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Montsuine and the Boers, Question, Mr. Gorst ;

Answer, Mr. Grant Duff June 2, 1862
The Murder of Captain Elliott, Questions,

Lord Eustacé Cecil; Answers, Mr. Grant
Duff May 23, 1072; May 26, 1311
Present State of Afairs, Questions, Sir Michael A.

Ilicks-Beach, Mr. Ashmead. Bartlett, Mr.
Gorst; Answers, Mr. Grant Duff May 27,
1455 ;The Native Tribes-Aggression of
the Boers, Questions, Mr. Gorst; Answers,
Mr. Grant Duff May 19, 821 ; Questions,
Mr. Gorst, Sir Stafford Northcote; Answers,

Mr. Grant Duff May 23, 1063
Protection of the Native Inhabilants, Questions,

Mr. Gorst, Mr. R. N. Fowler, Mr. Caring-
ton, Lord Eustace Ceoil ; Answers, Mr.
Grant Duff May 30, 1654

А The Commission, Question, Sir Henry Holland;

Answer, Mr. Grant Duff May 19, 814

The Cape Colony-Loan, Question, Mr. an.

derson ; Answer, Mr. Grant Duff May 30,

1664 NatalSir Owen Lanyon, Question, Mr. Ry

lands ; Answer, Mr. Grant Duff May 12,

264 Swazi Land, Questions, Mr. O'Kelly, Mr.

Parnell ; Answers, Mr. Gladstone May 31, 1777


ARMY - cont.

Army Retiremenl— Warrant of February 3, Officers Promoted from the Ranks, Question,

1880, Question, Mr. Cobbold; Answer, Mr. Major O'Beirne; Answer, Mr. Childers
Childers May 23, 1054

May 23, 1055
British Cemeteries in the Crimea, Question,

Major Vaughan Lee; Answer, Mr. Childers Field Officers' Allowances (India), Questions,
May 9, 19

Lieut.-Colonel Milne-Home; Answers, Mr.
First Commissions-Comperitive Examinations,

Childers May 30, 1644
Question, Mr. Rylands ; Answer, Mr. Infantry Majors, Question, Sir Alexander
Childers May 16, 544 ;-Promotion from the

Gordon ; Answer, Mr. Childers May 23,
Ranks, Question, Major Nolan; Answer,

Mr. Childers, 560

Militia and Line Battalions, Questions, Obser.
Grants for Military Services, Question, Sir

vations, The Earl of Galloway ; Reply, The
H. Drummond Wolff; Answer, The Mar.

Earl of Morley ; short debate thereon
quess of Hartington May 31, 1780

May 31, 1770 ; Question, Earl Percy ; An.
Manufacture of Guns and Projectiles, Question, swer, Mr. Childers May 26, 1312

Major Nolan ; Answer, Mr. Childers May 19, Royal Artillery Gunners, Question, Captain

Aylmer ; Answer, Mr. Childers May 20,
Military Education at Sandhurst-Study of 954
French and German, Question, Sir Henry

Territorial Titles of Regiments, Question, Mr.
Holland; Answer, Mr. Childers May 16, Errington; Answer, Mr. Childers May 19,
666 ; Question, Sir George Campbell; An-

swer, Mr. Childers May 19, 811

The Committee and the New Scheme, Question,
Mounted Infantry, Question, Sir Baldwyn Mr. O'Shea ; Answer, Mr. Childers May 12,
Loighton ; Answer, Mr. Childers May 19,


Military Commands, Question, Mr. Heneago :
Portable Entrenching Tools, Question, Sir Answer, Mr. Childers June 2, 1873:- The

Baldwyn Leighton ; Answer, Mr. Childers Five Years' Command-Lieutenant Colonels,
May 10, 173

Question, Captain Aylmer; Answer, Mr.
Royai Hibernian Military School, Question, Childers May 30, 1654
Mr. Meldon ; Answer, Mr. Childers May 30,

The King's Own Borderers, Question, Mr.

Marjoribanks ; Answer, Mr. Childers
Sale and Exportation of Arms and Ammuni- May 23, 1079

tion-Sale of " Old Stores," Questions, Mr. The New Uniforms, Observations, Question,
Mac Iver, Colonel Stanley, Mr. O'Donnell; Lord Waveney ; Answer, The Earl of Mor-

Answers, Mr. Chamberlain May 26, 1304 ley: short debate thereon May 20, 933 ;-
Schools for Militiamen- Army Circulars, Feb- Militia Officers' Uniforms, Question, Sir

ruary, 1881, Question, Sir Joseph Bailey ; llerbert Maxwell ; Answer, Mr. Childers
Answer, Mr. Childers May 30, 1847

May 9, 24 ; Question, Earl Percy ; Answer,
Sick Leure-Captain Butler, Question, Mr. Mr. Childers, 30
M'Coan; Answer, Mr. Childers May 27,

Warrant Officers of the Royal Engineers,

Question, Sir llenry Tyler ; Answer, Mr.
The both Regiment, Question, Mr. Arthur Childers May 30, 1681

O'Connor ; Answer, Mr. Childers May 26,

The Auxiliary Forces
The 58th Regiment. Question, Colonel Digby ; Coast Brigade Royal Artillery, Question, Mr.
Answer, Mr. Childers May 23, 1054

Creyke ; Answer, Mr. Childers May 17, 684
Royal Military Asylum, Chelsea Roman Militia Bands, Question, Captain Price ; An-

Catholic Boys, Question, Mr. Callan ; An. swer, Mr. Childers June 2, 1879
swer, Mr. Childers May 19, 822

Review of Scottish Volunteers by the Queen,

Question, Mr. Fraser Mackintosh ; Answer,
Army Organization

Mr. Childers May 12, 204
The New Warrant

Volunteer Surgeons, Question, Mr. Donaldson-
Questions, Mr. Fitzpatrick, Lieut. - Colonel Hudson ; Answer, Mr. Childers May 16,
Milne-llome; Answers, Mr. Childers May 9,


The Companionship of the Bath. Question,
Battalion Vacancies, Question, Colonel Ken. Mr. Briggs; Auswer, Mr. Childers May 23,
nard ; Answer, Mr. Childers May 26, 1325

Military Titles, Question, Mr. Molloy : An.

ower, Mr. Childers May 26, 1313
Compulsory Retirement of Colonels, Question, Army Organization, Territorial Titles of
Major Nolan ; Auswer, Mr. Childers May 10,


Moved, That an humble Address be presented
Compulsory Retirement, Questions, Sir Alex. 10 ller Majesty praying that ller Majesty
ander Gordon, Major Nolan ; Answers, Mr.

will be graciously pleased to cause a re-con.
Childers May 19, 799

sideration of the proposal to etface the present
Compulsory Rrtirement of Officers- Exempting numerical and other distinctions in regi.

Appointments, Question, Sir Alexander ments of the line and militia by the substi.
Gosuon ; Answer, Mr. Childers May 20, 948 tution of novel (50-called)" territorial"
Compulsory lietirement of Colonels in Com- titles, inasmuch as this proposed substitution
mand of Depôt Centres, Question, Major

is known to be viewed as subversive of
Nolan ; Answer, Mr. Childers May 20, 954 esprit de corps, and is in consequence most
[conta 3 T 2


261. Army OrganizationTerritorial Titles of Regi- | Ar

ments -cont.
distasteful to the officers, non-commissioned
officers, and privates generally, whilst it has
not the advantage of increasing the Army
by a single additional trained or untrained
soldier; the proposed re-organization being
moreover practically but a fuller develop-
ment of the present twin (or linked) battalion
system which the Report of Lord Airey's
Committee has already proved to have been
attended with the most disastrous results
(The Earl of Galloway) May 16,518 ; after
debate, Motion withdrawn

Army (Thanks of Parliament)
Moved for, a “ Return of the officers of the

Army who have received the thanks of Par-
liament by name from 1813; showing the
dato at which and the rank in which they
would have been retired from the Army under
the proposed rule of five years' non-employ. As
ment, and the appointments. they may have
held subsequent to that date; how many
officers of distinction would have been ex-
cluded from employment by the proposed
five years' regulation, and the nation thus
deprived of their services" (The Earl of
Powis) May 17, 675; after short debate,
Motion agreed to

ARNOLD, Mr. A., Salford
Alkali, &c. Works Regulation, Comm. cl. 20,

Army Estimates-- Provisions, &c. 1579
Committees (Ascension Day)-"Count.Out"

of Tuesday, 1263
Contagious Diseases (Animals) Acts—Spanish

and Portuguese Cattle, 1076
Cyprus Cattle Plague, 1878
Endowed Schools Acts—The Ilulme Trust,

Italy-Occupation of Tripoli, 1205, 1206, 1323
Minister of Agriculture and Commerce, Res.

Representation of the People (Election Sys-

tems), 1530
Trade Combinations (Food, &c.), 475

Artisans' and Labourers' Dwellings Act | A1

(1868) Amendment Act, 1879, Sec-
tion 18--Public Health Act, 1875,

Section 90
Question, Mr. J. Hollond; Answer, Mr. Dod.
Bon May 9, 15

The Metropolitan Board of Works--Alleged

Removal of Families, Question, Mr. A. M.
Sullivan ; Answer, Sir James M.Garel llogg
May 9, 35

Artizans' and Labourers' Dwellings Im

Select Committee appointed, “to consider the

working of · The Artizans' and Labourers'
Dwellings Improvement Act, 1875,' and the
amending Act of 1879, with a view of con-
sidering how the expense of and the delay BA
and difficulty in carrying out these Acts
may be reduced, and also of inquiring into


261. BALFOUR, Mr. A. J., Hertford

BEACH, Right llon. Sir M. E. Hicxs.--cont. Alkali, &o. Works Regulation, Comm. cl. 18, Customs and Inland Revenue, Comm. d. 20, Motion for Adjournment, 1420

1343 Army Estimates- Provisions, &c. 1551

Parliament- Public Business, 683 Asia, Central-Afghanistan (Political Affairs), Westminster School-Exchange of Estates

1319 Land Law (Ireland), Comm. cl. 1, 1489, 1946 Parliament- Business of the House, 33, 34, 36; Res. 703

BEACH, Mr. W. W. B., Hants, N. Supply-Civil Services and Revenue Depart

Navy-Troopship “ Nemesis," 24 ments, 1741


Bankruptcy and Cessio (Scotland) Bill
(Dr. Cameron, Mr. Orr Ewing, Mr. Ramsay, Mr.

James Campbell, Mr. Mackintosh)
c. Committee * ; Report May 19 (Bills 81-174)

Committee (on re-comm); Report May 26

Read 34 * May 27 1. Read 1** (Earl of Camperdown) May 30

(No. 100)

BARCLAY, Mr. J. W., Forfarshire
Minister of Agriculture and Commerce, Res.


Beaconsfield, K.G., Monument to the late

Right Hon. the Earl of
Moved, That an humble Address be presented

to Her Majesty praying that Iler Majesty
will give directions that a Monument be
erected in the collegiate church of St. Peter,
Westminster, to the Memory of the late
Right Ilonourable the Earl of Beaconsfield,
K.G., with an inscription expressive of the
bigh sense entertained by the House of his
rare and splendid gifts, and of his devoted
labours in Parliament and in great offices
of State ; and to assure ller Majesty that
this House will concur in giving effect to
Her Majesty's directions (The Earl Gran-
ville) May 9, 1; after short debate, on
question, agreed to, nemine dissentiente ;
Ordered that the said Address be presented
to ller Majesty by the Lords with White

Staves ller Majesty's Answer to the Address reported

May 13, 376

BARNE, Colonel F. St. J. N., Suffolk, E

Customs and Inland Revenue, Comm. 1111
Free Education (Scotland), 2R. Amendt. 738
Ways and Means – loland Revenue Malt

Drawbacks, 823

BARNES, Mr. A., Derbyshire, E.
Great North of Scotland Railway, Consid.


BARRY, Mr. J., Wexford Co.
Ireland, State of-lotlammatory Placards- The

Royal Irish Constabulary, 552
Peace Preservation (Ireland) Act, 1831–

Arrests of Rev. Father Sheehy and Others,

Barttelot, Colonel Sir W.B., Sussex, W.

Army Estimates- Provisions, &c. 1552
Australia, Western-C'nconstitutional Expendi-

ture, 1453
Customs and Ioland Revenue, Comm. cl. 3,

1121: d. 16, 1160 ; d. 20, 1168, 1312 Land Law (Ireland), 2R. 877; Coinm. Amendt.

1370, 1371 ; el. I, 1487, 1725, 1728, 1727,

1935, 1941, 1954 Parliamentary Oaths, Motion for Bill, Motion

for Adjournment, 124

Beaconsfield, K.G., Monument to the late

Right Hon. the Earl of
Inscription on Proposed Monument, Questiou,

Mr. Macdonald ; Answer, Mr. Gladstone

May 9, 29
Considered in Committee May 9, 38
Moved, " That an humble Address bo pre.

sented to Her Majesty, praying that Her
Majesty will give directions that a Monu.
ment be erected in the Collegiate Church of
Saint Peter, Westminster, to the Memory of
the late Right llon. the Earl of Beacons.
field, with an Inscription expressive of the
bigh sense entertained by the House of his
rare and splendid gills, and of his devoted
labours in Parliament and in great Offices
of State ; and to assure ler Niajesty that
this House will make good the expenses
attending the same” (Jr. Gladstone);
Moved, “That the Chairman do now leave
the Chair" (Mr. Labouchere); alter short
debate, Question put; A. 64, N. 380 ;

M. 326; Div. List, A. & X., 54
Main Question put, and agreed to
Her Majesty's Answer to the Address reported

May 13, 137

Bateson, Sir T., Devizes

Land Law (Ireland), 1, 1946, 1930

Baxter, Right Hon. W.E., Montrose, g-c.

Agricultural Department (India), 1050

BEACH, Right Hon. Sir M. E. HICKS

Gloucestershire, E.
Africa (South)- The Transvaal (Negotiations)

-Sır Evelyn Wood, 21
State of Atais, 1455, 1 157


Bective, Earl of, Westmoreland
France-- Atfairs of Tunis, 1200, 1207, 1203 ;-

Convention of 1875, 1325, 1326
France and Tunis-lhe Treaty, 683

261. BELLINGTAM, Mr. A. H., Louth Criminal Law-Re-publication of the “Frei- F

beit," 265 Religious Disabilities, 274



[blocks in formation]

BIGGAR, Mr. J. G., Cavan Co.

Вос Alkali, &c. Works Regulation, Comm. cl. 16,

Q Motion for reporting Progress, 1966, 1967 ;

cl, 20, 1970 Army Estimates—Provisions, &c. 1561, 1564; Boa

Motion for reporting Progress, 1572, 1573,

1576, 1584
Customs and Inland Revenue, Comm. cl. 20, c. 0r-

Ireland - Miscellaneous Questions
Antrim Licensing Sessions, 1650

Law and Justice-County Court Jurisdic-

tion, 562, 563
Licensing Law
Publicans' Certificates,

Magistracy-Co, Antrim-Appointment of

FI Mr. Black, 944 ; Stipendiary Magis

La trates, 1310

Peace Preservation Act, 1881-Arrests of

Rev. Father Sheehy and Others, 996,

Poor Law-Election of Poor Law Guar- AI

dians at Belfast, 1060, 1313
Protection of l'erson and Property Act,
1881-Arrest of James Lalor, 412

Land Law (Ireland), Comm. cl. 1, 1519, 1523,

1915, 1919, 1921, 1963
Land Tax Commissioners' Names, Comm. Mo-
tion for Adjournment, 1171, 1172

Local Courts of Bankruptcy (Ireland), 2R.

Pa 664 Monument to the late Earl of Beaconsfield, BRA

K.G., Comm. 58
Parliament, Privilege (Mr. P. Egan), 1685
Parliamentary Oath (Mr. Bradlaugh), 437
Petty Sessions Clerks (Ireland), Comm. Motion

BRA for reporting Progress, 667, 668 Representation of the People (Election Sys

La tems), 1334 Small Debts (Limitation of Actions), 2R. 250 Supply--Report, 1761



Bills of Sale Act (1878) Amendment (recommitted) Bill

[Bill 104} (Mr. Monk, Mr. Serjeant Simon, Mr. Fry, Mr.

Barran) c. Referred to a Select Committee May 13, 502 Select Committee nominated ; List of the

Committee May 25, 1303

1. Rc

RE Со Rc

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