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tries, where a breach in the banks ed for fénuggling, were burnt at genorally lays whole districts una Torbay. der water; była breach in Deep: A man who lodged in Earl. ing: bank, -feveral thousand acres freet; Seven Dials, went home in are now under water; and by the expectation of having his diner north bank of the river Glen ready, but found his wife on the giving way, the north fens are bed, intoxicated with liquor, on overflowed, by which the inhabi which he placed a train of guntants of the villages between Pe. powder, with, the diabolical refoterborough and Lincoln are re. sution to blow her up, but in feta duced to the most deplorable-cir. ting fire to the fame, he was so comftances; their cattle carried terribly burnt, that he was carried away, and their houses laid three to the hofpital with little hopes of orefour feet under water; many recovery. The woman cfcaped other places have shared the fame anburt. fate; and, in short, their conftera A poor old man and his wife, pation and distress is such as none who lived near, Sur.. cão conceive, but those who have ry, and ufed' to sell greens about been in the like fituations. the streets till the late severe froft, - In many parts of Scotland, the were obliged to live upon their inundations, on the breaking up fmall capitat tilt it was exhaufted, of the snow, did incredible da. and were then forced to sell their tage, ar Loch maben the waters bed, &c. for support, which lased of Annan came down with such but a little time ; after which sapidity, as to take houses, cattle, being milling fome days, the Corn, and every thing along with neighbours, who refpected them the.

for their former industry, went to In Ireland, the Liffey did the enquire after their health ; when fame; and in Wales, no man liv. they found the old woman ftretching ever" faw fuch floods. It is ed our upon the floor, juft expired amazing, with what solemnity the for want of common neceffaries, Fhames and Severn rise and fall and her husband almoft dead, who on thefe occasions, fowing with was carried to the workhouse an enlarged current and a quicker without hope of recovery. He motion, but neither with so much has fince, howevery got better, rápidity as to furprise cattle, nor and a collection has been made for with so much increafed depth, as bim. to overflow houses: the foods' on! A farmer near Innerdale going these two rivers, instead of a cala- after some theep that were missing mity, are, generally fpeaking, a during the snow, took with him å common benefit, enriching ibe bottle of rum and a small glass; pafures on their banks, and fere when he found them, fome seemed tilizing the countries thro' which juft dying with the cold, to every they pass.

one of which he gave a litle of 9: A schoones and three open boats, the rom, mixed with water, which takéo by his Majesty's armed cut. instantly revived them. To those tess in the channel, and condemn that appeared deaf affected, he

gave none. What is remarkable, proved the verdict, and have rehe got all that had taken the rum turned the inquisition into the fafe' home, but some of the reft high court of Chancery. died by the way;

They write from Cologne, that Last week Mr. Berrow of the the waters of the Rhine having Grange, sent his man to Chep. been very low for some time, they ftow, with several horses loaded had discovered opposite that..cia with meal. Chepstow bridge is ty the foundations of a bridge, repairing, and near completed. and near the three kings gate a The man when he came to the kind of guard house ; supposed to bridge, led the first horse as far as be two ancient monuments of the he apprehended there was danger, Romans. and then left him to fetch the o

Fourteen transports from thers, fuppofing he would go for. 14th. Durham, Newcattle, and wards; but the horse turning round Morpeth, were put on board the short before we had got within the Jenny, Capt. Blagdon, bound for part that was railed, trod on the Virginia ; at which time ten end of a loose plank, which tilted young artificers shipped themselves up, and he fell into the river. It for America., One of the indent. was then low water, and the ed servants, we hear, who formerheight from the water between ly belonged to Newcalle, has in. 50 and 60 feet.

About 130 lifted into 46 different regiments, yards below the bridge, the horse been whipped out of 19, fentenced sore, having broken the girths of to be shot fix times, but repriev. the pad, and cleared from his ed, confined in 73 different goals, load, swam to the fore without appeared under the character of the least hurt.

quack doctor in seven kingdoms, On the 19th ult, came on at the and now is only in the 32d year lying-in hospital, Dublin, a most of his age. remarkable irial, grounded on a Five of the most resolute prisona fuggeftion made by George Roch- ers in Salisbury gaol (among whom fort, Esq. of the idiotey of Ni were White and Wheeler, two of cholas Hume, Earl of Ely. The the rioters) attempted to break examination of witnesses employed out, threatening to murder the five days; and on Saturday the keeper, and set the prison on fire. 24th, the earl of Ely was him. They tore up several of the planks self examined by the commiffion, of the floor, and threw brickbats ers and jurors, in the presence of with great violence at their opthe said George Rochfort, and of pofers, and continued their noife two counsel on the part of the the whole night, and were so bold earl; and after an examination of and daring the next morning, three quarters of an hour and up- that the keeper was obliged co apwards, the jurors without debate ply to the commanding officer for returned their verdict, Thar Ni, a party of soldiers, to afsift in lay. cholas Hume, earl of Ely, is not an ing them in irons, or murder, in idiot, or of unsound mind. The all probability, would haveenfued. commiftioners, unanimously ap- Was committed to Cheftco castle


the servant maid of Mr. Torking- Thomas Davers, (supposed to be toe, of Overton-green, charged nearly related to the late Admiral with poisoning two of his chil- Davers) who built, at a vast exdren, by mixing arsenic in fome pence, a little fort, on the river gruel, and endangering the life of Thames, near Blackwall, known Mrs. Torkington; and also one by the name of Davers's folly, Elizabeth Hawkins, of Stockport, after passing thro' a series of misfortune teller, for being an access fortunes, chiefly owing to an un. sary in the faid-murders.

happy turn of mind, put an end to A jeweller took some girls, and his miserable life. Some few their waiting-maid, in a hackney. hours before his death, he was coach to a coffee-house in Chelsea; seen to write the following card : when they came out to return “ Descended from an ancient and home, the coachman was gone to honourable family, I have, for a public-boufe ; but it then rain. fifteen years past, fuffered more ing, the waiter let the company indigence than ever gentleman be. into the coach, and called out for fore submitted to : neglected by the driver, who not hearing im- my acquaintance, traduced by my mediacely, the horses moved on, enemies, and insulted by the vul. and one of them, being blind, gar, I am so reduced, worn down, turned towards the Thames, into and tired, that I have nothing which they dragged the coach, left but that lasting repose, the and, the water being very high, it joint and dernier inheritance of was with the utmost difficulty that all. the lives of the ladies and maid Of laudanum an ample dose, . were faved ; but the gentleman, Muft all my present ills compose; being itunned by a blow on his But the best laudanum of all temple, was drowned.

I want (not resolution) but a ball. On Thursday died (as was fup- N. B. Advertise this. T. D. pofed) Mrs. Margaret Carpenter, They write from Newcastle, journey woman 10 Mr. Smith, li. that at Harrington, near Lambton, very lace-maker in Little Queen- the wife of one Wilson, as he was ftreet, Lincoln’s-inn-fields; andon feeping by the fire-fide, came beFriday she was properly laid out, hind him with an ax, and struck in order to be interred to-mor. him on one fide of his neck, with row; when, on Friday night, to all her force, and cut through the the altanishment and terror of the gullet ; upon which he started up, whole family, she came down with all the horrors of a dying pere stairs ftark naked, having only son, but the repeated the blow, been in a trance; as soon as the and clove him on one side of his surprise was over, they put her head, which brought him to the into a warm bed, and gave her ground, and he expired directly. comfortable things for her refreth- She is committed to Durham gaol, ment; the said the was bitter but is said to be out of her rea.. cold; but her situacion so shocked fon. her, that she did not furvive above Jo. Story, a blacksmith, at Bek, a day or two.

ford, having courted the daughter


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of Mrs. Eleanor Elliot, widow, Two ladies (fifters to the gen. near Haggerston, going one day tleman who was lately drowded to her house to ak for his sweet. at Chelfea in a coachs coming to: heart, found none but the old wo. town, from Bath, were robbed on man, who told him her daoghter Hounflow heath, by a fingle highwas not at home, bur asked him wayman. What is remarkable, why he courted her daughter, the ladies met the robber about who could not bring him abové noon the same day, upon Ludgate. 201. and if he would pleafe her, hill, who appeared much conshe would help him to one of gool. founded ; but the ladies let him On which he replied, he would pass, being so much affe&ted that ever with gratitude acknowledge they had not power to call for al: the favour. Then I am the per. fistance to take him. fon, (says the) if you'll accept of A gold medal was presented to the offer : on which a bargain was Mr. Dollie, by the society, for his Atruck immediately, and on Tues- eminent services in communi. day fe'nnight they were married caring the processes of making at Killo. The bridegroom is on. pot-ath and barilla in America, ly 18

years age, and the bride by which thefe articles are now 64.'

become established articles of coma Cameon before Dr. Hay, merce in that country. He has 16th.

Dean of the Arches court also given in writing an inge. of Canterbury, at Doctors'. nious and usefut account of por: commons, a remarkable cause be. ash, with instructions for jodging tween a gentleman of fortune, and' of its comparative value, and dir. a'young lady to whom he was covering the fophifications of it, some time since married in a pris in order that the same may be vate house, or room, in Scotland. printed. The question before the court, Articles of the peace were exhi. and upon which the cause turned, bited at Hickš's Hall, by a no. was this, Whether the marriage in ble Lord, against a woman, for Scotland (as the young lady was" threatening to ftab his lordship, then under age) was binding on and set fire to his house, when the gentleman, or not? when, the court ordered her to find fe; after many learned arguments by curity, or be committed: She the civilians on both sides, the found security. judge was clearly of opinion that A person dressed like a gentles the marriage was good in law, and man, went to a register office, and pronounced accordingly. That hired a young man for his fermarriages celebrated in Scotland vánt, giving him a direction 10 do not come within the act of" come to his Todgings in Westmins i parliament in 1754, to prevent fter, the fame evening but the clandeftine marriages. It is teoffice-keeper having a luspicion of markable this is the firft cause of the person, attended the young this nature tried since the act fellow to the place, and found it took place, and it is said is to be to be a lock-up house for reeruitky se heard before the Court of De- and thai che pretended gentlemapso legates.

was no other than a crimesoma 12 to


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The sessions ended at the wardens, fome fufpicions he had

Old Bailey, when one for relative to the bringing corpses hosle.fealing, and cwo for highway. late at night to their burying robberies... Cope of whom was a ground on the side of the Fleet

were capitally convicted. market, came and declared to the Thirty-three to be transported for gentlemen present, that he law feyen years, four to be whips, aod their grave-digger,laft Michaelmas. three were branded.

day, at a little after 11 at night, This day his majesty went with four bearers, bring down by 2tit.

to the house of Peers, with the side of the Fleet-market, a the usual ftate, and gave the royal Del or coffin covered over with a assent to-the bill to punish mu- black cloth, which somewhat fuca tiny and defertion--the bill to prised him; but he and his man continue, for a further limited followed, and presently coming to time, the free importation of the burying-ground door, the wheat, and wheat meal, from any leader gave two knocks, on which part of Europe, and to discontinue

a woman within-side asked who the duties payable on the impor- was there? One knock more was tation on barley-meal and pulse. repeated; on which the door was The bill to discontinue the duties immediately opened, and the conon the importation of tallow, tents left in the passage. On this hogs-lard, and grease.-The bill extraordinary, information, they to dissolve the marriage of John sent for the grave digger, and on Storf, Esq. from Ann his wife, his appearing, he was questioned to enable him to marry again, and concerning the corpse that was for other purposes. The bill to, brought at 11 at night some time build a new bridge over the age he Aatly denied being con Thames, from Swynford, in Ox* cerned in bringing any fo late at fordshire, to the opposite shore.-. any time; but, after some other And also to several road, inclo. questions, he owned bringing one sure, and naturalization bills. a little after uine, from the lock.

A remarkable experiment in up-house in the Butcher-row; and husbandry was tried laf spring, another time, one from a house of by one Mr. Carpenter, of Chel. the fame cafi in Chancery-Lane. tenham,

In the beginning of Being asked whom he had orders March he sowed about fix actes from, he named a person, who with wheat, which turned out an was sent for; but he positively exceeding good crop, and was fit denied giving any such orders. to reap within nine days of that He afterwards named another, Sowed ac the usual time. The who was the undertaker, and he land was a light fandy foil, and being fept for, acknowledged that.. had been laid down with turnips, he gave fuch orders, but could which were fed off with Theep due not recollect the time, but after ting the winter.

going home to peruse his books, Atà committee in St, found one to be on Dec. 6, 1765": 24th. Bride's veftry, an inhabi. and another on Sept. 29, 17667 tant who had some time before from the above places, by the de. mentioned to one of the church. fre of Capt. , but


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