The Australian Shipmaster's Guide: A Handbook of Mercantile and Maritime Information, Relating to Merchant Ships and Seamen in Victoria

Printed at "The Herald" office, 1858 - 187 sider

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Side 42 - By f 2, on the trial of any issue joined, or of any matter or question, or on any inquiry arising in any suit, action, or other proceeding in any court of justice, or before any person having by law, or by consent of parties, authority to hear, receive and examine evidence...
Side 7 - ... and multiply the whole sum by one-third of the common interval between the breadths; the product will give the mean horizontal area of such space; then measure the mean height, and...
Side 40 - And, in order that the above provisions as to forfeitures may be carried into effect, it shall be lawful for any commissioned officer on full pay in the military or naval service of her Majesty, or any British officer of customs, or any British consular officer, to seize and detain any ship which has, either wholly or as to any share therein, become subject to forfeiture as aforesaid, and to bring her for adjudication before the High Court of Admiralty...
Side 165 - On the starboard side a green light so constructed as to show an uniform and unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of 10 points of the compass, so fixed as to throw the light from right ahead to 2 points abaft the beam...
Side 6 - Inside horizontal breadth, at each of the three points of division, and also at the upper and lower points of the depth, extending each measurement to the average thickness of that part of the ceiling which is between the points of measurement...
Side 155 - ... collision, he shall put the helm of his vessel to port, so as to pass on the port side of the other vessel...
Side 15 - A Denial that, to the best of his Knowledge and Belief any unqualified Person or Body of Persons is entitled as Owner to any legal or beneficial Interest in such Ship or any Share therein...
Side 7 - ... product by one hundred, and the quotient shall be deemed to be the tonnage of such space, and shall be added to the other tonnage of the vessel ascertained as above directed.
Side 43 - ... (4) Where any loss or damage is by reason of the improper navigation of such ship as aforesaid caused to any other ship or boat...
Side 49 - Where any liability is alleged to have been incurred by the owner of a British or foreign ship in respect of loss of life, personal injury, or loss of or damage to vessels or goods...

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