sets of proprietors; the first con- of Eglinton ; when the royal asent fisting of gentlemen who were for was given to thirty-one public the question, the other of gentle and private bills, among which men who voted for the adjourn. were the following, viz, ment of the court. At the con. The bill for granting an aid to clusion of the ballot, the numbers his majesty by a land-tax for the were, for

service of the present year. Sir George Colebrook's queft. 456 The bill for the better reguMr. George Dempster's 264 lating his majesty's marine forces After the conclusion of these ques. when on shore. tions, the proprietors formed them- The bill for rebuilding the selves into a general court, when parish-church of St. Martin's in Mr. Dempfter moved to reconsider Worcester. the question concerning the addi- The bill for the more effectual tional term of ten years proposed maintenance and relief of the poor. to be granted lord Clive in his of Queensborough in Kent. jaghire, commencing from his The bill to enlarge the term and lordship's present interest therein, powers granted to the inhabitants and which was to be balloted for of St. Mary, Rotherhithe, by ceron the 24th. This motion was op- tain funeral rates, for rebuilding posed by Sir James Hodges, knt. their parish-church, &c. as being entirely contrary to or. They write from Newcastle, that der, and the proceedings of the one William Hodgson, aged twensaid court. After a debate, which ty-two, labourer, at Sir Lawrence lasted till half an hour past ten Dundas's alum work, fell, duo'clock, the question for adjourn. ring the late great snow, from the ment to the 24th was carried by a top of the cliff at the new work at very considerable majority. Lofthouse, which, from top to bot.

They write from Scotland, that tom, measures just 155 yards. The the ruins of the ancient city of precipice is somewhat Nanting for Camelon have been lately disco. about two-thirds from the top. vered within four miles of Perth. He slid down that part of the rock

This city was the capital of the on his breech with amazing ve. Pictish kingdom before it was locity, carrying down with him a over-run and destroyed by the large quantity of snow, which Scots about 800 years ago.

preserved him in a great measure ; Since the erection of the British and being thrown with great velinen company at Edinburgh in hemence from a projecting crag, 1746, the annual amount of linen which turned him heels over head, ftamped for sale in Scotland, is in- he fell down perpendicular upcreafed from 5480324 yards, value wards of fifty yards into a snow 2228701. 135. to 12746659 yards, drift at the foot of a cliff, where value 5792271. uis. which was the he lay above half an hour before report of that society for the last his companions could get to him year.

to take him up; and indeed they

were sometime in suspense whe23d. house of peers attended by ther they should go to him or to the duke of Ancaster and the earl the director of the work, in order


to have the coroner fent for, be. taken at Merchant Taylors' hall, cause they never expected to find upon the question proposed by fir him alive. His right thigh was James Hodges, kt. relating to the very much broke; the left knee, grant of an additional term of ten and the inward extremity of the years, after the determination of right collar-bone were dislocated. lord Clive's present right in his He was infenfible for some days, jaghire shall be expired, was deand a month elapfed before he re- clared as follows: covered a right use of his reason. For the question

361 His left hand is paralytic; but Against it

332 there are at present hopes of his recovering the use of it in a short


29 time. It is remarkable, that he After the above declaration, Mr. was so far from having any pre. Baker moved for an immediate adsence of mind during the fall, that journment. This motion was ophe has not the least remembrance posed by another proprietor, who of it, and, on growing sensible, offered an amendment to this quef. would not for some time believe tion, viz. That' the court should that he had fallen down the cliff, be adjourned to a certain day, in though he remembers being at the order to receive the directors retop of it juft before he flipt down; port concerning Mr. Sullivan's, but he knows no more of what fol. and the other propofitions referred lowed than if he had not existed, to the directors consideration, for nor has any idea of the space of accommodating the company's pretime during which he was infen- sent disputes with government. fible.

These two questions caused long His Danish majesty was taken debates, which lasted till after ill of a scarlet fever, which was eleven o'clock, when on a division, thought infe&ious, notwithstand- demanded upon the first question, ing which, the queen most affidu. there were ously attended him, nor would me For adjourning fine die 86 leave him day or night till his life

Againit it

76 was out of danger. A gentleman near Warrington

Majority 10 in Lancashire, labðuring under a The following extraordinary afdelirium, conceived himself befet fair happened at Ferrybridge. On by robbers and affaflins, and being Monday morning, the fecond inft. very much disordered in the night, the wife of Thomas Benson of the servants endeavoured to get that place, being suddenly taken into his room to secure him, when ill, she, to all appearance, expired, he suddenly opened the door, and and continued without any fympin the dark discharged a fowling- toms of life the whole day, and piece among them, whereby an

every proper requisite was ordered old servant, whom he had a great for her funeral;' but the husband, regard for, was killed, and others hoping for some consolatiorin his were' much hurt, to the inexpref- `diltreis, by some money which he Gble grief of the family.

had reason to believe she had seThe numbers upon the ballot creted from him in her life-time, began to search for it on Tuesday At Huntingdon assizes, one was morning, and found seven pounds capitally convicted. ten (hillings in crown pieces, con- At Kingiton aflizes, three were cealed in an old box; but up- capitally convicted, one of whom on his attempting to take it away, was Richard Mihil, a baker, for he was surprised by his wife, who the murder of his brother; an acwas just then recovered, mer him, count of which the reader may see and terribly frightened him, by in our last year's chronicle. - Atthis appearing as if nothing had hap- allize a remarkable cause was tried pened, and continued seemingly in between a gentleman, plaintiff, good health till Thursday noon, and Mr. William Courtriey, defendwhen the actually expired. ant; the action was upon a wager

began bout

of 100 guineas, which was reduced LENT CIRCUIT. into writing, that plaintiff procur

ed three horses that should go nine. At Aylesbury affizes, five were ty miles in three hours, which decapitally convicted, four of whom fendant laid he did not ; the plain. were reprieved.

tiff proved his case very well, but At Bedford assizes, three were it appearing to the court and jury capitally convicted, one of whom that it was an unfair bet, the jury was reprieved.

gave a verdict for the defendant. At Bristol assizes, three were ca- It seems the manner plaintiff perpitally convicted, two of whom formed this undertaking, was by were reprieved.

starting all the three horses togeAt Cambridge aflizes, two were ther, so that they had but thirty capitally convicted.

miles a piece to run in the three At Chelmsford aflizes, nine were hours, which was done with all the capitally convicted, eight of whom eafe imaginable. were reprieved.

At Lancaster assizes, fix were At Dorchester assizes, two were capitally convicted. capitally convicted, one of whom At Lincoln aflizés, two were was reprieved.

capitally convicted. At East Grinstead assizes, three A¢ Maidstone assizes, two were were capitally convicted, but were capitally convicted, one of whom reprieved.

was Robert Rymes, for the murder At the isle of Ely assizes, none of Richard Williamson, oftler at were capitally convicted; there not the Antelope, at Dartford. Rymes, being so much as one single bill of who had been long a vagabond, indičtment before the grand jury. cameinto the kitchen, and demand

At Gloucester aflizes, fix were ed beer, which the master of the capitally convicted, three of whom inn refused, on which he became were reprieved. Five of the riot. troublesome : The oftler was orers, condemned at the special com- dered to turn him out. Rymes mislion, were ordered to be tranf- struggled hard, and swore he would ported for life.

stab him. The oftler defended At Hereford allizes, seven were himself with a stick, and then ran capitally convicted.

from Rymes, who pursued him about an hundred yards, overtook : At the aflizes for York city, one him, and gave him a mortal wound woman was capitally convicted. in his breaft, of which he died two The late dauphiness hath bedays aftes. The trial lafted five queathed several religious jewels to hours, and the jury brought in the queen; her wedding ring to the their verdict wilful murder, and in cathedral church of Chartres; a consequence Rymes was executed picture representing Night to the at Dartford next day. He died biship of Verdun, her first almoner, without the leaft remorse, saying whom the recommends to the king he 'was guilty of no crime, nor in her will, as also Mr. Pautier de would ever forgive his profecutor, la Breuille, her physician, and Mr. for what he did was only in his d'Artis, valet de chambre of the own defence.

late dauphin; a picture of that Nottingham proved a maiden prince in the regimentals of a dra. affizé.

goon, to the duke de la Vaguyon, At the aflizes at Oakham, two with a precious relic; another were capitally convicted, but were relic to the countess de Marsan, reprieved.

governess to the children of France; At Oxford aslizes, none were and a superb snuff box to each of capitally convicted.

her ladies. That princess has also At Reading aflizes, three were signified her intentions, that all capitally convicted.

her domeftics be amply rewarded. At Salisbury assizes, three were. According to her defire, her heart capitally convicted, two of whom was deposited in the royalabbey of were reprieved.

St. Dennis, by the cardinal de At Shrewsbury affizes, fix were Luynes, and the countess de la capitally convicted.

Marche accompanied it thither. At Stafford aflizes, fever were Her highness's body was removed capitally convicted, all of whom on Saturday to Fountainbleau, and were reprieved, except a woman for the next day to the metropolitan a robbery, who pleading her belly, church of Sens, where it was de. was respited to the 20th of June. posited in the same vault with the

At Suffolk assizes, four were remains of the late dauphin. The capitally convicted; but were all funeral service was performed by reprieved.

the cardinal de Luypes. At Taunton asizes, four were The governors of the city

26th. capitally convicted; but have been of London lying in hofali reprieved.

pital held their annual feaft, &c. At Thetford affizes, seven were when 330l. was collected for the capitally convicted.

charity. At Warwick assizes, four were As seven or eight musqueteers capitally convicted, one of whom were coming out of an eating house was reprieved.

in Paris, where they had drank At Winchester aflizes, seven plentifully, they happened to be were capitally convicted.

fplashed by a little cart that a poor At the assizes for the county of man was drawing along, on which York, five were capitally convict. they fell upon the poor fellow and ed, three of whom were reprieved. beat him severely. A soldier of


the watch seeing this, called the narrowly escaped. Happily the guard, which being come would ice ftorped before the height of have seized the musqueteers, but the flood, or it is probable all the they drew their words, and threat- stores and dwelling houses at the ened to run through the body who- river side had been swept away. soever fhould dare to lay hold of All the welt division bridges but one them. More guards were called, are carried away, and their mills but this reinforcement served only much damaged. Besides the above, to irritate the musqueteers. They the town will suffer greatly in the were desired to lay down their loss of fences, 'which are prodigiarms, and the affair fhould be ously damaged. At Middletown, dropped, but in vain; nothing the great bridge lately erected is could persuade them; so that the carried away, as are also several o guards, after having behaved to ther bridges on the same river; in them in a manner suitable to their the west part of that town several quality, fired a musquetshot, which bridges, mills, and dams are swept happily did no hurt, but was the away. Mr. Stephen Blake of that fignal of a sharp and obftinate fight place, an under sheriff, and his son on both fides, in which one of the about twelve years old, were both musqueteers was mortally wound drowned, in attempting to crofs a ed; the others led. Most of the bridge at the south end of the soldiers of the guard were wound- town. At Suffield, all their mills, ed in this battle, which lasted near dams, and bridges, are carried a. two hours.

way, or much damaged. At FarThey write from Hertford in mington, a fulling-mill, with its New England, of the 12th of Ja- dam, has been carried off; there nuary, that the weather, which of bridges are a good deal damaged. Jate had been very cold, changed The bridge at Windsor which late. to warm; and last Monday it be. ly coft 200l. in building, is de. gan to rain, which continued that ftroyed. At Wintonbury, a fulling night and next day; there being a mill, and dam, belonging to Capt. good deal of snow on the ground, Gillet, were caried away, together it occafioned a vast and sudden with a quantity of cloth. On the food, which has done great da. poft road between this place and mage to the mills, dams, bridges, New York there are only Kingf&c. In this place a large dam is bridge and a bridge at Norwolk carried away, together with a faw. left ftanding. New Haven has mill, and the greatest part of a grist fuffered very much, having loft mill, in which was destroyed a con- three or four large bridges, and fiderable quantity of grain and two or three dykes made for dammeal; another grift mill on the ming out the tides. fame stream has received some da. A calculation of the number of mage, and the great bridge was cattle, &c. killed in one year in with the greatest difficulty pre- the city of London, made by the ferved. A warehoufe, fitted up for, late Mr. Empson, 1761 : Theep and occupied by a family, at the and Jambs 711,121; bulls, oxen, ferry, was entirely carried off and cows 78,254; calves, 104,760; by the ice, and the family very hogs, for pork, 146,932 ; for


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