A Treatise of Algebra,: In Three Parts. Containing I. The Fundamental Rules and Operations. II. The Composition and Resolution of Equations of All Degrees; and the Different Affections of Their Roots. III. The Application of Algebra and Geometry to Each Other. To which is Added, an Appendix, Concerning the General Properties of Geometrical Lines

F. Wingrave; T. Longman; W. Richardson; G. G. and J. Robinson; F. and C. Rivington; W. Lowndes; and Cadell and Davies., 1796 - 504 sider

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Side 88 - AB there be taken more than its half, and from the remainder more than its half, and so on ; there shall at length remain a magnitude less than C.
Side 431 - APM, cut a geometrical line of any order in as many points as it has dimensions, the product of the segments of the first terminated by P and the curve, will always be to the product of the segments of the latter, terminated by the same point and the curve, in an invariable ratio.
Side 426 - And by iimilar equations geometrical lines of fuperior orders are defined. § 2. A geometrical line may meet a right line in as many points as there are units in the number which denotes the order of the equation or line, and never in more. The number of times that any curve will meet its...
Side 43 - The general Theorem vhich we gave for the Involution of binomials will' ferve alfo for their Evolution ;" becaufe to extract any root of a given quantity is the fame thing as to raife that quantity to a power whofe exponent is a fraction that has...
Side 61 - A privateer running at the rate of 10 miles an hour discovers a ship 18 miles off making way at the rate of 8 miles an hour : how many miles can the ship run before being overtaken ? Ans.

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