the Act of the Session of the twenty-second and good reasons for not doing so; but he twenty-third years of the reign of Her present thought the words of the clause went a Majesty, chapter seventeen, intituled an Act to little too far. All the names should be prevent vexatious indictments for certain misdemeanours, and when any person is charged registered when not subject to any diswith any such offence before any justice or jus ability. But the clause did not seem to tices, such justice or justices shall take into con

say that it would accept all but “ one or sideration any evidence adduced before him or them tending to show that the act charged was

more ;” thus they might have some pernot committed with a guilty intent.”

son writing in a newspaper and some New Clause (22 and 23 Vic, c. 17, the matter, while there might be other

other person named in connection with made applicable to this Act), brought persons responsible without any disup, and read a first time.

ability. He thought that all should be Motion made, and Question proposed, registered, not subject to any disability. " That the Clause be read a second THE ATTORNEY GENERAL (Sir time."

II ENRY JAMES) said, there were many The ATTORNEY GENERAL (Sir newspapers, there was one especially, HENRY JAMES) said, he must object to that had a large number of proprietors. the last words of the clause for one rea

One journal had as many as 60 or 70. son, because it seemed to define what The clause was intended so that, with should or should not come within the the permission of the Board of Trade, Act as misdemeanours. He would

where there was a minute sub-division of accept the clause with the words after shares and registration was difficult, be"misdemeanours” struck out. It was cause the shareholders were a fluctuatan error in drafting to insert them.

ing number, then the registration should

be of a representative number of these Question put, and agreed to.

proprietors. Motion made, and Question, " That

MR. WARTON asked, why were they the Clause be amended by the omission called representative proprietors? Were of the words after 'misdemeanours' to they to be chosen by the others ? end of Clause," put, and agreed to.

THE ATTORNEY GENERAL (Sir Clause, as amended, agreed to, and these names should appear on the re

HENRY JAMES) said, it was intended added to the Bill.

gister as representative proprietors, to Mr. LABOUCHERE, in moving the show that there were others behind. insertion of the following new Clause :

Without these words it would appear “Where, in the opinion of the Board of that those mentioned were sole proprie*Trade, inconvenience would arise or be caused, tors. in any case from the registry of the names of

Question put, and agreed to. all the proprietors of the newspaper (either owing to minority, coverture, absence from the Clause read a second time, and added United Kingdom, minute sub-division of shares, to the Bill. or other special circumstances, it shall be law. ful for the Board of Trade to authorise the regis. On Motion of The ATTORNEY GENERAL tration of such newspaper in the name or names (Sir Henry James), the following clauses of some one or more responsible representative were agreed to, and added to the Bill. In proprietors,''

page 4, after Clause 11, insert the folsaid, it was assented to by the Govern- lowing Clauses :ment and the hon. Gentleman in charge

(Recovery of penalties and enforcement of of the Bill (Mr. Hutchinson).

orders.) New Clause Board of Trade may au- " All penalties under this Act may be recothorize registration of the names of only vered before a court of summary jurisdiction in a portion of the proprietors of a news- Acts.

manner provided by the Summary Jurisdiction paper), brought up, and read a first • Summary orders under this Act may be time.

mule by a court if summary jurisdiction and Motion made, and Question proposed, four of • The Summary Juridiction Act, 1679;

enforced in manner provided by section thirty" That the Clause be read a second and, for the purposes of this Act, that section time.”

shall be deemed to apply to Ireland in the same MR. WARTON said, he could quite see

manner as if it were re-enacted in this Act."

(Definitions.) the propriety of not mentioning all the

“ The expression a court of summary juris. names in the case of minorities or other diction' has in England the meanings assigned to it by The Summary Jurisdiction Act, 1879;' and in Ireland means any justice or justices of CC the peace, stipendiary or other magistrate or magistrates, having jurisdiction under the Summary Jurisdiction Acts.

“The expression 'Summary Jurisdiction Acts' has as regards England the meanings assigned

IT to it by The Summary Jurisdiction Act, 1879;' and as regards Ireland, means within the police les district of Dublin metropolis, the Acts regulating L the powers and duties of justices of the peace force such district, or of the police of that district,

th and elsewhere in Ireland · The Petty Sessions (Ireland) Act, 1851,' and any Act amending the P. same."


th MR. HUTCHINSON moved the inser

ha tion of the following Clause :

th “The printers and publishers of any news hc paper which belongs to a joint stock company duly incorporated under and subject to the provisions of the Companies' Acts, 1862 to 1880, shall duly return the name of such company as

to the proprietor of such newspaper ; but, save as herein mentioned, the provisions of this Act th shall not apply to the case of such newspaper."

THE ATTORNEY GENERAL Sir HENRY JAMES) objected to the clause, as

ol amounting to the exclusion of many

09 newspapers

from the Act.
MR. HUTCHINSON said, he had no
desire to press the clause.

Clause negatived.
Schedules read, and agreed to.
House resumed.
Bill reported; as amended, to be con-


Ir sidered upon Thursday next.



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sta MÄLAREN) moved for leave to bring in a Bill relating to the Audit of the Accounts of Parochial Boards and School Boards in Scotland. He said the measure was introduced in accordance with the recommendation of the Select Committee of 1871. He would not at this hour

he (2 45 A.M.) go into particulars.

M Motion agreed to.

cir Bill for the Amendment of the Laws relating ho to the Relief of the Poor, and for the establish-O ment of an Audit of the Accounts of Parochial the Boards and School Boards in Scotland, ordered

be to be brought in The LORD ADVOCATE and Mr. SOLICITOR GENERAL for SCOTLAND.

Bill presented, and read the first time. (Bill 182.] pre


Motion made, and Question proposed, , entire approval. The Government were

" That this House, having heard what passed carrying out their part of the underin Committee on the 8th of March, and approv: standing, and if hon. Members opposed ing of the action taken by the Chairman of the Motion it was not the fault of the Ways and Means upon the facts then before him, accepts the explanation of the honourable

Government. Member for Dungarvan that it was not his de

MR. ARTHUR O'CONNOR said, he sire or intention to disregard the authority of did not wish to oppose it. He only the Chair."—(Sir William Harcourt.)

wanted an explanation. MR. HEALY said, he did not under

MR. WARTON pointed out that the stand the Resolution, and that it would real meaning of the hon. Member for have been well if the right hon. and Dungarvan (Mr. O'Donnell) was learned Gentleman had given them some

before the Chairman when he gave his explanation of it. He wished to know decision. If the explanation had been whether or not they were to understand given at that time, no doubt it would that the second suspension of the hon. have been acted on. Member for Dungarvan was withdrawn? Question put, and agreed to.

SIR WILLIAM HARCOURT said, he understood the Resolution had been submitted to the hon. Member for Dun- COMMONS REGULATION (SHENFIELD) PROgarvan, who entirely approved of it.

MR. CALLAN: I suppose this will On Motion of Mr. Courtney, Bill to con. restore the hon. Member to the life he firm the Provisional Order for the regulation of lost; otherwise he is in a peculiar posi- situate in the parish of Shenfield, in the county

certain lands known as Shenfield Common, tion, having been suspended twice. SiR WILLIAM HARCOURT: He closure Commissioners for England and Wales,

of Essex, in pursuance of a Report of the Incan star one.

ordered to be brought in by Mr. COURTNEY and Mr.ARTHUR O'CONNOR said, that, Secretary Sir William Harcourt. in the first instance, the Chairman had arrived at a decision from the facts before him. Since then-or the Reso

Considered in Committee. lution would not have been made-some further facts had been ascertained which

(In the Committee.) materially altered the situation. Не

Resolred, That towards making good the

Supply granted to Her Majesty for the service would ask the right hon. and learned of the year ending on the 31st day of March Gentleman whether he attached any par- 1882, the sum of £5,952,300 be granted out of ticular importance to the word “then” the Consolidated Fund of the l'nited Kingdom. in the Resolution ?

Resolution to be reported To-morrow, at Two SIR WILLIAM HARCOURT again

of the clock ; pointed out that the matter had been

Committee to again To-morrow. settled with the hon. Member for Dun. garvan, and that the Resolution had his

House adjourned at Three o'clock.





3 S






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In Bills, Read 19, 20, 30, or 1", 2", 34, Read the First, Second, or Third Time.-In Specches,

IR., 2., 3R., Speech delivered on the First, Second, or Third Reading.–Amende., Amend.
ment.- Res., Resolution.-Comm., Committee.- Re-Comm., Re-Committal.- liep., Report.-
Consid., Consideration.- Adj., Adjourument or Adjourned. -cl., Clause.--add. cl., Additional
Clause.--neg., Negatived. — M. Q., Main Question.-0. Q., Original Question.-0. M., Original
Motion.-P.Q., Previous Question.-R. P., Report Progress.-A., Ayes.-N., Noes.-M., Mae
jority:-1st. Div., 2nd. Div., First or Second Division.–1., Lords.-C., Commons.
When in this Index a • is added to the Reading of a Bill, it indicates that no Debate took

place upon that stage of the measure.
When in the Text or in the Index a Speech is marked thus, it indicates that the Speech

is reprinted from a Pamphlet or some authorized Report.
When in the Index a t is prefixed to a Name or an Office (the Member having accepted or

vacated office during the Session) and to Subjects of Debate thereunder, it indicates that the
Speeches on those Subjects were delivered in the speaker's private or official character, as the

case may be.
Some subjects of debate have been classified under the following “ General Ileadings :".

Taxation, under WAYS AND MEANS.


Charitable Trusts Acts Amendment,

Comm. cl. 2, 1187
Reformatory Education, Res. 1503
Veterinary Surgeons, 2R. 1702, 1764

Africa (Central)French Protectorate on

the Upper Niger
Question, Mr. O'Donnell ; Answer, Sir Charles

W. Dilke May 20, 957

Abyssinia - A Red Sea Port
Question, Sir George Campbell ; Answer, Sir Africa (East Coast) Subsidised Mail
Charles W. Dilko May 19, 800


Question, Mr. Whalley ; Answ Lord Frede.
Adam, Death of the Right llon. William rick Cavendish May 27, 1458

Question. Mr. Onslow ; Answer, Mr. Gladstone;
Observations, Sir Stafford Northcote May 24, Africa (South)


The Anneration of the Transvaal Mr. Glad.
Evacuation of Pishin-Alleged Settlement of

stone's Letter to Mr. Tomkinson, Observa.
the Difficulty with the Bheels, Questions,

tions, The Earl of Carnarvon : Reply, I ho
Mr. E. Stanhope. Colonel Mahins ; Answers,

Earl of Kimberley; short debate thereon
The Marquess of Hartington May 30, 1668 May 10, 136

Civil War, Question, Mr. Asinneau-Bart. The Transval - The Commission, Question,
lett; Answer, The Marquess of Hartington The Earl of Carnarvon ; Answer, 'The Earl
May 31, 1763

of Kimberley May 19, 781

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