Treatise on Mathematical Instruments: Their Construction, Adjustment, Testing and Use Concisely Explained

Virtue Bros. & Company, 1866 - 185 sider

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Side 67 - ... that the sine of the angle of refraction bears a constant ratio to the sine of the angle of incidence...
Side 186 - Gd. 96. ASTRONOMY, by the Rev. R, Main. Is. 107. METROPOLITAN BUILDINGS ACT, and THE METROPOLITAN ACT FOR REGULATING THE SUPPLY OF GAS, with Notes, by D. Gibbons and R. Hesketh. 2s.
Side 90 - ... of this field of view. We must therefore place some fixed point in the field, of view, and in the focus of the eye-piece, and the point to which the measurement will have reference will be that point of the object viewed, which...
Side 185 - THE ENTIRE SERIES IS FREELY ILLUSTRATED ON WOOD AND STONE WHERE REQUISITE. The Public are respectfully informed that the whole of the late MB.
Side 24 - From the center at a draw the line ag for the axis of the gnomon agi, and from g let fall the perpendicular gi upon the horizontal meridian line an, and there will be formed a triangle ag i.
Side 135 - ... of them, those which apply to the eye-end of the telescope will answer much better ; the former having their errors magnified by the power of the telescope, will, in proportion to this power, and those errors, be less distinct than the latter. " In taking distances, when the position does not vary from the vertical above thirty or forty degrees, the handles which are attached to the circle are generally most conveniently used ; but in those which incline more to the horizontal, that handle which...

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