bacon, 41,000 ; fucking pigs, glected to have a velvet border 52,600.

stript off a cloak which he had worn Another fire has nearly com- many years, was summoned a few pleted the total ruin of the unfor- days ago before the tribunal to tunate town of Bridgetown in Bar- whom the execution of the said badoes. It broke out between edict belongs, and reprimanded; 8 and 9 at night, on the 27th of and a lady, respectable no lefs by December, and continued burning her merit than her high birth, has till morning, with more fury than been also obliged to appear before the dreadful one of the 19th of them, for drinking a dish of choco. May. Above forty dwelling- houses late in her box at the play-house." are burnt down, besides several The king of Naples, playing confiderable stores and timber- lately with

the prince de Spacca. yards. It began in an old ftore of torno, gentleman of his chamber, Messrs. Bedford and Co. but in accidentally tore one of the prince's what manner no one can give any ruffles. The latter, who ought to account. Several large yards full of have taken it only in joke, immedilumber and coals being contiguous, ately uttered some harsh expressi it was impossible to extinguish it ons, and was put under an arrest for till it had consumed all within its fome days in the castle : from reach, besides several capital houses whence he was no sooner released, belonging to the merchants; a than inftead of going to make his valt quantity of boards, planks, excuses to the king, as good sense ftaves, and heading for sugar and di&tated, he went to the prince de rum, casks, &c. were destroyed, as St. Nicandre, formerly his majesmost of the trade was carried on ty's governor, and there made use in this spot fince the former terri- of terms as unguarded as before ; ble disaster.

for which audacity he has been They write from Venice, that again punished by the loss of all the deputies of the republic gave his posts, and banishment to his lately to the reigning duke of estates in Sicily. Wurtemburgh the diversion of a Letters from Saintonge advise, bull-fight in the square of St. that the wolves have lately made Mark. Forty-eight masks, dressed most terrible ravages in the neighin the English, Spanish, Swiss, and bourhood of St. Jean d'Angeli, Hungarian manner, harrassed the where several persons who had bulls whilst they were baited by the been bit by them have died mad. dogs;after which two persons ftruck A woman, by profesion a seamoff at a single blow the heads of fix stress, has been condemned, by an balls fucceffively. The baiting of arret of the parliament of Paris, to three bulls, with fireworks fixed make the amende honorable, to be to them, clofed the diversion, at fixed to the Carcan, to be branded which upwards of twenty thousand and confined to the saltpetre-house persons affifted; and there was af- fornine years, for having, by means terwards a grand supper.

of a forged register of her first husThe edict against luxury is so band's burial, contracted a second tri@tly observed at Stockholm, that marriage with another man, whose 7 counsellor of Itace, who had ne. widow The now is. The writing


master who forged the register is majesty's hip Montreal, for Antilikewise condemned to the gallies bes or Toulon. for life, after making the 'amende The late earthquake has done honorable, and being branded in considerable damage to the houses the shoulders. This sentence be in this city. It has been succeeded gan to be executed last Thorsday. by several other shocks not lo vio.

There was lately tried at lent as the first, and there is a conChelmsford, in Essex, two causes, ftant tremor in the earth, felt in wherein William Butler, and John the city and its environs. Mungall, of Barking, in the same - On the oth of February, at a county, fishermen, were plaintiffs ; quarter after four in the morning, and an officer of the customs, at three successive locks of the earth Malden, defendant. The action were feliat Grafse in France. The was brought for the illegal seizure first lafted - but a few seconds, and detainer of the plaintiffs fish- though it waked several persons in ing-boat, and for killing and other. bed, and threw down some tiles, wise damaging, with a boat-hook, and chimnies. During its continus their cargo of fish, for no other ance, a found was heard like that reason than the plaintiffs having of a strong gust of wind. The two on board an old rutty musket, a other shocks were not so fensibly pound of shot, and half a pound of felt. These shocks were conlideras powder, which the officer called bly more violent in Italy; but dia fire-arms against the king. A minished in proportion as they were verdict was found for the plain- nearer to France. Their force was tiffs, with damages and full costs greatest at Venice ; less confideraof fuit.

ble at Genoa, and ftill less at Nice, A coal mine has been opened By the earthquakes at Fivizzanear Cempbeltown, in Cantire, no, 'in Tuscany, the cathedral is which promises to succeed well; in rent in many parts; the church of time, it may prove an advantage. the cordeliers has suffered much, ous trade to that port, which pro- and the great hospital, the towns mises to be a flourishing place, hall, and the fale-magazine, are from whence many vessels are go. greatly damaged. ing to the Newfoundland fishery. On the 12th of this month, at

They write from Genoa, that the three in the morning, a fire broke hereditary prince of Brunswick ar- out in the king's palace at War. rived there from Turin, early in faw, and in two hours destroyed the morning of the 20th of Febru. one entire wing; in which, amongst ary. Ac half an hour after his ar. other people, were lodged a part rival, he was complimented by the of his majesty's own family. No master of the ceremonies in the re. lives were loft,

but papers public's name, who renewed the importance to the republic are deoffer of a deputation on behalf of stroyed. the republic, which his Serene Prince Repnin, ambassador from Highness desired, in the most po. Russia, presented a declaration to lite manner, to be excused from the king of Poland, figned by the accepting. The prince will em empress, by which the demands bark, in a few days, on board his that the Dillidents of Poland and

of great Lithuania be forthwith restored to and helped the dead man (one the enjoyments of their ancient Griffiths, a turner in Clerkenwell) rights and privileges; and that, in into the coach, and then made their order to accomplith this, she has escape.--Intelligence of this mur. found herself obliged to order der, with a description of the mur. 30,000 men to enter Poland, who derers, being sent to Sir John will not leave the country till the Fielding immediately, one of them Diffidents are put upon an equal was taken next day, and by his footing with the other citizens.

means all the rest. A conspiracy was formed among A terrible accident happened at the felons, in the North Gate jail a colliery near Farfield, Durham. in Chester, wherein one Evan Tho. The pits were 80 fathom deep ; mas, who was confined for a mur. and on Friday morning last, when der and robbery, was the 'ring- all the hands were at work, it went leader. About eight, when the off with a great explofion, by which turnkey was going to put him and 39 persons lost their lives. Moft three others into the dungeon, of their bodies were got up, but Thomas seized him, and threw him in a very mangled manner. The into the dungeon, and took the owners are now giving 201. prekey from him and locked him in; mium per man; and so great is the his cries brought Mr. Whitehead, necessity of the poor, that they are the gaoler, down to his assistance, already nearly supplied. when Thomas ran a penknife into The whole quantity of the difr his tl#oat, and killed hiin on the ferent forts of grain imported this {pot. They went up into the house, month at the port of London, aand seizing Mrs. Whitehead, de- mounts to 71,153 qrs.. manded the key of the North Gate The following are the particu. from her, who told them that her lars of a murder perpetrated by husband had it in his pocket, upon Alexander Grant, alias Dearg, which they went down Itairs to weaver, in Drummulie, in the Search for it. In the mean time shire of Elgin, on John M Donald, Mrs, Whitehead unlocked the alias M'Haac, tenant in DrumNorth Gate door, to call aslistance; mulie, on the 15th of March. but they came up again, and seized Grant kept a whiskey house, as her while the door was open; three did MDonald; the latter fupmen, however, coming out of the plied with better liquor, and be. Atreet, secured three of the felons, ing of a

more affable temper, enbut the above Evan Thomas made grossed all the company: Grant's his escape: his irons were found the envy was raised, and he was next day in a field near the city. often heard to say, “ he would

About nine at night, four do him an ill turn. On a Suns 3oth.

men coming to cown from day, Grant, with M‘Donald's broHolloway, in a hackney-coach, ther-in-law, and some neighbours, were attacked by four foot-pads, went to drink whiskey at MDo. who, on some resistance being made, nald's; when, after they were Thot one of the men through the pretty much intoxicated, they ahead, and he expired immediately. greed to spend the afternoon over They took from the rest about 15l. Grant's whiskey. They set out, but when they were at a distance There is now living in a village from M.Dɔnald's, Grant told the near Ludlow, in Shropshire, one company, he had something to John Saunders and his'wife, whose communinate to him, which he ages, added together, makes 212, chose to do in private, and desired the man being 107, and the woman them to step forward. After wait- 105; they are both chiefly suping some time at a distance, they ported by the charity of some concluded they had gone back a- neighbouring gentlemen. gain to M‘Donald's; but on re- Died, Nicholas Dufrenois, a no. turning found them ftruggling to. tary at Berrieux, in the diocese of gether, and saw Grant plunge a Laon, the 15th ult. aged 101. He large knife into M‘Donald's body, married at 75, and had fix chiland throw him on the ground. dren ; and never had any illness. This done, he advanced with his At Wigtown in Scotland, Mary knife reeking with the blood of Finlater, aged 153 years. the unfortunate man, and made at At Hampftead, Mrs. Jane Sta. his brother-in-law, who, with the ples, aged 106 years. rest of the company, endeavoured to save themselves by flight. Grant overtook him and gave him

A PRI L. several wounds, and, if the rest had not interposed, would have killed The governors of the Mago A. him on the spot. The villain fied dalen charity held their anto the woods, and 200 men are niversary feaft at draper's, hall, now in pursuit of him. The bro. Throgmorton-ftreet, after a ferther-in-law's life is despaired of. mon preached at St. George's, Ha

Between eleven and twelve nover-square, by the Rev. Mr. 31ft.

at night, large detachments Sellon, Chaplain to the Earl of of troops were sent to each of the Pomfret. The collection at the fix different houses of Jesuits in church and hall amounted to Madrid; and the doors being 5231. 8s. opened, the bells were first secure A cause which has been

d. ed, and a centinel was posted at depending for upwards of two every cell, the occupier of which years, bei ween two geotlemen in being obliged to rife, they were the neighbourhood of Exeter, has assembled, and the king of Spain's at length been determined at the commands were fignified to them. alsizes for that city. The action In the mean time, all the hired was brought against the defendant coaches and chaises at Madrid, to- for carrying the produce of the gether with a number of waggons, harvest of the year 1764 without were properly distributed; and ear. giving notice to the plaintiff's dely in the morning the Jesuits, to puties

of their intention of carrying the number of about three hundred the fame, in order that the plaintiff

, and fifty, were in motion. They as owner of the tythes of the said were allowed to carry every ne. parish, might fend for his tenth of cessary along with them. They took the produce; when, after a trial the road to Carthagena, where which latted 14 hours, in which they will embark for Roine,


the plaintiff proved that it had The subjects at Cambridge for been a custom, during the lives of the prizes of fifteen guineas each, his father, grand-father, and great. given by the members of the unigrand-father, for l'oo years laft verfity, are this year, paft, to have such norice given; and that it would be impossible for :

For the senior bachelors; the owner of the tythes to receive a quarter part of his due, without Urrum cenforis Romani disciplina rei. the fartner was obliged to give publicæ utilis fuerit. Fuch norice;' the extent of the parith being at least ten miles; a ver

For the middle bachelors; diet u was given in favour of the plaintiff, with full costs of fuir.

Utrum peforens bearint fæpius an His majesty“ went to the

perdiderint divitiæ. 3d.

house of his grace the doke of Ancafter and The exercises to be delivered in the earl of Denbigh, and gave the by the roth of June in the usual

manner. royal affent to the following bills,

A dreadful storm of thunder and viz. The bill to raise 1,800,000l. by lightning did confiderable damage

at Provence in France. The lightloans on exchequer bills, and a lot. tery for the service of the present St. James, by which one of the

ning set fire to the royal abbey of year. The bill to apply the fum grant- burnt, so as to give way in the an

main beams in the steeple was ed for the pay and cloathing of the militia for 1767.

gle; two other churches were set The bill to enlarge the tern and bells of one melted, and the other

on fire in the neighbourhood; the powers granted for building cwo new churches in the town of Liver.

entirely consumed.

His ferene highnefs the pool,

The bill to enable the earl of hereditary prince of Brunf. 13th. Strathmore to take and use the St. James's, after an absence from name of Bowes, pursuant to the will of George Bowes, Esq. de. England, of one year and two days. ceased.

His majesty went to the house of


and And also to several road, inclo.

peers, gave fure, and naturalization bills.

the royal alent to the following

bills, viz. It is faid, there are now in England three dukes of France, and allowing the free importation of

The bill to continue an act for twenty-nine other noblemen of wheat and wheat-flour, barley, that kingdom.

The general order for the barley meal, and pulse,for a fürs 4ch. expulfion of the Jesuits which ther limited time, from any part

of Europe. began to be put in execution at Madrid, on the firft instant, was duty on baft, or chip, straw, cane

The bill for laying an additional this day completed throughout and horse-hair hats or bonnets im. all the dominions of the king of Spain.


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