The Histories of Polybius: Translated from the Text of F. Hultsch

Cambridge University Press, 2. aug. 2012 - 626 sider
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The Histories of Greek-born, Roman historian Polybius (c.200-118 BCE) are reissued here in two volumes. Comprising fragments of Books 10 to 39 (17, 19, and 37 are missing), a compendium of smaller fragments, and an extensive index, Volume 2 covers, inter alia, the Hannibalian War from 209 BCE, the characters of Scipio Africanus and Philip of Macedonia, the flawed historical method of Timaeus, the Siege of New Carthage, the end of the Second Punic War, and the overthrow of Agathocles. Undertaken by the classicist Evelyn Shuckburgh (1843-1906), this first complete English translation (utilising F. Hultsch's 1867-72 Greek text) was published in 1889. A tutor, and later librarian, at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Shuckburgh produced school editions of Sophocles and Suetonius as well as short histories on the classical world. This highly readable translation has remained a fascinating historical account of the second and third centuries BCE.

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