ma




jesty's facred person, royal family, excellent a sovereign, adorned with and government; and to return

every virtue that constitutes the your Majesty our most unfeigned great king, and the amiable father thanks for the confidence which of a family. your Majesty has been graciously Our condolence for the mėpleased to repose in uss the con- lancholy event, fo recent and aftinuance of which we shall endea. fecting, we know not how to offer vour to deserve, by taking every to your Majesty ; unwilling to remeasure, to the utmost of our abi- new your Majesty's fraternal grief, lities, that may tend to sup- we thall forbear to express our port the honour of the crown, and feelings for the loss of lo amiable. the juft rights and liberties of the a Prince, whose eminent virtues people.

had juftly endeared him to your We are perfectly sensible the Majesty and all your subjects. abilities, uprightness, and inde. We have ever esteemed the pendency of the judges of the land protestant charter schools as great are conducive to those great ends; sources of industry, virtue, and and filled with the warmest sense true religion, and shall be ever of your Majesty's paternal attention 'ready to grant them such affiftance to the happiness of your faithful and protection, as must be found subjects of this kingdom, we shall necessary for their proper support most cheerfully and gratefully and advancement. And we shall, concur in the important measure, with the utmost afsiduity, endea. so graciously recommended to us vour to put an effectual stop to by your Majesty, for securing the every inconvenience that has hijudges in the enjoyment of their therto impeded the improvement offices and appointments during of that most important branch of their good behaviour.

our trade, the linen manufacture; We are perfectly satisfied the and shall be happy to see foreigners part that nobleman will take, to entirely prevented from interfering whom your Majesty has been pleaf. in any article of it. ed to commit the government of The great affection which your this kingdom, cannot fail to pro. ' loyal and faithful Commons of mote the important work recom. Ireland have ever téftified for mended by your Majesty, as well as your facred person, and the fucwhatever else may tend to the ef- cession in your illustrious house, fectual and expeditious execution will always induce them, to the of the laws, so essential to the utmost of their abilities, to grant happiness of this kingdom, whose such supplies as may be neceffary conftitution and security, we are for the fupport of your Majesty's fully sensible, is a government by government, and the safety of this law.

kingdom. Permit us to congratulate your Your Majesty's gracious dispoMajesty upon the further addi. fition to consent to all such laws rion to your illustrious house, by as may be salutary for the welfare the birth of a Princess Royal ; an and true interest of this kingdom, event which must give the highest calls for our warmeit acknowsatisfaction to a people fo deeply ledoments. interefted in the happiness of lo We beg leave humbly to assure



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your Majesty, that we consider it they express for the loss of his late

a particular instance of your royal brother the Duke of York. Majesty's great attention to the welfare of this kingdom, that you have been graciously pleased to ap- The humble address of the house of

Lords to his excellency. perienced abilities, as well in the Weal and loyay subjects, the highest expectations, that his Ex. Lords Spiritual and Temporal in cellency will, in every circum. parliament assembled, beg leave to stance, support the honour of the return your Excellency our hearty crown, and the just rights and thanks for your most excellent liberties of your Majesty's most speech from the throne. faithful fubjects of Ireland.”

We fall endeavour, in all out His Majesty's most gracious answer, proceedings, to confirm the fa.

His Majesty thanks the house vourable opinion your Excellency of Commons for their loyal and is pleased to entertain of us, and affectionate address, expressive of to convince your Excellency, that that attachment to his person and the support of the honour of the family, of which his faithful people crown, and the just rights and of Ireland have, at all times, given liberties of the subjects, are the the moft undoubted proofs. great objects of our deliberations.

His Majesty, ever desirous of His Majesty's paternal care of supporting the rights and liberties us in providing for the impartial of his people, equally with the adminiftration of juttice, by fe. honour of his crown, will receive curing to the judges the enjoy. with pleasure whatever shall be ment of their offices and appoint. offered to him, which shall tend ments during their good, behaviour, to promote the impartial admi- is fully proved, by his being graniftration of justice, to enforce the ciously pleased to recommend to execution of the laws, and to us the framing such laws as may strengthen the present happy con- tend to that salutary purpose : And ftitution ; and does not doubt that we have an entire reliance on your his faithful Commons, on their Excellency's assurance, that you part, will be ready to grant, with will co-operate with us in fuch cheerfulness and unanimity, such laws as may beft promote the efsupplies as shall be asked of them, fectual and expeditious distribution according to their abilities, which of justice: those great objects of all he will always attend to, for the well constituted governments, and support of his government, and the on which the happiness and profpepreservation of the public safety. rity of society fo greatly depend.

Every possible improvement of We shall always moft fenfibly the linen manufactory of Ireland, feel whatever may contribute to will be sure to meet with his Ma: the domestic happiness of our inoft jesty's conuntenance and support. amiable Sovereign, and his illuftri.

His Majesty receives, with great ous confort; and we therefore refatisfaction, their congratulations flect, with the utmoft pleafere, on on the increase of his family, and the increase of his Majeity's family, is senuble of the tender concern by the birth of a Princess Royal.


Senfible of thofe impressions of to assure your Excellency, that we humanity and tenderness, which Tall use our best endeavours to must affect his majesty on the re- render your Excellency's adminis. cent and melancholy event of the tration easy and honourable. death of his Royal Highness the His Excellency's answer. Duke of York, we beg leave to af- I return my thanks to your sure your Excelleney it adds greatly Lordships for this affectionate adto that concern which we shall al. dress, and for the very obliging ways feel on any diminution of manner in which you express your his' illustrious family; but which good opinion of me: I will always muft moft sensibly affect us, when endeavour to preserve it, by mak, we recolleat that his Royal High. ing his Majesty's service, and the ness's many eminent virtues had interest of this kingdom, the obso juftly endeared him to his Ma. jects of my utmost care and ai, jefty and all his subjects.

tention. Your Excellency's warm recommendation of the support of our Proceftant charter schools, and

The bumble address of the House of

Commons to his Excellency. your attention to whatever may contribute to the encouragement

May it please your Excellency, and extension of manufacture, fully convince cas, "that Whis Majesty's molt duri

, with the government of Ireland Commons of Ireland in parliament your Excellency has adopted the assembled, beg leave to attend your true and real interest of it; and we Excellency with our sincere thanks efteem it a particular instance of for your most excellent speech from his Majesty's goodness to us, that the throne, and to express ous he has intrusted the government of satisfaction in his Majesty's affecthis kingdom to your Excellency, tionate regard for the prosperity of who is descended from a nobleman this kingdom, so warmly thewn by who fo eminently supported the the appointment of a chief goverinterest of his illustrious house, on nor, who descended from ancestors which our happiness entirely de- diftinguished by their inviolable pends, and who has himself so attachment to the cause of liberty, greatly contributed to the exten. and the great support of it, the sucfion of his Majesty's dominions in ceflion in the illustrious house of America.

Hanover, inherits the same prinConvinced by the experience of ciples, and steadily adheres to the his Majesty's goodness to us, we same sentiments. entirely depend on his gracious When we reflect on the impordisposition to consent to all such tant services and great military laws as shall be for the welfare and experience of your Excellency for true interest of his kingdom ; and many years in different parts of fully assured, that your Excellency the globe, and on your happy fucwill concur with us in every thing cess in raising the fame and ex. that may promote the public good, tending the dominions of Great and our happiness and prosperity, Britain ; when we now see the we, on our parts, think it our duty Sword of justice entrusted to the


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fame person, who has constantly cessary support of government
used the sword of war for the ho- and safety of this kingdom Thali
nour of his sovereign and the glory require.
of his country, we must look up The proteftant charter schools
to your Excellency with the high. well deserve our conftant assistance,
eft expectation and confidence. as great sources of industry, vir-
And when we recollect the con- tue, and true religion; and we
fiderable share, which you have shall efteem ourselves peculiarly
taken in planning and carrying happy in diftinguishing your Ex-
into execution in England, an ef. cellency's administration by so fin-
fectual national militia, we can- gular a benefit to the linen ma-
not but acknowledge that the civil nufacture of this kingdom, as the
power could not be more safely or prevention of foreigners from in-
usefully delegated, than to your terfering in any article of that im-

portant branch of our trade.
Happy in uniting a passion for But most particularly we beg
glory with a love for the laws, and leave to make our most lincere ac-
zeal for the security of the con- knowledgments for your Excellen-
ftitution,your Excellencyhas given cy's declarations of his Majesty's
us à most favourable prefage of gracious difpofition to consent to
your future administration, by all such laws as shall be for the
your early attention to the impar. welfare and true interest of Ire-
iial distribution of justice : and we land, and of your own warm wishes
fee with joy and veneration the to concur in every thing that may
warm regard and concern which promote the public good.
animate his Majesty's royal breast, Fully confident from these af-
for the security of the rights and surances, that this nation will,
liberties of his faithful subjects of under your Excellency's govern-
Ireland, in his Majesty's gracious ment, be made happy in the. ac-
recommendation to us to make a quisition of every law, which can
proper provision for securing the promote the honour of the crown,
judges in the enjoyment of their and advance the happiness and
offices and appointments during prosperity of the people of Ire-
their good behaviour ; a work land; we, on our paris, that
which we shall proceed upon with make it our study to contribute
the most grateful sense of his Ma. every thing in our power to the
jesty's paternal affection for our ease, the honour, and the dignity
welfare, as a security long and of your Excellency's adminiftra.
ardently withed for in this king- tion.
dom, to the religion, the Jaws,

His Excellency's answer. the liberties and properties of the I am extremely obliged to the subject; the accomplishment of house of Commons for the very fa. which will be a strong mark of his vourable opinion which they ena Majefty's just confidence in us, and tertain of me. I will endeavour will remain an honourable memo. to merit the continuance of it by rial of your Excellency's admi. exerting my utmoft endeavours niftration,

to promote the service of the We thall cheerfully concur in crown, and the true interest of granting such fupplies, as the ne. this kingdom.


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