Article 96

For the purpose of this Convention the expression:

(a) “Air service” means any scheduled air service performed by aircraft for the public transport of passengers, mail or cargo.

(b) “International air service” means an air service which passes through the air space over the territory of more than one State.

(c) “Airline” means any air transport enterprise offering or operating an international air service.

(d) “Stop for non-traffic purposes” means a landing for any purpose other than taking on or discharging passengers, cargo or mail.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned plenipotentiaries, having been duly authorized, sign this Convention on behalf of their respective governments on the dates appearing opposite their signatures.

DONE at Chicago the seventh day of December 1944, in the English language. A text drawn up in the English, French, and Spanish languages, each of which shall be of equal authenticity, shall be opened for signature at Washington, D. C. Both texts shall be deposited in the archives of the Government of the United States of America, and certified copies shall be transmitted by that Government to the governments of all the States which may sign or adhere to this Convention.

This document was opened for signature at Chicago on December 7, 1944, was ratified by the United States on August 9, 1946, and, by August 13, 1947, had been ratified by representatives of the following countries : Afghanistan France




Siam (Thai Minister)






Union of South Africa
New Zealand

United Kingdom Dominican Republic Nicaragua

United Sta of America Egypt Norway

Venezuela El Salvador

Paraguay Ethiopia




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