The bill to enable his majefty ly brought up, with grablers reato grant certain annuities to his dy for that purpose. three brothers, their royal high. One of the crimps who decoy nesses the dukes of York, Glou. men to go abroad, met with a cester, and Cumberland.

young fellow who he thought The bill for making the river would answer his purpose, and told Ure navigable from its junction him that he would treat him with with the river Swale to the 'bo- a pot of beer, if he would only say rough of Rippon in Yorkshire. to a person juft by, that he was en.

The bill for lighting, cleans. lifted to serve the East-India com. ing, and paving that part of the pany, by which he should win a parish of St. Botolph, without Ald. wager ; but the young man re. gate, and the precinct of St. fused, on which the crimp pulled Catherine's.

out a paper, and said he had a The bill to enable the trustees warrant against him for stealing a of the museum to exchange, sell, silver tankard from a public house, or dispose of, any duplicates of valued at above 121. and therebooks, medals, coins, &c. and to upon infifted on his going with purchase others in lieu thereof. him ; when a man passing by, en.

The bill to enable Henry duke quired into the affair, and found of Buccleugh, a minor, to make a it was a trick to get the young fel. settlement on his intended marriage low to some lock-up house; he with Lady Elizabeth Montague. thereupon infifted on their going

The following odd relation is with him to the Manfion-house, attested as a fact. An inquisition but it being late, they were both was taken at Newbery, Berks, on lodged all night in the Poultry the body of a child near 2 years Compter, and on Saturday were old, who fell into the river Kennet, carried before the right hon, the and was drowned. The jury lord mayor, when the fact appear. brought in their verdict Accidental ed to be as above, that the crimp death. The body was discovered by had no real charge against the a very singular experiment, which young fellow for theft, and that was as follows : After diligent it was an artifice generally used to search had been made in the river get men to lock-up houses, where for the child, to no purpose, a two. They are confined in such a manner, penny loaf, with a quantity of that is it impossible for them to quicksilver put into it, was set acquaint their friends of their fifloating from the place where the tuation; upon which the crimp child, it was supposed, had fallen was committed to Newgate, and in, which steered its course down the young fellow bound over to the river upwards of half a mile, appear against him at the next ses. before a great number of specta. fions at the Old Baily. tors, when the body happening to

The committee of polite arts, lay on the contrary sideof the river, &c. in the Strand, adjudged the the loaf fuddenly tacked about, and firft premium for landicape paintswam across the river,and gradual. ing to the ingenious Mr. Jones, ly funk near the child, when both formerly pupil to Mr. Wilson, for the child and loaf were immediate his truly meritorious performance;


the second to Mr. John Gardnor, butcher's on one side of it, and a master of an academy in Kensing- small house on the other, at the ton. The merits of both pictures ap- upper end of the piazza, damaged peared so equal, that the casting two more houses in the front, and vote was left in the breast of the some out-houses backwards. The chairman. There was likewise giv. fames were so rapid, that Mr. en to Mr. Dean, landscape-painter, Wood's family had not time to twenty guineas as a bounty, his fave any part of the stock, and but picture having great share of merit little of their furniture. A jewel.

There has been lately published ler, who lodged in the house where a heet list of changes, said to have it began, loft fome diamonds of happened during the present reign; considerable value. by which it appears, that there On the 16th of August last, the have been no less than 2 lord chan. Pitt, Capt. Bothomley, from Rot cellors, 4 lord presidents, 5 lord terdam for Angola, ran ashore on keepers of the privy seal, and once Cape Bajadore, on the coaft of Barthe feal in commission, s firft lords bary; 25 of the crew going ashore, of the treasury, 13 other lords of were stript naked by about 100 the treasury, 6 chancellors of the moors, in which condition they reexchequer, 5 lord chamberlains, 2 mained 14 days, while the moors vice chamberlains, 3 grooms of the were getting all they could from ftole, 31 different lords of the bed- the ship; and then breaking her chambes, 22 different grooms of up, they burnt the pieces, and the bedchamber, 4 keepers of the stove the calks of liquor as they great wardrobe, 4 groom porters, came ashore, for the sake of the 2 lord stewards, scomptrollers, 5 iron and hoops, which were divid. treasurers, 5 cofferers, iz different ed among them with the rest of the clerks of board of green cloth, 3 plunder; then separating the crew, treasurers of the chamber, 5 masters ihey were sold in the country for of the horse, 11 secretaries of state, camels, sheep, goats, &c. About 7 first lords of the admiralty, 23 three weeks after, meeting togedifferent lords of the admiralty, ther again, the natives concluded to 8 first lords of trade, 18 different carry them to the emperor of Mo. lords of trade, 9 poft-masters, 4 rocco. After 49 days travel, they pay-masters, 3 treasurers of the arrived at Terredant, and were cara navy, 3 secretaries at war, 5 ried before the bashaw or governor, keepers of privy seal of Scotland, who treated them kindly, fupply, 8 vice treasurers of Ireland. ing them with plenty of bread and

There are above as many more grapes. After 14 days reft they changes mentioned in the said lift. travelled in seven days to Morocco. 17th

This morning, becween The last day's march Meff. Adams

twelve and one o'clock, a and Hosier of Santa Cruz sent two fire broke out in the kitchen of moors to conduct them; but being Mr. Wood, cheesemonger, in Hun- in two parties, only 12 göt safe, gerford-market, Strand, supposed and 12 were taken by the foldiers, to be occasioned by some linen be. and Hugh Evans was left upon the ing left near the fire, which, in a mountains, but


safe in. After few hours, consumed that house, a eight days they were presented to

[F] 2

tie 159

the emperor, who appointed them performances exhibited there, and a house among the Jews at Micca. The present flourishing tate of the nesse, with an allowance of two polite arts among their subjects. blanks a day, and liberty to walk about. By producing a Mediter. The following report of the state of the ranean pass, after five months, they city hospitals was laid before the were permitted to go to Sallee, Governors. where the Danish consul behaved with great generosity and benevo

Christ's Hospital. lence, supplying them with money and victuals. From thence they Children put forth appren. travelled to Larach, and then to rices, &c. last year, ten Tetuan, and passed over to Gibral. whereof had been instructed tar, from whence some came to in the mathematics, England, and others entered on

Buried the last year,

17 board a man of war.

Remaining in this hospital, 873 The froft was so severe in the province of Dauphiny, that it de

St. Bartholomew's, Itroyed the vines, and totally cut off the blossoms of the early fruit Cured and discharged lastyear, 3745 trees.

Out-patients relieved,

3100 A body of tinners assembled near Truffes given by the hospital to 11 Truro in Cornwall, and rummaged Buried this year,

349 Lambefla farm for corn, which they Remaining under cure, 400 seized and paid for; but in search. Ditto out-patients,

141 ing for the corn, one of their com. pany filched a couple of filver

Total, 7746 spoons, which were soon miffed, and application made to the ring

St. Thomas's. leaders to have them returned ; these men, with a frankness not to In-patients cured and disbe expected, insisted on an immedi. charged,

3245 ate search of all their companions, Out patients, ditto,

3797 in order to discover the thief, who Buried this year,

301 being soon detected, they caused Remaining under cure,

470 him to be stript and scourged to Out-patients, ditto,

236 such a degree that he took to his bed, and it was thought would

Total, 8049 hardly recover. Their 'majefties (accom

Bridewell Hospital. 22d.

mpanied by their royal highnesses the prince and princess of Vagrants,&c. relieved and difBrunswick) were pleased to honour charged, the incorporated fociety of artists of Maintained in several trades, Great Britain with their presence, &c.

76 at the great room in Spring Gardens; and expressod their satisfacti. an in observing the several genuine



Betblem hofpital.

punished with inftant death. The

gentleman was, however, taken Admitted into this hospital,

195 up, and carried to the Baftile, Cured,

172 where his wound has been fince Buried,

44 cured, and, at the instance of the Remaining under cure,

251 British ambassador, he has been

released and conveyed by order A gentleman in Hamilton-ftreet,

of court

to "the frontiers of Hyde-park-corner, ftabbed him- France next England, and the self with his sword in several French officer enjoined not to de. parts of his breaft; and after. part the kingdom in a limited wards pulled out his pen-knife, time. cut his throat from ear to ear, and A machine, of a new construcimmediately expired. It seems tion, for the more expeditious the cause of his so doing was, his and exact sawing of timber, is finding himself beginning to be now erecting in a timber yard seized with a canine madness, in near Limehouse; it is to be work. consequence of his having been ed by wind, and is said to be the bit by a mad dog about five weeks first of the kind erected in this before, and to prevent his grow. kingdom, ing worse, or doing mischief to At the sessions at Guild.

28th. others, he thought proper to dif- hall, John Young was tripatch himself in the above man. ed for illegally confining Henry ner.

Soppitt, a sailor, at a lock-upThe concerto at the house in Chancery-lane, with a 26th,

Thuilleries in Paris, was design to send him to the Indies. interrupted by a tragical accident, He pleaded guilıy; but the court which has occasioned much con. finding the action so black against versation. Mr. H-y, an Eng- him, he was sent to Wood-Itreet lis .gentleman, having taken of- Compter till next sessions, when fence at a French officer's manner judgment is to be passed. of talking to some ladies that fat Both houses of Parliament met, next him, made use of some rough pursuant to their last prorogalanguage, which the officer re- tion. senting, gave a sign for the Eng- As a waggon load of veal was lish gentleman to follow him out. coming to town from Sudbury in In crossing the benches, the Eng. Suffolk, destined for the London lishman ftruck the officer with his markets, the mob seized and fold fift, and the officer instantly drew it for two pence per pound to the his sword, and ran the Englishman poor people, when they paid the through the body. The wound, owners the money received, re. however, was not mortal; and turned them the cloths the veal the French in general seem to be was wrapped up in, and went sorry that it was not, as the ex- quietly home their habita. ample of striking a person in a tions. royal palace ought, according to The King of Denmark having their way of thinking, to be lately sent a present to the unhap

[F] 3



py family of Calas, together with age. At first she set up cries, a letter to Monf. de Voltaire upon but wept not. She gazed after. the subject, received the following wards with surprise on those round answer from that learned man: her, and suffered herself at last to

“ Sire; The letter, which your be led away by them. They carmajesty was pleased to honour me ried her to the hospital of Carpwith, drew from me tears of ten- sen, a little royal town, in the derness and joy. Your majesty county of Atfal, near Chemnitz, sets a great example very early. where they cloathed her, and made Your benevolence spreads into her take nourishment. Hithercountries almost unknown to the to she has constantly refused all rest of the world, and you make the dressed meats which have been all your subjects who come with. laid before her, and he feeds onin the hearing of your benevolently upon raw victuals, the rinds of generosity. We must travel into trees, and other things of the like the north to learn to think and nature. feel. If my weakness and bodily Paris, April 20. By a report complaints would permit me to made by M. de Roquemont, comfollow the emotions of my heart, mandant of the city guard, conI would throw myself at your cerning the manner in which the majesty's feet. When my imagi. musqueteers lately treated the nation was alert, Sire, I should Guet, the marsals of France have have made too many verses in an- ordered, that the musqueteer, swer to your charming profe. who was so grievously wounded, Pardon the dying efforts of a man shall be broke, and declared in. who is not able to express the capable of serving the king, and sentiments which your goodness be imprisoned four years. The inspires him with. I wish your other musqueteers concerned in majesty as much happiness as you that affair have been broke, and will have real glory.

condemned to one or two years I have the honour to be, &c.” imprisonment. They write from Chemnitz in

A fire broke out in a law.

3oth. Hungary, that some persons of pit in the timber-yard of Frauenmarck, in the county of Mr. Juftice Quarrel at Redriff, Honten, having chased for some and the flames catching the timtime a wild boar, and having fol. ber, a dreadful conflagration en. lowed it into the mountains, far- sued, which consumed ten dwel. ther perhaps than they had ever ling-houses, with valt quantities penetrated before, they saw on the of timber, theds, and out-build. Inow the vestiges of a human ings. creature, which they followed, At the anniversary meeting of and which led them to a cavern,

the trustees of the London horwhere, to their great aitonishment, pital, the collection at church they found a young girl quite na- and at the hall amounted to ked, very plump, of a deep 13361. 36. The sermon brown colour, and to appearance preached by the bishop of Gloufrom fifteen to eighteen years of cefter.



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