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General aspect of affairs. Prefent appearances pacific. Some ancient causes

of contention removed. France. Holland. General state of the North. Germany. Italy. Expulfion of the Jefuits from Naples and Parma. The interest of the court of Rome declining in Italy, Portugal. Scarcity of com. Friendly intercourse fubfifting between the learned.


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Strict attention of the government of Sweden to prevent luxury. An imi

portant law made for enlarging the liberty of the press in that kingdom. Denmark. Great preparations making in Russia, to observe the transit of the planet Venus over the fun: the Empress writes a letter upon that subje&t to the academy at Petersburgh. Deputies from all the provinces of the empire are fummoned to Moscow, to form a new code of laws. State of affairs in Turkey. Encouragement given by the Grand Seignior, to introduce the art of printing in his dominions. The piratical states of Barbary refuse to pay the ancient tribute to the Porte. An infurrection in ihe province of Montenero.


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State of affairs in Poland. Original causes of the late disputes. Ancient

fase of that country., Conversion 10. the Christian religion. Accession of the great duchy of Lithuania and other provinces to the kingdom of Poland.

Ancient state of the constitution, of religion, &c. Remarkable laws passed by Sigismund Auguftus, in favour of Christians of all denominations, Final VOL, X



union of the kingdom of Poland and the great duchy of Lithuania. The kingdom modelled into a republic, upon the death of Sigifmund Auguftus.

The firft diet of the republic.. A perpetual peace agreed upou ke nauker_ibe Diffidents. The original meaning of that 'term.



The sanfes, affigned for the great superiority which the Roman Cabolizes it

Poland have acquired over the Greeks and Proteftants: Arcopent of Sigifmund the ihird. Treaty of Oliva. Edia against the Arians. Conflitze tion of 1977 Oppression of the Diffidents in consequence of ir. Contitution of 1736. Confederacies formed by the Diffidenz nobles. Declaration, of the Emprefs of Ruffia in their favour. Of the King of Pruffia, &c. Malecontents. The diet meets: fome of the members arrested by tbe Ruffians, A commiffion appointed finally to settle the affairs of the Diffidents,


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Spain. Meofires relative to the expulfion of the Jesuits; the caufestett

are aligned for that proceeding. The houses of that fociety in every part of Spain seized by the king's troops; the members arrefted, and their effects sequeffered. The King of Spain's ordinance againfi the society. The je fuits transported in Civita Vecchia ; but are un tuffered to be landed; from zhence they are carried to Corfica. The Jesuits in Mexico, and all the other Spanish colonies, arrested, and their property Yeized. Similar meafaris pat. fued in Naples and Sicily. CHA P. VI. ser

* パリパク Of Corfica; its ancient Rate; granted by a Popelre the republic of Pija; conquered by the Genoese ; oppreff ve and impolitic government of it. The Corfican's offer to submit themfelves to the Turer. he beginning of the present troubles in thar ifland, the Prince of Wirtemberg, with an imperial army, compels the malecontents to fubmit. 'I he troubles begin again, Tbosdore proclaimed king: French army fabdue the island; but upon their de parture the malecontents 'renew the tvår with morë fury rhan ruaro: Pafchal Paoli declared general of the Corsicans he drives ebe Gensefe to the fortified towns upon the coafts; and establishes a regular governments. The conquest of the island of Capraja. :. ***

0:1 me CECH CHAP VIIe si to logineers Great Wiftreffes of the pior, from the high prices on provisions trionand

tumults thereupon ; feveral of the rioters Takew; Special commiffions-ifted for their immediate criat." A proclamation against Yereftalling the parliament prorogued; an embargo laid on Misoaded with bear, The fate of the East-India Company great difputes bemoden tbe men. bers of it; their affairs become a subject of general

. Mefage from the ministry to the court of India directors; a great increase of di.

Singidend carried by a numerous majority of proprietors. The parliament weet notice taken; ide the speecb from the throne, of the necessary that ociafond sbe late exertion of authority, for the preservation of the public · Jafety


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A bill of indemnity for those concerned in the late embargo, brought in : - great debates thereon; the bill passed. The bill for restraining all acts of

the afl'embly of New York, brought in and paled. Land-tax reduced in three spillings in the pound. Great debates upon India affairs ; proposals made by the company for an accommodation with government; the proposals accepted, and a bill palled for that parpike. Bill for regulating India dividends, great debates thereon ; the bill pallei, and the house breaks



Births for the year 1767
Principal Promotions

[ 169 1171 [172 (174


APPENDIX to the CHRONICLE. Protest againf the rescinding the East-India dividend Transation of his Catholic majesty's ordinance for the banishment of the Iefuits

[185 An authentic narrative of the many horrid crurlties inflicted by Elizabeth Brownrigg upon her apprentice girls

(190 Abarait of the trial of William Guest for high trafon, in filing, impairing, Bro the current coin of this kingdom

[197 Copy of a letter of her imperial majesty of all the Russias, to his excellencs

count Wolodimir Orlow, director of the academy of sciences at Peter/burg

[200 Copy of a letter from M. Ramusky, of the imperial academy of sciences at

Petersburgh, to Mr. Sbort, of the royal fociety of London [ibid. sont curious account of the great eruption of Mount Vesuvius, on the 19th of 1 Odaberg-1967

[201 An account of the laft honours paid to his royal highreji the Duke of York, af Monaco in Italy

[ 203 Ceremonial of the private interment of his late royal highness the Duke of

York and Albany, in the royal vault in king Henry the VIIth's chapel [204 Some particulars of the life of his late royal highnejs the Duke of York (20,7 A narrative of the extraordinary diftrefjes au bich were suffered at leas by the . nd. Jurpituing pert of the crew of the brig Sally's capiain Tabry, bound from .: Philadelphia 10 Hifpaniala

[211. Oliver Cromwell's įpeech to the members of the long parlament, quhen he 3 Varned them out of the base

[212 .;f '; ';. . f": : :** '

An account of all the public debts, at the receipt of his majeffy's exchequer, ftanding out Jan. 5, +767 f being old Cbrifmas day) with the axxual intereft or orber charges payable for the same

(214 Supplies granted by parliament, for the year 1767

1216 Ways and means for raising the above fupply



His majesty's most gracious speech to both houses of parliament, on Thursday the 2nd day of July, 1767

230 His majesty's most gracious speech to both houfes of parliament, on Tuesday the

24th of November, 1767 ; with the humble addresses of both houses vapor the occafion, and his majesty's molt gracious answers

sibid. The himble address to his majesty, of the right bon. the lord mayor, aldermen, : and commons of the city London, in common council assembled; presented the 11th of November, 1767, on the happy occafion of the birth of a prince together with their condálence on the death of his royal highness the duke of York, and his majefty's most gracious answer

[234 His excellency George lord viscount Townshend, lord lieutenan-general, and

general governor of Ireland, bis speech to bob honfes of parliament at Dublin, on Tuesday the 20th day of Otober, 1767, with their addresses on the occasion, &c.



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General characler of the Welsh, as it was in the time of Henry the Second Charafter of the English and Normans

I of Harald

7. of William the Fira

ibid. of William Rufus of Louis le Gros and death of prince Euftace, Ton to king Stephen of king Stephen

15 of Siward, eart of Northumberland

17 of Henry the Second

ibib, of the empress Marilda

of Sir Philip Sidney; with a comparison between him and the cele brated chevalier Bayard Curious particulars of some remote nations and tribes of Tartars

23 Character of the duke of Shrewsbury

of Fohn duke of Argyle
of đuke of Berrick 1.
of the duke of Ormond
of Cardinal de Fleury

Some account of Mrs. Thomas, the celebrated-Corinna
Anecdotes of Monf. de Voltaire in his present fituation at Fernez in Burgundy,
Near Gineva





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TC font Observations upon animals, commonly called amphibious, by authors: 13, 174 A letter from James Parfons, M. D, F. R. S. to the right boncurable the

earl of Morton, president of the royal fociety, on the double horns of the rhinoceros.

79 A letter to the president of the royal fociety; containing a new manner of

meafuring the velocity of wind, and an experiment to afcertain 10. auhat

quanlity of water a fall of frow is equal Some carious particulars relative to the growth of bubarb; how an animal * called the marmor contributes to its propagation, and how the natives dry the

84 Some account of the borrs, called mammon's horns; and the frange opinions the Tartars bold of the kind of animal to which they imagine they belonged

85 Extra&t from the Theatrico Critico Universal. Para Desenganxo De Errores

Communes, the voluminous wark of the famous Spanish Benedictine Monk, Father Feyjor

86. Of Spirits prepared by the force of fire, with some observations for guarding

agains, and remedying the noxious vapours of charcoal, &c. On the effeit of the imagination on a different body

192 Of the common sensory affected by poisons of the effe&t of rains, of marshes and bogs, fubterraneons wood, and fubterra.

99 Observations on the cicada, or locut of America, which appears periodically

once in 16 or 17 year's Experiments on a hog's bladder Observations on some extraordinary symptoms occafioned by nutmeg taken in too great a quantity.

107 An account of a dwarf, kept in the palace of the late King of Poland New experiments concerning the putrefa&tion of the juices and

humours of animal bodies

109 Experiment on tbe beat that may be caused by the rays of the fun reflected from the moon

I15 On a fingular bone, found in the lower belly

116 Account of a petrified bee-hive, discovered on the mountains of. Siout, in the Upper Egypt

117 An extract from Ambrose Beurer's disertation on the offeocolla

118 An uncommon instance of a catalepfis Ta kind of apoplexy) in a lady A similar cafe, still more extraordinary On a fijh of the river of Surinam, which produces very singular effects of different bones which have been discovered within a rock near Aix

124 Obfervations on cures performed by burning


nepus waters.

103 106


I 20 121 I 22


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