fortable, and efficient enjoyment of the rational, healthy, and manly exercise of shooting; with some suggestions on boating, sailing, and sealoch fishing, and many other collateral subjects, in which all sportsmen take an interest.

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The principle of gun-making at the present day is so thoroughly understood, and the workmanship brought to so much perfection, that there is no difficulty in obtaining good guns.

In the days of " flint and steel," poor Joe Manton " stood pre-eminent amongst his fellows," but at the present time, there is little, if any difference, among London makers either as to the intrinsic merit of their guns, or as to the finish of their work. Gunmakers have received such liberal support and remuneration, that they have been enabled to give high wages to their workmen, and


from this much good lias arisen — the work has been distributed into branches, and each branch brought to great perfection, owing to its being the exclusive business of one man.

I will not take upon myself the ungracious office of recommending one gunmaker in preference to another. I have shot with very many guns of London makers of repute, and found little difference—none, however, in the present day in my opinion are superior to Joe Manton, and few equal to him. Every part of Joe Manton's guns was equally good in point of quality and workmanship. Strength, combined with neatness and the highest possible finish; hence the extraordinary durability of his guns, and the good external appearance which they maintain even to the very last, if properly taken care of.

But to return, I advise every young sportsman to buy his guns of a first-rate London maker. The price is high, but relatively to rent paid for houses and wages to workmen it is not so much out of the way, and if ready money be paid, a liberal discount will always be allowed. Never buy a second-hand gun, except you know how it has been used, and have ascertained that it was really made by the man whose name it bears, as there is much imposition in this respect.

You may purchase cheap guns from country makers, but you will incur the same risk of dis

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