ham-bridge, by the severity of the each undertwenty-seven years old, weather.

in the second cart, were conveyed son Peter the wild man, who from Newgate, and executed at

1. was taken in the Hartz Forest Tyburn. Thornhill had served in Hanover when a youth, and sent some years in the army abroad; he as a present to his late majesty on had put off his trial ever since last his acceflion to the throne, was June fellion. When they came brought from Cheshunt in Hert- to the place of execution, they fordíire, (where he had been kept behaved devoutly and penitently: for many years at the expence of Mr. Orton took leave of some 301.) i to be seen by the royal fa. friends with great composure ; but mily. He, like, Shakespear's Ca, Thornhill, before the cart drew libang can fetch wood and water, from under them, put up his cap but can speak no language articu. five times, seeming very unwilling lately. The tale in the papers of to leave this world. After having his being a poor Hanoverian ideot, hung the usual time, the bodies of sent here in a drunken frolic to be Orton and Thornhill were taken maintained, deserves contempts away in hearses : - Johnson's was

Daniel Eckland, one of the rio- put into a coffin, and Walker cers under, sentence of death at carried off by the sailors, who Reading, was executed without the attended there for that purpose. least rutult., : : fieri f : Mr. Orton was the firft crimi.

Three of the rioters condemned nal (except Lord Ferrers) that at Glogcefter were executed there; has gone to Tyburn in a coach, and the behaviour of one of the fince, the unfortunate Mr. Bakeri fufferers was very affecting, and sugar-refiner, who was executa made a deep impression on the ed many years ago. William Col. spectators; of the other two little lins and John Winter were recan be said, one, was ill, and the fpited.

An...? other very ignorant, : '.., : The great duchess of Tuscany brJames Kitlety, broad-cloth-weaa was happily delivered of a prin ver at Bradford, one of the ring cess; The young princess was leaders of the gang of rioters who christened the same evening by the robbed the warehouses, at Brade names, Maria, Teresa, Giuseppe, ford of bacon, &c and who, re, Charloçta, Giovanna. . The cerei ceived fentence of death for that mony was performed by the archa fact at Salisburyo alizesywas, exe- bishop of Florence, in the presence cuted at Fisherton gallows, amidft of the great duke a Maft crowd of people, who were The sessions ended at the very deeply affected at his unhappy Old Bailey, when three re- 7": fate, e la verd pas ligaya ceived sentence of death; one to Thihi 9: Samuel Orton, aged forty: be transported for 14 years, and

uns three, in a mourning coach, nineteen for seven years; four were William Thornhill, aged twenty- branded, and three ordered to be fix, commonly called capt. Thorn, whipped. positions hill, in the first cart, for different ;* Among those who received sen forgeries; and William Walker tence of death, was John Wil and William Johnston, for a foot. liamson, for the barbarous murder pad cobbery, bothvreamen, and of his wife, by.confining her in a .url

most most cruel manner, and starving her that Charlotte, daughter to Mri to death. The poor unhappy crea. Robert Nesbit, of Mary bone, was ture was a kind of ideot, who hav, aged twenty-one years and uping a sum of money left for her wards, upon which he married her maintenance, Williamfon; to poffefs without her friends consent ; It himself of the money, found means appeared at that time she was but to marry her. They were first asked fixteen years and ten months of age. in church, but her trustee forbad the The above Alexander was a servant banns; the villain, however, pro. to the Duke de Nivernois, when cured a licence, and about 8 mouths that minister was lately in England; ago they were married : fince which, but itaying after his master, and the urage the unhappy creature re: getting an acquaintance with Mr. ceived has been one continued scene

a tradesman at the weit end of cruelty. He had driven a strong of the town, he offered to teach his Itaple into the wall of a closet in daughter French, which offer being the room where they lodged, and accepted, he had admission to Mils to this itaple he daily tied her with who fell in love with, and a rope which he drew round her married him. middle, her hands being faftened - Came on to be tried at Hicks's behind her with iron handcuffs, hall, an indictment against Tho. and the little sustenance she receiv. mas Pratten, a bricklayer, in Ironed was laid upon a fhelf, juft with. monger row, Old-ftreet, for refur. in the reach of her mouth, fo that ing to take on him the office of if the dropt any part of it, the constable, having been thereto e. could not again recover it ; and so lected by the select veítry and elders very barbarous was this inhuman of St. Luke's parish. After a short villain, that he often tied her up trial, and hearing the learned arguJo tight, that her toes only reach ments of the council on each side, ed the ground, and if his daughter it plainly appeared to the satisfacendeavoured to alleviate her misery tion of the court and jury, that this by setting a stool for her to ftand custom, for the select vestries to on, he used to beat her unmerciful. dominate conftables, notwithstandly. In this manner the languished ing it was supported by the evidence till she became a frightful skeleton, of a worthy magiftrate, and some and when she was so far reduced other ancients in the parish (who that her stomach loathed food, he all declared the custom had sub. released her, let loose her hands, Gifted near Sixty years) was yet illeand set coarse mear before her, and gal and contrary to law; therefore tempred her with tender words to the jury, without going out of eat, with a view to screen himself court, honourably acquitted Mr. from justice. In a day or two after Pratten.-By this verdict it plainly this the died a shocking fight, no appears that custom, notwithstandflesh upon her bones, and the skin ing its longevity, cannot be fup. that enclosed them covered with potted, when contrary to the known vermin.

laws of the land. · Joseph Alexander, a negro, was A few days fince, the great quan, found guilty of perjury, in swear. tity of ice cut the cable of the ing an affidavit in the commons, Duke of Devonshire, bound to the

Straits, Straits, and the dropped upon her fields, and there executed pursuant anchor, which made a hole in her to his sentence, for the murder of bottom, and funk her. Her lad. his wife, by ftarving her to death; ing consisting of bale goods, to the gallow's was erected in the centhe amount of 20,000l. is confi. tre fronting Chiswell-street. Hewas derably damaged.

attended by two clergymen of the The question soiong agitated by church of England, and a methodist the society of arts in relation to the teacher, who prayed by him for a land carriage fishery, was finally full hour. It was with much dif. determined in favour of Mr. Blake. ficulty that the clergymen could

The cold was so excessive as to prevail upon him to acknowledge freeze the Rhine, near Coblentz, a his crime ; but at last, just before circumstance which the annals of the cart drew off, one of the clerthat city record as a memorable gymen informed the people, that event, when in the year 1670 the he had confessed the murder; and waters of that river were frozen further, that his disorderly life had from the rith to the 17th of Ja. been a principal means of bringing nuary, agd the artificers exercised him into that unfortunate fituation, their several employments upon it, and hoped the people would pray as they now do.

for his soul. He was a call man, At Copenhagen the cold is as about forty-fix years of age. It is intense as it was in 1740. The supposed there were 80,000 perSound is frozen over, and the com- fons present, a great number of munication open with Sweden on whom were women. It was with the ice.

difficulty that the resentment of the At Berlin the cold is more severe populace was restrained; for they than it was in the year 1740. were prepossessed that the punih

Many perfons, both rich and ment of hanging was too mild for poor, have perished with the cold so heinous a crime. He seemed in Ruffia, and many more have apprehenfive of being torn in been devoured by wolves from the pieces, and haftened the execu. forests.

tioner to perform his office. • What is more aftonishing, in A greai flock of larks settled in Italy the cold has been so severe as the market place at Horsham in to drive the poor from their habi. Sussex, fo froft ftarved, that many tations in the country, to feek relief of them were taken up by hand.. in the cities, several of whom are The fall of snow has been fo faid to have perished on the roads. great in South Wales, that all

Friday a great number of larks communication there, except by were discovered in the hay carts the great poft roads, was cut off. in Smithfield, where they had Between ihe mountains the snow taken refuge from the cold, by is supposed to be 40 fathom deep. which they were so numbed, that Her majefty's birth day was cefeveral of them were taken by the lebrated at court with great fplen. persoas present. .

dor. The manufactures of Great th John Williamson a journey. Britain never appeared to more ad. fhoemaker, was carried vantage, the whole court being in the cart from Newgate to Moor: dressed in suits entirely British." Vol. X.


The - The post.boy who carried the pen places; but as the lock lafted mail from Bradford to Rochdale, only a few seconds, none of the was with his horse frozen to death, buildings were thrown down, and . A small cottage in Wales was Two Night shocks of an earthburied in the snow, and an old quake were felt at Parma in Italy, couple perished before they were one at half paft 3 in the morning; şelieved.

the other at 3 quarters after nine. From the 3d to the 14th instant At Pisa some chimneys were thrown it froze incessantly at Paris. The down by the violence of these degrees of cold were very accurate. shocks, and the people thought the ly observed at the Royal College by end of the world was come. is four well regulated thermometers, 4. A night shock of an earth

- 22d. and has been found to exceed that quake was felt at Hanover, in 1740 by 3 degrees, and but 2 but no other damage ensued but degrees and a half short of that of that of throwing the inhabitants 1709.

into confternation.. On Monday evening a poor wo Three fucceflive shocks of an man with a little boy in her hand, earthquake were felt aç Genoa, and another on her back, travelling perhaps the same as before, the from Salisbury to Blandford, and dates in Italy being somewhat con. mistaking her way in the heaviness fused. of the snow, as is supposed, perish- Was held a court of com. ed with her two miserable infants, mon-council, when it was? and was discovered by a shepherd's pnanimously resolved, upon the dog, covered over with snow very motion of Mr. Deputer Rosseter, early the next morning. She had that on account of the dittresses of three farthings in her pocket, a bit the poor in this inclement, season, of bread and cheese, and a rusty one thousand pounds should be thimble...

Subscribed out of the chamber of This day the king of the city, and that a fubfcriprion de Naples, who has attained his book should be opened in the cham. majority, made his publicentry,and berlain's office for the donacions of went to the metropolitan church, all well-disposed persons; which where Te Deum was sung. When money is to be appropriated to the his majesty was returned to his pa. relief of such poor perfoos inhabit. lace, he gave a private audience to ing within the city and liberties as the prince de St. Nicandre, his do not receive alms of the parish; late tutory, who gave up, his ac and a committee was appointed, counts.

consisting of the lord mayor, and · At half after nine in the morn. all the aldermen, and fifty-two ing an earthquake was felt at Lip. commoners, who , immediately ftodt, the direction of which was withdrew, and begun a fubfcrip. from west to eart, and the shock tion among themselves; to which was sa violent that the windows the lord mayor gave one hundred were broke, the doors burst open, pounds, and the rest of the gentleand the ice of the Lippe broken by men very liberally. it in several places. Many people At this court Mr. Deputy Paterwere terrified, and ran into the oc son presented a plan for railing the fum of 282,dool. for the purpose 3 6 136 ;. of paying the artificers of London. 4 . 57 on bridge, completing the new bridge, , Ś en '5 132 and redeeming the toll thereon; 16 ' s 10 97 embanking the river Thames bê. 7 Sunday 15* 48 tween Paul's wharf and Milford. 8


7 7 6 .; lane; repairing the Royal Ex- 9

6 4 3 change, and rebuilding the gaol of .. Third Week 52 2 O Newgate; and a committee was 10

Sri i appointed, to whom the said plan 11 - 4 1965 was referred; whereupon the court 12 - 5 2 7. upon the motion of Mr. Deputy 13 - 4 1 31 Rofferer Voted their thanks to de. 14 Sunday 21 4 1 póty John Paterson, Esq. for his 15

5 14 9 constant and zealous attention to 16 - 61 if promote the convenience, orna

Fourth Week 53 15 3 ment and emolument of the city, and in particular, that, though at

292 '

18 this time engaged in the public service as chairman of the commit One Patrick Redmont haying ,tee of ways and means to che ho been condemned at Cork, in Irenourable house of commons, yet land, to be hanged for a street rob. with great labour and expense he bery, he was accordingly exeeated, has calculated and presented to the and hung upwards of 28 minutes, court, and, at his own expence, dif. when the mob carried off the body tributed to every member of the to a place, appointed, where he fame, a pian of fo much utility to was, after five or fix hours, aetualthis city. P a bnehuoneenly recovered by a furgeon, who :D The following is an account of made the incision in his wind pipe, the toll taken at Blackfryars- called bronchotomy, which produced bridge, for four weeks. I n the defired effect. The poor felto 20 UROB RE in its

low has since received his pardon, 16 Nov.

87 ;

and a genteel collection has been 20 L":"129.91

'made for him.' sacens. 21 LİR ? Yz' '16 I

In consequence of the thaw, 222

4:!!!.!.:: which began on Saturday at New. 23 Sunday 43 11 2" ;

castle, the ice broke this day upon 24 2 10 2 2. D ..!! thie Tyne with a prodigious èrack, 25 1 6 13 8 il and a fresh cide coming down, car. ::: Firft Week 113 3116 ried it to fea with very little da26 .16 14 61

mage: 3, A . 271 .9833

This morning, between zgo , eta irre : two and three o'clock, a 25th. 29-41. 11

fire broke out at a baker's in the 3 Sunday 31 s cienza

Strand, opposite Hungerford-mar. i Dec. 8142 4 **:

ket, which in a short time entirely

confumed the same, and the bel. zan Second Weeks: 73 101 lows-maker's. The Aames were

[D] 2

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