India on the case of Captain Chatterton, I been ample justification for placing CapIf he can tell the House whether by the tain Chatterton on half-pay. report of the Medical Board, dated September 5th, 1868, signed by Surgeon ARMY ORGANIZATION-TERRITORIAL Major Peskett, Surgeons Lowdell and

TITLES OF REGIMENTS. Condon, and Assistant Surgeon Walsh

MR. ERRINGTON asked the Secreat Myne Tal, Captain Chatterton was not recommended to take twelve months tary, of State for War, Whether he

thinks it necessary to insist on calling leave of absence for the purpose of re- the territorial Regiment formed from turning to England to undergo an opera- the 67th Brigade Depôt the Prince of tion, viz., the division of the left tendon Wales' Royal Canadian Regiment, conachilles, on the ground that it was not

sisting as it does of five Regiments of safe to perform the operation in India ; Irish Militia, and of the 100th and whether Surgeon Major Powell, acting 109th Regiments, in not one of which as garrison surgeon in Fort William, is there now a single Canadian; and, Calcutta, did not afterwards in April whether he will consider the recommen1869 confirm the above recommendation dation of Colonel Stanley's Committee, on the same ground; and, whether the that the Regiment should be called the only report on which the Despatch of Prince of Wales' Royal Leinster RegiJune 5th, 1869, ordering the compulsory ment, and be made Fusiliers, if the retirement of Captain Chatterton was Militia Regiments are no longer to refounded, and which practically alleged

main Rifles ? that he was shamming, was not that

MR. CHILDERS: Sir, in reply to my made in November or December 1868 hon. Friend, I may say that in settling by Assistant Surgeon Macdermott, who the titles of the new territorial rogiwas shortly afterwards removed from

ments we are most anxious to minimize the medical charge of that and other changes, but at the same time to meet cases previously under his care; and local objections; and it is impossible to how it was that Captain Chatterton was

deny that the title “Royal Canadian" dismissed the Army in 1869 on the re- of a purely Irish regiment refers rather port of an assistant surgeon, when Cap- to the past than to the present state of tain Chatterton was acting on the re

things. We are at this moment in comports of very eminent surgeons made both before and after the report of the munication with those interested. assistant surgeon ? THE MARQUESS OF HARTINGTON,


“ CHURCH RATE.” in reply, said, it was a fact that the Medical Board, by a Report dated Sep

MR.CAINE asked the Under Secretary tember 5, 1868, did recommend that of State for the Colonies, If it is true, as Captain Chatterton should be sent to stated in an advertisement in the “MerEngland to undergo an operation. Their cantile Record and Commercial Gazette" Report required to be confirmed by of March 21st, published at Port Louis, superior authorities, and they decided Mauritius, that the Colonial Secretary that there was no occasion to send Cap- had in a letter dated February 5th tain Chatterton home, as the operation, | last, authorised the charge of a fee being a very simple one, could be per- of two cents of a rupee on all bags of formed in India. The whole matter grain, cases, casks and bales of goods was carefully considered by a Court of sold by all Hindoo Merchants for the Inquiry consisting of three combatant maintenance of their church situated at officers of superior rank. They took the place called Pont Nicolay, Port the evidence of several medical officers, Louis; whether he will lay a Copy of and their Report was considered by the that letter upon the Table; and, wheCommander-in-Chief in India and by ther this step has been taken with his the Government of India ; and on this approval; and, if not, whether he will Report Captain Chatterton was placed cancel the authorisation. on half-pay. Captain Chattertun had MR, GRANT DUFF: Sir, some time not been dismissed from the Army. He ago the Hindoos, who are numerous in had 15 years of service, six and a half of Mauritius, petitioned the Lieutenant which were spent on medical leave. On Governor of the Island for aid from the these grounds alone there would have public funds for the maintenance of VOL. COLXI. (THIRD SERIES)

2 D

year 1869

their religion, or if that were out of the power to do so; and, whether it is not question, for power to do as the Maho- the fact that since the

repre. medans did -that is, to levy a small per- sentations have been repeatedly made centage on their trading transactions for by Her Majesty's Government, without its maintenance. As the petitioners had, waiting for such invitation, on behalf of of course, the most absolute right to tax oppressed Jews in Roumania, Servia, themselves for the maintenance of their Morocco, Tunis, Tripoli, and Persia ? religion without asking his or anybody's SIR CHARLES W. DILKE: Sir, the leave, the Lieutenant Governor directed principal consideration which would rethem to be informed that he could not gulate the action of Her Majesty's Gopromise them any aid from the public vernment would be that of whether funds; but that they were perfectly free interference on their part would be likely to follow the example of the Mahome- to be efficacious; and, in answer to the dans, and to devote to the purposes of next Question, I fear that I may

have to their religion any voluntary tax or per- show that it is not probable that that centage upon their trading transactions would be the case in the present inwhich they might think proper to levy stance. among themselves. Now that the cir- BARON HENRY DE WORMS asked cumstances are explained, I need hardly the Under Secretary of State for Foreign add that the Secretary of State for the Affairs, What is the Russian Law which, Colonies sees no reason to interfere with as stated by him in the House on Monthe voluntary arrangement made by the day last, forbids Foreign Jews to remain Hindoos for the maintenance of their in St. Petersburg ; whether he will obreligion.

tain a copy of such Law through Her Mr. CAINE: Then I am to under- Majesty's" Ambassador in the Russian stand that it is a purely voluntary church capital, and lay it upon the Table of the rate ?

House; if such Law is enforced by the MR. GRANT DUFF: Undoubtedly. Russian Government, whether he can

explain why the Russian Consul General ISLAND OF REUNION-COOLIES.

in London viséd the passport of Mr. MR. ERRINGTON asked the Under faith ; and, whether public notice will

Lewisohn, a British subject of the Jewish Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, be given in the "London Gazette" that Whether the French Government has as Jews who are British subjects of Her yet communicated to the Foreign Office Majesty are not allowed to visit or rethe long promised “decret” regulating main in the Russian Empire, but are the treatment of the oppressed Indian liable to be expelled at a day's notice, Coolies in the Island of La Réunion ? SIR CHARLES W.DILKE: Sir, the vided with a duly viséd British passport?

by the Russian Police, even when prodecree referred to has not yet been com

SIR CHARLES W. DILKE: Sir, the municated to Her Majesty's Government; laws referred to are couched in the folbut Her Majesty's Ambassador at Paris

lowing terms:is in communication with the French Go

" Jews who come to Russia on business can vernment respecting it.

remain for one year in those places where Jews

are allowed to settle." FOREIGN JEWS IN RUSSIA-EXPUL- Then here follows a long list of the goSION OF A NATURALIZED BRITISH vernments in which they may settle, one SUBJECT.

of which is St. Petersburg : BARON HENRY DE WORMS asked

“Jews who are foreign subjects arriving in the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Russia from abroad, who have come on business Affairs, Whether, with reference to a

or for the purpose

extending their business statement that Her Majesty's Govern- transactions, are allowed to carry on business ment had received no invitation from

and to open banks in Russia, provided they obtain

a special permission to trade as members of the Foreign Governments to interfere in the first guild, issued by the Ministers of Finance, question of the outrages committed on of the Interior, and of Foreign Affairs, to be the Jews in Russia, it is the present specially applied for in each case." policy of Her Majesty's Government not Combined complaints have been adto remonstrate in cases of oppression of dressed by the Governments of Germany, Jews in Foreign countries, except on Austria, and the United States, as well receiving an invitation from another as by Her Majesty's Government in Mr.

Mr. Grant Duff

Lewisohn's case, against the harsh treat-ther representations will be efficacious;

1 ment of their subjects under the pro- and, frequent representations having been visions of these laws, and the United made in vain, I fear a protest would not States Congress requested the Executive be efficacious. " to take immediate action to have the MR. J. COWEN wanted to know how Treaties so amended as to remedy the the Government could tell whether their Jewish grievance in Russia.” The Go- representations would be efficacious or vernment of the United States, which not? The present Government was a had always been on peculiarly friendly special friend of Russia. terms with that of Russia, protested, in 1880, against the expulsion from St. AFFAIRS OF TUNIS—THE CAPITULAPetersburg, under circumstances of pe

TIONS, culiar hardship, of an American citizen of Jewish faith ; but neither in this case

Sir H. DRUMMOND WOLFF asked nor in that of another American expelled the Under Secretary of State for Foreign under circumstances exactly similar to Affairs, Whether any communication has those in Mr. Lewisohn's case, were they been received from the French Governable to obtain redress. I may add that ment as to the validity of the capitulamore than a year ago all foreign Jews tions in Tunis; and, if he can state what were ordered at once to leave St. Peters- will be the position of British subjects burg and certain other large towns by

in Tunis as to the administration of order of General Loris Melikoff. With civil and criminal justice ? regard to the visa given by the Russian fear I cannot give any further reply to

SIR CHARLES W. DILKE: Sir, I Consulate-General in London, it may have been given in ignorance of Mr.

this Question. Lewisohn's faith, or under the impres

Sir H. DRUMMOND WOLFF asked sion that he was proceeding to Russia, the Under Secretary of State for Foreign and not specially to the Government of Affairs, Whether Her Majesty's GovernSt. Petersburg. With regard to the ment have recognised or acquiesced in public notice which the hon. Member the state of things established at Tunis Buggests, perhaps the publicity given by by the recent action of the French Gothis reply will meet the requirements of vernment; and, whether they will defer the case.

any decision on their policy in this Barox HENRY DE WORMS: Is it respect until Parliament has been enabled to be understood that, in the case of Go- to consider the Papers about to be laid vernments of importance like Russia, upon the Table on the subject ? Her Majesty's Government do not intend

Sir CHARLES W. DILKE: Sir, I to protest in cases of oppression, but make the same reply to this Question. that their protests are only to be directed against weak (overnments ?

ABYSSINIA-A RED SEA PORT. SIR CHARLES W. DILKE: Sir, the Sır GEORGE CAMPBELL asked the Government has not come to any con- Under Secretary of State for Foreign clusion as to addressing any protest to Affairs, If any steps have been taken in Russia in this matter. The essential consequence of the correspondence re. consideration in these matters is whether garding the concession to Abyssinia of any protest is likely to be of use, and I å free port in the Red Sea; and, if he have shown that in the cases of the pro- will lay that correspondence, which took tests of the United States, Germany, and place in the year 1877, between the Earl Austria no good has come. But I may of Derby and Her Majesty's Consul say that we have protested strongly with General in Egypt, upon the Table of regard to the case of Mr. Lewisohn. the House?

Sir II. DRUMMOND WOLFF: Tho Sir (IIARLES W. DILKE: Sir, no Question of my hon. Friend refers to steps have been taken to obtain for the persecution generally, and not to the Abyssinia a port in the Red Sea, and second question. Will the Government Her Majesty's Agent in Egypt reported protest on this question ?

that there was no evidence to show that Sir CHARLES W. DILKE: Sir, I the Abyssinians, who did not claim a have said that the Government have not port, and could not manage it if poscome to any final determination, but sessed by them, were desirous of obtainthat the essential consideration is whe- ing one.

Mr. Gunn Mahony, an absentee land. WESTMINSTER SCHOOL AND CHRIST

lord, a man named Broder was with his CHURCH COLLEGE, OXFORD.

large family evicted from his house, and, Mr. J.G. TALBOT asked the honour though apparently dying, was thrown able Member for Southwark, Whether upon the road without any shelter whathe intends to put to the Government soever; and, whether it is true that the question of which he has given Broder had received the last sacraments Notice, and which has been long upon of the Catholic Church administered the Paper, such Notice reflecting on the only to dying persons ? character of a distinguished college at MR. BRODRICK asked the Chief Oxford, and on the conduct of important Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of public bodies ?

Ireland, Whether, in the case referred MR. THOROLD ROGERS, in reply, to, the tenant was not still alive and said, he should certainly put the Question well; and whether he was not at the of which he had given Notice; and he time of the eviction three years in arrear hoped he might be allowed to explain of a rent fixed in 1862 by the Court of why he had placed it upon the Paper. Chancery, and not since raised; and He saw it stated in one of the news- whether it was not the fact that the papers that an appeal was about to be state of his health was now such as to made to the First Lord of the Treasury have permitted him on the 9th inst. to allow the Dean and Chapter of West- to join a mob of about 1,000 persons in minster to take away from the West- cutting turf on the property of his landminster Schools the property they were lord in open defiance of the law ? legally entitled to on the death of one MR. W. E. FORSTER, in reply, said, of the canons, and the acquisition of that he would give the House what which by the schools was absolutely information he could. The name of the necessary to carry out their require- evicted tenant was Brodrick, not Broder, ments. There were other statements. as stated in the Question. He was ten[Cries of “Order!”] Unfortunately, ant of an 80-acre farm, of which the there was no Department of the Govern- rent was only £65. He had become a ment entitled to give an answer to a Ques- tenant of the farm under the Court of tion upon higher education. ["Order!”]Chancery, at a rent of £75, in the year He might take some little exception to 1855. In 1862 the rent became £65. the terms of the Question of the hon. There had been a decree in June, 1880, Member. ["Order!"]

for non-payment of rent, which was not MR. SPEAKER said, it would not executed until the time had almost be regular to debate the form of the expired; not, he believed, because the Question.

man was in a dying state, but because MR. J. G. TALBOT wanted to know the landlord had been informed that the when the hon. Member would put the tenant was in a delicate state of health. Question, and whether he thought it The eviction took place on April 22. proper to make an attack upon a distin- On the 9th instant, he was present as a guished body without notice, that body spectator when a large crowd of persons having no opportunity of replying? assembled, but took no active part in

MR. THOROLD ROGERS said, that the gathering. he had no intention of making an attack MR. DALY said, that he was not upon a distinguished body.

responsible for the error in the name, MR. J. G. TALBOT wished to know as he received his information in a telewhen the hon. Member would put his gram from the parish priest. Question ?

MR. THOROLD ROGERS said, that POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK he should put his Question on Friday.

ACT, 1880.

MR. BUXTON asked the Postmaster EVICTIONS (IRELAND)—EVICTION AT General, with reference to the working

BALLYBUNYON, IN THE COUNTY OF of the Savings Bank Act of 1880, KERRY.

What sum of money has been inMR. DALY asked the Chief Secretary vested through the Trustee and Post to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Office Savings Banks in Government Whether it is true that at Ballybunyon, Stock; in what proportion has the sum in the county of Kerry, on the estate of been supplied - (a.) by withdrawals


from current deposits; (b.) by moneys Whether the Paper drawn up by Mr. specially deposited for the purpose of Wood, Her Majesty's late Consul Geinvestment; whether the amount thus neral, containing a reference to Biserta withdrawn for investment has caused Bay, is within the control of the Foreign any diminution in the number of deposits Office; and, if so, whether he will lay in the Trustee and Post Office Savings it before Parliament with the other Banks respectively, or in the amount of Papers on the subject of Tunis ? the deposits; how much of the amount SIR CHARLES W. DILKE: : Sir, invested has been taken in the form of the Report referred to is one of a constock certificates to bearer, and whether fidential scheme, and, as my right hon. there have been many applications for Friend is aware, it is contrary to the stock certificates for smaller amounts custom of the Foreign Office to publish than £50, the minimum amount now documents of this kind. I may, howgranted ; and, whether any of the figures ever, add that, although allusion is as to the above mentioned details could made in it to Biserta, it gives no be given separately for Great Britian details as to the character of the harand Ireland ?

bour, or the expenditure necessary to Mr. FAWCETT: Sir, in reply to the convert it into a harbour of value. Questions of my hon. Friend, I have to Mr. BOURKE asked the Secretary to state that the Act for allowing small in the Admiralty, Whether he can, withvestments in Government Stocks through out detriment to the public service, lay the savings banks came into operation upon the Table any Reports which are on the 22nd of November last, and in in possession of the Admiralty from naval less than six months between that date officers, upon the importance, strategical and the 14th of May, the amount so or political, of Biserta Bay ? invested through the Trustee Savings NR. TREVELYAN: Sir, there is no Banks was £68,400, and through the Report in the Hydrographical DepartPost Office Savings Banks, £455,800. ment of the Admiralty bearing on Biserta Of this latter amount £177,500 was Bay. There is a short letter in the withdrawn from existing deposits for General Record Office from Admiral investment, and £278,300 was specially Spratt to Lord Clarence Paget, written deposited in the Post Office Savings in 1864; but it contains nothing that is Banks for immediate investment. In not still more emphatically and fully spite of this withdrawal, the amount of said by the gallant Admiral in his letter Post Office Savings Bank deposits has published in The Times of last Monday, increased since the 22nd of November and there are expressions in it which by no less than £1,010,360, and the justly impelled the writer to mark it number of depositors has increased in confidential. the same period by 331,795. Of the amount invested in Government Stocks HOUSE OF COMMONS ARRANGEMENTS through the Post Office Savings Banks,

-REPORT OF COMMITTEE OF 1868. £5,850 bas been taken in the form of

Mr. H. H. FOWLER asked the First Stock Certificates to bearer, and there have been only one or two applications

Commissioner of Works, Whether there for Certificates of smaller amount than are any copies of the Report of the Com£50. With regard to the last Question mittee of 1868 on House of Commons of my hon. Friend, it may perhaps be arrangements which are available for sufficient if I state that of the

distribution ?

aggregate amount of £455,800 invested in Govern

MR. SHAW LEFEVRE, in reply, ment Stocks through the Post Office said, that a certain number of copies Savings Banks, £394,700 was invested had been ordered to be printed, and in Great Britain and £61,100 in Ire that any Member wishing to have a land. Of the amount invested in Great copy might have one on application to Britain only £17,100 had been sold, the Speaker's secretary,

. and of the amount invested in Ireland only £2,400 had been sold.


SIR BALDWYN LEIGHTON asked TUNIS–THE PORT OF BISERTA. the Secretary of State for War, Whe

Mr. BOURKE asked the Under Se- ther it is the intention of the Governoretary of State for Foreign Affairs, ment to take any steps this year towards

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