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261. PARLIAMENT COMMONS—Business of the House | Parliament-Privilege (Mr. P. Egan) - cont.,

Moved, “ That the Letter published in the A. 246, N. 119; M. 127 (D. L. 223);- * Freeman's Journal' of the 26th May, Supply- Vote on Account, Question, Mr. signed Patrick Egan, is a breach of the Healy ; Answer, Mr. Gladstone ; short de. Privileges of this House (Mr. Mitchell bate thereon May 27, 1460;— The Trans- Henry) May 30, 1667; after short debate, vaal, Question, Mr. Gorst; Answer, Mr. Question put, and agreed to Gladstone June 2, 1885 ;-Army Re-organization Scheme, Questions, Colonel Stanley, ParliamentThe Member for Dungarvan an hon. Member ; Answers, Mr. Childers (Suspension) June 2, 1887

Moved, “ That this House, having heard what

passed in Comunittee on the 8th of March, House of Commons (Accommodation). Select

and approving of the action taken by the Committee nominated ; List of the Com

Chairman of Ways and Means upon the facts mittee May 12, 376

then before him, accepts the explanation of House of Commons Arrangements-Report of

the honourable Member for Dungarvan that Committee of 1888, Question, Mr. I. II.

it was not his desire or intention to disregard Fowler ; Answer, Mr. Shaw Lefevre May 19,

the authority of the Chair" (Sir William 810

Harcourt) June 2, 1984 ; after short debate, Parliamentary Elections The Ballot Act

Question put, and agreed to
The St. Ives Election, Questions, Sir Henry
Peek ; Answers, The Attorney General | Parliamentary Oaths (Mr. Bradlaugh)

May 23, 1061
Publication of Parliamentary Papers, Ques-

Mr. Bradlaugh having presented himself at the

Table claiming to take the Oath required by tion, Mr. Thomasson ; Answer, Lord Frederick Cavendish May 23, 1064

law, Mr. Speaker, pursuant to the Order of

the House, called upon Mr. Bradlaugh to The Whitsuntide Recess, Question, Colonel

withdraw ; who refusing was removed by Makins; Answer, Mr. Gladstone May 19,

the Serjeant at Arms below the Bar ; after 826

some debate,

Moved, " That the Serjeant at Arms do remove Parliament- Business of the House

Mr. Bradlaugh from the House, until he Moved, " That Debate on a Bill shall be con- shall engage not further to disturb the pro

fined to the following occasions : Second ceedings of the flouse (Sir Stafford NorthReading : Committee; Consideration of Re- cote) May 10, 179; after short debate, Quesport; Third Reading" (Mi. Dillwyn) tion put, and agreed to May 17, 695; Moved, “ 'That the Debate be Mr. Speaker acquainted tho Ilouse that he had now adjourned" (Mr. Rylands); after short received a letter from Mr. Bradlaugh, redebate, Motion withdrawn

turned as one of the Members for the BoOriginal Motion withdrawn

rough of Northampton, relative to the pro

ceedings of the House in his case May 11, Parliament Committees (Ascension Day)


Question, Sir Wilfrid Lawson ; Answer, Mr. Moved, That Committees shall not sit To

Speaker May 11, 217 ; Questions, Mr. New. morrow, being Ascension Day, until Two of the clock, and have leave to sit until Six of

degate, Sir Stafford Northcote, Mr. Labou. the clock, votwithstanding the sitting of the

chere, Lord Randolph Churchill, Mr. Warton,

Sir II, Drummond Wolff, Mr. Dillwyn ; AnHouse" (Mr. Secretary Childers) May 25, 1263 ; alter short debate, Question put;

swers, Mr. Gladstone, Mr. Speaker May 12, A. 58, N. 41; M. 17 (D. L. 213)

282 ; Question, Sir Wilfrid Lawson ; Ane swer, Mr. Speaker May 17, 694 ; Question,

Mr. Arthur O'Connor ; Answer, Mr. GladParliament Private Bills (Gus and

stone May 19, 820 Water) — New Standing Order

Interference of Government Officials at Wool.

wich Arsenal, Questions, Mr. Labouchere, Moved, " That the municipal or other local

Baron llenry De Worms ; Answers, Mr. authority of any town or district alleging in their Petition that such town or district may

Childers May 20, 1315 ; Question, Baron be injuriously affected by the provisions of

lleory De Worms; Answer, Mr. Childers

May 30, 1657 any Bill relating to the lighting or water supply thereof, or the raising of capital for Parliamentary Oath (Mr. Bradlaugh) any such purpose, shall be entitled to be heard against such Bill" (Mr. E. Stanhope)

Notice of Motion (Sir Wilfrid LawMay 10, 156

son) Amendt. in line 8, after “against," to insert Moved, " That this llouse do now adjourn"

"any matter contained in or proposed to be (Mr. Labouchere) May 13, 414; after debate, enacted by" (Mr. Pemberton): Question Motion withdrawn proposed, " That those words be there in. serted;" after short debate, Question put;

PARLIAMENT-HOUSE OF Loris A. 65, N. 311; M. 255 (D. L. 200)

Sat First Main Question put, and agreed to

May 13—The Lord Strathspey (the Earl of Ordered, That the said Standing Order (Local

Seafield), alter the death of bis Authorities to bave a locus standi against

father Gas and Water Bills) be a Standing Order May 17—The Lord Camoys, after the death of of this House

his grandfather



Q May 13For Preston, v. Edward Hermon, esquire, deceased

PAT New Members Sworn May 20—— Thomas Collins, esquire, Knares

Fr borough May 26–William Farrer Ecroyd, esquire, PEE Preston


Parliamentary Elections and Corrupt

PEE Practices (Consolidation) Bill

Pa (Mr. Hardcastle, Sir Alexander Gordon) c. Ordered ; read 1°* May 25 [Bill 176]


Parliamentary Oaths (Motion for Bill)
Order read, for resuming Adjourned Debate Cu

on Question [6th May], “That the Ad-
journed Debate on the Question [2nd May], La
• That Mr. Speaker do now leave the Chair Lo.
for Committee on the Parliamentary Oaths
(Motion for Bill)' be further Adjourned till
Tuesday next, at Two of the clock” (Lord PEM
Frederick Cavendish); Debate resumed
May 9, 123 ; Moved, “That the Debate be
now adjourned” (Sir Walter B. Barttelot);
after short debate, Question put; A. 182,
N. 202 ; M. 20 (D. L. 199)

PER Main Question again proposed ; after short debate, Motion withdrawn; Debate on Ques

Af tion [2nd May], " That Mr. Speaker do now leave the Chair," further adjourned



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Parliamentary Registration Bill

Ar (Mr. Boord, Mr. Ashton Dilke, Mr. Grantham) 6. Orderèd ; read 10 * May 12 [Bill 165]


1 PARNELL, Mr. C. S., Cork

La Africa (South)---Swazi Land, 1778

Po Constabulary (Ireland)-Circular of Inspector

1 General, 1080

Su Evictions (Ireland), Co. Mayo, 1050, 1051,

1637 Ireland, State of_Inflammatory Placards

The Irish Constabulary, 564, 656, 818 Peru Land League, 1884 Irish Executive-Motion of Censure, 1234,

1255, 1261 Land Law (Ireland)--Urgency, 286, 685 Land Law (Ireland), 2R. 347, 350, 883 ; Pets Comm. 1375,1378; cl. 1, 1959, 1965

La Merchant Shipping Acts—Emigrant Ships,

1660 Parliament-Privilege (Mr. P. Egan), 1670,

1677, 1687, 1688 ; Motion for Adjournment, Pett.

1690 Parliamentary Oaths (Mr. Bradlaugh), 179

0. Co Peace Preservation (Ireland) Act, 1881–

Co Arrests of Rev. Father Sheehy and Others,

Co 977, 992 Protection of Person and Property (Ireland)

Act, 1881--Mr. Dillon, Motion for Adjourn- Pier

ment, 183, 693, 1078, 1783, 1784, 1887 Public Services Vote on Account, 1332 Supply-Civil Services and Revenue Depart

ments, 1746, 1748 ; Amendt. 1760, 1758

8. Re

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261. Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation | Post OFFICE (No. 2) Bill

MISCELLANEOUS QUESTIONS (Mr. Ashley, Mr. Chamberlain)

Collection of Assessed Taxes, Question, Baron c. Ordered ; read 1°* May 12 [Bill 161] Henry De Worms; Answer, Mr. Fawcett Read 20 * May 20

May 23, 1053 Committee discharged * May 31

Communication with the North of Scotland,

Question, Mr. Cameron ; Answer, Mr. Faw.

cett May 9, 11 PLAYPAIR, Right Hon. Mr. Lyon

The Mails in Argyllshire and the North of (Chairman of Committees

of Ways Scotland, Questions, Mr. Fraser-Mackintosh ; and Means and Deputy Speaker), Answers, Mr. Fawcett May 23, 1058 ; Edinburgh and St. Andrew's Uni- May 26, 1329 versities

Kidderminster Post Office, Question, Mr. Brin.

ton ; Answer, Mr. Fawcett May 20, 1307 Alkali, &c. Works Regulation, Comm. cl. 10,

Memorial of Metropolitan Lelier - Carriers, 1416

Question, Mr. Schreiber ; Answer, Mr. Faw. Army Estimates—Provisions, &c. 1573, 1577,

cett May 30, 1643 1579, 1580, 1581

Parcel Post-Collection of Accounts, Questior, Custoins and Inland Revenue, Comm. cl. 2,

Mr. A. Grant ; Answer, Mr. Fawcett May 30, 1117; cl. 3, 1121, 1123; cl. 8, 1136 ; cl. 16,

1662 1161; cl. 20, 1169; cl. 38, 1364

Post Ofice (Ireland)- Delivery of Letters at Land Law (Ireland), Comm. cl. 1, 1411, 1468,

Bonnybeg, Co. Limerick, Question, Major 1469, 1496, 1497, 1499, 1502, 1503, 1506,

O’Beirne; Answer, Mr. Fawcett May 13, 1521, 1522, 1523, 1524, 1732, 1733, 1735,

402 1736, 1801, 1816, 1816, 1912, 1913, 1914,

Postage of Newspapers Abroad, Question, Mr. 1919, 1935, 1944, 1965

Warton ; Answer, Mr. Fawcett May 9, 20 Monument to the late Earl of Beaconsfield,

Postal Orders, Question, Mr. Fraser-Mackin. K.G., Comm. 57

tosh ; Answer, Mr. Fawcett June 2, 1877 Newspapers (Law of Libel), Comm. cl. 6, 511

Purchase of Christ's Hospital Sile, Questions, Parliament-New Standing Order, 168

Mr. Dixon-llartland, Sir Henry SelwinSupply-Civil Services and Revenue Depart

Ibbetson ; Answers, Mr. Fawcett May 26, ments, 1741, 1747, 1750, 1755


Savings Bank Act, 1880, Question, Mr. Bux. PLUNKET, Right Hon. D. R., Dublin

ton; Answer, Mr. Fawcett May 19, 808

Savings Bank Department-Emplvyment of University

Deaf and Dumb Persons, Question, Mr. C.$. Great North of Scotland Railway, Consid. Parker ; Answer, Mr. Fawcett May 9, 28 ; 1630

- Promotions, Question, Earl Porcy; An. Irish Executive, Motion of Censure, 1255, swer, Mr. Fawcett May 9, 29 1257

Service of Writs-Letter-Carriers, Question, Land Law (Ireland), 2R. 351 ; Comm. cl. 1, Mr. Healy ; Answer, Mr. Fawcett May 19, 1485, 1486, 1712


Telegraph Department Poor Law (Ireland) Bill— Distress for

Telegraph Act, 1868–Position of Telegraph Rent

Clerks, Question, Mr. Macliver; Answer, Question, Mr. Blennerhassett; Auswer, Mr.

Mr. Fawcett May 13, 403 ; Question, Mr.
Gladstone May 23, 1073

Macliver ; Answer, The Attorney General
May 19, 796 ; Questions, Mr. Birkbeck, Mr.

Macliver; Answers, Mr. Fawcett May 23, Poor LawPauper Schools (Metropolis)

1056 ; Question, Sir II. Drummond Wolft; Question, Mr. Macfarlane ; Answer, Mr. Dod

Answer, Mr. Fawcett, 1075 ;- Opinion of son June 2, 1861

the Attorney General, Question, Mr. Mac.

liver; Answer, Mr. Fawcett May 26, 1313 Poor Relief and Audit of Accounts (Scot- Telegraph Wires (Metropolis), Question, Sir land) Bill (The Lord Advocate, Mr.

Henry Tyler ; Answer, Sir William Har

court May 30, 1661 Solicitor General for Scotland)

Telegraphs in Rural Districts, Questions, Mr. c. Motion for Leave (The Lord Advocate) June 2, Round, Mr. Llealy; Answers, Mr. Fawcett

1983 ; Motion agreed to; bill ordered ; June 2, 1877
read 1°

(Bill 182]

Potato Crop Committee, 1880 (Ireland) Portman, Hon. W. H. B., Dorsetshire

Moved, " That, in the opinion of this llouse, it Great North of Scotland Railway, Consid. is expedient that Her Majesty's Government 1617

should take steps to carry into effect such of the recommendations of the Potato Crop

Committee of 1880 as relate to Ireland, by Portugal— The Lourenco Marques Treaty,

promoting the creation and establishment of 1879-Ratification

new varieties of the l'otato : by facilitati Questions, Observations, Lord Lamington ; the progress of further experiments as the Reply, The Earl of Kimberley June 2, 1854 best means of lessening the spread of the


261. Potato Crop Committee, 1880 (Ireland)--cont. Public Health

Potato Disease ; and by bringing within the Cement Manufactures, Question, Mr. Warton ; reach of small farmers supplies of sound Answer, Mr. Dodson May 16, 567 geed to be obtained for cash payments Importation of American Hams and Butlerine, (Major Nolan) May 31, 1841 ; after short Question. "Observations, Lord Stanley of debate, (House counted out]

Alderley: Reply, The Marquess of Hantly

May 16, 513 POWER, Mr. J. O'Connor, Mayo

Small - Pox (Metropolis), Question, Colonel

Makins ; Answer, Mr. Dodson May 9, 25; Parliament-Privilege (Mr. P. Egan), 1672,

-Hospitals, Question, Mr. W. H. Smith; 1078, 1681, 1693 Land Law (Ireland), Comm. c. 1, 1962

Answer, Mr. Dodson May 12, 275

Pugh, Mr. L. P., Cardiganshire
Committees (Ascension Day) The "Count-

Out" on Tuesday, 1267
Crown Lands (Wales), Motion for a Select

Committee, 1262

POWER, Mr. R., Waterford
Alkali, &c. Works Regulation, Comm. cl. 11,

1417; cl. 13, 1419; cl. 16, 1967
Army Estimates—Provisions, &c. 1581, 1582,

1584 Ireland, State of — Dungarvan Workhouse,

1664 Land Law (Ireland), Comm. 1369, 1370 Local Courts of Bankruptcy (Ireland), 2R.

666 Parliament - Public Business — Derby Day,

1335; Motion for Adjournment, 1785, 1791,

1792 Peace Preservation (Ireland) Act, 1881–Ar.

rests of Rev. Father Sheehy and Others,

986 Petty Sessions Clerks (Ireland), Comm. 668 Protection of Person and Property (Ireland)

Act, 1881-Mr. Dillon, 211

Administration of Foreign Railways, Question,

Lord Brabourne ; Answer, Earl Granville

May 27, 1428
Metropolitan District Railway Company, ques.

tion, Mr. Firth ; Answer, Mr. Chamberlain

May 12, 271
Railway FaresThe Racing Meetings, Ques.

tion, Mr. Labouchere ; Answer, Mr. Cham-
berlain May 30, 1642

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RAMSAY, Mr. J., Palkirk, &c.
Powis, Earl of
Army (Thanks of Parliament), Motion for a

Free Education (Scotland), 2R. 706
Return, 675

Land Law (Ireland), Comm. d. 1, Motion for

reporting Progress, 1735 ; Amendt. 1795,

PRICE, Captain G. E., Devonport
Army- Aides-de-Camp to the Queen, 1878
Militia Bands, 1879

RAMSDEN, Sir J. W., Yorkshire, W. R., Passenger Acts—Emigrant Ships, 635

E. Div.

Land Law (Ireland), 2R. 332 Princess Alice" Catastrophe, Tho

Burial Expenses of the Sufferers— RATHBONE, Mr. W., Carnarvonshire

Tidal Rivers (Interments) Bill Question, Mr. Montagu Scott i Answer, Sir

Customs and Inland Revenue, Comm. 1092 William llarcourt May 20, 957

Land Law (Ireland), Comm. 1382
Minister of Agriculture and Commerce, Res.

471 Prisons (England) Act-First-Class Vis- Representation of the People (Election Sysdemeanants

tems), Res. 1531 Quostion, Mr. Healy; Answer, Sir William Harcourt May 12, 268

REDMOND, Mr. J. E., New Ross Protection of Person and Property (Ire

High Court of Chancery (Ireland)-Case of

Kavanagh Minors," 558 land) Act, 1881-See under Ireland Land Law (Ireland), 2 R. 327 Protection of Young Girls, Law Relating Regulation Provisional Order (Beamsley

to the Mover, " That a Select Committee be appointed

Moor) Bill-afterwards to inquire into the state of the law relative Commons Regulation Provisional Order to the protection of young girls from artifices (Beamsley Moor) Bill to induce them to lead a corrupt lite, and into the means of amending the same" (The

(The Earl of Dalhousie) Earl of Dalhousie) May 30, 1603 ; atter 1. Read 24. May 16

(No. 62) short debate, on Question I agreed to

Committee * May 19 And, on June 14, Committee nominated; List Report * May 20 of the Committee, 1613

Read 3* • May 23

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Regulation Provisional Order (Langbar | Rooers, Mr. J. E. Thorold-cont.
Moor) Bill-afterwards

Westminster School—Exchange of Estates-
Commons Regulation Provisional Order

Order, 1318

Westminster School and Christ Church College,
(Langbar Moor) Bill

Oxford, 807, 900
(The Earl of Dalhousie)
1. Read 2* May 16

(No. 63) ROSEBERY, Earl of
Committee • May 19

Russia—Persecution of the Jews, 513
May 20

Turkey and Greece—The Convention, 1183
Read 3• * May 23

Round, Mr. J., Essex, E.
Religious Disabilities-Legislation

Minister of Agriculture and Commerce, Res.
Question, Mr. Bellingham ; Answer, Mr. Glad.

471, 472
stone May 12, 274

Post Office - Telegraphs in Rural Districts,

Removal Terms (Scotland) Bill
(Mr. James Stewart, Dr. Cameron, Mr. Patrick, RUSSELL, Mr. C., Dundalk
Mr. Fraser-Mackintosh)

Land Law (Ireland), Comm. cl. 1, 1906, 1939,

c. Read 2o, after short debate May 25, 1270

(Bill 8]

Peace Preservation (Ireland) Act, 1881- Ar-

rests of Rev. Father Sheehy and Others,

Representation of the People (Election

Amendt. on Committee of Supply May 27, T. Russia—see title His Imperial Majesty
leave out from “ That," and add "a Select

the Emperor of All the Russias
Committee be appointed to inquire into and
report upon the system of election of Mem- Russia
bers of this blouse best calculated to secure
the just and complete representation of the

whole electoral body( Mr. Blennerhassett) Persecution of the Jews, Question, The Earl
v. 1624 ; Question proposed, “That the of Rosebery ; Answer, Earl Granville
words, &c.;" after short debate, Question May 16, 513
put; A. 102, N. 40; M. 62 (D. L. 217) Exprision of Mr. L. Lewisohn, a Naturalized

British Subject, Questions, Baron Henry Do
RICHARDSON, Mr. J. N., Armagh Co.

Worms; Answers, Sir Charles W. Dilke
Joland Navigation Drainage (Ireland)-The

May 16, 663 : Questions, Baron llenry De

Worms, Sir H. Druminond Wolff; Answers,
Upper Bann, 678
Land Law (Ireland), Comm. cl. 1, 1961

Sir Charles W. Dilke ; Question, Mr. J.
Cowen (no reply) May 19, 803 ; Questions,

Mr. J. Cowen, Lord Randolph Churchill,
RICHMOND AND Gordon, Duke of

Mr. O'Donnell, Baron Henry De Worms;
Tramways (Ireland) Acts Amendment, Comm. Answers, Sir Charles W. Dilke, 825; Notice
el. 5, 783

of Question, Baron Henry De Worms; An.
gwer, Sir Charles W. Dilke May 20, 962 ;

Questions, Baron Henry De Worms, Sir H.
Ritchie, Captain C. T., Tower Hamlets

Drummond Wolff ; Answers, Sir Charles W.
Customs and Inland Revenue, Comm. cl. 7, Dilke May 23, 1073
1129 ; c. 8, 1134, 1135

Inquiry by Special Agent, Question, Mr.
France-New Commercial Treaty-Negotia- U'Donnell; Answer, Sir Charles W. Dilko
tions, 1311, 1312

May 26, 1312
France and Tunis—The Treaty, 683

(See title Central Asia)
Land Law (Ireland), Comm. cl. 1, 1508 ; Mo-

tion for reporting Progress, 1829, 1893
Metropolitan Bridges and Ferry Roads Bill-RYLANDS, Mr. P., Burnley
Ensi and West India Ferry Roads, 1309

Africa (South)-Natal - Sir Owen Lanyon, 264
Parliament- Business of the House, 36, 601

Army - Competitive Examinations, 544
Parliamentary Oath, 936

Customs and Inland Revenue, Comm. cl. 20,
Parliamentary Oaths (Motion for Bill), 129

1341 : cl. 29, 1357
Irish Executive, 1459

Parliament- Business of the House, Motion
RODWELL, Mr. B. B. H., Cambridgeshire


for Adjournment, 699
Land Law (Ireland), 2R. 621
Parliament-New Standing Order, 169

Sr. Albans, Duke of

Valuation of Rateablo Property (Ireland)-
Rogers, Mr. J. E. Thorold, Southwark Griffith's Valuation, 1429

Clerical Disabilities Act Repeal, 2R, 234
Currency – Monetary Conference at Paris-
Bi-Metallism, 172, 955

Sr. Aubyn, Sir J., Cornwall, w.
Land Law (Ireland)--Crgency, 285

Fishing Vessels' Lights, Report of Select
Land Law (Ireland), Comm. cl. 1, 1516

Committee, Res. 1839

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