going several interrogatories, to This is the person who was some which he would give no answer, time confined in the King's Bench, he was sent to the hospital to be charged with the intention of af. taken care of, but in the night he faffinating Mr. Wilķes. made his escape.

Their majefties having honoured A moft terrible storm of thunder the society of artists of Great Briand lightening fell upon the house tain with their presence, at the of Richard Rylance, in Church. exhibition in Spring Gardens, his . ftreet, Ormskirk, carried away the majesty has been graciously pleased chimney and lates from the roof, to order them the sum of one hun. the windows of the third story, dred pounds. shattered the side of the building, This morning, about three and melted the lead of the lower o'clock, as the Plymouth stagewindows. A ball of fire traversed waggon was going out of town, it the room of a lying-in woman, but took fire in Fleet-ttreet, occasioned providentially did her no hurt. by a bottle of aqua-fortis break

The contables at Bristol disco. ing against a bottle of spirits of vered, concealed in a box, in the wine, and setting fire to the same: house of one Langford, a night. By timely affiftance it was soon ex: watchman, a girl about 18 years of tinguished, after doing about 301. age, almost starved, and quite na- damage, and the waggon pursued ked. It appeared that she had its journey. been a lodger in the house near 20 It began yesterday to snow months, but had not been confined in Derbyshire, which conto the narrow limits of this box tinued the whole day and part

of (which is about 40 inches long, this, so that the snow was above and 18 broad) more than eight half a yard deep. months, during which time the An uncommon inundation haphas been often without sustenance pened in the road between New, for three days together. The po. ington and Clapham, occasioned fition she was obliged to lie in has by the heavy rains that had been fo contracted her limbs that they falling for three days before; the are quite useless. They also found waters collected in the road meeta young woman quite naked, with ing with a high tide (wind N. by only shavings to lie on; who, be. W. moon's firit quarter) ruoning ing with child, had Aed to this up Vauxhall Creek, swelled to such place for shelter. Both these de. a degree, that they soon covered plorable creatures were carried to Kennington common, and enter. St. Peter's hospital. Langford, his ing some low grounds, (on the wife, and daughter, were secured, south fide,) deitroyed the brick, but the man pleading ignorance, works, and did other

damage to and the girl confirming it, he was the amount of zool. The current released,

making its way, S. E, and over Was committed to the Gate. Camberwell road by Wallworth house, Alexander Dunn, for vio. common to the Thames; a poor lentiy beating and threatening to woman happening to be on Ken. murder a post-boy who had just nington common before the height brought him out of the country. of the flood, got on the bank Vol.x.




above the turnpike house, and a As some workmen were emplog, working man in the gardens juft ed in pulling down part of Cun. by, going to assist her over the road, dover Hali, near Shrewsbury, they in stepping off the bank, her feet found in removing some ftones in flipped, and she, falling, pulled the vault, an iron box of about 20 the poor man into the current with inches long, and 14 broad, in her; and both were carried thro' which were contained several very an arch under the turnpike-house, curious ancient medals, together but two feet wide, and three deep with a brass ftatue, about 16 in. The woman was soon discovered ches high, which is supposed to by her cloaths, but the man was be the statue of some heathen carried forty yards down before gods. seen. However, both being taken The sessions ended at the

6th. into a house, they soon recover- Old Bailey, when three reed. ·

ceived sentence of death; one to The magiftrates of Edinburgh be transported for fourteen years; conferred upon Mr. James Craig, 36 for leven years; and three to architect, a gold medal, with the be whipt. freedom of their city, in a silver Mount Vesuvius began to throw box, as a reward of his merit, out fire from its summit; an omen for having designed the best plan of an approaching irruption. of a new town to be built in that There was a commotion at neighbourhood.

Troyes in France, the consequence M. de Larrey, privy-counsellor of which might have been very and secretary to the prince of 0- fatal. It was occafioned by the range, sets out for Berlin to-morrefusal of the officers of police to row, in order to settle every thing permit the bakers to raise the price relative to the marriage of his of bread, though corn is grown Serene Highness with the princess dearer. A woman took occasion Wilhelmina, lifter to the prince from hence to raise by her cla. Royal of Prussia,

mours a troop of muținous people, Orders were received at Chatham who, suspecting fome individuals to take his majesty's fhip Mon- of carrying on a trade in corn, and mouth, of 64 guns, to pieces, be. profiting confiderably by it, reing judged unfit for further services. paired tumultuously to their houses, This ship was esteemed the best broke open their doors, and def. failer in the navy, had a principal troyed the furnituse of their dwel. share in the actions fought by ihe lings. Such as seemed'inclined to admirals Anson and Hawke, when oppose them were ill-treated; and commanded by the brave admiral it is even said, that three or four Harrison, in the war preceding the were killed. They threatened to set last; was in the late war in several fire to the city ; but the town officers actions commanded by the captains took such jutt measures, that the Gardiner and Hervey, the former burgesses in arms gave a check to of whom was killed on board, part of the insurgents, several of when engaged fingly with the whom had disguised themselves Foudroyant, of 80 guns. She ne. like women, and dispersed the ver gave chace to any, ship that she rest. did not come

By a letter directed to Mr.


Charles Gibbs of Charter-house- damage on gr pieces of filk, which square, a correspondent of that gen- the defendants had spoiled in paint. tleman's afferts, that he has dif- ing, containing 5767 yards and covered a method of squaring the upwards ; when, after an hearing circle, which has hitherto baffled' of fix hours, the jury, without go. the efforts of the greatest mathe. ing out of court, found a verdict maticians.

for the plaintiffs of 26331. 185. gth.

A subscription was opened being the full value of the

for carrying Mr. Brindley's filks. plan into execution for making a A cause came on in the

17th. navigable canal from Birmingham Common-pleas, wherein a through the principal coal works, gentleman of Norwich was plainto join the Worcestershire and Staf. tiff, and the commissioners of one fordshire canals.

of the London fire-offices defen. A fire happened at Beer, near dants : The action was, that the Blandford in Dorsetshire, which gentleman had formerly insured in an hour and a half destroyed his house at Norwich in the said above 14 houses. In the same office to the amount of sool. and week was a fire at Ower near Dor. at the time of the riots there his chester, which consumed 8 hou. house was wilfully set on fire, and ses.

burnt, on which he applied to the About three weeks ago a brick- office to make good the insurance, layer's labourer at Mary bone sold which they refused, as it was not a woman, whom he had coha. destroyed by accident; and after bited with for several years, to a hearing of several hours, a ver. a fellow-workman for a quarter dict of 4001. was given in favour guinea and a gallon of beer. The of the plaintiff; but a point of workman went off with the pur. law arising, it is to be decided by chase, and she has since had the the opinion of the twelve judges. good fortune to have a legacy of The estates of the late Percival 2001, and some plate, left her by Lewis, Esq. at Tooting, were sold a deceased uncle in Devonshire. by auction by Mr. Langford and The parties were married last Fri. fon for 24,9251. day.

The maid servant of one Mr. Toth.

Five of the malefactors Wilson, with his child in her arms,

who were condemned at the went to view some seep washed Jaft feflions but one at the Old in the Tweed from Kelso-bridge ; Bailey, were executed at Ty. when, forgetful of her truft, by a burn.

sudden motion, the child sprung Came on at Guildhall, be. out of her arms from the lodging, 16th.

fore Lord Mansfield, and a and drop down into the water. {pecial jury of merchants, a trial The young woman, in order to between Messrs. Dalbiacks, filk- save the child, instantly Aung herweavers, of Spital square, plain- self over after it, and both perished tiffs, and the proprietors of a pa. in the Tweed. tent manufactory for painting lilk, At Covent-Garden market com, defendants ; the caute of action mon cherries, and but few of them was to recover a sum of money for · ripe, fold at 45. a pound, Three

[G] 2


years ago, at this season, finer express conditions, that should this cherries were sold at 2d. a pound. grant be hereafter found prejudicial

Last week at a chriftening at to the navigation of the river, the Widaker, near Whitehaven, of the city should have liberty to revoke 21st child of Mr. Wright, by the their grant, upon paying the faid same woman, the company came proprietors their whole expence in from 21 parishes, and the enter- occupying the said arch. tainment confifted of 21 pieces of The empress queen, who had got beef, 21 legs of mutton and lamb, the small pox by her close attend. 21 gallons of brandy, three times ance on her daughter-in-law, the 21 gallons of itrong ale, three empress confort, is now entirely times 2 i fowls roasted and boiled, out of danger. 21 pies, besides several hams, a One Mr. Nathaniel Jardine, a great number of puddings, &c. &c. linen-draper at Cambridge, was

Ac a court of common-council feized with a fit, as he sat upon a held at Guildhall, the freedom of bench by his door, from which he this city was voted to be presented fell, and received a violent cut upon to the right hon. Charles Town- his head, that rendered him fense. fhend, chancellor of the exche- less; he was immediately blooded, quer, in a gold box, for acknow. which somewhat recovered him, and ledgment of his kind and fuccess. he was carried, by his own defire, to ful endeavours to serve them in the house of Mr. Clay, grocer, in their application to parliament for Trompington-ftreet, where he died the several improvements to be on Wednesday morning. His bro. made in the metropolis.

ther, a few months ago, was taken · At the same court also a motion much in the same manner, but died was made, that a piece of plate of instantly. There is fomething so 200 guineas value be presented fingular in the lives of these two to de puty John Paterson, Esq. as brothers, that we fhould not do a mark of the court's gratitude justice to our readers, if we passed for the many services rendered the it by unnoticed. They were about corporation by that gentleman, but fixiy years old, had lived together more especially for his laté excels from their infancy, and had, for lent plan which was adopted by more than forty years, kept alinenthe city of London, and now lie's draper's shop: during which time, seady for the royal assent, having we are informed, they never had paffed both houses of parliament. their house cleaned but once, which

The report made Jast Decem. was when their mother died, whom, ber, relating to London-Bridge, to save expences, they laid out

taken into consideration ; themselves ; they seldom admitted when Mr. Milne, the surveyor, any person beyond their shop or being examined, it was, after a store room; and it is asserted that long debate, agreed, that the pro- they had no bed, but used to lie prietors of the London-bridge wa. upon fome old packing cloths, that ter-works should be allowed the their goods came in: And fo confifth arch of the said bridge, agree. tinually difturbed, left any of their able to the ternis contained in the effects should be stolen, that they city lands-report, but under the frequently watched alternately. So


miserable were they, in order to The archidutchess, intended con. amals wealth, they did not even fort to the king of Naples, is exallow themselves the common ne- pected in that city by the beginning cessaries of life, not a whole joint of November; and the marriage of meat having been known to en- ceremony of their majesties will be ter the house for twenty years part. performed on the thof that month, Thus pinched for want of futte- the festival of St. Charles, whose nance within, and through neglect name the king of Spain bears. in their linen and apparel, peltered

An edict of the empress queen with vermin without, no wonder has just made its appearance in they always carried a very meagre Bruffels, prohibiting the admission aspect. It'is somewhat remarkable, into that country of any of the je. that if a publican or other person suits expelled from Spain, or exiled laid out a few shillings with them, from France ; it matters not whe. they would enquire their place of ther they are subjects, by birth, of abode, and frequently go a mile or her imperial majesty, or whether (wo to fetch a quart of beer, yet or not they wear the habit of cautious that they hould not be their order. seen, left others might be offended. They write from Madrid, that On the death of their father they a treaty is negociacing with Russia, found upwards of 1000 guineas and another with some of the Gera concealed in his bed ;' and at the man princes for allowing a numdecease of the first brother, the ber of their subjects to settle, with furvivor found a considerable sum their families, in Spain, in order of money that had been secreted to cultivate a barren track of from him. It is not certainly known ground, called Serra Molenos. what he died pofleffed of, but it They are to be allowed the expences is generally sopposed from 6 to of their journey, and, on their ar. doool, the whole of which, except rival in the Spanish territories, a legacy of zol. he has left by are to receive the king's pay, and will to the above Mr. Clay; who, be provided with necessaries for a it seems, had lately thewn him year. They are also to be furnished fome civilities, by now and then with materials for building, and fending him a comfortable dinner, tools for husbandry; but after the &c. The deceased had often de. expiration of the abovementioned clared, he did not know of any term, they are to maintain them, relations.

selves with the produce or revenue Letters just received from Rome of their respective lands, which mention, that an express was ar- will be granted to them as their rived there from Civita Vecchia, full property, besides an exempwith advice, that 15 Catalan tion from all taxes for ten years to vesels, escorted by three armed Xebecks, were arrived there from They write from Pensacola, that Barcelona, with five hundred and the Spanilh governor of New Or. seventy jesuits on board; the pope, leans had received polirive orders though with reluctance, consented from his court to prevent the subto their being landed, and ordered jects of Great Britain from having them to be conducted to Ferrara, the least commercial intercourse

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